Lawless: Chapter 69

After what seemed like several minutes and several few more seconds, Li Shi Qing recovered. His brows slowly pulled together into a frown before he turned around to look at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was expressionless.

Li Shi Qing turned back, narrowed his eyes and stared at Qi Xiu Yuan for a long time, observing him. Finally, he coldly said, “It’s best if you don’t play any tricks with me.”

“If a person listens and obeys another person, it’s possible that he either afraid of him or owes him. Could it be that you never thought of these possibilities when you let your men kidnap me?” Qi Xiu Yuan looked at Li Shi Qing and openly laughed, “With the kind of person that Sun Tingzhang is, do you really think that he would care about someone like Han Jia? But the thing is, I wanted him to save Han Jia so he went to save him. When I first entered the hospital, he helped transferred me to the most advanced room. You must have also investigated this, right? He also arranged a personal bodyguard to watch over me 24 hours a day. Who would actually go through all this trouble for an outsider? If you don’t believe it, you can ask your subordinates that brought me here. I wasted a lot of my energy in order to help them evade my bodyguard.”

Li Shi Qing gave him a quick glance then looked toward the subordinate at the door, signaling him. The subordinate walked out and a moment later he returned with Ah Long.

“Qing Ye,” Ah Long stood at a distance and replied, “When we brought Qi Xiu Yuan here, he was really cooperative and has, indeed, devised a plan to help us evade his friend.”

Hearing that, Li Shi Qing muttered to himself for a moment before asking, “I honestly do not understand why you did that.”

Qi Xiu Yuan laughed, “An illegitimate child that hates his father will do everything possible to give him trouble. Is this kind of thing truly that difficult to understand?” He lifted his arm with the cast toward Li Shi Qing, “You’ve been looking everywhere for information that can be used against him… isn’t it because recently he’s been giving you a lot of trouble? Tell me, isn’t there a possibility that he’s doing it as a revenge for me?”

Li Shi Qing looked at his arm while his expression has taken a turn for the worse, “That’s not right. When he told me to let Xiao Li leave the gang, he clearly said to chop off Xiao Li’s hand and break his legs. If he’s really your father, why would he treat your…your…” He suddenly became aware of Xiao Li standing behind him, frowned, and cut off the word at the tip of his tongue.

“Although a family’s shames cannot be spread around, I really don’t want to hide it, Qing Ye,” Qi Xiu Yuan paused a second and sighed before speaking again, “As a biological father, he doesn’t want his own son to be gay. Not only doesn’t he like it, but he also wants to take his anger out on the person that made his son gay. How annoying is that?”

Li Shi Qing frowned and pondered for a long time with a rather troubled expression.

“If you’re so worried that I’m playing tricks with you,” Qi Xiu Yuan softly laughed, “Wouldn’t it work out if you just give him a call to verify it?”

Silence overtook the room yet again. A room full of criminals all had their eyes solely on a calm and composed man sitting in a wheelchair. For a while, none of them knew whether the person they had kidnapped and brought over was a blessing or a curse.

Li Shi Qing leaned back into the chair and continued to assess Qi Xiu Yuan. After a while, he said, “Ah Long, stay here and keep a close eye on him.” With that said, he then got up and without looking back, his voice softened, “Xiao Li, I’ll help you change your bandage.”

Xiao Li simply replied with an ‘okay,’ and followed Li Shi Qing toward the door with two bodyguards shadowing behind him.

Looking at their backs, Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly raised his voice, “When will the electric wheelchair get here, Qing Ye?”

Even though those words rang across the room, Li Shi Qing’s footsteps did not stop.

During the entire ordeal, Qi Xiu Yuan kept his eyes on Xiao Li only to see his calm expression, unable to make out for sure what kind of mood he was in. However, just before Xiao Li walked out of the door, he quickly shot Qi Xiu Yuan a glance.

Qi Xiu Yuan watched them leave then looked at Ah Long who was keeping watch of him from the side. Without paying attention to his surroundings, he leisurely leaned back into the wheelchair and closed his eyes.

As he reflected on the glance that Xiao Li gave him a moment ago, a smile slowly appeared on his lips.

5 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 69

  1. Ooooh! This is so good and clever and amazing and I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO EXPECT!!!! WWHHYYYYY!!!!?????? I hate suspense.


  2. Oh my God, oh my goodness!!!!! It’s so good QXY’s too smart, again again again.
    It’s not his father Hein???


  3. I found this story yesterday and it got me so hooked, that I stayed up all night long to read the available chapters.
    Thank you very much for the translation, it’s great! ❤ This story is so exciting, asdfghjkl;


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