Advance Bravely: Chapter 31

The Childhood Friends’ Reunion


Translators: HieuPham284  & DungQuoc16 & anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



Once work ended at sunset the next day, Xia Yao excitedly dashed toward a private club after receiving a call.

“Sir, please follow me.”

Xia Yao was shown into a room and as the door cracked open, a group of men and women were packed inside. The chaotic situation took Xia Yao aback as he frantically maneuvered his eyes around the room, only to stop at a man smoking in the corner. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 31”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 30

Words of Gold


Translator: DungQuoc16 & HieuPham284 & anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



At the crack of the dawn, Yuan Ru stepped out of the bedroom with a messy hair, donning her pajamas as she strolled into the training room.

The trainees had inured themselves to how casually she dressed, that was, she did not wear a single bra and her D-sized breasts was playing “now you see me now your don’t” behind those loosened pajamas. Sometimes she would casually stretch out her arms which made her bosom, two massive lumps underneath that transparent material, to bounce back and forth. Regardless of this obvious fact, Yuan Ru still sauntered around a bunch of men as if nothing happened. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 30”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 29

The Secretive Glances


Translator: DungQuoc16

Editor: @anhnguyen12332

2nd Edit: Sae



While at Yuan Zong’s company, Xia Yao went through several offices, took fingerprints, wrote some words down on the board and agreed on the training courses. Having talked so much throughout the day  led him to drink an excessive amount of water and in turn, caused him to constantly go to the toilet, barely being able to keep it in. It was only when Xiao Xia Yao was able release did the “ssss…” sound came. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 29”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 28

Why didn’t you wait for my return?


Translator: anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



When Yuan Zong returned from his errand and saw Xia Yao in the company, his mood immediately darkened.

“This is the newest student I’ve just accepted,” Shi Tianbiao introduced to Yuan Zong.

Without looking at the other man, Xia Yao stated, “There’s no need to introduce us. We already know each other and even fought each other yesterday.” Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 28”