Advance Bravely: Chapter 21

Silently protecting you


Translator: HiuPhm277

Editor: anhnguyen12332 & Sae

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



“One of the criminal from the shootout escaped.”

Yuan Zong was deep in thought for a while before he calmly said, “I know.”

When he returned to the training ground, the vice instructor immediately noticed the change in his expression, “What’s wrong?”

“Some issues have broken out in Beijing.

“If it’s urgent you should leave. We’ll be here to manage the training. Actually, you don’t need to personally train every trainee here. Our training methods are pretty much the same anyways. Don’t you trust our leadership ability?”

In all honestly, it was not a matter of whether Yuan Zong trust him or not, but it was more based on his own views and principles. Many young adults entered this institute strictly due to Yuan Zong’s reputation. His fame in this circle urged these up and coming bodyguards to leave their lives of luxury just to become his student and experience these arduous training courses.

Yuan Zong coldly said, “Continue training!”

* * *

Back in Beijing, Xia Yao had also heard the news of a fugitive criminal. As it turned out, that day there were not seven criminals, but eight–one of which had hidden in the bus. When the policemen finally engaged in the fight, this man took the advantage of their lack of vigilance and vanished in the darkness.

In just seconds of the news being announced, the citizens immediately felt unsettled.

Even the policemen themselves were anxious at the sudden outcome. Back then, they all thought that those criminals were killed already, who would have know that something like this would happened? Remembering how chaotic everything was, no one knew whose bullet took which of the criminal down. If that escaped criminal returns to seek revenge on them, every single policemen’s family were also implicated and placed in dangerous.

It was safer during the day. Even criminals with a crafty mindent are not stupid enough to walk into a trap. But when night fell, danger belied everyone on the way home from work, around your residence, or even in the corners of your own house.

Since Xia Yao acted the bravest during that fight, these scenarios was especially dangerous for him. The police force wanted to provide him with specialized car for his own safety but he refused it.

If you have enough courage, then by all means, show yourself! Daddy’s been waiting for your appearance this entire time!

* * *

When the sun finally set and the training session came to end Yuan Zong immediately drove from Yan Tai beach towards Beijing. It took him approximately five hours before he arrived. By now it was already midnight and almost everyone, including Xia Yao had gone to sleep.  

Yuan Zong stood silently outside of Xia Yao’s bedroom’s window and lit a cigarette. Although his expression was drawn with nothing but calmness, his mind on the other hand, was on high alert. His eyes shifted, almost unnoticeably, to the left and right, as he kept guard for what lurked in the shadows.

As dawn approached, Yuan Zong made the five hours drive back to Yan Tai and continued to deploy the next day’s training.

* * *

For the last two days, the hill myna well-behaved and did not cry out during the night anymore. When Xia Yao woke up to go to the toilet, he stole a glance towards the balcony to see whether something was wrong with the Myna or not. Instead…the Myna had vanished completely.

Taking a closer glimpse at the window, Xia Yao was completely amazed.

Yuan Zong stood silently with his back turned to the window. The muscles at his broad back tightened, forming firm lines along the button up he had on and both his hands were gripped at edge of the western-style suit. Xia Yao had heard people said, the purpose of gripping a suit was to prevent one’s hand from sweating, which may interfere with holding a gun or reloading its bullets.

With just one glance, it was clear to Xia Yao that Yuan Zong had been bitten by mosquitos, evident by the redness that colored the back of his neck and ears. But Yuan Zong never bothered to touch or scratch the marks to ease the pain (if he actually felt it). He just stood there.

Since Xia Yao had thrown a lot of fish soup there yesterday, a lot of mosquitos had begun to fly about. The smell was so atrocious that those insects were literally swarming the surroundings.

Looking at him now, an unspeakable emotion sprung intensely at the bottom of Xia Yao’s heart.

He wanted to pound his fist against the window and tell Yuan Zong, ‘I don’t need your help. I don’t want to owe you…’ but for some reason he could not.

Xia Yao backed up, took a deep breath and crawled back into his warm bed.

That night, he could not sleep at all. When dawn slowly arrived, there was a slight commotion from the window.

Xia Yao turned to glance at the balcony.

The hill myna was back.



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