Lawless: Chapter 50

After a long while, Xiao Li moved. As if disliking the fact that Qi Xiu Yuan pressed so heavily on him, he used the same amount of strength to flip Qi Xiu Yuan over and pine him down beneath him again. One of his brows rose while a smile played out on his lips as he looked down at him deviously. Then he kissed his cheeks and lightly smiled again before speaking with a hoarse voice.

“I’d never imagined that you’re actually not simple at all.”

The sound of Qi Xiu Yuan’s laughter danced in the air as both his hands reached out to gently caress the bright and bare skin on Xiao Li’s back. He raised his head so that he could grind their lips mutually against each other. As if imitating Xiao Li, his voice was also very hoarse.

“Actually, you……you don’t seem to be very skilled……”

“These kinds of things…I don’t like it that much……” Xiao Li softly whispered, “I was placed in Jin Ting not long after I entered the underworld. So, I’ve seen it every day to the point that I don’t really feel or have much interest for it……once in a while, if I need to, I’ll do it. Unlike you…”

“I also don’t like these kinds of things that much!” Qi Xiu Yuan quickly clarified but as he looked at the harshness dwelling in Xiao Li’s eyes, his imposing manner was weakened. “Fine, I really like it. But.” He raised his head and firmly kissed Xiao Li for a moment, “Because it’s you, I especially like it even more.”

Xiao Li gave him a glance but chose not to say anything.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s hands roamed incessantly on Xiao Li’s back. He looked at him as if building his courage bit by bit before he finally spoke in a low voice.

“There was a time when I attended college……everything was very chaotic. And when I just started working, it was also the same. I often go out just to find someone for a one night stand, and I had fun playing with whatever……after that phase had passed, everything became better.” After that, he waited for Xiao Li’s judgment. “I really meant what I said. I’m not that kind of person. But because it’s you, I especially want to……ah……”

Appearing to like the words that he just heard, Xiao Li lowered his head and pressed his lips on to Qi Xiu Yuan’s. His tongue then slid into his mouth and sweetly swept the inside before he reluctantly pulled out and pressed his lips close to his again, and as he spoke, his warm breath seemed to melt with Qi Xiu Yuan’s.

“I don’t mind that.”

Although Xiao Li firmly said those words, Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice held a hint of disappointment instead once he managed to mutter some words. “You don’t mind……”

“You want me to mind?” Xiao Li was a bit suspicious, “Actually, I can understand. For some time, Han Jia was also like that, but in reality, he——“

“How can you compare it?” Catching what he had just said, Xiu Yuan’s complexion became unsightly and even his voice revealed his state of anxiety.

Xiao Li raised one of his brows as he looked at him with eyes welling with a bit of criticism. Qi Xiu Yuan, on the other hand, felt slightly guilty. He should not have said unpleasant words about Han Jia in front of him, but in the end, he could not mutter an apology. Instead, he paused for a long while before he hesitantly spoke.

“You and that Han Jia have really good feelings for each other?”

Xiao Li blinked. As if finally realizing the implication behind his words, he simply let out a burst of soft laughter and remained silent.

“Hey!” Qi Xiu Yuan felt an urgent crisis overtaking him as he bound his arm tighter around Xiao Li, “What exactly is going on between you two?”

Unable to stop himself, Xiao Li continued to laughter then said, “We’ve known each other since we were teens. It’s only natural that we’ll have good feelings for each other as……brothers.” He then deliberately scrutinized Qi Xiu Yuan by slowly saying, “Why are you just like a woman——“

With great speed, his field of vision took a tumble and rotated all at once. By the time he was able to react, Qi Xiu Yuan had already pressed him ruthlessly beneath his chest while wearing a seemingly angry expression. However, there was definitely a hint of viciousness in his voice as he stared down.

“I’m like a woman? Can a woman do this kind of thing to you?” After saying that, he shifted upward. Since the two had hugged and rolled back and forth on the bed since earlier, Qi Xiu Yuan’s members had already become erect once again as his he rubbed against Xiao Li’s.

After a short while, a rather energetic attack came. Xiao Li turned Qi Xiu Yuan over to one side while his hands were still gripping his shoulder. He kneeled beside him as he laid there, then spoke with a very helpless tone, “I have something to do tomorrow, so I can’t play with you again. You……why is your friend here always so energetic?”

Qi Xiu Yuan was even more helpless than he was, “Isn’t it all because of you?”

Xiao Li’s face immediately reddened. After pondering for about two seconds, he released his hands and slowly lie down beside him. When his right hand lightly covered Qi Xiu Yuan’s stomach, Qi Xiu Yuan’s muscles tightened as he turned his head over to look at him.

“Just this time,” Xiao Li turned away, “Hurry up.”

His shifted his hand slowly downwards then slid across the underpants. Once he finally rests it on Qi Xiu Yuan’s erection, he started to gently caress it.

Qi Xiu Yuan softly sucked in air and reached out to feel Xiao Li’s.

“Don’t move,” Xiao Li whispered once again, “I’m not like you……”

His hand snaked into Qi Xiu Yuan’s underpants and took hold of that hot and sensitive member. Qi Xiu Yuan moaned into the pleasure, and while one of his hand loosely grabbed the bed sheet, the other hand covered Xiao Li’s hand that was working its deed.

Xiao Li closed his eyes, and while he quickened his movements, he relied on his self-control to not let the surrounding atmosphere influence his desires.

Qi Xiu Yuan gasped for air and leaned his face to the side to gaze at Xiao Li. Xiao Li’s hair was a mess which made him appeared extremely weak and his lashes were incessantly trembling, rather restlessly. A long shadow spread out across them beneath the dusky lamp beside the bed. Under this kind of lighting, the silhouette of his handsome face appeared really soft and strangely enough, that scar added to his charm. His lips were slightly parting……

 Oh, his lips……

Unable to control himself, Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly attempted to intensify Xiao Li’s movements. One of his hand tightly gripped the bed sheet, while the other hand tightened its hold on Xiao Li’s hand that seemed to not know what to do out of embarrassment. Thinking that this is Xiao Li’s hand and that he was the one that took the initiative to reach out towards him, Qi Xiu Yuan stared at the sultry look in his eyes and swallowed.

Even though Xiao Li kept his eyes closed, he could still feel the heat from his eyes piercing him. His unrestrained hand that was tightly grasping the member accelerated when Qi Xiu Yuan moaned and gasped for air. He could feel his hand becoming more sleek, evident that the tip of Qi Xiu Yuan’s member was moistened with precum to the point that it became glossy. Recalling some moves that he had witnessed at Jin Ting before, Xiao Li started to tease the tip by slowly scrapping it lightly with his fingers.

A second later, a heated breath fanned his lips. Without having to open his eyes, he knew that Qi Xiu Yuan wanted to come closer and kiss him. Xiao Li turned his head slightly to the side and continued to heartlessly tease him. He tapped his fingers one by one on the throbbing member then lightly pinched the tip. There was frustration and excitement mingling in his voice as he grabbed Xiao Li’s hand and tried to quicken the pace even more but Xiao Li blocked him.

A faint smile appeared on Xiao Li’s lips. In theory, his experience was absolutely not less than Xiao Li, furthermore, he could creatively combine what he learned with the usage and apply it accordingly. With that in mind, his fingers wrapped around the shaft and slid down while he groped his balls and the bare skin around his member. Qi Xiu Yuan’s muscles suddenly tightened as he breathed heavily and spat out: “Fuck!”

Being able to control Qi Xiu Yuan’s reaction like this made Xiao Li felt at ease since at the least, he was not feeling uneasy from being controlled. He gently took in a deep breath of air then slightly increased the strength and speed of his hand.

Qi Xiu Yuan released an urgent pant as both his hands now touched his own member. He wrapped Xiao Li’s hands tightly within his palms while his erection stood firmly within their hands and then without concern he started to vigorously move their hands.

Hot breaths pounced on his face again. Was Qi Xiu Yuan moving rhythmically while watching him attentively? Xiao Li closed his eyes tightly as he controlled the other person’s peace of mind while a sense of losing the control kicked in. This feeling smeared his face with redness, provoking a hot sensation to overtake his body.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Li, look at me, Xiao Li……” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice was fused with his moans and pants as if he was simply being drowned or choked.

Letting his imagination was run wild, Xiao Li’s eyes shot open.


The moment his eyes opened, Qi Xiu Yuan let out a stifled moan. He used all his strength to grab Xiao Li’s hand, practically invoking pain, then his body twitched intensely for a moment. A stream of clear fluid shot out and landed on his chest and, before long, the room immediately filled with a faint musty smell, similar to that of the sea.

Xiao Li looked squarely at Qi Xiu Yuan’s face. At first, he wanted to be proud or provoke him to show that his own self-control was stronger than his desires. But, his intention for some unknown reason faded away without a trace. As he looked at the face that would easily become excited because of his very existence, a faint smile appeared.

Qi Xiu Yuan let out an annoyed groan. He closed his eyes tight while his voice was exceptionally hoarse, “Don’t laugh at me like that.”

He loosened his hand from the bed sheet and sat up, all the while, his chest was still severely moving up and down. Then he leaned over Xiao Li’s body and reached for the towel that he had thrown on the chair earlier. After absent-mindedly wiping his own hands and chest, he turned the towel over to a corner that was relatively clean, picked up Xiao Li’s hand and carefully wipe it clean.

During the entire process, Xiao Li was watching him attentively with a heartfelt smile at the corner of his lips.

“I said, don’t laugh at me like that.” Qi Xiu Yuan was being teased to the point his face slightly distorted. He picked up the towel, wrapped it around his foolish member then turned over and got off the bed. He walked away with rather large strides as if trying to escape from the room. Soon, the sound of the bathroom door closing sounded off.

Xiao Li lie on the bed. It was only when the back of Qi Xiu Yuan’s sorry state disappeared did he pulled his gaze away however he was still unable to suppress the smile that constantly kissed his lips.

It seemed he has never been this happy before. Nor could he had ever imagined that being alone right now, his heart would be filled with so much tenderness and affection. Nor could he ever imagined that anyone could be so trustworthy and adorable. Dwelling in the feeling of peacefulness and warmth that he had never experienced before, Xiao Li naturally spread his limbs out. The bed was so soft with Qi Xiu Yuan’s scent still lingering all around him. The vague sound of the rain from outside the window along with the dusky lighting of the room beckoned is tiredness to surface. Although he reminded himself not to fall asleep, sleep still gradually pulled him in.

In a short while, within the dimly lit room, a corner of the bed sank. An ice-cold yet soft kiss landed on his lips. Xiao Li faintly smiled, still in his sleepy stupor as he spoke with a languid yet enticing voice: “You still want to come?”

“I want to.”

An ice-cold finger landed on his member.

Xiao Li’s eyes suddenly shot open and vigorously pushed the hand away, however his wrist was firmly detained. A sturdy body stifled his movements, then heavily pressed down on him.

“I want it to the point I can kill.” Li Shi Qing’s voice revealed a ruthless hunger and thirst. Even the reflection of his gaze behind his eyeglasses was even colder than his finger.

Xiao Li’s eyes widened as he looked at him. He has known Li Shi Qing for ten years and never before had he seen this man’s eyes filled with such violent and anger. It was as if he was practically using his eyes to tear him apart piece by piece.

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  1. These 2 were so adorable in this chaoter and that as*hole had to ruin it! On no please let these 2 be alright T^T Li shi qing i will kill you!!!


  2. I could literally feel my face going red during this entire chapter. XD
    and Dammit! I thought it was a nightmare too.


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