Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 41

Lao Zhou Suffers a Surprise Attack

Translate: Sae | Proofread:  Nancy

During the time that Zhou Ling Yun was away for the meetings, all his training duties were temporarily administered by other well-qualified Commanders. The main goal of these meetings was to accentuate the need to improve weapon performances as to avoid severe failures during real-time combat. With this goal in mind, Zhou Ling Yun shifted his focus toward the research aspect of the project when he returned.

Taking into consideration that Bai Luo Yin was recuperating, Zhou Ling Yin had taken his place to go inspect on the progress of the projects with the companies they were collaborating with.

Today, Zhou Ling Yun arrived at HaiYin High-Tech Ltd.

Gu Hai personally came out to give his guest a warm greeting while exchanging some polite remarks, “Wing Commander Zhou, why didn’t you inform us in advance that you were coming? I would have sent a car to pick you up.”

Hearing the courteous tone in Gu Hai’s voice, Zhou Ling Yun could not help but to laugh heartily, “Where would I find the nerve to let General Gu’s eldest son send a car for me?!”

The two continued to chat and laugh as they walked inside as if they have been good friends for many years. Gu Hai kept the bitter coldness and raging anger in his eyes deeply hidden. Instead, he showed a great level of respect in his manner of speech to Zhou Ling Yun, just like a genuinely smooth and sly yet friendly businessman.

When the two sat down in the VIP lounge for some tea and more exchange of words, Zhou Ling Yun would look Gu Hai up and down from time to time. Each time he glanced over, his eyes would twinkle incessantly as though he has discovered a priceless treasure. Suddenly, while Gu Hai was in the middle of discussing their collaboration on this project, Zhou Ling Yun grabbed his hand. He firmly gripped it in place for short a while until he could determine the high level of strength in Gu Hai’s palm. Feeling extremely content, Zhou Ling Yun burst into a burst of unrestrained laughter.

“You are a rare specimen. It’s a pity that you’re not a soldier.”

Gu Hai smiled indifferently, “I am not interested in any aspects of the military.”

“Since you were born into a powerful military family and have been influenced from a young age, you should have grown deeply attached to the military, no?” Zhou Ling Yun said, taking a sip of the tea.

“I don’t like being restricted and the way the military management system works is not something I can adapt to.”

Zhou Ling Yun continued to tease him, “You can join my team. I have my own unique management style!”

“Don’t say that,” Gu Hai politely answered. “I really don’t have the qualities for it!”

“I, Lao Zhou, have always been very accurate at spotting those with great potentials. If I say you have the natural talent to be a General or Admiral then I am certainly not wrong! How about that? Just think about it!” Zhou Ling Yun was still extremely eager to obtain this talent.

Gu Hai tactfully declined, “Wing Commander Zhou, we should go look around the workshop.”

Hearing the last word, Zhou Ling Yun quickly stood up with delight, “Okay, I also want to see what kind of workshop these beautiful women operate.”

Once they reached the spacious workshop, Zhou Ling Yun observed all corners of the area for a moment, repeatedly nodding his head, “Not bad, not bad. It has truly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect it to be such a large-scale workshop, but you’ve surely proven me wrong.”

“Recently, we have been in preparation to expand the workshop area. The submittals for the land at the southern side have already been approved for construction, so we are able to commence immediately.”

While Gu Hai patiently presented the expansion project in detail, two female employees who were standing to the side, whispered, “Look at our Gu Zong, he is dressed like a real gentleman today. I almost didn’t recognize him since he’s sporting a pair of sunglasses.”

“I know, right? The officer must be a valuable client for Gu Zong to dress like that. He probably wants to leave good an impression of himself which would create more opportunities for collaboration in the future!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s true.”

Once the two men finally walked a full circle around the entire workshop, Zhou Ling Yun asked, “Does your company have any finished products that I can look at?”

“Of course,” Gu Hai politely answered and brought Zhou Ling Yun to the products’ display room.

As he looked around in amazement, Zhou Ling Yun became highly interested in a small aircraft to the side. He immediately asked Gu Hai, “When was this aircraft produced?”

“This aircraft has been the crown jewel among our products for the last six months. It has already received numerous science and technology awards as well,” Gu Hai said, without hesitating at all to recommend this secret weapon.

Zhou Ling Yun crouched down to examine the aircraft. Remarkable…truly remarkable. It may be small but it is highly detailed! The design leaves it at only two meters high but the engine itself can reach up to 500 horsepower and the takeoff speed can reach 300km p/hour.

“I heard your company mainly produces electronic equipment so I never expect it to also be involved in the aviation field. Have this aircraft been entirely worked on by your female employees only, from design specifications to its final production?”

“You are the first man to touch this aircraft besides me.”

Zhou Ling Yun could not help but to exclaim in admiration, “This lone soldier is a beauty that truly is marvelous!”

Gu Hai was exceptionally modest in his words, “This is our first attempt. We are still very inexperienced in this field and we ended up manufacturing such an abnormal product, please don’t laugh at us.”

Zhou Ling Yun patted Gu Hai’s shoulder, “Please do not say that. I honestly cannot emphasize how much I like it!”

“You can jump in and give it a try. If you like it, you can have it as a present. That way, it will be even more convenient for you when you drive this to go grocery shopping,” Gu Hai said magnanimously.

“Ha, ha, ha……” Zhou Ling Yun let out a hearty laughter, “I really do want to give it a try. For half my lifetime, I’ve flown all kind of aircraft but never one produced by a team of beautiful women.”

With that said, he cheerfully opened the cockpit door and went inside.

Since the aircraft is relatively small, the cockpit was naturally not very spacious either. Therefore, just as Zhou Ling Yun stretched his foot in, it got firmly stuck at the space between the seat and where his foot should go.

He glanced down for a look only to be taken aback. Why is the design of the seat so strange? It’s not leveled and there was a small grove in the front. He wiggled his foot and slightly moved forward until he was finally able to sit down. Surprisingly, there was just enough room for both his legs to fit right in the middle and it felt rather sturdy and comfortable.

It’s actually a really user-friendly design. A woman’s mind is truly exquisite!

Zhou Ling Yun started the aircraft with much ease. However, just as he placed his hand on the thrust lever, his whole hand went numb as if he had just touched electricity. He quickly withdrew his hand and examined the aircraft’s dashboard, only to see that everything was normal. It was most likely a random, isolated incident. With that in mind, the bold and punctilious Zhou Ling Yun put on a pair of glove and reached for the thrust lever again.

As a result, when Zhou Ling Yun’s hand gripped the thrust lever, a strong electric current vigorously attacked him. By the time he tried to remove his hand, it was already too late. That arm has completely lost all strength and his hand was firmly stuck on the thrust lever. He gritted his teeth as a stabbing pain akin to a strong tidal wave unfurled throughout his body. All the while, large beads of sweat dripped from his forehead.

When Zhou Ling Yun managed to pull his hand away from the thrust lever with what strength he could muster, the skin on the palm of his hand was seared black and the back of his hand was badly mangled. As it turned out, this hand happened to be the one that had once gripped Xiao Yin Zi.

Zhou Ling Yun has indeed proven himself to be a worthy man. Even after facing such a serious predicament, he was still able to calmly switch off the engine before attempting to open the cockpit door.

Unfortunately, no matter what method he used, the door would not open. Then, having no other option, he clenched his fist and ruthlessly pound the inner wall of the cockpit. He couldn’t identify what he had struck in his vexation when the seat suddenly shook.

Then, a familiar sense of intense pain and numbness spread out at the lower half of his body. It was the same feeling that had assailed him a moment ago when he had gripped the thrust lever. The intense vibration came from the groove at the front part of the seat.

Zhou Ling Yun’s chest tightened when he looked at his scorched hand, then at his crotch where his family jewel was, it felt as though it was sapped lifeless. It did not matter much that both his hands were electrocuted since they were already old, coarse and unpleasant to look at. But his family jewel must not–by all means–suffer any catastrophe. He was still counting on this ‘toy’ to carry on his bloodline!

But the problem was, Zhou Ling Yun could not move at all. His butt has somehow been screwed firmly onto this mystical seat while his crotch was being punctured by a powerful burst of electric current, each burst fiercer than the next. Even the strongest man cannot endure this kind of stimulation! In just seconds, Zhou Ling Yun’s whole face twisted in pain as if water had been strenuously wrung from it, one drop at a time.

Gu Hai anxiously knocked on the outer wall of the cockpit on purpose, “Wing Commander Zhou, did something happen?”

Zhou Ling Yun roared, “Open the door for me!”

“What? I can’t hear you!” Gu Hai faced him and shouted loudly.

Once Zhou Ling Yun noticed that his flight pants were being scorched, his voice was irascible and littered with eagerness, “Hurry up and open this door!”

“Huh?” Gu Hai still wore the same confused and clueless expression, “What did you say?”

Zhou Ling Yun’s brows twisted together with irritation before he looked at Gu Hai’s face again only to detect a small trace of a smirk smeared at the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, something came to his mind. When he touched his own flight suit, a strange metallic texture rubbed against his hand. It was obvious to him now that this was the cause of influx of electric current since metal is a conductor of heat and electricity. Naturally, this knowledge made him instantly fly into a violent rage!

This kid actually set up a trap and waited for me to jump in!

By now, the seat had nearly reached a high temperature of 300 degrees. Zhou Ling Yun looked as though he was being tortured by a hot pillar[1] as he bellowed uncontrollably and attempted to use brute force to pull the cockpit door open. But, he quickly realized that it was better if he did not pull it since every time he did so, the frequency of the vibration from the seat would increase immensely. It seemed as though it would explode at any given moment.

However, Zhou Ling Yun was not called a seasoned war veteran for no reason! Even though he was being tortured by the scorching seat, he still did not lose his head. Instead, he simply adjusted his position. Just as the temperature seemed to increase even more, he gave an explosive push against the door and bolted out of the cockpit.

Although this person did not die, this incident was definitely more than enough to make him suffer!

Even if he was able to escape this explosion and his family jewel and balls were not blown to pieces, but that doesn’t mean they did not suffer any injuries. His flight pant was scorched until only half remained intact and blood from trickling from the crotch area. One can only imagine the level of pain that ravaged him.

But! More importantly, he had lost all his dignity!

He was in high spirits when he first arrived, but in less than half an hour, his entire body was injured beyond recognition…especially the spot down there. In a company comprised of only women that even the security guard along with the emergency staff were also women, where can Zhou Ling Yun hide his face?!

“Don’t come near me!” Zhou Ling Yun bellowed at a female security, “Find my guards!”

Looking at him, Gu Hai put on an act and roared at the female security, “Why aren’t you hurrying up to find him?”

“I found him already but he has diarrhea. I can’t go into the men’s bathroom!” the female guard said with a face redden with embarrassment.

Gu Hai grabbed a cloth from the female security’s hands, crouched down near Zhou Ling Yun and politely said, “Wing Commander Zhou, an ambulance will arrive shortly but for the time being, it’s important to stop the bleeding. Since I’m the only man here, there no need for you to be modest with me.”

A second later, the cloth was wrapped around Zhou Ling Yun’s crotch, firmly and tightly.

Zhou Ling Yun nearly fainted from the pain. The only thing that remained in his eyes was a glint that emitting from a pair of sunglasses.

Upon seeing Zhou Ling Yun’s painful reaction, Gu Hai swung his head around to look at the security behind him and asked, “Was this cloth clean?”

“No, I had just used salt water to disinfect it!”

A short while later, the ambulance finally arrived. The moment he was lifted on to the stretcher, Zhou Ling Yun firmly grasped Gu Hai’s hand with all his might. The couple of words he spoke out next could shatter the ground to pieces.

“I will remember you!!”

Hidden behind the sunglasses, Gu Hai’s eyes were also fierce and frightening.

“Bai Luo Yin is my sweetheart. You can train your soldiers, but you can’t touch my sweetheart. Since you hurt me and my sweetheart, I’ll make your saggy dick and balls hurt!”[2]

Translator’s Note:

[1] hot pillar (炮烙之刑) an ancient Chinese torture device

[2] I don’t think Zhou Ling Yun actually heard what Gu Hai said at the end since he was in severe pain and was being carried away to the ambulance.

[3] The last sentence can be translated to: “Bai Luo Yin is my beloved. You can train your soldiers, but you can’t touch my beloved. Since you made my heart and my beloved hurt…” Or “…since you hurt my beloved/sweetheart…”

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  1. the xiao yinzi’s father is really take revenge on the commander.

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