Advance Bravely: Chapter 22

Both side of the window


Translator: HiuPhm277  

Editors: AnhNyugen & Sae  

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



When work ended that evening, Xia Yao brought a bottle of insecticide home.

Once he arrived, he promptly cleaned the wall outside his balcony which was stained with smelly days old fish soup, then sprayed it with a good amount of insecticide. As he sprayed it, his movements were like that of a child sneakily attempting to steal from his mother’s cookie jar. His body swayed left and right, while his eyes kept watch of his surrounding as to avoid getting caught.

When he had first thrown the rubbish out, it was like eating a piece of cake but cleaning it was a strenuous ordeal. From the look of it, Xia Yao was going to have a much longer day than he anticipated.  

By the time Xia Yao was finished battling with the field of dump out on his balcony, it was already nine o’clock. He grumbled for a few seconds then wiped off the sweat on his brows.

He was the one that threw the fish soup out there, then took the mission to clean it. Even more so, that mess brought the mosquitos in, now he had to cast them away. Isn’t this call having too much free time that it’ll lead to madness? Surely he did have some free time since, Xia Yao then began to contemplate on why he did not tell Yuan Zong to just go away.

It was only later that he found out a reason which he reluctantly accepted.

Yuan Zong once belonged to the special forces. He was a man that upheld a particular mentality and consistent volition. This type of people cannot be chased away. Looking at it from another point of view, it costed Xia Yao nothing to have such a high qualify bodyguard like Yuan Zong guarding him. So it was better to accept it as it is since one does not just pluck this kind of rare opportunity up from the streets.

Before long, as if consumed by tiredness, Xia Yao passed out as soon as he stretched out on the bed. He had even forgotten to switch off the lights and draw the curtains to a close.

When Yuan Zong arrived at his usual time, the smell of insecticide did not have a chance to properly settle yet. So as the night wind brushed past, it carried with it a unique scent. Yuan Zong could almost imagine Xia Yao’s unwilling presence as he sprayed the insecticide.

Yuan Zong looked through open window into the bedroom and saw Xia Yao lying on his chest, exposing an erotic naked back. His skin was smooth and firm. There was a sexy line outlining his curves, leading down towards his butt crack. Those rounded bottoms were not slutty in the least, but held an extremely manly aura.

Unable to withstand the sudden stroke of heatwave that struck him, Yuan Zong licked his lips.

Even though this kind of sleeping position looked particularly beautiful to the eye, on the contrary it seemed very uncomfortable. If Xia Yao turned his head and remained sleeping in that position, not only would it affect his heart but it would be easier to get a sore neck.

It was known that when a person is in a deep sleep, they will often turn over if they hear a strange noise from somewhere.

As a result, Yuan Zong whistled which immediately resulted in Xia Yao lazily turning his body over to the side. Once Xia Yao stopped moving, his back faced Yuan Zong.

Since the wind was a bit colder tonight, Yuan Zong whistled again. This time, seemingly frustrated Xia Yao involuntarily pulled up the blanket. 

“So obedient.”

After mouthing that, a slight smile pulled at the corner of Yuan Zong’s lips. He turned around and maintained his position by the window, silently continuing to guard the person inside.

* * *

For three consecutive days, Yuan Zong ran back and forth between Yan Tai beach and Xia Yao’s house, volunteering for guard duty at midnight and leaving at the crack of dawn.

At first Xia Yao thought that Yuan Zong would not be able to undertake strenuous difficulties. A few days may be acceptable but it was impossible to do something like this for a whole month. As far as he was concerned, the specialized training courses that Yuan Zong was holding was going to last for a fortnight. Even if one was made of steel, nobody could stand such constant pressure. 

Unfortunately for Xia Yao, he has definitely met someone that was one of a kind. This person was unruly, thick-skinned and had a mind and body made of steel that could withstand anything. Regardless of any storms, it seemed he could take it on at full force.

But today was different. If the weather was nice, Xia Yao would have mind that he was standing out there as before, but the problem was, it was chaotic outside. The wind has been shrieking loudly the entire day. All the bottles and cans blew in various directions, creating noises that sounded like ‘clack clack’. There was no doubt about it, this was a sure sign that a massive storm was approaching.

After rolling around in his bed for a while, Xia Yao suddenly stood up and quicken his pace towards the balcony.


There was no reaction. Yuan Zong was as steady as a rock in the eye of a storm. Not once did he threw his head back to look at Xia Yao.

“The wind is picking up! Can’t you see?”

I have taken on a lot of difficult missions, riding out severe weather conditions. This “gentle” wind is nothing for me.

Suddenly feeling annoyed, Xia Yao immediately banged on the window.

It’s none of my business whether you go or not. You deserve it!

It wasn’t until a lightning bolt struck outside and created a halo of light did Xia Yao see Yuan Zong’s stoic face. He stormed to the window once more.

“You really want to be electrocuted to death, don’t you?”

Yuan Zong remained undeterred.

Xia Yao couldn’t stand it anymore. He took an umbrella out from the wardrobe and threw it at Yuan Zong.

This harsh action was all that it took to warm Yuan Zong’s heart.


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