Lawless: Chapter 66

After saying those few words, Qi Xiu slowly walked toward the door. All the while, from behind him, the two men looked at each other with the eyes urging the other to take action, but ultimately no one moved.

Once at the door, Qi Xiu Yuan simply looked back at them.

When the familiar-looking man became aware that one of Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand was hanging against his chest and the other hand was propped right on top of it, he took a big step forward to open the door. Outside the door stood another man wearing a blue shirt who was keeping guard. From just one glance it was obvious that he was younger than the two that had entered the room. Surprising, there was a wheelchair in front of him.

“What happened?” He asked, looking somewhat frightened when he saw Qi Xiu Yuan walked out, “Didn’t we agree to knock him out?”

“He was quite cooperative.”

The other man explained while the familiar-looking man remained silent to the side.

“And you really believe that huh? What’s going happen if he starts to scream halfway?” growled the blue shirt man in a rather low voice, “There’s a lot of people coming and going here!”

“Wouldn’t it work out if you just say that I’m a mentally challenged person? This is a hospital after all.” Qi Xiu Yuan leisurely intervene and went toward the front of the wheelchair, “Someone help me lift my leg so I can sit down properly.”

When the three men were somewhat slow to react and stared at him in confusion, Qi Xiu Yuan sighed, “My friend will return soon, you guys don’t want to be seen, right?”

The two older men exchanged another glance yet neither moved again. Noticing this, it was indeed the blue shirt man unlucky day as he walked over and crouched down in front of Qi Xiu Yuan, propping his leg up so he could sit down, then he started to push the wheelchair.

The familiar-looking man walked beside them while the other man walked not too far behind them.

“Turn left,” said Qi Xiu Yuan all of a sudden.

“What?” The blue shirt man asked.

“Hurry up or we’ll run into my friend. She will definitely report this to the police.” Qi Xiu Yuan explained.

*yawns* The blue shirt man let out a disdainful sound and kept moving forward without changing direction. But then, the familiar-looking man decisively grabbed hold of the back of the wheelchair and pushed Qi Xiu Yuan toward the left corridor.

“Seriously, Ah Long? You really believe him?” The blue shirt man muttered to himself in disbelief.

Ah Long simply snorted.

Qi Xiu Yuan seemed to not care at all as he continued to calmly command them, “Don’t take this one, turn there and take the elevator on the other side directly to the first floor.”

“Can you please go a bit faster? If my friend returns, finds out that I’m gone and quickly chases after, what are you guy going to do?”

“Don’t go around. Didn’t you learn the shortcut at all?”

“Your car doesn’t even have a seat for a disabled person? You should also be a bit more sincere about kidnapping someone.”

“Forget it, there’s no need to remove the seat. Just help me sit and stop wasting time.”

Ah Long silently went around toward the driver’s seat to start the car. During the entire time, the blue shirt man felt as if he had returned to when he was in elementary school and was being reprimanded by a teacher. Even worse, he started to doubt himself on whether he was kidnapping a hostage or helping this man to flee.

Once the blue shirt man helped him sit properly, he quickly rushed to sit in the front passenger seat, indicating for the third man who was keeping watch in the back to get in the car.

“Hey, are you going to throw this empty wheelchair away here?” Qi Xiu asked the moment that man placed his foot in, “How do you plan on letting me get out of the car later?”

The man’s face immediately became unsightly as he gave the blue shirt man in the front a glance, but he took to playing deaf and mute altogether. Noticing that, the man could only endure the humiliation and back out of the car to put the wheelchair in the trunk.

By the time he finally got in, the car started to move. On the road, the atmosphere was extremely strange. The blue shirt man constantly looked at him from the rearview mirror with a very cautious expression. Not only did these three men not said a word to him, but they were oddly silent toward each other as well.

Twenty minutes later, the car turned into an alley. Qi Xiu Yuan recognized it as the alley at the back of the Arc de Triomphe. After waiting a bit, Ah Long stopped the car completely. The blue shirt and third man moved out, grabbed the wheelchair, helped Qi Xiu Yuan out of the car and into the wheelchair before pushing him forward. This time, Ah Long was the one that walked not too far behind them, keeping watch of their surroundings.

The blue shirt man pushed him passed several corners before finally entering from the back door of the Arc de Triomphe and into an elevator.

The elevator seemed to be specially made. It was a standalone elevator, separated from the door or window, and although only the faint sounds of singing and dance with laughter could be heard, there was no one else besides them inside the elevator.

They waited for a while, and after Ah Long who was making sure everything was safe came over, the four entered the elevator.

The elevator took them directly to the highest level. After leaving him in a luxurious room, the three men left without saying anything, leaving Qi Xiu Yuan alone to wait.

When no one came after a long while, Qi Xiu Yuan began to study his wheelchair. He has seen wheelchairs that had buttons on it that can be pressed to move backward and forward, but obviously, the one he sat in did not have that function.

It was a bit difficult to move the wheelchair with one hand, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun. Just as he was attempted to push himself with all his might, the door was pushed open.

Two husky men walked in from behind Li Shi Qing, stopped about three steps away from him and looked arrogantly at him.

“You’re actually really bold,” said Li Shi Qing with a gentle smile.

“You’re flattering me.” Qi Xiu Yuan also put on a rather professional smile, “Sometimes, we also treat students who don’t admit what they have done wrong like this. That is, make him wait alone and once he slowly becomes filled with worries, we appear. The effects of it are often pretty good,” he said dragging out his tone, “But it’s also doesn’t work every time.”

“I really like dealing with smart people.” Li Shi Qing still had on an exceptionally sweet smile as he slowly walked over and sat down on the sofa while one of his bodyguards turned Qi Xiu Yuan’s wheelchair toward his direction.

Qi Xiu Yuan held back the sarcastic words that begged to come out of his mouth and looked at him without a hint of fear.

Li Shi Qing mumbled to himself for a moment, then smiled and said, “The truth is, the main reason I asked you here is to thank you face to face. Qi Xiu Yuan, right? Qi Xiu Yuan Laoshi, you’re very devoted to my subordinate Han Jia ah.” He paused and stared at Qi Xiu Yuan’s expressions, “Since you saved him from the Luo Dong’s hands, we all really admire you.”

Not the least effect, Qi Xiu Yuan also stared at his expression, “That’s nothing. I’m even more devoted to Xiao Li. Don’t you know this very clearly?”

Li Shi Qing was not enraged by him as he casually said, “Yes, I’m quite clear about that. You want to help Xiao Li break away from the gang, that’s very capable of you.”

Slightly frowning, Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly laughed out loud. He gave Li Shi Qing a glance and looking as though he couldn’t hold it in, he laughed again.

“What are you laughing at?” Li Shi Qing pretended to inquire out of good nature.

“I’m laughing at myself for overestimating you,” said Qi Xiu Yuan, looking directly at him, “I was still thinking why you’ve kidnapped me, but as it turns out, it’s because of Sun Ze Yu.”

Li Shi Qing’s smile was wiped off his face as he narrowed his eyes to glare at him. But just as he was about to speak, the door was pushed open.

“Qing Ye, Li Ge, he—”

A panic-stricken subordinate was pushed to the side as Xiao Li appeared at the door.

He frowned, pressing his lips tightly together into a line. His pants hung loosely on his hips, while his white shirt was open, exposing a chest wrapped in tight bandages and hints of bloodstains covering the right side. Obviously, he was resting in another room in the Arc de Triomphe before quickly throwing on a shirt and rushing over.

He swiftly scanned the entire room once, and only after he caught sight of Qi Xiu Yuan still alive, his disquiet expression slowly loosened up. Then, his gaze shifted over to Li Shi Qing.

This time, although he had on an unsightly look, his tone was very respectful, “Qing Ye, I’ll wait outside for you to finish this matter. There’s something I need to speak with you about.”

Li Shi Qing stared at him up and down, “Go out first.”

Xiao Li walked out and closed the door without looking at anyone else in the room.

Looking at the door, then back at Qi Xiu Yuan, Li Shi Qing simply smiled and said, “Then, I’ll be troubling you to wait for a moment. Since you’re so smart, I hope when I come back, you’ve already thought clearly about what I want to hear.”

Qi Xiu Yuan seemed to have not heard a single word that was spoken to him. The smile that was painted across his face since he came into this room disappeared the moment Xiao Li appeared. All he did now was stared at the door silently.

With tightened brows, Li Shi Qing got up and walked toward the door. The subordinate that was standing at the door the entire time was scared witless as he attempted to explained what happened.

“Qing Ye, we didn’t dare block Li Ge—“

Li Shi Qing gave a cold glance, causing the subordinate’s mouth to stop in place and watched as Li Shi Qing pushed the door open and walk out.

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  1. I like new layout of the pages, it’s too tight!!! Oh my God, seriously you can’t leave us with a chapter end like this ☹☹🙁


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