Lawless: Chapter 52

The moment Xiao Li heard Li Shi Qing’s voice, he instinctively began to resist with all his might. Even after he was pressed down, his struggle to break free was vigorous and forceful to the point that Li Shi Qing was narrowly turned over towards the bottom of the bed.

This kind of impetuous actions crept from deep within Xiao Li’s memories. And, although it has been many years since he had seen Li Shi Qing personally dealt with anyone, he could still remember in his earliest of memories, a confrontation with Li Shi Qing that left an impression on him. This impression was simply hard to obliterate, to the extent that sometimes when he is near Li Shi Qing, he is unable to suppress his emotions no matter how hard he tried, let alone in a safe place where he suddenly suffered a surprise attack.

Even Li Shi Qing himself found it hard to handle an enraged Xiao Li as the two wrestled intensely on the bed.

Xiao Li nearly grabbed Li Shi Qing and threw him towards headboard while Li Shi Qing’s hardened fist mercilessly greeted the flesh on Xiao Li’s body, provoking loud thuds every time it struck him. Two minutes later, having the upper hand with this sudden attack, Li Shi Qing was able to push Xiao Li’s face firmly on the bed. Once one of his hand forcefully pressed Xiao Li’s neck and his knee jabbed his back to hold him down, this fight finally came to an end.

Qi Xiu Yuan trembled in anger as his eyes widened to watch the scene in front of him while his fist tightened to the point that his fingernails dug into his palm.

“Really……?” Li Shi Qing undoes two buttons on his shirt and gasped for air as he used his free hand to stroke the side of Xiao Li’s face. Then he whispered, “It seems you still become so violent when you’re awakening. After so many years, this condition of yours hasn’t……” He sighed as he lightly patted Xiao Li’s cheek, “Has your head cleared yet?”

After Xiao Li was pressed on the bed, he continued to struggle even if his movements were constricted. Once he heard Li Shi Qing asked him that question, he reluctantly loosened a bit, then he turned his head to the other side to avoid the man’s hand, before replying in a low voice, “It’s cleared, Qing Ye.”

Li Shi Qing merely snorted, “Then carefully clarify things for me.”

With that said, the fingers that pressed firmly on Xiao Li’s neck immediately shifted to his head. His grabbed his hair tightly, forcibly yanked his head up and turned his head to toward the doorway where Qi Xiu Yuan was kneeling.

In that split second, both their eyes revealed the same insufferable pain.

“Qing Ye, please……please don’t make it difficult for him. He’s my friend.” Xiao Li said, but since he was being pressed down on, his posture stifled the movements of his chest so when he spoke his voice sounded extremely strain.

“’You still want to come’ kind of friend?” Li Shi Qing’s gloomy voice dropped fiercely. “You betrayed me because of him? This is the reason why you want to withdraw from the gang?”

“I didn’t betray you. But, your request,” Xiao Li shut his eyes, “Qing Ye, it’s impossible.”

“With your rank, withdrawing is a betrayal.” Li Shi Qing firmly grasped his hair provoking a cold and painful gasp from Xiao Li, “You have the nerve to find someone’s else method so that the gang will let you go without any hindrance. Xiao Li, you kept me in the dark and secretly found such a heinous method. You don’t want to stay in the gang anymore? That’s fine, I can let you go,” he bent down and leaned close to Xiao Li’s ear, “But, don’t think just because you want to break away from the gang means that you can break away from me, Li Shi Qing. I can agree to let you leave the gang, but I never agreed to let you leave my side!”

Xiao Li’s brows wrinkled tightly together as if he does not understand the implication. It was only when Li Shi Qing’s dry and ice-cold left hand caressed his back, traveled downward along his spine, and firmly stretched into his underpants, did he started to struggle with all his might.

“You’ve also sworn, Qing Ye, you’ve also sworn,” he struggled to get free while turning his head to say, “You said it in front of my mother’s coffin, only if I was willing to, you said it before——“

“Willing to?” Li Shi Qing stopped his movements. When he spoke again, he paused before each word and said in a cold voice that held a trace of laughter, “Could it be that all the things I’ve done are still not good enough? I’ve tolerated you climbing up the ranking once step at a time. I’ve tolerated you looking for a woman and I’ve tolerated your dirty tricks. Even after all that, what happened in the end?” Then one of his hand reached out to grasped Xiao Li’s chin so that his and Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes met once again, “Ultimately, you willingly went to another person?” He forced his knee down harder causing Xiao Li to let out a painful groan. Then using a voice that everyone one in the room could clearly hear, he said into Xiao Li’s ear, “What abilities does this person have to make you willingly go to him? He’s just a coward that’s kneeling over there, not daring to utter a sound. You can ask him, if I fuck you in front of him like this, would he dare make a sound? Ask him!!”

Xiao Li painfully gasped for air as he looked straight at Qi Xiu Yuan only to find that Qi Xiu Yuan was also looking straight at him the entire time. All the chaotic and unbearable emotions that dwelled in their eyes spoke of the complication, remorse, embarrassment, despair and shame that overtook their minds. Looking straight into each other eyes under this kind of circumstance was undoubtedly painful and heartbreaking. But even then, neither evaded the other. As the reality of being separated by just a distance of two meters and the incorporeal distance that separated them sank in, they painfully searched for comfort in each other eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 52

  1. Ahhh man when will Qing Ye be offed? He really needs to let his obsession with Xiao Li go. I don’t even know if Qing Ye even loves him or if he’s just so fixated because he was never able to conquer him.


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