Lawless: Chapter 56

There were two cars parked outside and the driver was waiting at the doorway. Once he saw Xiao Li come down, he immediately opened the umbrella to receive him. A Long did not bring an umbrella either so without any other option, he risked it and ran out towards the back of the car.

Although it was very cold outside, the atmosphere inside the car was even worse. Li Shi Qing sat in the back seat leaning to the side with a rather sinister expression as he looked outside the window. Even when he saw Xiao Li enter the car, he still did not budge. But once the car started, his gaze quickly shifted as if using his eyes to strip off his clothes.

Xiao Li froze, already knowing that this was the price that he had to pay, so he looked away and took the initiative to sit beside Li Shi Qing.

Li Shi Qing showed no sign of courtesy. He arrogantly placed his right hand on Xiao Li’s shoulder, while taking off his glasses and throwing it to the front, then he leaned over and kissed him.

A sense of numbness crawled up Xiao Li’s body, rendering him motionless for a moment as he silently endured it. After kissing him for a while, Li Shi Qing pushed him down on the seat. It was an extremely uncomfortable posture for two grown men to be in especially in such a narrow space. Xiao Li let his eyes remained on the roof of the car as he focused all his attention on the sound of the engine, while trying his hardest to ignore Li Shi Qing’s teeth that was biting in his collarbone, the hand that was rubbing his chest, and the other hand that was……Xiao Li closed his eyes tightly as that hand traveled down and unbuckled his belt before stroking and reaching his ass……

“Ah!” Xiao Li’s eyes shot open as his body suddenly leaped and all his muscles stiffened.

Li Shi Qing simply lifted his head up from his chest as a strange flicker of light passed through his eyes. He kissed him again while asking, “Why so nervous……don’t tell me that I’ve thought wrong? Did you fuck him?”

Xiao Li turned away, finding it really difficult to answer this kind of question, “No, we haven’t……”

Hearing that, Li Shi Qing grabbed his face and turned him towards him, all the while asking and scrutinizing him, “Do you think if I was him, what would I think it means when asked, ‘You still want to come?’”

With much difficulty, Xiao Li controlled the redness that tried to crawl up his face. And before long his face paled again as he shut his eyes and said, “In any case it’s not……it’s not this.”

Afterward, he could sense Li Shi Qing kissing his face. Then not only did he removed the finger that caused him pain, he even got off his body.

Xiao Li doubted it for a moment before he opened his eye to see Li Shi Qing leaning against the window, thinking something as he put his glasses back on and surveyed him.

When he saw Xiao Li looking at him, Li Shi Qing faintly smiled and softened his tone, “Put your clothes on.”

Feeling somewhat startled, Xiao Li stared blankly for a moment and asked, “Qing Ye……”

Li Shi Qing’s mood appeared to have changed for the better as he let out a burst of soft laughter and whispered, “I’m not that anxious. You haven’t done it before and there’s nothing in the car to use. It wouldn’t be good if you’re injured.”

Hearing that, a sense of relief welled up in Xiao Li’s chest for the time being as he sat up and tidied his clothes.

By then, Li Shi Qing has already moved closer to him and said in his ear, “Also, you’ve already withdrawn from the gang so there’s no need for you to call me ‘Qing Ye’. It would be better if you call me ‘Shi Qing’ from now on.”

Xiao Li did not answer as he sat rigidly to the side.

Not hearing anything, Li Shi Qing blew the side of his ear, “Let me hear you say it.”

Xiao Li opened his mouth but in the end, nothing came out.

Li Shi Qing looked at his embarrassment appearance and grudgingly said, “Then, you can also call me by my full name. Let me hear you say, ‘Li Shi Qing.’”

With that, Xiao Li took a deep breath and with much difficulty. “Li Shi……Qing……”

A burst of laughter came from Li Shi Qing as he landed a deep kiss on his face, “Xiao Li, you’re really adorable.”

Xiao Li went silent for a couple of seconds before he spoke with a serious expression, “To me, you’ll always be Qing Ye.”

Li Shi Qing’s smile immediately goes frozen on his face. He frowned, then lowered his head and bit hard into Xiao Li’s shoulder, and by the time he lifted his head, a stern expression had already drawn on his face.

“Xiao Li, you already know what words I don’t like to hear so don’t say it again later.”

“Yes, Qing Ye.” Xiao Li replied then turned away without saying anything else.

Li Shi Qing angrily leaned back into the chair, then instructed, “I’ll take you to gather your belongings first and for the next two days, finish up everything in the gang. If you don’t like my house, you can live in my villa at the outskirts of the city. If you need anything, tell A Long so he can buy them for you.”

Without turning his head back, Xiao Li replied indifferently, “Okay.”

Li Shi Qing shot him an angry glare unable to do any before his voice hardened a bit more, “If you need time to mentally prepare yourself, then it’ best not to take too long!”

Xiao Li finally turned to look at him with an exceptionally complicated expression. Then he shifted his gaze away and said in a low voice, “A week, is that okay?”

Once Xiao Li arrived at his residence, he stood at the entrance and watched as Li Shi Qing’s car faded away into the distance. Afterward, he entered the room that he has not been in for several days and it smelled like dust. After rolling up his sleeves, he opened up several windows——despite the rain that sprinkled in——and started to tidy some of his belongings in his room.

Two wardrobes were completely packed with western-style clothes and suits that Hong Tou had bought for him, some of which has not been worn yet. He picked two random clothes and threw it on the bed then opened the third wardrobe, only to meet with a pleasant view of the casual clothes that he had gone out to buy with Qi Xiu Yuan.

Xiao Li closed the wardrobe and lit a stick of cigarette, letting it hang loosely in his mouth for a while before he walked slowly to the living room.

Since the window was open, a bit of cold air rushed into the room. He turned his head and glanced outside for a second and listened to the wind as it whimpered into the night. Outside, the street light flickered in the darkness, creating a vague shadowy figure.

He looked again then walked towards the front of the window and faced the darkness that stood formidably on the other side of the street. His vision caught something before he made a signal with his hand.

There was no movement. His brows knitted as he signaled again, this time with an even more stern appearance.

A figure emerged from within the shadow and ran over through the drizzling rain before finally standing in front of his window fixture. The person was a young man, wearing a somewhat awkward expression on his face as he spoke, “Li Ge.”

There was no hint of dissatisfaction or eagerness to blame from Xiao Li as he cast a glance at him. He inhaled another breath of smoke and asked with a steady tone, “Who else is here?”

“None, I’m the only……” With just one glimpse at Xiao Li, he was no longer able to speak and his expression faltered. Finally, he mumbled, somewhat hesitant, “Jin Ming is also here. He’s new so you don’t know him. Right now, he is guarding the other side.”

Xiao Li merely grunted a ‘yeah’ followed by, “Both of you can fuck off.”

“Li Ge, Qing Ye……don’t, don’t make it hard for us.”

Not saying anything, Xiao Li leisurely brushed away the cigarette ash at the side of the window, then he lifted his head to look at him, “Have you been crouching outside for the whole day?”

“No.” The young man’s face was a bit pale as he anxiously looked at him, “It’s an eight……eight hours shift and I’m the first on guard.”

“Have you been in my room?”

“No, Qing Ye did not allow us to nor do we dare to.”

Xiao Li simply nodded his head and said, “Back off further.”

The person let out a small ‘oh’, hesitantly turned around but then turn towards him again, “Li He, how did you see me?”

“The light was reflecting off your raincoat.”

The young man lowered his head and looked at his on raincoat, then he raised his head and smiled as he spoke, “Li Ge, you’re amazing.” After saying that, he ran towards the other side of the street. This time he did not make it hard for himself by looking for a dark place to hide in, but rather, he simply found a place near the street light platform and sat down.

Xiao Li stared at him with a slight frown for a while, then he snipped the cigarette butt on the windowsill and walked back into the living room.

Thinking things over and over again, as expected, he was still unable to feel any sense of relief so he dialed Zhang Juan Juan’s number.

The phone rang for a long while before someone picked up; there was a loud ruckus in the background as if the person was in a bar of some sort.

“You better have something important to say.” Miss Zhang Juan Juan immediately said, her voice somewhat similar to some of the staffs at Jin Ting, “I was trying to attract a handsome guy just now~”

Xiao Li merely said, “I have business.”

“An educated kind, gorgeous kind or beastly kind?”

“What about being a bodyguard?”

“Yeah……it’s not convenience right now ahhhh. I’m afraid I’ll be having fun until tomorrow morning.” Zhang Juan Juan said with a very enticing voice. Xiao Li could clearly hear the noises from some of the people around her.

“……tomorrow is also fine, but the sooner, the better.”

“Then, is his down there big or not?”

Xiao Li laughed, “Would the payment be the same as before?”

“Not only does it have to be big, but the endurance also has to be good.”

“Doesn’t your old client get any discount?”

“Endurance is the most IMPORTANT. If it goes soft after just one time and lay there practically dead, how can it be the same to one that remains hard?”

Xiao Li placed his hand on his forehead, “Would double the amount of the last time be good then?”

“Oh god, how attractive, ahh. Just hearing you speak made me wet. Where is he, huh?”

With that, Xiao Li informed her of Qi Xiu Yuan’s address and surname, then he said, “He also has a sister at home, and he should have been brought to the hospital by now. It’s likely that the ambulance has chosen to take him to the closest hospital——“

“You’re such a busybody. There’s no need for you to tell me that. I’m an expert at looking for a handsome guy most vivacious area.”

It’s good enough if you just secretly protect him. There’s no need to show your face——“

A second later, some noises came through from the other side of the phone as if Zhang Juan Juan’s phone has been snatched by someone. Within seconds, an unfamiliar voice of another woman asked her, “Who are you talking to that’s making you so happy, uh Sally?”

“It’s the pimp that I just mentioned a moment of ago. The one that has an interest in making underwear for a living.”

Xiao Li vaguely heard Zhang Juan Juan’s answer, then the other voice passed through the phone again, “Really? Are there any new patterns recently?”

Listening, Xiao Li could hear the alert and probing tone in that voice. He froze for a moment, then glanced at the window in front of him.

A low and enticing voice blurted out, “The kinds that will make you want to spread your legs and get wet.”

The unfamiliar woman voice on the other side laughed and proceeded to say, “Sally, you’re so bad.”

A moment later Zhang Juan Juan’s voice came through, “Okay, today this old lady won’t play all night. I’ll go look for that handsome guy you’ve introduced tomorrow.”

With that, the call ended.

Whether a loner or in a gang, being in danger and having the desire to commit murder are there. Once one has mixed in with the underworld, there is practically no means to easily freedom.

Xiao Li lit another cigarette, feeling somewhat fidgety as he took two steps to the center of the room. As a burst of cold breeze flew in, Xiao Li unconsciously lifted his eyes and looked at the window where the fine rain floated in. Suddenly, he felt the air itself became overwhelmed with an eerie aura that made it impossible for him not to smile.

After that, he stood in the living for a long time, soaking up the cold breeze until the end of the cigarette died out, leaving behind an ashy end that fell down on his T-shirt.

He brushed the ash off, threw that cigarette butt away and stood there for a while longer before lighting another cigarette. Then he pulled out the wallet that he took from Qi Xiu Yuan and opened it to where the screenshot from that traffic camera was placed and threw it on the table.

Even though the smoke simply made it hard to see the image clearly, Xiao Li nevertheless looked at it for a long time.

In the end, he lightly sighed and picked up his phone to dial a number.

He called Yan Ming.

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