Advance Bravely: Chapter 23

Wearing a small underwear


Translator: trangcugia  

Editors: anhnguyen12332 & Sae

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



As expected, the rain pelted down. Even worse, the droplets of water seem to be the size of stair rods as it thrashed violent into the windstorm. Even after he had closed the window, Xia Yao could still hear all the sounds outside. Heavy drops of water were pounding on the windowsill. And it continued to do so until Xia Yao felt as if there were butterflies swarming in his stomach, pounding as if there were shiny little sparks flying.

He made his way towards the window and looked outside with a furious expression.

It would have been easier if it was only the rain, not the raging wind of this outrageous storm. The umbrella in Yuan Zong’s hand was so tattered that it was almost possible to make out its original shape.

“Damn it! Get into your car!!” Xia Yao roared in anger.

However, not only did failed to drive Yuan Zong away, he also caught his mother’s attention.

“Son! What’s going on?”

Xia Yao immediately calmed his breathes for a moment and called out, “I’m okay.”

“The lightnings are striking. Don’t forget to shut the window firmly.”

“Alright, I will.”

Having said that, instead of closing the window, Xia Yao forcefully pry it opened.

“Get in here!”

Before those words could even woven into the raging wind, Yuan Zong jumped through the window into the room in just a blink of an eye. Xia Yao had no doubt that there was a teasing smirk well hidden beneath the man’s static face.

Looking at his miserable state, Xia Yao told Yuan Zong to take a shower since he was soaked with goodness knows what aside from the rain. He took an oversized pajama from the wardrobe and handed it to Yuan Zong.

Once he entered the bathroom, Yuan Zong could not help but to let out a nearly silent snicker when he noticed the countless skincare products lining the vanity area.

Does he really enjoy keeping himself tidy and smooth to this degree?

After Yuan Zong finished showering he went out only to see that Xia Yao was in the middle of hanging his wet clothes on a string. 

“Your underwear is way too small, it doesn’t fit.” Yuan Zong said honestly as he walked up to the lad.

Xia Yao immediately turned purple. “Motherfucker, who told you to wear that?”

“I saw it in the bathroom, so I wore it.” Yuan Zong replied with an absolutely stolid expression.

Xia Yao’s sharp and icy glance swept towards like the raging storm outside.

With one of his brows, Yuan Zong slid one hand down the side of his broad hip before raising a provoking tone. “Or……should I take it off now?” 

“There’s no need to do that!” Xia Yao bluntly interrupted Yuan Zong as he headed towards his desk with a frustrated face. He pulled the drawer open, then took out the wooden house. “Hey, do you remember your words from that day?”

“Which words?”

Xia Yao replied with a quiet inconvenience, “If I smile at you just once, you’ll put an underwear on him.”

Then he took out the figurine.

Seeing that, Yuan Zong’s lips could not resist curving into a faint smirk.

“What are you smiling at?” Xia Yao’s face darkened.

Indeed nobody could have resisted laughing at that thing. “Xiao Xia Yao’s butt were painted black by its owner. Its lower region was covered by some sort of funny flaccid substance. It was as if Xia Yao had put extreme effort into giving the figurine an “underwear”, nevertheless his clumsy hands led to the current situation.

Yuan Zong smacked his lips as he answered impassively “The difficulty has now increased. Smiling isn’t enough anymore.”

“I give you an inch and you want a yard?!” Xia Yao’s eyelids twitched as he glared at Yuan Zong. “The fact that I’m asking you to fix it already shows my respect! Fix it or else I’ll give it back!”

Trying to maintain his calm expression, Yuan Zong leaned over and gave Xia Yao a quick, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Only then did Xia Yao seemed to show somewhat content smile.

As the rain came pelting down outside, two figures sitting beside the window inside the room. Xia Yao listened to the sound of rain along with the rattle and thwack from Yuan Zong’s side. He felt bitterly disappointed at himself. Why was he so helpless even when he had a hammer, while Yuan Zong only used a small knife to cut through the rock hard material as if it was only mud?

“The force doesn’t come from the knife but the hand.” Yuan Zong said as if he read Xia Yao’s mind.

Hmph… Xia Yao frigidly grunted.

Undeniably, Xia Yao cannot help but to admire Yuan Zong’s large hands. It was the hands that managed to do such delicate crafty work despite their rough, rugged features. With the knife held between his skillful fingers, Yuan Zong gracefully made cutting marks at all the right spots. In a split second, the erect private part between the figurine legs disappeared and in it’s place was a small but firm hill.

Who knew how Yuan Zong managed to do this kind of handiwork because after carving on the underwear, although the figurine looked decent, it seemed to be extremely seductive. It was said that being completely naked wouldn’t necessarily tempt people but absolutely sexiness comes from being half covered, half exposed. Yuan Zong’s incredible hands majestically defined the meaning of that statement.

Still feeling inconvenient, Xia Yao quickly demanded, “Put long pants on it.”

Yuan Zong raised his eyebrows and casted Xia Yao a glance, “Constructing that is too much. I can’t change it.”

“You did it on purpose.”

Yuan Zong slowly licked his fangs, “I did what you asked of me and gave it an underpants. You didn’t even call yourself flirty yet you have the balls to blame me and say my skills no good.”


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