Advance Bravely: Chapter 24

Midnight Attack!


Translator: trangcugia  

Editors: anhnguyen12232 & Sae



An intense raging anger suddenly set Xia Yao’s heart ablaze. He swung his fist towards Yuan Zong’s neck to strike him.

“Fuck, who are saying is slutty?”

In the blink of an eye, Yuan Zong easily opened his hand and caught the fist with a thud. Then he clenched his five fingers tightly, encasing Xia Yao’s hand in his own.

Xia Yao tried hard to pull out, but it was useless.

Still consumed by rage, Xiao Yao aimed his other fist in Yuan Zong’s direction, but it was enveloped by Yuan Zong’s other hand.

“Let go of my hands!” Xia Yao’s eyes glowered.

Instead of withdrawing his hand, Yuan Zong grip tightened even more, as though he wanted to crush all the bones in Xia Yao’s fingers, turn the skin and flesh into nothing but dust then imprinting them into his own hands.

Xia Yao’s hand was throbbing with pain as he stared at Yuan Zong’s intense gaze, and out of nowhere a paralyzing angst grew within his mind.

Yuan Zong, on the other hand, silently let his gaze capture Xia Yao’s. It was sharp like a thousand knives wrapped with scorching hot fire aimed ferociously at him, giving an intense impression that he wanted to eagerly devour the man in front of him. Just as Xia Yao started to panic, he was abruptly hoisted him up and his body fell heavily on Yuan Zong’s.

A second later, Xia Yao’s face smashed against Yuan Zong’s firm chest with a heavy thud. Since he did not have a chance to stand upright yet, he stumbled and his whole body collapsed on the bed.

The light suddenly went off and Xia Yao was pinned to the bed, immobile under a large stature.

He was on the verge of shouting out some swear words when Yuan Zong briskly covered his mouth.

The word “harassment” immediately struck Xia Yao’s brain and load it with desperate squeaks and furious roars. He writhed in spite of fear before getting burnt out and covered in sweat just several minutes later.

Yuan Zong’s hand rested on Xia Yao’s lips and the younger boy’s soft lips moved about as he continued to mumble. The frequent movements rubbed hasty creating a hot sensation as his breath blew into his hand. Xia Yao’s tension and urgent resistance against skinship could only belong to the type of the men that were inexperience in this field.

A smile drew on Yuan Zong’s lips at Xia Yao’s desperation to get out of his grip. That smile was so gentle that it was completely different from his currently steely attitude. With just one glance at it, Xia Yao felt the sudden urge to kill him right on the spot.

While this was happening, a gun barrel suddenly appeared in the opened window.

Quick to notice this, Yuan Zong leaped up at the speed of light and rushed towards the window. His fist flew out to smacked the gunman’s wrist causing the gun to fall on the floor with a thud.

Seeing this, Xia Yao quickly reacted and rushed towards the window. However, since he was pressed down for such a long time, his body could not maintain its usual agility which cause him to move slower than he willed. As he closed in on the window, Yuan Zong forcibly slam the window shut right in front of his face. The force was so powerful, the window was virtually stuck to the wall, making it impossible to even crack it open.

Normally it would not have been so hard for xia Yao to open the window since his strength is considered to be pretty formidable. However, since his hands were grasped so tightly by Yuan Zong just a moment ago, he was not unable to make use..

Xia Yao quickly ran to the living room but both the front door and the windows near there were locked as well Feeling anxious, held the window frame to look outside.

Under the heavy downpour, Yuan Zong was combating an unknown man.

Once he saw this scene, Xia Yao finally realized why Yuan Zong gripped his hands, turned off the lights in his room, pushed him to the bed and covered his mouth.

And he, at that this moment, could only deeply regret having let such an abrasive guy into his room.

After a few more fierce exchange of fists and legs, the fight outside was reaching its height. This criminal’s strength was not of normal level at all, or else he would not have able to escape the last shootout. Moreover, there was another hidden in his chest. When he aimed it straight at Yuan Zong, Xia Yao immediately became welled with anxiousness. But, in just seconds, Yuan Zing quickly stretched both his arms out and spectacularly snatched the gun with his bare hands.

Afterwards, the two fought without weapons for a while. Yuan Zong leaped and locked both his legs on the criminal’s shoulders. The man struggled and flung Yuan Zong to the ground but Yuan Zong once again used his two strong thighs to flip the rival’s body, making him fall down along with him. His knee struck the criminal’s back hard before he ruthlessly pulled the man’s arms backwards and grasped them together tightly.

In the raging storm, the sound of bones cracking was soon followed by the desperate screams of the criminal.


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