Lawless: Chapter 51

From the beginning, Qi Xiu Yuan did not have the time to response nor the strength to resist the attack.

When he first got to the bathroom, he rinsed himself, then washed the towel. While cleaning his member, he started to think about Xiao Li lying on his bed, and before long, he had to clean himself again.

By the time he found another towel to wrap around his waist and leisurely made his way out of the bathroom, there were three people standing in the shadow near the doorway waiting for him already.

Just as he took one step outside the door, a hand reached out from within the silent darkness and vigorously clutched his neck. The power dwelling in the perpetrator’s fingers seemed as though it wanted to pierce through his skin, then his entire body was nearly ‘lifted’ off the ground and pressed roughly against the wall of the bathroom.

Before Qi Xiu Yuan even had a chance to utter a sound like a warning, the man that strangled his neck had already raised his hand. A short, ice-cold and sleek knife hovered in front of his eyes. The sharp edge brought with it a ghastly sense of chilliness that made Qi Xiu Yuan felt as if the point of the blade had already penetrated his eyes.

As he mustered all the strength in him to lean his head upward, both his hands subconsciously tore at the man’s wrist. Amidst this terrifying moment, he caught sight of another man slowly walking out of the dark shadow from the corner of his eyes. Without making a sound, the person stood beside him.

“The young lady in the opposite room,” the voice was very familiar as he continued to speak in a deep and icy tone, “is sleeping really soundly.”

In just a second, time ceased and Qi Xiu Yuan’s body became rigid. All movements to resist this sudden attacked stopped, his hand hung low and his fist loosened.

As if confirming his surrender, the man issued a low grunt that was filled with disdain, then lightly raised his hand to make a gesture.

With that, the forceful grip on his neck immediately loosened and the cold gleam of light that flashed from the point of the blade also disappeared. Qi Xiu Yuan faintly moved his stiffened neck for a moment until his conscious gradually returned to his body. Only then did he noticed that from the bathroom lighting, the three men that stood before him was wrapped in a chilly atmosphere. As the light shone on Li Shi Qing, it revealed the gentle smile that played on his lips. His voice was so low that one had to really concentrate to hear it.

“I saw the sedative on her bedside. How can such a young girl’s sleeping quality be so bad? Now then, it’s best if you don’t make a single sound. I’m afraid the young lady will wake up from just a little cough or slight movements. If she wakes up……” He paused deliberately and the smile that graced him was pretty kind looking, “My men won’t be able to hold it and do something to her.”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s face ashen as anger, contempt and disbelief crowded his sight, beckoning to overtake him. When he gritted his teeth until his cheeks stiffened and all the emotions welling in him froze like a cold winter day, he resumed an expressionless face.

Li Shi Qing’s smile immediately vanished as he glanced at the man that had clutched Qi Xiu Yuan’s neck. With just a small gesture as a command, the man’s strong hands quickly gripped Qi Xiu Yuan’s throat again before he mercilessly yet nimbly dragged him towards his bedroom.

Qi Xiu Yuan was still barefooted as he tried his hardest to keep up with the man while making sure not to make any sound. By the time he got to the front of the door, his entire body was already drenched in cold sweat.

He gritted his teeth when he was forced to kneel on the ground to watch as Li Shi Qing used his eyes to lick Xiao Li who was lying on his bed.

He gritted his teeth and watched as the condescending man approached Xiao Li and kissed him to wake him up.

He gritted his teeth and watched as Xiao Li’s expression immediately changed from being unperturbed to horrified to put up a guard.

And in the midst of everything that was happening around him, he continued to firmly grit his teeth just to maintain his calmness.

2 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 51

  1. Ah~
    I debated whether or not to read this chapter but I faced my fear for the sake of this coupling…
    still hoping QXY has some joker card that he’s been hiding that he could use to save themselves… And establish the Dom position in this ship.^3^


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