Lawless: Chapter 63

As Li Shi Qing got up and retreated, he kept his head low allowing his expression to be hidden in the shadows.

“Qing……Qing Ye,” stammered Liu Zi Cheng from behind, sounding as if he has not fully recovered from the shock. From his point of view, Li Shi Qing’s back seemed to be beaten with exhaustion. He sighed deeply, picked up his gun and quietly said, “I really didn’t expect……”

“I also didn’t expect this.” Liu Zi Cheng’s voice sounded off again. However, this time it had changed from being waned with shock to being cooked with steadiness and danger as it traveled closely to Li Shi Qing’s right side.

An unforeseen event suddenly appeared.

Li Shi Qing did not have a chance to react when an ice-cold object pressed at the back of his head. At the same time, but probably a bit earlier, each of the four men that brought Xiao Li in also made some sudden movements. Ding Yong reached out to pull his gun but the other two men’s hands were more agile than him as they quickly produced their guns and firmly pointed at him. Having seemed to be prepared early on Xiao Chen pulled out his gun, but unexpectedly, it was pointed at Li Shi Qing.

Including Liu Zi Cheng, four guns had simultaneously emerged and when the safety catch on the guns sounded off with a “click”, it resonated clearly within the warehouse.

Then, Liu Zi Cheng’s gun open fired.

The bullet should have played a hole in the back of Li Shi Qing’s head.

But he quickly leaned to the side causing it to slightly scrape the side of his scalp instead. Then he quickly dodged and swung his body around while aiming his gun at Liu Zi Cheng. With this intense exchange, the former master and discipline now mutually pointed their guns at each other as their eyes struck with coldness.

Xiao Chen took one step forward, and even though Li Shi Qing’s back was facing him, it seemed as if he could clearly see him as he put on a smile right in front of Liu Zi Cheng and tightened his grip on the trigger.

Liu Zi Cheng gave Xiao Chen a glance, gesturing him to stop.

“Qing Ye, your great skills are undeniable,” Liu Zi Cheng looked at Li Shi Qing and laughed, “However, two against four…is that really a wise move?”

A stream of blood flowed down the side of Li Shi Qing’s head, but he paid it no attention as his gun aimed at Liu Zi Cheng’s stomach. He also wore a smile, “Then, we’ll have to see if you cherish your life or not.”

The gun in Liu Zi Cheng’s hand was held with great control as he spoke with a hint of warmth, “Qing Ye, is it really worth the trouble? Or could it be, you’ll gain something if both of us were death? I can see that you’re really good to Xiao Li by letting him die with dignity, but we don’t necessarily have that kind of heart towards you. How about this, I’ll obediently put my gun down? We’ll also let you die peacefully as to avoid having to die in such an unsightly manner, un—sight—ly ah.”

“Do you think I’m a kid?” Li Shi Qing smirked as the two fell into a deadlock.

Everyone at the scene mentally tensed up.

Li Shi Qing suddenly laughed, breaking the silence, “You’re indeed worthy of holding a gun.”

“Qing Ye, you speak too highly of me,” exclaimed Liu Zi Cheng as he laughed with ease, “Give the gun to me.”

Hearing that, Li Shi Qing sighed and looked squarely at him, “Zi Cheng, since you came from being a just a little gang member to what you hold now, I, Li Shi Qing has never done anything worth apologizing to you.”

“Qing Ye, what is this?” This time, Liu Zi Cheng displayed his superiority while happily delaying the time with him, “In the underworld, is there really anything worth being apologetic for? Didn’t you use the same method to gain power back then? I’m just a disciple following in your footsteps. Qing Ye, you should actually be happy about this. Besides, you’re still young. If you were old like Sun Ze Yu and Lu Wu, why would I need to be so impatient?”

Li Shi Qing stared at him and slowly said, “Why did you frame Xiao Li? I even thought the person you need to guard against the most is Yan Ming.”

At those words, Liu Zi Cheng laughed loudly, “I was never worried about Yan Ming. On the contrary, you continued to dote on Xiao Li even more and gave my territory to Lu Wu as compensation because of him. If he was really with you, granted that you die in the future, how many things would fall into my hands?” He clicked his tongue and continued to speak, “Now, you two can die on the same year, same month, and same day. How romantic! Just obediently put your gun down. That way, not only will you die quickly and neatly, I’ll also kindly bury you two together. Qing Ye, could it be…you’re not willing to?”

“Kindly bury us?” Li Shi Qing snorted, “Didn’t you arrange this trap because you wanted him to die with me so that it’s easier to frame us?”

This time, Liu Zi Cheng burst out in laughter, “Isn’t this a good situation? Qing Ye, who in the gang don’t know that you want Xiao Li? Let’s say if you forcefully fucked him even after he refused. He becomes enraged and kill Da Gui to cause you and Lu Wu having to have a fallout. Then when you found out the truth, you’ll have no choice but to punish him. However, in such a chaotic fight, the two of you ended up dead. That would make perfect sense.”

Li Shi Qing frowned and narrowed his murderous gaze toward him.

See the change in his emotions, Liu Zi Cheng slightly smiled and continued to provoke him, “Qing Ye, rest assure. Even if this is the case, I would still find a way for you to be buried together. When the time comes, everyone will speak of you as a hero, but in the end, you lost your life for the sake of a fucking man…it’s simply epic. Perhaps, people from here would have forgotten about me after 10 years, 20 years. But they will not forget such a perverted and ridiculous underworld leader.”

Hearing those words, Li Shi Qing’s complexion became unsightly and the gun in his hand was gripped even harder. When Li Xi Cheng caught sight of his hand from the corner of his eyes, the words he wanted to say stopped as he continued to laugh mockingly.

However, in just seconds, he suddenly saw Li Shi Qing smiled, “Who are you working with?”

Liu Zi Cheng was started for a moment, as he heard Li Shi Qing continued, “Fan Peng and Feng Qiang are not stupid. And, I really don’t trust that you actually believe Yan Ming is not useful. I’ve always let the two of you keep check on each other. Now that you’ve dared to do this, it’s only natural that you have someone behind you. Let me guess,” he narrowed his eyes again, “Is it Lu Wu or Sun Ze Yu?”

At that, Li Zi Cheng smiled splendidly, then laughed, “No wonder you been in the underworld for so long and haven’t died yet!”

“What Xiao Li said was correct. The one that is alive is the most suspicious.”

Li Shi Qing did not pay attention to his ridicule, “So, you’re working with Lu Wu? What’s the benefit for you?”

“Work with? Qing Ye, you’re really speaking highly of me and you’re also thinking too highly of this city’s territory.” Liu Zi Cheng then enlightened, “I’m not working with him…I’m merely relying on Wu Ye.”

“When did this happen?”

“That time Luo Dong sent a hand over here. I was fortunate to have met Wu Ye. That was how I knew that Li Shi Qing, you bowed down in front of him, was obedient and lowered your anger.” Liu Zi Cheng faintly laughed, “If I follow you, I’m just a boss among many, but if I follow Wu Ye, then half of the city is mind. I started out in this city so I’m quite familiar with the circumstances that go on. In the future, it will be even more beautiful than it is now.”

Li Shi Qing merely said ‘oh’ while his expression unexpectedly remained to calm instead as he looked at him without saying anything.

The sudden silence that reign made Liu Zi Cheng felt slightly restless, as he frowned and stared at Li Shi Qing, “Qing Ye since you’re not saying anything, are going to accept this?”

“It’s because everything that I want to know has already been asked.”

A smile flowed into Li Shi Qing’s eyes, while his lips exposed the same perfect smile. This smile aroused a part of Liu Zi Cheng’s memory, causing him to suddenly tremble in fear.

Something doesn’t seem right.

A flicker of light flashed across Liu Zi Cheng’s eyes. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Xiao Li lying to the side in a pool of his own blood.

No, if he was really struck in the heart, the blood wouldn’t be so little like that.

He suddenly pulled the trigger, but Li Shi Qing was already prepared to avoid it. Even though the bullet lodged into his left arm, he did not care at all as his fingers tightened its hold on the gun. Once he was able to firmly control his body from falling backward from the sudden movement and impact of the shoot, he opened fire.

Xiao Li, who had been lying on the ground, had turned over long ago to lie on his side. A gun that was hidden somewhere was now shyly in the palm of his hand and aimed at Liu Zi Cheng.

At practically the same time, Xiao Chen shifted the muzzle of his gun and shot at Liu Zi Cheng’s two subordinates. With that, Ding Yong was finally able to get hold of his own gun which allowed him and Xiao Chen to simultaneously shoot at the two other men without stopping.

Obviously, everything happened in the span of only a few seconds, but time seemed rather endless. The only sound in the spacious warehouse was of bullets repeatedly flying out of its chamber. While the others restraint themselves, Li Shi Qing still held on to that smile until the bullets in his gun were exhausted. And, once the sound of the empty barrel became dry and hoarse, Li Shi Qing finally stopped pulling the trigger.

His and Liu Zi Cheng’s subordinates had collapsed in the middle of a large pool of blood, completely dead.

Xiao Li gasped and released the gun as he swayed to stand up, and all the while his face has lost its color, leaving him a pale white.

“Qing Ye, are you okay?”

Li Shi Qing also stood up, covering the wound on his left arm, “It’s just a small wound, but you——”

While he was in the middle of speaking, the large door into the warehouse opened with a loud noise and a few people quickly aimed the muzzle of their guns in.

“It’s me, don’t shoot,” came the sound of Yan Ming’s voice. Then the shadows of four to five people flashed inside.

As they moved in, those men did something to the wall and in just a few moments the warehouse lit up like it was daytime.

Ding Yong and Xiao Chen were still gripping their guns firmly, refusing to let go.

“You can be really slow,” Li Shi Qing snorted.

“There are several men outside that want to settle this too.” Yan Ming lazily walked over with five subordinates while looking at Ding Yong and Xiao Chen and laughing, “Geez, why are you two being so cautious?”

Ding Yong and Xiao Chen gave Li Shi Qing a glimpse, looking for any indication. However, Li Shi Qing was looking at Xiao Li. Noticing that, the two bodyguards glanced at each other and expressionlessly put their guns down.

“No way…Uncle, you really shot him?”

Yan Ming reached down and poked Xiao Li’s stomach, causing him to curl up a bit, “Didn’t we said before that there will be a hidden bag of blood, and then use fake bullets?”

“They were already specially made bullets but the distance was too close.” Li Shi Qing scowled as he shifted his gaze, “Besides, how can that kind of cheap trick fool Liu Zi Cheng?”

“How pitiful.” Yan Ming leaned closer to look at Xiao Li only to see that a layer of cold sweat had already formed on is body due to the excruciating pain. “He’s even shivering.”

“Alright.” Li Shi Qing glared at him, “You and I will stay here to deal with this. Let Ding Yong take Xiao Li to the hospital.”

“I will bid by your orders, Uncle!” Yan Ming mischievously replied and stood in place without moving.

Li Shi Qing gave him a glance then turned away.

The situation took a change.

They have long been surrounded.

The five men that Yan Ming brought in had long taken their positions, waiting for him to turn around. The moment they saw the signal, they uniformly lifted their guns and surrounded him, Ding Yong and Xiao Chen, trapping them in the center.

“Yan Ming?!” Li Shi Qing angrily shouted.

Yan Ming chuckled and stood behind him before speaking in an unhurried tone, “I was hoping that you and Liu Zi Cheng would kill each other because no matter who lived, I’ll have to dispose of him myself. How annoying. Isn’t that right, Xiao Li?”

Xiao Li held onto his wound and simply uttered nothing else but ‘yeah’.

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