Advance Bravely: Chapter 30

Words of Gold


Translator: DungQuoc16 & HieuPham284 & anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



At the crack of the dawn, Yuan Ru stepped out of the bedroom with a messy hair, donning her pajamas as she strolled into the training room.

The trainees had inured themselves to how casually she dressed, that was, she did not wear a single bra and her D-sized breasts was playing “now you see me now your don’t” behind those loosened pajamas. Sometimes she would casually stretch out her arms which made her bosom, two massive lumps underneath that transparent material, to bounce back and forth. Regardless of this obvious fact, Yuan Ru still sauntered around a bunch of men as if nothing happened.

“Zhang Dezi, I asked you to buy me some daily pads yesterday. Why did you give me the regular pads?” Yuan Ru angrily asked a man whom she called her servant. 

The silliness of it was clearly seen on his facial expression, “That…uh, is there really a difference between them?”

“Nonsense! The daily pads are used before and after periods while the others are used during period.”

“If your period hasn’t come yet, why use the daily pads? Don’t you mind it getting stuffy down there?”

“I will kill you!”

Just as Yuan Ru was on a rampage, her eyes fell on a familiar image. She immediately release her grip on the other guy and as the thrashing light in her eyes died down, utter horror replaced it instead.

“He… He… Why is he here?” Yuan Ru squarely pointed at Xia Yao who was busy training alongside some bodyguards.

“He was here since yesterday to take a roll-call. You know him?”

“He is Xia Yao!”

Having said that, Yuan Ru looked as though she had seen a ghost. She scratched her hair, gritted her teeth and looked down regretfully at her horrible clothes. Just as Xia Yao and his crew closed in on where she was standing, Yuan Ru covered her breasts and hid away. 

In the blink of an eye, Xia Yao’s identity spread like wildfire to every trainees in the company which in turn caused everyone to take a peep at him when he got dressed.

“So, he is THE Xia Yao!”

“Since he came to enroll yesterday, I have been watching him for half of a day and could not imagine how good-looking he is.”


Xia Yao took off his clothes and changed into the special outfit for bodyguards. First, those legs went to tightly made pants, then the belt was carefully fastened and the collar neatly floated down. It was nearly impossible to see a crease on his uniform by the time he was done. Xia Yao dusted off his closet before he carefully placed his neatly folded outfit inside.

Such a simple action illustrated how inconceivably careful he was just to not spoil his own image.

Back in the training area, Shi Tianbiao ordered twenty bodyguards to form a circle.

“This is a ten-minute wrestling session with grabbing and tying. Once I give the order, all of you have to turn around, fetch a strip of cloth and find an opponent. And when you do it, remember to pin him down and tie him up. The one who fails, take the punishment. You can make use of any methods to knock your opponent out without touching his joints or his balls.”

The whistle rang.

Xia Yao urgently turned around and became the first one to grab the cloth. He aimed at one of the student standing opposite to him, ran up and kicked him in the leg. Then harnessing all the muscles in his wrist, he firmly held the rival’s neck.

The trainee was not someone to be messed with since he was undoubtedly head and shoulder above Xia Yao. Early on, he learned of Xia Yao’s weakness from the way he put on his uniform so now he merely tore at Xia Yao’s clothes rather than make the most of his own physical force.

Instead of having his rival under control, Xia Yao had his outfit completely torn instead, and soon he was grabbed the trainee again. Both men then started to wrestle and again, Xia Yao’s uniform was torn.

“Stop tearing it!” He swore.

As those words left his mouth, it reached Shi Tian Biao ears.

“What happened?”

The two ceased and Xia Yao pulled his clothes together, “He ripped my uniform.”

Both men halted. Xia Yao mended the outfit in grievance, “He pulled my uniform.”

“Yesterday, it was you who showed the need to have a standardized training with the bodyguards. So, let me tell you this…” Shi Tianbiao mimicked Yuan Zong’s attitude, “Bear in mind, as a bodyguard, your master’s safety is a high priority while your image is just a trivial matter. In order to become a formidable bodyguard, it is essential that you give up on your own profile…”

Suddenly, out of nowhere,, Xia Yao’s collar was grabbed and pulled forth by a strong and large hand, causing two buttons to fall off.

Xia Yao’s lips immediately tightened on his expressionless face, revealing all the resentment he had suppressed.

“Since you’re director Yuan’s brother-in-law, it’s my duty to be tougher on you.”

Ripppp. Piece by piece, Xia Yao’s cloth was torn apart and his tattered outfit could no longer cover his bare chest or nipples.

Yuan Zong stood at the window, furtively gazing at the outfit – something even he himself would not dare to tear. But now, it was being torn by someone else hand. Above all, that man had the guts to imitate how Yuan Zong’s speaks. For god’s sake! This was truly the law of causes and consequences.

Xia Yao was forced to miserably dip himself in mud while still in the ragged uniform. For a man who was so obsessive with cleanliness, this was more than torture. He obligated to have both his back and chest covered in mud, otherwise, he would sustain even more punishments.

From the start, Xia Yao was already punished for his tardiness, and then while rolling in the mud, he was interrupted by a trainee with rather sluggish movements which resulted him being kicked again by Shi Tianbiao.

“But he was in my way!” Xia Yao protested his innocence.

Shi Tianbao said, “But you’re director Yuan’s brother-in-law, so you’re my responsibility.”

Then he awarded him with another kick!

At noon, when everybody had gone to lunch, Xia Yao was made to lie in the sun for hours. This was a direct result of the fact that he ‘resisted’ the coach’s word, and sadly it was also because he was regarded as Yuan Zong’s brother-in-law. Which in turn caused Shi Tianbiao to make it his business to ‘teach’ him well as to put in a good word for Yuan Zong, making his reputation even more well known.

Normally, Yuan Zong would have his lunch in the cafeteria but today, that was not the case.

Coincidentally, a few coaches was making small talks.

“Did anyone see Director Yuan today?”

“Nah! I’m curious. Did he eat out?”

“Not a chance! He has been working in his office all day.”

“This isn’t like him at all.”


In the afternoon, a study plan based on the curriculum that just took place was implemented. A video of Yuan Zong and an unknown master was show and every movements were meticulously lectured. While everyone concentrated on the lesson, Xia Yao was staring at Yuan Zong’s body instead, trying to work out the man’s weakness.

When he casually turned around, he immediately saw a girl with a strong appearance, “Director Yuan called you to his office.”

When Xia Yao arrived Yuan Zong’s office, he did not see him anywhere.

Some freshly baked cookies were sitting silently on the table, spreading a delicious milky smell. Xia Yao’s eyes scored around as he licked his canines. Isn’t it clear enough? Yuan Zong was afraid that Xia Yao would be hungry, so he specially prepared the food, and had even left his office deliberately. In this way, even if Xia Yao took some cookies, no one would have witness his action.

To eat or not to eat? Sweets were the most irresistible food for Xia Yao. Before, if it had not been for the box with “cookies” written in it, he would never have been foolish enough to open the box.

The moment Xia Yao’s hands reached out, the door opened with strong venomous screech.

Shi Tianbao appeared outside.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

Noticing him, Xia Yao quickly replied, “Yuan Zong called me in.”

Shi Tianbao glanced at the food on Yuan Zong’s desk before his eyes twinkled at Xia Yao, silently understanding what was going on

“Your brother-in-law is so kind-hearted! In order to train your resistance and mind, he even invented this trick.” Having said that, Shi Tianbiao picked up the plate and walked out, enjoying the treat all by himself.

However, he has barely eaten two pieces when he was met with a serious face beside him.

Shi Tianbao swallowed the bite in his mouth, then raised the thumb to Yuan Zong.

“Director Yuan, your brother-in-law is pretty good. He has great skills to resist against such seduction.”

Yuan Zong’s stare remained on him until he vanished into the dark, then his gaze switched over to the other person.

Having worked hard all day, everyone seemed to be in utter exhaustion, especially Xia Yao, who looked like a muddy monkey by now. When every student went to the public bathroom to wash their bodies, so did Xia Yao.

Just as he brought his clothes to the side of the bathroom, he was suddenly stopped by someone.

“Director Yuan has provided you with another room, please follow me.”

Before he was even able to make it far, Xia Yao was once again stopped by Shi Tianbiao. 

“Where are you going?”

Xia Yao did not say anything and the student standing beside him did not dare to say anything since Yuan Zong had told him that this fact should not be made known. .

“You want to have special privileges?” Shi Tianbao suddenly clouded over then slightly criticized that student, “What do you want? Is Yuan Zong’s image something you can smear?”

Having said that he immediately grabbed Xia Yao’s hands.

“You shouldn’t be bother this type of people. Let’s go to the public bathroom.”

Once he went into the more public showering area, Xia Yao chose a place out of everyone’s sight to clean himself. Just as he turned the water on, looks from all directions fell on him. One cannot blame them for looking, Xia Yao was just too white, which was a stark contrast against the other’s’ skin colors. It was as if Xia Yao stepped out of a milk carton and not a single inch of his skin splayed another color. Not only was his skin white, but his form was extremely outstanding, taunt and tough, two long legs and a perky bottom. If this was a room of gay people, there would already be a river of red from all the blood lost.

Xia Yao had a towel wrapped around his lower half, something which all the guys in the room wanted to rip off, just to see if everything beneath was just as white, but nobody dared.

But, at that moment, a naked Shi Tianbiao walked in. His body looked like a tobacco pipe as he swung it side to side and approach Xia Yao.

“What’s the towel for? We’re all men here! It’s not like we don’t know what it looks like down there? Ha ha ha…” 

The whole room roared with laughter as Shi Tianbiao pulled the towel away and countless eyes turned in their direction. But instead of seeing the “white turnip” as planned, they saw a stiff backbone and a solid pair of thighs.

Yuan Zong’s frozen gaze swept the room and his piercing voice resonant through every water pipe, stabbing the people in the room.

“What’s the fuss?! Be serious!”

As expected, they all turned their gazes toward the ground. But even then, some courageous trainees still had the guts to mutter under their breath: He’s even inspecting our bathroom activities now? This never happens on normal basis!

Yuan Zong stood before Xia Yao with his hands behind his back, like a large screen, hiding Xia Yao behind it. No matter which way Xia Yao wiggled, that white turnip was still within Yuan Zong’s coverage, making it so that nobody could see anything.

* * *

The next day at their monthly meeting, Yuan Zong praised Shi Tianbiao on front of everyone.

“You should all follow Instructor Shi’s footsteps, treat every student the same. When you all have a high sense of responsibility, it makes me especially happy.”

This was the first time Yuan Zong commended someone in public which made Shi Tianbiao quite satisfied beyond comprehension.

When it was time to hand out the salary at the end of the day, Shi Tianbiao thought since his performance was quite exceptional, there was no way he would not get a raise. But, contrary to his expectation, Shi Tianbiao’s wage was short three thousand yen.

“Did you make a miscalculation on this?” He asked the accountant in surprise.

The accountant replied, “absolutely not, I have rechecked everything, your salary for this month is only two thousand.”

Hearing that, Shi Tianbiao madly dashed towards Yuan Zong’s office to find out what was going on.

When he arrive there, Yuan Zong remained freakishly silent for a while before his icy gaze slowly settled on Shi Tianbiao’s face.

“Have you ever heard of a thing called: words of gold? Since I’ve compliment you so much already that should be worth three thousand yuan.”


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