Lawless: Chapter 49

After Xiao Li finished showering, he wrapped a clean towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom, while Qi Xiu Yuan resigned to his own misfortune by letting the ice-cold water cool his heated body down. Then he changed into the new underpants that he had brought in and tidied the bathroom.

Once he walked out, he saw that his bedroom door was opened and the warm lighting from the room shined faintly into the small hallway. He remained still for a moment and let a smile crept slowly towards his lips before he walked over.

The window was half open, revealing the darkness of this rainy night. Xiao Li had switched on a small lamp on the bedside stand and was now standing silently near the window with his back towards Qi Xiu Yuan, thinking about something.

Qi Xiu Yuan closed the door and walked over to where Xiao Li. He lowered his head to the right side of Xiao Li’s shoulder and kissed the tattoo there before gently embracing him from behind.

Instead of saying anything, Xiao Li simply leaned his head slightly to the right so that he could snuggle even closer to Qi Xiu Yuan.

Feeling elated, another smile drew on Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips as he hugged him a bit longer and whispered in his ear, “Do you like standing in the wind? Your body is completely frozen.”

Xiao Li said a simple ‘yeah’, and stretched his hand out to close the window while asking, “What happened to Susu today?”

The arms that wrapped around him loosened as Qi Xiu Yuan turned away, went towards the wardrobe and flipped through it looking for something. Then he absent-mindedly said, “She ran into a pervert.”

He only explained Susu’s situation in a few words before he found a pair of underpants and passed it to Xiao Li, “And I happened to pass by.”

Very calmly, Xiao Li undo his bath towel, took the underpants from his hand and put it on, “Did you see the numbers on the license plate?”

“The car didn’t have a license plate on it.” Qi Xiu Yuan said grudgingly.

Xiao Li’s brows wrinkled together as he picked up the towel off the floor with the intention of taking it back to the bathroom but Qu Xiu Yuan had already snatched it from his hand and threw it on the chair to the side.

It only took a second for Qi Xiu Yuan to take one step forward and hugged him, then he softly whispered in his ear, “Seeing you wear my underpants is making it a bit hard to endure.”

Hearing that, Xiao Li immediately grabbed his hair and pull it back so that there was some space between their faces. Then he looked him up and down and asked, “Qi Xiu Yuan, you’re not doing something behind my back and hiding it from me, are you?”

A flash of light crossed Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes as he smiled, grabbed Xiao Li’s body and pressed him on the bed to tease him, “I am. I was thinking about the time you hit me with your pistol.”

In a flash, Qi Xiu Yuan’s vision suddenly spun without warning. Xiao Li had already turned over and press his body heavily on him instead. Both his elbows then landed at either side of his face as he looked down at him with an intense seriousness in his eyes, “I’ve never asked you before, but when Han Jia was hospitalized, why did you suddenly appear?”

“Xiao Yang gave me a call,” Qi Xiu Yuan easily replied as one of his hand softly caressed the scar on the side of Xiao Li’s face while the other rested on his back, “He knew the place that Luo Dong had taken Han Jia to so I took the car over there. The nearby villagers all saw your car heading towards the east. So, once I found the correct direction and asked along the way, it was easy to locate where you guys were.”

“You, what are……” Xiao Li looked at him with a complicated expression but could not say anything else aside from those three words.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Xiu Yuan smiled, “Are you suspicious of me?”

“No,” Xiao Li immediately denied as he lowered his head to kiss his lips for a moment. Only after that did he raised his head again to look at him and earnestly said, “I’m just worried. I don’t want you to be implicated. I want you to wait. As long as you wait, it’s good enough.”

“I know,” Qi Xiu Yuan let his gaze capture Xiao Li’s. His heart felt warm and soft, and even his voice became even more tender like it has never been before, “But, I’ll also be worried. At the least……at the least, you should let me know what you’re doing.”

“No, that won’t.” Xiao Li said without hesitation. But, once he saw a slight disappointment lining Qi Xiu Yuan’s face, he thought about something for a while. Without shifting his gaze away, he imitated what Qi Xi Yuan did before and (although somewhat hesitant) licked his lips for a moment and pressed it close to his. Then he whispered, “If you and Susu are implicated, I……”

Qi Xiu Yuan seized this opportunity to deepen their kiss. At the same time, he exerted his strength, turned over with his hand tightly around Xiao Li and pressed him flat underneath him yet again. His tongue charged into Xiao Li’s mouth and traced along his teeth, tongue and other parts. He kissed him lovely, softly then a bit rougher until Xiao Li was no longer able to breathe properly and whimpered in fragments. It only then did he unwillingly pulled their lips apart.

“Don’t forget, you said you like Susu before.” Qi Xiu Yuan also gasped for air as he incessantly pecked the corner of his lips again and again, “Although you were just worried about her, the mere thought of it makes me mad……”

Xiao Li began to laugh beneath his lips.

“What are you laughing at?” Qi Xiu Yuan grudgingly slid to the side, opened his mouth widely and bit Xiao Li’s bare shoulder.

“I never said I like Susu. I only said I like the type of person that is simple and has a simple family background.”

Xiao Li’s hand lightly rested on Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder, then after a moment he said in a low voice, “For example, someone like you……”

Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly lifted his body and looked at him fiercely with expression likened to that of a predator as if he wanted to immediately eat Xiao Li up.

Letting their gaze locked, Xiao Li hooked his hand around his neck and pulled him down closer. At such close proximity, both their breaths were completely woven together.

“When you appeared at the hospital that day……” Xiao Li closed his eyes and muttered, “Someone like you, running all the way to that kind of place……”

He did not continue to speak anymore. He exerted some strength to his forearm, raised his body just the slightest, then picked his head up and ruthlessly kissed Qi Xiu Yuan.

Feeling impatient and unable to hold back, Qi Xiu Yuan moaned and kissed him back with just as much fierceness. When they attempted to deepen and pushed for more intensity, this kiss became more passionate, radiance and chaotic all at the same time.

The tip of their noses bumped painfully while their tongues knocked against the other teeth; blood spilled from the corner of their lips when it was cut by sharp canines. But even then, no one complained, no one stopped and regardless of everything they kissed still, engrossed in the warmth, the intensity and the passion that raged within them.

With their heavy breaths and trembling bodies simultaneously attacking, responding, and exploring, the two reveled in each other. That feeling of searching and being searched was like a tumultuous tide submerging them and they were each other’s strong tree, supporting and keeping the other afloat.

When this kiss finally ended, the two leaned against each other and gasped heavily for air. For the longest of time neither spoke but their eyes remained fixed on the visage of the other.

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14 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 49

  1. That was awesome! And happy… Unlike the previous chapter of Addicted…
    Thanks for all of your efforts, Sae ^^ Love U


  2. Wah I never imagined that Xiao Li would one day be the one initiating passionate kisses with QXY hAha. Finally QXY’s perseverance pays off.


  3. I just want one more chapter of happiness before bad things happen…i have no idea what is in-store for them but there are too many chapters left …. so I’ll just ask for one more sweet chapter! Thanks for translating!


  4. Thank you so much for translation, i have bien waiting for…they are too cute, i’mais afraid for the rest of story.


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