Lawless: Chapter 58

Sun Ze Yu did not expose any hint of awkwardness or displeasure as he slightly smiled and said, “Her outer appearance resembles them but she’s too easily scared. It’s difficult to imagine that she’s the daughter of the infamous ‘Double Kills Feng Long.’” [1] 

Qi Xiu Yuan’s expression became unsightly as he glanced over at him and said, “Sorry Sun Tingzhang. I don’t like reminiscing about the past with other people.”

He closed his eyes and leaned back into the headboard, feeling exhausted and beaten. With that, he did not pay attention to Sun Ze Yu anymore.

Sun Ze Yu, on the other hand, went silent for a while before he spoke in a low voice, “You’re a teacher and she has that kind of personality……from the look of it, they really don’t want either of you to have even the slightest connection to the underworld.” He paused for a moment, then asked, “Don’t tell me you’re reluctant to face the downfall and want to walk in the same path as your parents?”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s brows pulled in together as he coldly replied, “Sun Tingzhang, please rest assured. In this life, I will rather be anything but a criminal. There’s no need to mention anything else. The most dreadful thing is not knowing when the person you thought was a close brother of yours would betray you, take what happened to my parents as a lesson. Just once is enough.”

Although Sun Ze Yu definitely heard the implications behind his words, he on the contrary laughed and continued to ask, “In this case, why are you involved with Han Jia and Xiao Li? They’re certainly not good people.”

The corner of Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips pulled back as he opened his eyes and looked at him with a cold and distant gaze. Then he asked with a paused between each word, “Excuse me, may I ask, what does this have to do with you?”

Qi Xiu Yuan had a very refined and well-educated appearance that does not reveal even an ounce of intimidation. And, as his eyes widened just the slightest, a beam of light crossed the very center of his pupils, unexpectedly conveying a faint sense of prestige that seemed to gallop forth.

The smile on Sun Ze Yu’s face humbly changed. Then, as if he did not have the nerve to look him straight in the eyes, he averted his gaze, got up and took two steps away before turning his head around to look at him.

“Qi Xiu Yuan, whatever happened, your parents and I are old friends. Why should the relationship between you and I be so tense like this? I’m just concerned about you and hope that I can help you accomplish your wishes as much as I can with what power I have. As an elder, this is also one of my duty. There’s no need for you to use the past to threaten me.”

“Without threatening you, how else would you had shown concern for me?” Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him with a sarcastic smile, “Sun Tingzhang, are you worried about me or are you worried about the letters that I have in my hands?”

Sun Ze Yu also smiled, “It’s rare that you’d understand me. Since you say it like that, of course, I am concern for you. As for those letters, if you can keep them safe, then there’s no need for me to worry.”

Qi Xiu Yuan was fully aware of this man’s unscrupulous nature, as well as the numbers of years that he had mingled with not only the underworld but also the law obeying civilians. Back then, he never thought he would be threatened by him under any circumstances, however now, he has been disastrously defeated by his presence.

In reality, he does not want to come into contact with him again, afraid that the gains do not make up for the losses. As a result, he unexpectedly went and transferred him to a special ward and even talk up a storm with him.

Unsure of what he has got up his sleeves, Qi Xiu Yuan went silent for a few moments before he purposely looked at his wristwatch and said, “My sister should be coming back. Sun Tingzhang, you should quickly leave, otherwise, if she sees the pervert from yesterday, she’ll feel disgusted and become sick again.”

Sun Ze Yu walked over and sat back down while wearing the same smile, “There’s no need for you to worry about that. She didn’t see me yesterday. Besides,” He paused on purpose for a moment, “One of my subordinates have gone to divert her attention so there’s more than enough time for us to have a proper chat.”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s brows pulled tightly together, “You dare——“

“Don’t worry. I don’t dare to.” Sun Ze Yu laughed, “My subordinates are not all fierce and tough looking policemen, occasionally, they can also be a rather amiable and good-natured girl.”

Hearing that, Qi Xiu Yuan sighed in relief, before he slowly said, “What do you want to talk to me about?”

“There’s a lot.” Sun Ze Yu propped his chin up, and while keeping his eyes on him, he also slowly spoke, “At first, I thought you were infatuated with Jin Ting’s leader Han Jia. That’s why you didn’t hesitate to threaten me in order to save him. But now, it seems things are not that simple after all……” He saw Qi Xiu Yuan’s frown while he kept his silence. Then he examined his expression and said, “Yesterday I received some rather unexpected information. Xiao Li put up an exceptionally high price just to hired a bodyguard to protect you.”

As expected, Qi Xiu Yuan turned pale with fright and quickly turned to look at him. After a long while, he coldly said, “I really wasn’t wrong about you. News does travel quickly.”

Sun Ze Yu laughed for a second, “I know you were sent to the hospital so I sent someone out to investigate and the funny thing was, the number that called for an emergency treatment belonged to Li Shi Qing’s confidant.” He restrained his smile a bit, “There’s something I don’t quite understand. Your relationship with Li Shi Qing’s gang is too close and secretive. You’ve saved Han Jia and Xiao Li, then when you’re injured, it’s someone in Li Shi Qing’s gang that called for the ambulance. You must admit. However you look at it, it just seems like you’re colluding with them.”

Qi Xi Yuan seemed a bit surprised and thought it was ridiculous as he gave him a glance, but Sun Ze Yu paid him no attention and laughed while continuing on to speak.

“But the point that I don’t understand is since Xiao Li hired an independent bodyguard for your sake it’s clear he’s hiding it from the gang with the sole intention of protecting you. Thinking back to when you also wanted him to break away from the gang……” He stared at Qi Xiu Yuan, “You didn’t save Xiao Li because of Han Jia. At that time, it’s because of Xiao Li that made you want to save Han Jia. This time, I must have guessed correctly.”

Still remaining silent, Qi Xiu Yuan cautiously looked at him.

“If we look at it from this point of view, everything else is easier to explain. For his sake, you pulled out those letters that were kept secret for more than ten years. I’m afraid the relationship between the two of you is not ordinary at all.” Sun Ze Yu glanced at the cast on Qi Xiu Yuan’s arm, “Being injured to such an extent, Li Shi Qing must have done it. How did you provoke him?” He mulled over it for a bit then smiled, “Have you eaten the bitch that he’s been eying?” [2]

Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him swarming in his eyes, “This has nothing to do with you. If you have some sort of purpose to this, just clearly say it.”

Sun Ze Yu muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment, then slowly said, “Do you want to get him?”

Those words caused Qi Xiu Yuan’s expression to slightly stir.

Not surprised by this reaction, Sun Ze Yu merely smiled, “I can help you.”

Without any expressions, Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him. “What do you want me to do?”

Sun Ze Yu continued to maintain a kind expression, “Why must you regard me as a stranger like this, huh? This time I sincerely want to help you. As long as you have patience, don’t get in contact Xiao Li and peacefully recuperate, in just a month, I will place Xiao Li on your bed,” he looked at the frown on Qi Xiu Yuan’s face and quickly correct himself, “…have him placed at your side,”

Qi Xiu Yuan keenly searched for the key point to his sentence, “Don’t get in contact him?”

This time, it was Sun Ze Yu’s turn to go quiet. His eyes flickered toward him as if waiting for him to understand something himself. But Qi Xiu Yuan did not understand what he meant, leading him to ask again, “What do you mean?”

Sun Ze Yu let out a faint sigh, “I’m doing this for your own good.” There was a hint of hesitation before he finally spoke again, “Li Shi Qing’s gang has always had a huge problem. Now that Luo Dong has been defeated, there aren’t any other formidable opponents and their internal issues will be exposed. Even though Han Jia has escaped this, Xiao Li will definitely be caught up in it and even worse, he might be greatly affected by it all.” He lifted his eyes to look at the brilliant sunshine outside the window before continuing, “From the look of it, there’s going to be a huge change in this city soon.”

These words, in turn, shifted Qi Xiu Yuan’s expression to a rather severe one, “What is your role in all of this?”

To that, Sun Ze Yu only looked at him, “There’s no need for you to know what role I have in this. All you need to know is that what Xiao Li wants to do this time around is too complicated and too hard for you to comprehend. For a clean and white-collar person like you who has never mixed with the underworld for even one day, it’s better if you evade it as far as possible to avoid burdening him.”

For just a moment, Qi Xiu Yuan’s complexion turned a deathly pale before he sneered with bitterness, “Sun Tingzhang, I can see it now. You’re not afraid that I’ll burden him, you’re afraid I’ll be an unpredictable asset to him. Did you design something for him to do? Does he have to be the one to carry out those things? Or did you force him to –”

Sun Ze Yu suddenly laughed and looked over at Qi Xiu Yuan, “You’re their son after all. At times, you’re unexpectedly smarter than need be.” He straightened his composure and resumed a proper expression, “This is really for your own good. Things are exceptionally chaotic this time around. If you mixed into it, you’ll only cause more trouble, and in the end, you won’t be able to obtain the desired result. If you wait patiently, I can guarantee that Xiao Li will not die.”

“Die?” Qi Xiu Yuan’s complexion became even paler, “What can be so serious? There’s no need for you to say thing halfway. Since you’ve said it already, clarify it. Otherwise, otherwise……”

“Otherwise, what?” Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him with a funny expression, “Otherwise, you’ll go look for Xiao Li? If he’s also doing this for your own good, I’m afraid he’ll also sever your relationship and even if he doesn’t, do you have the heart to blindly be with him?” He slowed down his tone and patted Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder, “If Xiao Li dies, you can publicize those letters. With this kind of guarantee, you should be able to believe me, right?”

Qi Xiu Yuan did not say anything. The conclusion that he came to from cooperating with this person last time was the same as the situation now, that is, he is incapable of trusting him. And, there was a question incessantly spiraling within his mind.

 Why is he so worried that I’ll contact Xiao Li? 

“Think about it yourself. It’s not too late for you to decide this,” said Sun Ze Yu smiling, “I understand the hostility you have towards me but in regard to this matter, I truly have your best interest in mind. Otherwise, if I look on helplessly without doing anything as you tread into muddy water, I’m afraid that even after a hundred years, I still won’t dare to go meet them……” As he spoke, a noise transmitted through the room, causing Sun Ze Yu to let out a sudden ‘oh’ before he whispered, “They’re here.”

Susu’s voice sweetly flowed in, “I’m really sorry for inconveniencing you like this. At first, I wanted to show you the way, but you ended up bringing me back instead of……”

A tender female voice replied to her, “What of it? Chatting with you made me really happy.”

Susu was holding a lunchbox in her hand, accompanied by a woman with long and elegant hair. Just as she pushed the door open and was about to walk in, she hesitated for a moment upon seeing Sun Ze Yu. “Oh? Ge, you have a guest?”

“I’m his colleague,” said Sun Ze Yu with a brilliant smile as he looked at her, “I was just about to leave.”

“Ah, please sit a bit longer,” urged Susu but Sun Ze Yu simply faced her, nodded and exchange a glance with the person standing beside her, and then departed.

It was only after he left did Susu pass the lunchbox to Qi Xiu Yuan while smiling and said, “This jiejie [3] brought me back.”

The woman wearing pink-framed glasses, dressed in a pink collar [4] outfit has been silently looking Qi Xiu Yuan up and down for quite a long time already. And, as she stretched her hand out toward him, her pink nails polish gently glinted against the light.

“Hello Mr. Qi, I’m Zhang Juan Juan.”

Translator’s Note:

[1] Feng Long Shuang Sha – ‘Double Kills’ Feng Long. Qi Xiu Yuan’s father’s name is Feng Long and his title back in the day is Double Kills

[2] “Have you eaten the male prostitute/bitch that he’s been eyeing?” 他煮熟的鸭子被你给吃了? Actually, he said, “Did you eat the duck that he’s been thoroughly cooking?” Here “鸭子” means duck which is a slang for male prostitute (bitch).

[3] Jiejie – older sister or used to address an older female

[4] Pink collar – pink-collar worker performs jobs in the service industry, e.g. waitress, retail, nursing, etc. In contrast, blue-collar workers are working-class people who perform skilled or unskilled manual labor, and white-collar workers typically perform professional, managerial, or administrative work in an office environment.

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  1. Oh thank you for translation, do their father was in the underwater world?!!!
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  2. finally, i am able to comment here. first of all thank you saehan. I really like your translation. It is so poetic and detailed. I have some ideas that this story will turn to be like this and it is really getting exciting and I am wondering how QWY will rip LSQ a**. thank you ! xie xie.


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    1. Good thing there 79 chapters and several extras! Also there’s a spin-off novel call Shamless for Han Jia and Jiang Xiaoning ^^ thank you for read the novels and enjoying the translations ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪


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