Lawless: Chapter 55

When Xiao Li finished this sentence, he did not raise his head but instead he let it hang low as he held tightly onto Qi Xiu Yuan. From this angle, he can clearly make out the distinctive lines that contoured the side of his face. The bruise that aligned his eye was made more obvious by the array of colors and the bone that created his jawline was more prominent as he clenched his teeth. And although the blood that gushed out of battered lips had congealed, there was still an unyielding sense of stubbornness shielding it.

He wanted Qi Xiu Yuan to wait, but he ended up being the one that could not wait.

Under the influence of the light wind and rain that this person’s presence brought, a small light began to sprout within his cold and overgrown heart. It was to point that even when he sensed just the slightest hint of coldness overtake him, he wanted to seek him out for warmth.

He was the one that could not restrain the longing that overwhelmed his heart and ran over here in spite of the raging wind and rain. He thought that he could enjoy a day of happiness together, but in truth, all he brought Qi Xiu Yuan was an unexpected calamity.

Han Jia had asked before, ‘Do you want to kill him or be killed by him?’

Back then, Xiao Li hesitated but he could not resist Qi Xiu Yuan’s attacks.

Within the absolute darkness that his life took sheltered in, a brilliance ray of light broke through and touched him in an attempt to pull him out. It was Qi Xiu Yuan’s appearance itself that conquered it.

If it wasn’t for his own weakness, insecurity, selfishness……

If it wasn’t for his fondness of this person’s warmth and strength……


A shadow shrouded over him and before long Li Shi Qing squatted down halfway in front of him and captured his chin, dragging his gaze away from the side of Qi Xiu Yuan’s face.

“Since all your cards are out in the open now, do you want to fight it out or surrender?” Li Shi Qing asked with a steady tone that seemed to have already known the answer as a flicker of light twinkled in his eyes.

“Surrender.” Xiao Li looked straight at him and used the same steady tone to speak.

“Then, you’re the one that owes me.” Li Shi Qing smiled yet there was no hint of in forming in his eyes.

A sense of fear crept up Xiao Li’s spine for a split second, “I know.”

“You don’t want to mix in with the underworld? Or do anything on my behalf?” Li Shi Qing repeated the words that Xiao Li has said before,

“…what I think isn’t important.”

At those words, Li Shi Qing looked at him for a moment, the slowly said, “If you don’t like it, then don’t do it. In any case, you’ve already looked for a method to make me let you go from the gang, humph, did you think that the person you found can actually fulfill your wish? He even wanted me to chop your arms and legs off.” Then out of nowhere he suddenly smiled, “This is also good. Leave the gang and stay by my side.”

Xiao Li’s brows slightly wrinkled together as his eyes dropped in contemplation of something.

Li Shi Qing glanced at Qi Xiu Yuan who was still being held tightly in his arms, “Since you insist on protecting him, I won’t mess with his life. I’ll take it as if you’re still the young and naïve person from back then who would occasionally make a mistake. You’ll remember it later on.” He used his thumb to lightly touch the corner of Xiao Li’s lip, “This kind of righteous person cannot be provoked otherwise you’ll just hold each other up……it’s merely just a meager attempt at helping another in a time of need. It’s better to forget about it……” His untimely and tactless remarks slightly fade, but then as if catching himself, he quickly moved forward and kissed the side of Xiao Li’s lips. “Forget the other person and be with me in this lifetime.”

Xiao Li immediately turned his face to the side to avoid his action.

Noting this, Li Shi Qing clenched his fist tightly and, although his smile did not change, his tone however became more severe. “Didn’t you surrender? You don’t even have any trust left?”

Glancing down at Qi Xiu Yuan first, Xiao Li then returned his gaze to Li Shi Qing, “I can forget him, but you have to guarantee his safety.”

“I can only guarantee that…” Li Shi Qing answered as his expression became somewhat gloomy, “If something happens to this bastard, it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Xiao Li stared him at him squarely and continued you ask, “How will you guarantee it?”

A raging storm was brewing violently in Li Shi Qing’s eyes as he narrowed them to look at him. After a short while, he was finally able to suppress his anger and smiled, “If I personally hurt him and you have evidence to prove it, I will let you go be with him.” While his smile deepened and his voice softened, the look in his eyes, on the other hand, was completely ravaged with malice and spite. “For me, this is the most merciless and cold-hearted promise.”

Silent overtook the room for a while as Xiao Li looked at him for a moment, then he suddenly raised his head and kissed him. “This is trust.”

Li Shi Qing did not seem any happier as he stood up and firmly ordered, “A Long, call for 112 to take this bastard to the hospital, then wait for you Li Ge to get dress and come out together.”

Xiao Li remained silent, without saying anything else as he sat on the floor with Qi Xiu Yuan wrapped in his arm. After Li Shi Qing and the other men left, he carefully placed Qi Xiu Yuan flat on the bed and watched as A Long finished making the phone call. Only then did he make his way to the bathroom and changed into his own clothes. After thinking about it for a moment, he went to inspect Susu’s room to see whether she was still sound asleep or not. Then worrying that when she wakes up, she would be anxious with Qi Xiu Yuan missing, he stuck a note on her door.

Before A Long was chosen to be at Li Shi Qing’s side, he was Xiao Li’s subordinate and although he normally kept silent, he could sense danger and act accordingly when opportunities arise. Now that he was standing behind him with a blank face and gave a monotone cough, it was clear that there was a hint of urgency.

Xiao Li returned to Qi Xiu Yuan’s room and let his gaze linger on him for a moment before he rummaged through the bedside cabinet in search of something. After some time, he finally found his wallet inside the bottom drawer, lying neatly on a male style handkerchief. Xiao Li opened it and saw that traffic photo screenshot from long ago.

It was of Qi Xiu Yuan using his arm and leg to flag down a taxi while trying his hardest to protect him.

Unable to bear looking at it any longer, Xiao Li closed his eyes tightly and picked up the wallet. He walked back towards the bed and looked at Qi Xiu Yuan again. And as a strange feeling of consumed his chest, he leaned down and gently kissed him. His lips slightly parted as he whispered some words. It was as if he was saying it not only to the unconscious Qi Xiu Yuan but also to himself.

“You don’t have to wait for me anymore.”

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9 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 55

  1. Why I started reading this novel is too sad. I’m crying 😢😢😢. He has so much lack of love and sacrifices. His life for the people he loves. Now it still allows love and sacrifices.😭😭😢


    1. Most likely the weekend ^^ I have to make time between translating Lawless and Addicted as well as work and personal things T^T


      1. Thank you so much for taking your time and translating these amazing novels. I know it definitely isn’t easy but without your help we would never be able to read any of this as international fans.


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