Advance Bravely: Chapter 20

Leaving it at your House


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae


Before his company bodyguards were scheduled to set off to Yan Tai beach for a training session where Yuan Zong had to personally train a crew of female bodyguards, he dropped by Xia Yao’s house. With a shameless apparent, he held his birdcage tightly in his hand let it slightly swayed in front of Xia Yao, “I won’t be here for a while. It’s your duty to take care of it.”

“What if I said ‘No’?” Xia Yao quickly asked
“Then I’ll have no choice but to stay here.”

Hearing that, Xia Yao instantly snatched the cage from him, turned around and entered his house. He hung the new cage comfortably in the terrace of the bedroom. Xia Yao pointed to the Great Hill Myna’s head, sternly warning it, “I’m telling you. Don’t you dare bully my Little Myna.”

“I love you.”

An unpleasant voice blared out from Great Myna’s beak.

Xia Yao staggered back a few steps, then frowned.

“If you keep talking nonsense, I will crush you to death!”

“I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Before long, the loud commotion reached Xia Yao’s mother’s ear who was currently reading in the library. Then with curiosity, she asked, “Who’s saying that?”

Xia Yao’s resentful voice drowned the Great Myna’s voice, “Quiet! One more word and I will break that delicate beak of yours.”

As night fell, tired from the pressure his department has placed on it’s officers, Xia Yao was nearly dozed off on his bed when Great Myna’s squawk woke him up, “You’re so sexy.”

Xia Yao mentally scowled at the voice coming from the balcony.

What the hell! That hoodlum of a bird is a carbon copy of its owner. 

Pretending to not hear the Myna’s voice, Xia Yao soon fell asleep but that stubborn bird would not stop its noisiness.

“Take off your underwear. Take off your underwear. Take off your underwear. Take off your underwear!…”

What the fuck is going on?! Xia Yao had too much on his plate already and now the Myna pulling at his nerves, “Don’t being so noisy!”

Instead of holding it tongue and backing down, Xia Yao’s drowsy groan sparked a fire hidden in the Myna’s voice.

Little Myna-who have been silent for most of the time-unexpectedly caught on to Xia Yao’s words and repeated intermittently them, “Don’t be so noisy! Don’t be so noisy! Don’t be so noisy! Don’t be so noisy!…”

Great Myna had never been so energetic as he flapped his wings and leaped uncontrollably in the cage. The more human’s words he heard, the more enthusiastic Great Myna became.

And so, the “duet” echoed their master’s words with crescendo and drone.

“You are so seductive”.

“Don’t be so noisy.”

“I love you.”

“Don’t be so noisy.”

“You possess the beauty of the suspended clouds that give me the desire to cuddle you…”

It only took a few seconds for the exchange to struck brain.

“Desire my ass!” Xia Yao growled, “Get the fuck out of here!”


The next day after work, Xia Yao had every intention of taking Yuan Zong’s birdcage to a friend’s house. However, just as he was about to leave, his own mother hindered him.

“Don’t give this bird away. I’ve grown to like it.”

Xia Yao expressed his grievance, “You’ve grown a liking to it?”

“Yes, its delicate beak always produces such sweet-sounding words. You know, whenever he speaks, he says, ‘love you! You are so seductive!’ Honestly, this Great Myna is more likable than your Little Myna. Your Myna is not graceful at all. Everytime I hear him speak, all his words are vulgar.”

At those favorable words for the Great Myna, Xia Yao’s nerves rose. If only his mother knew the reasons for those “sweet-sounding words”, that Great Myna would have been slaughtered already.

“If you don’t like this Hill Myna anymore, I can hang it at my balcony.”

Dreading that the bird would utter something even more mischievous or obscene, Yao Yao had no choice but to refuse his mother’s request, “It’s alright. I’ll just keep the bird with me.”

Once again, while gritting his teeth together, Xia Yao took Great Myna into his bedroom


Along the shore of Yan Tai beach stood a row of beautiful women wearing bikinis, all of whom were tied up on the sand under the heat of the sun light. After three consecutive days of the training and sunbathing for hours outside, these female bodyguards’ once delicate skins were peeled off badly. Even worse, their wounds were rubbed severely with sea salt.

Behind them were stood some good-looking trainer, dressed in Mecai Fu [1]. One man trod onto a female bodyguard that was prostrating in the sand while another man put a heavy object on her back.

[1] A specially designed training outfit. Not only should it be able to help the wearer to camouflage, but it can also hide from infrared ray detections, making it hard for the opponent to find its whereabouts.

However sexy and miserable these beauitful bodyguards were, these trainers did not seem to take it kindly to them.

From afar, Yuan Zong walked barefooted onto the beach. His inscrutable eyes showed no sympathy to any of the women who were sustaining all kinds of torture.

Once, in a wrestling match, one of the female bodyguard had her bra torn by a coach. On instinct, she screamed and covered her breasts with her hands. As a result, she was severely punished.

Standing in front of these female bodyguards, Yuan Zong’s tone surprisingly became even colder, “Bear in mind, as a bodyguard, your master’s safety is high priority while your image is a trivial matter. In order to become a standard bodyguard, it is essential that you give up on your own profile…”

His cellphone suddenly rang.

Yuan Zong waved his hand as an order to let the soldiers continue with their training and left to receive the call.


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