Advance Bravely: Chapter 28

Why didn’t you wait for my return?


Translator: anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



When Yuan Zong returned from his errand and saw Xia Yao in the company, his mood immediately darkened.

“This is the newest student I’ve just accepted,” Shi Tianbiao introduced to Yuan Zong.

Without looking at the other man, Xia Yao stated, “There’s no need to introduce us. We already know each other and even fought each other yesterday.”

Shi Tianbiao clapped his hands three times, “Why didn’t you say so? If you had told me earlier, I would’ve given you a five percent discount on the tuition fee.”

“Give him the money back.” Yuan Zong said sternly.

Wearing a shock expression, Shi Tianbiao looked at Yuan Zong and asked, “Give it back? The contract has already been signed.”

Just hearing those words, Yuan Zong’s facial expression suddenly dropped minus twenty degrees.

Xia Yao cheekily added, “Moreover, I’ve already done the physical checkup so I’m good to go.”

“Physical check up? When did this happen?” Yuan Zong grumbled rigidly.

Raising his head, Shi Tianbiao simply said, “We finished just now! I took him to the clinic and made him take off all of his clothes. At first he was shy, but after I said we’re all men, he listened.”

The temperature on Yuan Zong’s face plunged another twenty degrees. It was only a moment later was he able to reply with a tone of heavy criticism.

“Why didn’t you wait for me to return before going through with the physical check-up?”

Even after that statement, Shi Tianbiao still has not figure out Yuan Zong’s underlying implication, “Actually, you only missed it by three minutes. The moment I closed the clinic’s door, your car pulled into the car park. If you’d been three minutes early…” 

“Alright!” Yuan Zong growled, “Just go do whatever it is you’re supposed to do!”

After leaving, Shi Tianbiao could not help but feel a bit uneasy: It’s just a physical examination, why do you have to get so angry at me? Nothing like this has ever happened before!

Yuan Zong glanced at Xia Yao, his expression unknowingly softened.

“You really want to study here?”

Xia Yao used a Dongbei accent to answer Yuan Zong, “Of course.”

“If that’s what you want, then fine. BUT, I have to your personal trainer.”

Xia Yao refused immediately, “I don’t need you, I want to the strictest person here.”

“I am the most ruthless of all instructors.”

Not believing Yuan Zong’s words, Xia Yao pulled a passerby over and asked, “Who’s the strictest instructor you guys have have here?”

“It’s definitely the man behind you!”

Refusing to look back at Yuan Zong, Xiao Yao asked again, “What about the second person?”

The staff looked thoughtfully for a second, then pointed at Shi Tianbiao and said, “Him.”

“It’s decided then, I choose Shi Tianbiao as my instructor.”

Yuan Zong said, “He can’t. He’s a group instructor, not a personal trainer.”

“Well, I’ve never intended to have a one on one training session anyways! I want to join the bodyguards in training over there. The only thing is my time will be shorter than theirs.”

After hearing Xia Yao said that, Yuan Zong’s visage became more gloomy.

Xia Yao glared at Yuan Zong, silently thinking to himself: Why doesn’t he want me to train here? Is he afraid these people would reveal his secret? Or is he afraid I’ll tell them that he’s an old man but still has his virginity?

Thinking about an old man having his virginity, Xia Yao’s lips curved into a smile and the set of blinding white teeth showed a hint of dangerous satisfaction.

“You run around all day, arrogantly yelling at people, but at the end of the day you’re still a virgin?”

Yuan Zong gave Xia Yao a peculiar glance, “What about you?”

“Me?” Xia Yao halted, then his tone teased, “Just you look at this royal features, how can I still be a virgin? I’m twenty four old this year. There’s only another year to go until I officially become a “real man”. Do you know when us men are at our golden age? From twenty five to thirty years old. Hey, your wand didn’t even have a chance to work its magic before it turned into scrap. I feel for you man.”

Yuan Zong did not argue with Xia Yao at all but instead touched Xia Yao’s chin instead.

“What are you doing?” Xia Yao swiftly flung Yuan Zong’s arm away.

In reality, Yuan Zong did not really do anything obscene, he just wanted to see whether Xia Yao’s mustache was soft or hard. It was said that virgin’s mustache are usually soft due to not having to shave often. Exactly like Xia Yao’s, silky and soft.

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