Advance Bravely: Chapter 32

Biting you ears off!


Translators: HieuPham284 &  anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae



Within seconds, Xia Yao landed firmly on Yuan Zong’s back, and without knowing that the person carrying him changed, he continued to mumble about what he mentioned a while ago.

“I can’t beat him…what should I do?”

Although he was listening to him, Yuan Zong could barely keep silent. All his attention was on Xia Yao’s butt. He did not hold him beneath the knee area like Xuan Da Yu did, instead he used his enormous hands to lift Xia Yao by the butt. This way, it was more comfortable for Xia Yao to hang on and specifically more beneficial and comfortable for his own hands. 

“Mike Tyson once said: if you can’t fight ’em…bite ’em…”

Having just said so, Xia Yao’s hands firmly tightened on Yuan Zong’s neck before his whole jaw latched on.

For a normal person, this bite would have probably cause them to cry out in agony, bounce up and down, and propitiously throw the person on their back onto the pavement before giving him a few kicks in the process. Motherfucker, this was not any normal bite! It seemed as if he was totally trying to swallow the ear!

However, for someone of Yuan Zong’s caliber, his brows merely knitted together just the slightest. Even then, he did not seek to rescue his ears from Xia Yao’s mouth. He flexed the muscles near his ears in order to make them more flexible to resist the painful bites.

Ahh! Still so hard?…Xia Yao increased the power in his bite.

Being a bodyguard, Yuan Zong always carried a small mirror with him since it was one of the most essential equipment for which was quite handy in observing the surrounding area. For now, it was attached on the second button on his shirt. Without much thought, Yuan Zong used it to enjoy Xia Yao’s cruel face as he risked his life in biting him.

Gradually, the mysterious darkness in Xia Yao’s eyes waned along with the level of grinding his teeth produced. However, he did not extract his teeth and instead changed his methods from biting to grazing as he turned the soft flesh on his mouth into a teeth-sharpening tool.

By now, Yuan Zong’s ears seemed to have lost the ability to hear, making it nearly impossible for him to hear any noises from the surrounding area. The only thing he could feel was a smoothly fluttering sound, which seemed like a collision that occurs as the waves rushed up against the hard rocks, constantly mystifying the heart.

Yuan Zong unconsciously slowed his pace, letting Xia Yao bite his ears until he reached his house two hours later. 

The key was in Xia Yao’s wallet, however, in fear of waking his mother, Yuan Zong decided to get in by the window.

And then, with a move that was extremely difficult for the average person, Yuan Zong easily carried Xia Yao from outside and into the room. During the entire process, not only did Xia Yao remain on Yuan Zong’s back, his teeth never let go either.

Yuan Zong gently placed Xia Yao on the bed. But, his body was being weighed down as well since Xia Yao was adamant on devouring his ear.

Although he longed to extent the moment, Yuan Zong could not help but to whisper to Xiao Yao, “You’d better let go now.”

The words had barely left Yuan Zong when Xia Yao’s mouth latched on even more firmly onto his ear.

In fear of waking Xia Yao, all Yuan Zong could do was wait, in an awkward sideway position that forced his side to bend halfway. He glanced at Xia Yao from the corner of his eyes and noticed that his eyes were not completely closed yet, and his dark and pristine pupils carried a hint of taunt, seduction and bewitchment…

The first time he saw Xia Yao, Yuan Zong was already enamored by his eyes, eyes that were like those of Daomadan in theatre, while possessing an erotic vibe in reality.

As Yuan Zong stared longingly at him, a manly tent suddenly formed at his crotch.

Xia Yao’s thin lips slightly parted, but unable to fully pull away from Yuan Zong’s ear, he inched in and bit into it again. This time, he bit until he reached the end, wrapping Yuan Zong entire ear inside of his mouth before he used his canines to softly grind into it.

With that, Yuan Zong’s member – that was hanging out down there – stood a little prouder in its confined space. And, in just second, all the air in his lungs left his chest in one swift movement.

Xia Yao, on the other hand, remained angelically unaffected.

Yuan Zong’s pupils were now a sea of blood red, ineffectively trying to hold his desires secured. All he wanted to do was rip off Xia Yao’s clothes, touch every inch of his body, eat him alive, suck his nipples, devour his member, open up his butt cheeks and… He even dreamt that one day, Xia Yao, after getting wasted, would take Yuan Zong’s large erection into his hot mouth, and thoroughly taste him. It would surely be a night spent on cloud nine. 

Yuan Zong tried to suppress his desires with much difficulties. But, even if mentally, the idea to do something does slip up a bit, everything on the surface was not implemented as to not waste his efforts.

In the end, Yuan Zong did not do anything aside from waiting it out for a whole hour. Once Xia Yao finally fell into a deep sleep, Yuan Zong’s ears were also saved.

Settling with just flicking Xia Yao’s cheek, Yuan Zong then silently took his leave.

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  1. I have no words to express my gratitude for the effort you put into translating this book and giving us, the multitude of non-Chinese speaking population a chance to enjoy this awesome story…


    1. The site is only for edit versions of the chapters, for updates you have to go to AnhNguyen wattpad account ^^


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