Advance Bravely: Chapter 29

The Secretive Glances


Translator: DungQuoc16

Editor: @anhnguyen12332

2nd Edit: Sae



While at Yuan Zong’s company, Xia Yao went through several offices, took fingerprints, wrote some words down on the board and agreed on the training courses. Having talked so much throughout the day  led him to drink an excessive amount of water and in turn, caused him to constantly go to the toilet, barely being able to keep it in. It was only when Xiao Xia Yao was able release did the “ssss…” sound came.

Although it was extremely ordinary activity but it does betray a man’s experience and wisdom.

Under such circumstance, only a virgin would make a dash for the restroom like that. On the contrary, if a ‘man’ leisurely made for the entrance of the restroom and poked around for a suitable spot, then coyly reached out for “his tool” that was hidden inside the pants with difficulty, then kept motionless for a while as if he was fathoming a hotly debated issue of the world, only to suddenly become aware that he had drenched his shoes, one would then definitely tell that he was not a virgin. 

Similar to Xia Yao’s, his boy down there was like a firefighter’s pump, spraying all over the opposite wall and bouncing back. A virgin without a doubt.

Of course, a virgin would also peep at other men’s ‘private parts’ and shallowly make unnecessary comparisons by his own by inclination. That was an appropriate illustration of Xia Yao. Each time he urinated, Xia Yao would pretend to be focused on his own “job”, but in reality, his eyes were travelling around in overdrive.

Xia Yao reached puberty earlier than any of his friends. At his secondary school, his ten years old classmates would call him “white turnip”, and each time that happened, Xia Yao would not hesitate to throw them a look of contempt. More than ten years have passed and although his friends’ ‘white turnips’ has grown into ‘black turnips’, Xia Yao’s remained freshly tender and white.

He was halfway finished with his own deed when a stranger approached and unsurprisingly Xia Yao’s peeping eyes instinctively glanced to the right.

This person pulled his pants down, then proceeded to take that ‘thing’ out. That thing was barely halfway out when Xia Yao shivered out of nowhere. And then, the sound of water rushing out echoed; if Xia Yao’s was a considered a ‘fire-pump’, then this person’s thing was no lesser than a canon, such distinctive noise made everyone in the toilet immediately glance in his direction.

How on earth could a virgin abstain from taking a glimpse at such a ‘giant cannon’? Xia Yao no exception.

It did not take long for Xia Yao to feel something amiss as his eyes slowly moved up the Adam’s apple, and then to the smirking lines of the person’s lips.

The penny dropped as Xia Yao gently raised his eyelids only to met the stranger’s gaze. With just one glance, he frantically looked away.

Good grief! How could I run into him again?

Trembling with fear, he suddenly had a recollection of bragging about his ‘golden age’, and then having had compared ‘that’ to the situation at hand.

In truth, while Xia Yao was peeping at Yuan Zong’s, Yuan Zong was stealthly dwelling on Xia Yao’s. Xia Yao’s ‘fire pump’ was pristine, the head was soft pink, all of which gave him away as a virgin.

Seeming as if he finally realized the situation, Xia Yao rushed to put his penis back into his pants and ran towards the sink.

Even though Yuan Zong was neither quick nor slow, he still approached the sink at the same speed as Xia Yao.

Two pairs of eyes met in the mirror, one held a sharpness that was quickly covered while the other held a secretive smile.

By the time Xia Yao walked out, it happened to be the the trainee’s break time from their training session. Noting this, Xia Yao casually joined in on the conversation that the young trainees were having.

When a few female trainees saw Xia Yao’s beauty and how perfectly dressed he was, they immediately fought over the rights to talk to him. In public places, Xia Yao was considered respectful, quick-witted and hardly anyone could resist his warm attitude.

“I told you, Li Yuanyuan isn’t ordinary. If I had her advantage, I would have had the world at my feet already.”

“I lose my patience whenever I see her.”

“Emma, I can’t take it anymore. Just forget it!”


In this way, the girls continued to passionately chatter on. Yuan Zong crept up on Xiao Yao from behind and intentionally slapped his bottom, “What is this chatter about?” 

The trainees jumped out their skins. When has he ever been engrossed in such gossip?

The trainees was about to reply when Yuan Zong turned around and walked away. Moreover, he hurriedly turned away even though he did not have any intention of making or receiving a single call.

“Huh? That was weird! Didn’t he ask something about our conversation?”

“That’s right.”

“He just left. We haven’t even told him what we were talking about yet.”

“So, why was he here anyways?”

This immense curiosity undeniably appeared on their expressions, that is except for Xia Yao’s.

He pulled a long face and irritatedly brushed off the place where Yuan Zong had touched.

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