Advance Bravely: Chapter 25

Being lovely under the rain


Translator: oc1221haiphong

Editors: anhnguyen12332 & Sae



After ten seconds, the criminal passed out after completely losing all his strength.

Seeing this, Xia Yao was finally able let out a sigh of relief and maintain his composure.

For safety measures, Yuan Zong continued to forcefully hold the man firmly down to the ground. He carefully checked around the man’s clothing and found two cartridge clips to which he placed in his pocket.

‘Can you now let me out of here now?’ Xia Yao mumbled to himself, while banging the window.

However, Yuan Zong ignored him completely. He grabbed the criminal on his own and unceremoniously marched him to the nearby car. Then he tied him up with the ropes that he has prepared early on, and pushed him into the trunk. After he scanned the area one more time to make sure that  everything was properly taken care of, Yuan Zong returned to Xia Yao’s bedroom window.

The only figure Xia Yao could make out through the opaque glass was the blurred image of a tall, muscular man, running towards him under the pouring rain.

Suddenly, the window flung open.

Xia Yao immediately asked, “Where is he?”

“Completely tied up. I’ll turn him in to the police tomorrow.” He pulled out the pistol and the cartridge clips and threw them inside.

Xia Yao took them, but of course he did not felt satisfied at all as he gazed at Yuan Zong in rage.

“Why the hell did you bolt the door? Who the hell do you think you are? Some big shot? You got some fucking ego! Did you think you can just put up a one-man show like that after having taken down all those bad guys one by one before? You think you’ll be hailed a hero, huh? Motherfucker, I’m the real cop here. Fucking hell, who gives you the right to interfere with MY JOB?!!”

Unperturbed, Yuan Zong calmly replied to Xia Yao’s raging outburst, “I didn’t want you to get wet.”

Xia Yao immediately freezed up on the spot. There were so many things at the tip of his tongue but he could not seem to put them all into words.

“How are your wrists? Does it still hurt?”

Xia Yao groaned, “They’re fine. The pain left long gone.”

“Show me your wrists.”

“What for?”

Not giving Xia Yao a chance to resist, Yuan Zong grabbed his arm and yanked it out the window. He ran his eyes over it and doubtfully asked again, “Are you sure they’re really okay?”

Without waiting for Xia Yao’s answer, Yuan Zong tightened his hands on his wrist again, but this it was even more powerful than before. Honestly, he really enjoyed the infuriating look painted across Xia Yao’s face.

Yuan Zong gently smiled at him, “Sweet dreams.”

He slammed the windows shut again, wiped the water off his face and walked to the car.

Once again, Xia Yao tried to open the windows. However, he still did not succeed.

Yuan Zong’s force on his wrists was seriously no joke. By the time Xia Yao’s hands finally regained its movements, the rain had already ceased. Xia Yao could have easily said some aggressive words but instead, he silently took the time to wash and dry all of Yuan Zong’s clothes. Then he placed them into his bags and took it outside.

Yuan Zong was leaning back against the car seat, trying to catch some sleep when he heard some noises coming towards his car. He cracked a sharp eye towards a dark shadow that was inching closer to his window.

“Hey, these are yours.”

Yuan Zong was soaked from head to toes, so when the fresh, warm clothes that came with a slight fragrance was placed in front of his eyes, his heart was nearly melted.

While Yuan Zong dressed, Xia Yao purposely turned away. Once Yuan Zong was done, he handed Xia Yao the wet clothes.

Xia Yao figured that everything was there aside from his stolen underwear. He had no intention of asking for it but the fact that the perfectly clean and dry underwear was put aside instead of being worn really bothered him.

“Why didn’t you change your underwear?”

“What, you’d rather take it back?”

“Keep it for all I care!” Xia Yao coldly grunted.

A small smile played on Yuan Zong’s lips, “Go to sleep.”

Xia Yao stood still.

“You don’t want to listen, huh? Go or I’m going to pull you in here and so something to you instead.”

At those cunning words, Xia Yao angrily shut the car’s door and ran off nervously.

Yuan Zong could not help but feel butterflies at the pit of his stomach as he watched the way he fled.


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  1. Yaar…i have watched 80 chaptera in ann (wattpad).plz hurry up and upload the next chapter.and where can i read full chapters of AB novel
    Plz tell me.


    1. Hello, this site only upload the edit version of what Anh and team translation. We don’t translate the novel, we translate Addicted. There is no full translations of the novel. Only Anh and teams are working on it. Hope this help ^^


      1. Not until the weekend. If you go to AnhNyugen wattpad account, there’s 80 chapters up already ^^


      2. Unfortunately me my Whappad does not work so I can not read, I’m waiting for you to diffuse.


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