Lawless: Chapter 53

The moment he saw Xiao Li and Qi Xiu Yuan’s gaze locked, the bitter coldness on Li Shi Qing’s face increased even more. He narrowed his eyes and slowly moved his hand that was on Xiao Li’s chin up to cover his eyes. Then as he spoke, his tone became gentle instead, “Xiao Li, in the end, you still blame me for being heartless and not saving your brother for the sake of the gang. I’ll prove it to you now that everyone is the same. Even this bastard that you’ve fallen for is the same.”

With that said, he gave Qi Xiu Yuan a glance that radiated with malice and contempt, “As long as he makes a sound and says anything he wants, I will let you go. But if he doesn’t, I don’t want you to see him ever again.”

Since Xiao Li’s eyes were being covered by him, losing his vision him more susceptible towards his voice. So, the moment he heard the certainty that drenched Li Shi Qing’s words, he immediately thought of Qi Susu. He could not help but ask in an alarming tone, “Qing Ye, why must you make things difficult for his sister?”

A faint smile fell on Li Shi Qing’s lips, “Then, why did Lu Wu make things difficult for me?” He lifted the upper portion of his body that was bent towards Xiao Li and let his eyes hang low. Then he reached out to gently trace along the outline of the tattoo on Xiao Li’s back, while saying, “It hasn’t been easy for me to get to where I am now. I can’t go back just for the sake of your brother and Han Jia, but I’ve said it before, you’re different. Even if I sacrifice everyone, I won’t sacrifice you. For the sake of bringing you back from the other province, I lost the most profitable territory. Soon Lu Wu will send someone to take it over.” He sighed, “No one on either side of the Yangtze River could believe that this was mine, Li Shi Qing, style of work. Xiao Li, I’ve sacrificed so much for you, who else can do it?”

In just seconds, his voice rose a bit louder, “What can this person that you’ve fallen for do?”

Xiao Li stiffened up before he immediately started to struggle free again, “This is not the same Qing Ye. Don’t force him……”

“You’re saying it wrong.” Li Shi Qing increased his strength. And, even though the hand that was gently caressing Xiao Li’s tattoo now ruthlessly pressed down on his shoulder blade, his voice, however, was extremely warm, “Xiao Li, you’re the one that mustn’t force me.”

Even though it has been a long time since Xiao Li has heard him used this kind of tone to speak so even when his eyes were covered, it seemed as if he could nearly see the picture-perfect smile on Li Shi Qing’s lips. In his memory, this smile and tone will forever be linked together with the bloody scenes even if there was an immense difference between them. Just reflecting on those thoughts, he nearly shuddered out of reflex and as he spoke, even his voice was mixed with a pleading tone.

“I’m begging you……Qing Ye, I beg you……”

“You’re saying it wrong again,” Li Shi Qing stoop down, sighed and kissed his tattoo. His voice did not waver at all, “Xiao Li, I’m the one begging you.”

Suddenly the hand that was covering his eyes pressed down harder, causing his field of vision to fade to become pure darkness and all he could hear was Li Shi Qing mutter near his ear, “The one that has the power to choose is not you or me, it’s the person kneeling in front of you. As long as he makes a sound, you will be his but the price will be his sister and if he doesn’t, the price is you. Why don’t you take a guess,” as he said that, a kiss landed on the side of Xiao Li’s face, “Who will he sacrifice?”

For a few seconds, the room was sheltered in complete silence, with only the sound of the raindrops depressingly hitting the window. Aside from Xiao Li, everyone else cast their eyes towards Qi Xu Yuan’s pale and trembling lips. As he tightly shut his eyes, his pupils became pitch-black while all the desperation that ignited deeply within him struggled.

“Don’t make a sound,” Xiao Li’s voice suddenly sounded off. It was deep but calm and resolute, “Qi Xiu Yuan, I won’t blame you. No matter what happens, you can’t make any……ah!”

Li Shi Qing barbarously bit the spot where his tattoo was. Caught off guard, Xiao Li shouted in alarm then quickly went silent before struggling to get free again but Li Shi Qing’s knee pressed even harder on his spine immobilizing him. In order to throw off Li Shi Qing, Xiao Li twisted his body to the point it rested in a very uncomfortable position.

Soon enough, Li Shi Qing lifted his head, the corner of his mouth was covered in a luminous scarlet red blood. He stared at Qi Xiu Yuan and laughed before intentionally licking his lips, then snorted as he looked back down at Xiao Li who was still trying to fight him off. After he took a moment to stifled his position, one of his hand had already snaked towards the space between Xiao Li’s legs.

Xiao Li’s struggled became even more violent as he tightened all his muscles while a thin layer of sweat traced up and down his entire body. In contrast, Li Shi Qing was extremely calm as attentively enjoy every subtle struggle that Xiao Li tried to put forth. His hand lingered near Xiao Li’s taut ass for a moment, then quickly stretched into the crack.

Angered to the point he was no longer able to endure it, Qi Xiu Yuan clenched his teeth and rushed madly towards Li Shi Qing. But then, just as quickly, the man behind him roughly kicked his back creating a loud excruciating thud. Caught off guard from the formidable force, Qi Xiu Yuan crashed on the hard surface of the floor and just as he stretched his hand out to prop his body up, his hand was immediately pressed down, a foot stomped severely on it, keeping him in place.

The searing pain that burned in his hand and spread up his arm caused everything in front of Qi Xiu Yuan to fade into a faint black color, but even then, he did not care at all as that same hand that was trampled on stretched out with difficulty towards Xiao Li.

Separated by less than a meter, there was no pity or cry for forgiveness. The entire time, Xiao Li kept resisting while Qi Xiu Yuan kept enduring the beating. They refused to relent and remained stubborn and quiet against their adversary. It did not take long for the room to appear as if a cruel and silent film was being played on the screen.

Soon, Xiao Li’s resistant came to the point where Li Shi Qing was nearly unable to suppress him. Feeling impatient, he clicked his tongue, and without any other choice, he pressed his entire body on Xiao Li. The hand that was probing Xiao Li’s below reluctantly crept back to his neck, while the hand that covered his eyes exerted more strength.

“Why are you resisting?” His breath stuck to Xiao Li’s ear, “Are you afraid that if I really fuck you, he won’t be able to hold back and make a sound? Weren’t you willing to with him? Qing Ye feels sorry for you. Since you want to be with him so bad, Qing Ye will help you.”

He raised his head and coldly looked at Qi Xiu Yuan that was incessantly struggling, then indifferently order, “Let him cry out.”

As if he was passively watching a play from the sideline, Li Shi Qing stopped all his movements. Xiao Li could only feel that all his senses have become frozen. In front of him was a thick blanket of darkness and Li Shi Qing’s oppressive palm caused an innumerable blotch of spots to appear. Apart from this, the only thing remaining in Xiao Li’s world was one particular sound.

A sound that he was most familiar with.

The sound of violence.

He had struck others with his fist many times before and has also endured someone’s else fist many times as well. When the harsh strength of a rough fist collided with teeth or bones, he could easily distinguish the difference between the crisp and broken sound. But, he has never thought that one day, this ability would force him to endure and suffer a moment like this.

The gloomy sound of flesh being struck, body crashing against the ground and wall, joined together to become one heart-wrenching sound. Then the sound traveled to his ear, immediately painting a vivid image in his mind. He heard the blood, the injuries inflicted and the torment that wrung his insides dry. All of these should have not befallen Qi Xiu Yuan’s body. His world should only be made of chalks, books that cause headaches and adorable children. Rather than like what is happening now, pain, unwillingness and the loss of dignity.

Then he heard Li Shi Qing’s voice, husky, gentle, surely with a smile.

“Listen, he chose to sacrifice you.”

4 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 53

  1. Well QXY can’t make a sound but that doesn’t mean he can’t grit his teeth and crawl his way to Xiao Li to save him. 😭


  2. Im actually quite happy becuse he choose to not make a sound. Bcause not matter what, his sister is way more important. And the way he treated QS all this along. And XL being understanding, bcause he know that feeling when he nearky lost his bro.


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