Advance Bravely: Chapter 31

The Childhood Friends’ Reunion


Translators: HieuPham284  & DungQuoc16 & anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



Once work ended at sunset the next day, Xia Yao excitedly dashed toward a private club after receiving a call.

“Sir, please follow me.”

Xia Yao was shown into a room and as the door cracked open, a group of men and women were packed inside. The chaotic situation took Xia Yao aback as he frantically maneuvered his eyes around the room, only to stop at a man smoking in the corner.

“Da Yu!” Xia Yao immediately shouted.

Xuan Da Yu was busy chatting with others but when he heard that familiar voice, his eyes spun around as fast as lightning. And, the moment he saw Xia Yao, his eyes quickly widen, then a fire broke out at the bottom of his heart.

“The fuck…”

Without thinking, Xuan Da Yu recklessly rushed from the sofa like a cheetah, nearly kicking all the people in his way as he dashed for Xia Yao. His big hands tightened around Xia Yao’s neck, bringing his entire body down on the sofa, and then he firmly pressed him down and proceeded to rain kisses on his face and neck and even bit his skin.

Normally, Xia Yao did not like skinship with other people, not even the slightest would do, however, due to the excitement he must have forgotten about this detail. Xuan Da Yu nibbled him while he did the same and by the time they finally separated, both were out of breath.

“How long has it been since we last met? Motherfucker, you must have forgotten me, haven’t you?” Xuan Da Yu questioned as if in deep anger.

There was a sense of amusement in Xia Yao’s blood-colored eyes as he spoke, “Who wouldn’t remember who, huh? I’ve been searching for you for years. When you left, you didn’t even save me a goodbye and only left a phone number that was unreachable.”

“Nonsense.” Xuan Da Yu sneakily smiled, “After all these years, if you were actually willing to find me, you would have done so already.”

The trio Xuan Da Yu, Xia Yao and Peng Ze were childhood friends who lived together in a residential area and together. At times, they would hang with Dou Ye who would often stand by when they were enjoying themselves. However, since Dou Ye was three or four years older, he could only play with them when he was free, so in turn, the relationship that they had with him was not as close as it was amongst the three. Amongst them, Xia Yao was the dearest to Xuan Da Yu’s heart. The two boys slept under the same blanket and had even wet the same bed as they grew older.

That only lasted until 11th grade, when Xuan Da Yu suddenly transferred to another school and soon after his whole family moved to Macao. Even worse, he no longer kept in touch with Xia Yao and Peng Ze. But now, he finally showed his face here.

When the waiter brought a plate of fruits, Xuan Da Yu immediately poked a piece of pear and crammed it down Xia Yao’s mouth. As he watched him eat, he said, “I could barely recognize you when you walked it just now.  When did you become so handsome?”

“What do you mean ‘become handsome’? I’ve always been handsome!”

Xuan Da Yu burst into laughter then fiercely pulled Xia Yao into his embrace and pinched his waist, “From what I remember, you didn’t have such a fair complexion when we were in school. How can you be so full of life and fresh looking now?”

Xia Yao laughed arrogantly, “I keep myself in good condition.”

“How?” Xuan Da Yu asked.

Sitting on the side, Peng Ze spoke with a teasing voice, “By eating vegetarian food every day.”

Hearing that, Xia Yao sneered and gave him a hard kick, “Fuck off! And stop talking nonsense.”

Concentrating on Xia Yao again, Xuan Da Yu continued to stare at him from top to bottom. All the while, a deep hatred of not being able to rip off his clothes, to inspect that ‘thing’ in his trousers conjured in his mind. In the end, he opted for resting his large hand on Xia Yao’s nape and pulled his face close enough, just so that it rest beneath his lashes before he smiled softly.

“You didn’t bring your girlfriend here?”

Xia Yao bared his teeth “I don’t have one.”

Xuan Da Yu narrowed his eyes and gave Xia Yao a suspicious look, “Logically speaking, you should have countless of women chasing after you!”

Peng Ze gave a low ‘heh’, and then continued to say, “It’s not that no one is chasing him, it’s more like he hasn’t picked someone he fancy yet. He only bothers to live his life of luxury and take his bird out for a walk every day without paying any attention to any sexy girls in short skirts. It’s noble indeed.”

Those words struck Xuan Da Yu, “For as long as I can remember, you were the most knowledgeable kid among us. Weren’t you the one who couldn’t wait for his pubic hair to fully grow and teased innocent young female students on the street by pulling up their skirts or brushing against their breasts?”

Peng Ze chided with, “Couldn’t agree more. He was truly a rascal, taking pride in his large ‘turnip’!” 

Xuan Da Yu burst into laughter, “Right! Right! Right! I remember now! The large ‘turnip’. Fucking hell! I haven’t touched that thing in ages! Come here, come here, let your big bro see whether it has grown into a real ginseng or not.” 

“Fuck off!!”

As Xuan Da Yu and Peng Ze continued to mercilessly teased Xia Yao, it resulted in a chaotic mess between the three of them. Eventually, they composed themselves and Dou Ye invited them for a drink.

“How are your parents?” Xuan Da Yu asked Xia Yao.

“Same old, same old.” Xia Yao replied nonchalantly.

Peng Ze added, “His father was transferred to a new province.”

“When?” Xuan Da Yu asked.

“Last year.”

“Didn’t you and your mother have to go along with him?”

“No, but if we have a long term break, we’ll make use of it and visit him. When my father arrives in Beijing to attend a conference, he will stay at home for two days or so. We usually see each other once every two months.”

Xuan Da Yu’s eyes fell on Peng Ze, “How about you? Still single?”

Xia Yao disseminate what he knew before Peng Ze could open his mouth.

“He always hangs out with this gay dude.”

“Do not call him ‘gay’,” Peng Ze lamented, “Zhenzhen is a nice guy, although he can be a little bit bitchy at time.”

Xuan Da Yu rubbed Peng Ze’s hair, “I’ve only been away for four years and the capital is now filled with gays.”

The two laughed out loud, while Xia Yao, who sat to one side, could summon nothing more than a painful smirk.

And then, Peng Ze questioned Xuan Da Yu, “Why did you move so suddenly?”

Hearing that, Xuan Da Yu’s eyes twitched with discomfort. He bumped Peng Ze’s glass, “There were a lot of issues in my family, some of which couldn’t be clearly understood. Let’s forget it! Let’s continue drinking.”

Soon, there was nothing but the “Clink! Clink!” sound of their glasses and chatters about their childhood. The pressure, the hardships and the annoyance Xia Yao had sustained all day disappeared all at once. All the men and women danced to the music that blared and echoed in the room. Xia Yao drank and slapped the bottle down on the table.

“Is this a circus? What are you doing! Move aside, I’ll show you how it’s really done!”

In just a second, Xia Yao ran to the stage and loosen his shirt. His swift and flexible hip swung from side to side, filling him with adrenaline. All the while, the formal training outfit highlighted his pair of mile long legs, seductive but out of reach at the same time. 

Xuan Da Yu peaked at Xia Yao who smirked lopsidedly back.

Just looking at him, sparks went off inside Xuan Da Yu and the piece of apple that has only been chewed twice got stuck in his throat, making his chest hurt. Xuan Da Yu grabbed Peng Ze and pointed at Xia Yao with an expression of disbelief etched on his face, “He really doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

“Absolutely not!” Peng Ze leaned into Xuan Da Yu’s ears, “All his colleagues secretly call him Monk Xia!”

Immediately after those words came out, a commotion started on stage, Xia Yao was shouting at someone.

Xuan Da Yu frantically rushed toward the commotion, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Yao pointed at a woman who was sticking herself too comfortably to his body while dancing rather provocatively, “She’s crazy!”

“Okay okay…” Xuan Da Yu patted his back in an attempt to calm him down. Then he pulled Xia Yao back to the sofa where he started to tease him, “I remember you used to bite people when you’re drunk, so why didn’t you give her a bite, huh?”

Peng Ze laughed out loud, “Right, right, right, not just the usual biting, but once your mouth attaches to something, it would never come off.”

“Why haven’t you bitten anyone yet?”

“He must have not drunk enough!”

“Come on now. Cheers!”

And just like that, the three friends drank their hearts out.

Peng Ze went home with Dou Ye, leaving Xuan Da Yu and Xia Yao behind. Xia Yao was so drunk that he could barely walk straight and Xuan Da Yu, who was less inebriated, grabbed Xia Yao and placed him on his back.

“Let’s go. I’ll piggyback you home!”

With wobbly steps, Xuan Da Yu started to head out. Standing outside the clubs were a few personal drivers, “Mister, where would you like to go?”

“No, it’s alright. I can still recognize the roads…when he was younger… I used to piggyback him home all the time… he really likes it.”

Xuan Da Yu carried Xia Yao for quite a while. From time to time, Xia Yao, who was still passed out, would mumble some incoherent words.

“There’s this guy who likes me.”

Those words caused Xuan Da Yu’s ankles to stagger for a moment, nearly dragging him to the ground, but he tried his hardest to rebalance before continuing to walk.  

Xia Yao muttered again, “What’s more, I can’t beat him.”

Xuan Da Yu answered in a drunken tone, “Kick his balls.”

Standing not far away from the two friends, Yuan Zong took the chance to pick up another drunken guy who had just stepped out from another club by the side of the road. 

For a quick moment, all the weight on Xuan Da Yu’s back disappeared. But just as he was about to turn back, the heaviness returned.

Due to the pitch black sky that enveloped them and the lack of street lights, Xuan Da Yu could not make out the face of the person on his back clearly. “I actually thought you fell off my back. Hold on tight!”

His arm muscles bunched up to lift the person up so that he could get a better hold of this person’s legs. With that, he continued walking ahead.

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  1. Me gusta mucho esta historia. Vi el único capítulo que encontré enYoutube y me pareció muy interesante. Me pueden informar en que fechas son las publicaciones por favor. Gracias por la traducción y por dedicar tiempo para complacernos. Un abrazo.


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