Advance Bravely: Chapter 26

Missing the Great Myna


Translator: oc1221haiphong

Editor: anhnguyen12332

2nd Edit: Sae



Before long, the special two-weeks training course by the seaside finally came to an end. Promptly after, Yuan Zong and his students made their way back from Yen Tai back to Beijing.

But, before they set off, Yuan Zong specifically went shopping for a well-known Yen Tai’s Lai Yang pear which is one of the local’s specialties. Since he was not a local, Yuan Zong made it a mission to drive straight to the indigenous garden of Lai Yang, just to assure that he will purchase the very best ones. As an extra precaution, he even climbed the trees and picked the fruit himself. All this would be worth it since Lai Yang pears were beyond compare.

It was not until late into the night did Yuan Zong arrived in Beijing.

Since Xia Yao have not seen Yuan Zong for quite a few days, life was rather peaceful but for some reasons it was also pretty quiet, too quiet.

The great Myna that was left with him was still a ‘garrulous’ parrot. Once, probably due to a cold, its voice suddenly turned raucous, making it sound like a mixture of Tan Tian Feng and Ceng Zhi Wei. But, even this untimely sickness could not keep its mouth shut.

To be fair, it was not the bird’s fault that it caught a cold and winded up being able to talk as if it had been born a human. However, not everyone sees a talkative bird as adorable, and this notion is particularly true in Xia Yao’s case.

Occasionally, when he is lost in thoughts, a voice would incessantly sound off, “Chirp, once upon a time… nothing can stay strong and remain united for too long…hello everyone, my name is Ceng Zhi Wei…”

For Xia Yao’s sanity, this bird has to be ridden of as soon as possible. The thoughts of doing so has occurred to him hundreds of time but every single time he lifted the cage up, the bird would coyly say, “I love you” and surprisingly enough, that was all it took to soften him up.

Due to this, for the last two days, he has been praying for Yuan Zong to return, just so the culprit could get the bird out of his sight.

By the time Yuan Zong did come, Xia Yao was on the phone, gossiping with Peng Ze but once he saw that formidable figure, he immediately hangs up.

“Hey, I have to take a shower now. Okay, talk to you later.”

As Yuan Zong walked towards Xia Yao, he coincidentally noticed a slight hint of joy through his expressions.

“You’re back.”

Yuan Zong promptly showed him a big bag of pears, “They’re delicacies.”

The thing is, pears have always been Xia Yao’s favorite fruit since…well, forever. Before, when he was still in school, his mother used to put fresh pear in the lunchbox for him as to pacify him. But now, despite this fact, he tried to look like he wasn’t in the least interested.

“There’s always more than enough pears to eat back in my place. I only eat pears that are from offerings, of high standards, and have absolutely no insecticide, get it? Who need pears that were clearly bought from some poor, normal shop on the street, huh?”

Having heard all that nonsense, Yuan Zong did not utter anything else and turned to walk away.

All of a sudden, Xiao Yao changed his attitude, “Fine, give it to me.”

Yuan Zong narrowed his eyes and asked, “Didn’t you just say that my pears are not up to your standard?”

Xia Yao tried to justify his blatant change, “Hey, it’s called having a change of mind, but just for a day. Sometimes, it’s acceptable to eat something from the poor.”

Not waiting for a reaction, he chided again, “Aiyoo, give it here.”

Yuan Zong continued to walk away.

Xia Yao finally shouted from behind, “I said, give it to me!”

With that, Yuan Zong walked up to Xia Yao and handed him the bag of pears.

Xia Yao grabbed a knife and began to peel the skin off. After a few seconds, it seemed he still could not get a hang of how to properly peel it or let alone how slowly he did it. Sadly enough, the skin came out thick and in pieces.

“So clumsy,” said Yuan Zong, after having seen enough. He snatched the pear and the knife from Xia Yao and started to peel it instead.

Xia Yao had every intention to refuse, but as soon as he opened his mouth to say something, the pear was already half peeled. The skin was beautifully even and peeled paper-thin.

Now, the pear looked like a delicious vanilla ice cream. Xia Yao’s brows rose, “Huh, despite its ugly appearance, it seems quite good…the flesh…rather succulent.”

Not as succulent as you. Yuan Zong thought to himself.

Xia Yao bit into the fruit, the taste was cloudy soft and sweet, juicy, and as sweet as sugar…It was nothing less than a gift from heaven. He could not help but expose a glint of appraisal. When he noticed Yuan Zong staring at him, he tried his best to maintain a calm composure.

“How is it?”

“It’s okay, I guess. Well…at least better than I had expected.”

While he continued to enjoy the pear, Yuan Zong too kept staring. Noticing this, he stopped and awkwardly asked, “You want some? I can cut half for you.”

“Pears mustn’t be eaten that way! [1]”

([1] “pear” in Chinese is “梨”, “separation” in Chinese is “离”= Li. These two words are pronounced the same way so people are superstitious as not to share a pear)

“Oh, come on. That’s a childish belief.”

Xia Yao grimaced as he cut the pear in half without hesitation, “Besides, if there’s any chance you’d be out of my life, I’ll take it.”

Then he handed one half to Yuan Zong. However, Yuan Zong did not take it with his hand but instead bit into the fruit directly from Xia Yao’s hand, and then he even took the chance to lick the remaining juice off his fingertips.

Xia Yao immediately snatched his hand back, his eyes covered with a cloud of anger.

“What is wrong with you? Do you want a punch in the face, huh?”

“There’s no need to be so dramatic. I only licked a little,” replied Yuan Zong.

Hearing that aloof comment, Xia Yao hit the roof, “Who the heck gives you the right to lick my hand, huh?! You son of a–“

Yuan Zong did not let him finish his sentence as he grabbed his fingers and licked them again.

“Fuck you!”

In split second, Yuan Zong’s expression instantly hardened into a terrifying look and his gaze was murderous, “Don’t you dare say another swear word.”

To be honest, it could not be helped that Xia Yao was frightened by Yuan Zong, even those big ass instructors from the company felt threatened by him. In that case, Xia Yao could be counted as courageous, knowing that Yuan Zong would not dare hurt him.

“Fuck. You.”

Yuan Zong forcefully pinched Xia Yao’s cheek.

Xia Yao could not put up with him any longer. It wasn’t like his cheek was seriously hurt but the embarrassment that came with it was extraordinary.  

Who on earth do you think you are? So what, if I, Xia Yao, have just called you names, huh? I’d love to do that again!

Just as that thought swarm his mind, he swore again. But, the moment he saw Yuan Zong reaching forward again, he immediately shut the window.

I will snap your fucking fingers off.

However, although there was a one loud sound of the glass cracking, Yuan Zong was still fine.

While Xia Yao was still surprised, Yuan Zong casually reached over once more and strongly pulled his cheek.

Just as they were arguing, Xia Yao’s mother came into the room, “I just heard something, are you alright?”

Xia Yao tried to calm down and answered, “Everything is okay. I just closed the window, that’s all.”

“Closing the windows? How many times have I told you not to close them so roughly?!”

“Yes, I know. My bad.”

After she left, Xia Yao snarled at Yuan Zong, “Take your freaking bird and get the hell out of here, you jerk.”

* * *

After they caught the last suspect, the gun shooting case was cracked. Albeit, the fact that Yuan Zong had ‘accidentally’ caused many death was seen as assistance for the capture of these criminals, so he was officially off the hook.

Nevertheless, financial compensation was necessary for the suspects’ family was required. But aside from that, the troubles seemed to have resolved themselves.

Although, Xia Yao only stopped worrying once the official announcement from the judge came.

Having been snowed under with piles of work, Xia Yao did not have time to look after his Little Myna. That day, when he came home, he found his bird was completely off colors. It merely flew around the cage in a tired mannerism without making any sounds.

“Xiao Hei, Hei, Hei! Hello? Hello?”

Although Xia Yao talked and smiled at him, it still did not care.

“Xiao Hei, are you mad at me? Come on look at me. Xiao Hei? Hello? Or you can just eat, huh, please eat?”

His mom entered and said, “Maybe he misses the other bird.”

How? That freaking naughty bird?  

Xia Yao remembered when that bird was here, these two fought non-stop and even worse, his Xiao Hei was often got bullied by that thing.

Alas, his mother continued to say, “Birds are like that. It needs a friend.”

Xia Yao could not believe this sudden predicament. He put the cage down and looked at his myna for a while. Then he imitated Tan Tien Pheng to check his bird, “This is a story of how the kingdoms united, but nothing stays together forever…”

All at once, Xiao Hei’s little eyes sparkled as he excitedly asked, “Who is that? Who is that?”

Xia Yao still could not believe his eyes, “Hello everyone, my name is Ceng Zhi Wei.”

By now, Xiao Hei seemed to be energized, “Applause! Applause!”

Hearing that, Xia Yao then felt unbelievably ashamed of his bird.

After work getting off of work the next day, Xia Yao went to the market to look for a bird similar in size to that of Great Myna. The most important thing was that this bird had to be nice and quiet since he did want to buy one that was loud and naughty like that naughty one.

As soon as he got home, he put the new bird in another cage and hung it next to Little Myna.

After that, he patiently waited and waited for the touching scenario between the two birds. This new bird’s voice was warmer and silkier than that last Great Myna. And the greatest thing was, it did not fight or bully Xiao Hei. He would be a gentle, learned pet.

However, contrary to his expectation, Xiao Hei did not even bother to look at the new friend and remained in a foul mood.

Simultaneously, the newcomer was not pleased with its neighbor’s attitude either so it too turned cold and distant.

Great! Even such a lovely and kind friend can’t cheer you up but that rascal can?! This is low, even for a bird!

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  1. finally i was able to comment.

    first, kudos to the translators. love you all.!! ❤

    second, i was just wondering why advance bravely chapters and much shorter than addicted's (they have the same author right?). i just miss how addicted poetically written and translated. i hope it would be like that but overall i am happy for the translation.

    P.s. pls reply to my message translators. xie xie. love you.


  2. Love the story and I can`t wait to read on, It is has action, humor and I can feel the love growing. I have seen the episodes on YouTube and I loved every part of it and I am now really happy to have found this cite so I can follow there story a little longer.
    Thanks 🙂


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