Advance Bravely: Chapter 23

Wearing a small underwear


Translator: trangcugia  

Editors: anhnguyen12332 & Sae

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



As expected, the rain pelted down. Even worse, the droplets of water seem to be the size of stair rods as it thrashed violent into the windstorm. Even after he had closed the window, Xia Yao could still hear all the sounds outside. Heavy drops of water were pounding on the windowsill. And it continued to do so until Xia Yao felt as if there were butterflies swarming in his stomach, pounding as if there were shiny little sparks flying. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 23”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 22

Both side of the window


Translator: HiuPhm277  

Editors: AnhNyugen & Sae  

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



When work ended that evening, Xia Yao brought a bottle of insecticide home.

Once he arrived, he promptly cleaned the wall outside his balcony which was stained with smelly days old fish soup, then sprayed it with a good amount of insecticide. As he sprayed it, his movements were like that of a child sneakily attempting to steal from his mother’s cookie jar. His body swayed left and right, while his eyes kept watch of his surrounding as to avoid getting caught. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 22”