Advance Bravely: Chapter 19

The impossible negotiation!


Translator: DungQuoc16
Editor: Sae

Proofreader: Anhnguyen12332


After further investigation, Yuan Zong was granted temporary bail and allowed to return to his daily life style.

By now, the entire police department was up to their ears with daily tasks and duty after dealing with that crime. Making use of his spare time, Xia Yao pondered on whether or not he should head over to see Yuan Zong.

As much as he hated Yuan Zong’s motive for suddenly appearing out of nowhere like that and knowing full well that those wounds were considered to be chicken scratch to someone of Yuan Zong’s caliber, ultimately, the wounds he suffered were nonetheless sustained from having saved Xia Yao. For Xiao Yao, it was perfectly reasonable and within his range of morality to pay Yuan Zong’s a visit.
Buried under a pile of work until nightfall, Xia Yao quickly rushed to the market after he left work. Once he purchased a gift, he then made his way to Yuan Zong’s place.

When Yuan Ru opened the door and saw the fresh flowers in Xia Yao’s hands, her delicate heart failed to live up to its prior conviction and instead slammed strongly against her chest.

“Didn’t we make it clear already? Why are you doing this again? You’re……you’re making it really hard for me.”

Feigning annoyance, Yuan Ru ‘reluctantly’ yet gently reached for the flowers.

Sadly, Xia Yao insensitively walked around her and went straight inside.

“Is your brother here?”

“Why are you looking for him?” Yuan Ru asked as her brows wrinkled together in confusion. She nearly collapsed to the ground when Xia Yao explained the reason for his visitation.

Good grief! No wonder! All my amorous affection was a total waste.

Although she had those thoughts, Yuan Ru was not oblivious to her brother recent conviction, given the nature of his work. Since being injured on the field was not a big deal to Yuan Zong, Yuan Ru did not seem to care much.

Consciously hiding her superfluous smile, Yuan Ru made sure to elegantly strut to Yuan Zong’s bedroom, “Officer Xia is looking for you.”

Yuan Zong’s bass voice echoed from the other side of the door, “Come in!”

“Come on! What are you thinking? When a guest comes to our home looking for you, it’s your responsibility to welcome him. You’re actually going to make him come to you instead?! You’re so–“

Yuan Ru never finish her sentence. Xia Yao promptly interrupted by pushing through the bedroom door. 

It was then that Xia Yao saw through Yuan Zong’s true intention by telling him to enter his bedroom in lieu of welcoming him. Yuan Zong was only wearing a boxer. His golden and firm muscles glistened underneath the glimmering light. And a massive beast was slyly hiding between his legs, exerting that animalistic aura.

If it was another man’s shirtless trying to enthrall Xia Yao’’s attention, he might possibly glance out of envy. But, for this pervert–who was clearly up no good–he had other thoughts instead.

Quickly collecting his semi disoriented thoughts, Xia Yao coldly told Yuan Zong, “Get dressed right now! We need to talk.”

Having said that, Xia Yao swiftly turned away, trying not to reveal any expression. Through the small gap between the door and the wall, Yuan Zong caught a glimpse of Xia Yao’s red ear.

Yuan Zong frantically pulled on a jacket while Xia Yao was drinking iced tea to cool down.

“Why are you here so late?”

“The department has been busy with tasks and missions so there was no free time until now. I’m here  to discuss about your case with you. Although you’re not apart of the task force, the situation was too perilous and the criminals were aiming their firepower at the civilians. That could have led to more calamity. But under such circumstance, despite the fact that you shot and killed three suspects, your action could be seen as a reasonable means of protection. Therefore, you are not held responsible before the court.”

Yuan Zong simply gave Xia Yao a puzzled expression without saying anything.

Being stared at with such intensity, Xia Yao felt somewhat strange. Soon, his seemingly simple gesture become one drawn with seriousness instead.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah…” Yuan Zong said even though there was no hint of sincerity in his reply.

The room went silent since Xia Yao refused speak again. The two sat motionless, lost in their own thoughts. Yuan Zong’s piercing gaze seemed to bore into Xia Yao for the longest time as if trying to catch every single strand of hair on his body.

Was it because of Yuan Zong’s heroic act that made Xia Yao no longer feel resentment nor took offense to being stared at like this?

Yuan Zong’s head was completely lost in cloud nine while his gaze was still relentlessly captured with Xia Yao’s presence. Seeing him like that, Xia Yao burst into laughter. It was a laugh that made Yuan Zong’s hardened heart skip a beat.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I can see that you’re an experienced and wise man. How about this, you and I should be friends. What do you think?”

Yuan Zong frankly retorted, “No!”

“Does…… does it really have to be like that? Come on, it doesn’t have to be that kind of relationship, does it?”

“It does.”

Xia Yao unwillingly held his anger back and replied to Yuan Zong, “Honestly, your feelings for me can be seen as sympathy but you’ve underrated it. I also have a brother like that. He’s always by my side. Just three days of separation and–“


Hearing that quick reaction, Xia Yao gritted his teeth in silence.

How despicable! He still didn’t get the point of my words.

“Are you certain that you have feelings for me? Or you getting me wrong? What evidence do you have to prove…..”

“I want to have sex with you.”


Xia Yao understood it now. He should have not shown any sympathy or concern. He should not have come to this place. He should have had enough brain to learn from his prior mistakes, not fucking come here just to leave again with a crimson red face!

When Yuan Ru came out from the bathroom, Xia Yao had already disappeared.

“He’s gone?” She asked Yuan Zong.

Yuan Zong simply nodded.

In just seconds, Yuan Ru pounced into Yuan Zong’s embrace with emotional tears running down her face, “Big brother, you’ve made me feel so touched. I’ve already decided to let him go, but you still treat him so well…” 


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