Lawless: Chapter 74

Qi Xiu Yuan felt like he could not keep himself calm at all. Since the moment Xiao Li stooped down to look up at him with brightened eyes that looked as if all his dream had come true, and his voice was low yet full of determination as he said to him, ‘Qi Xiu Yuan, I am willing to.’ he felt as though he had been dreaming.

At that time, he had absent-mindedly listened to Xiao Li plotting out his plan with the police; listened to him give his men a call; infatuatedly and bewilderedly got in the elevator with him, watched the lounge bustled with words of power, then he felt as though he was floating along the wind as Xiao Li pushed him toward a black box style car and carefully helped him into the back seat.

It was only until Xiao Li had placed his wheelchair in the trunk, open the car door and sat beside him and said a few words that he could not discern, did Qi Xiu Yuan finally sobered up a bit.

“What did you just say?” He leaned toward Xiao Li and asked, completely ignoring his own injuries as he moved in even closer.

Xiao Li smiled, amused by his little gesture. He carefully adjusted Qi Xiu Yuan’s posture, making sure not to touch any of his injuries before he whispered, “I asked if you feel uncomfortable anywhere.”

“No.” He stared at Xiao Li, “I love you.”

Guo Jin Long who was personally driving the car suddenly coughed while Xiao Li seemed to have gotten himself a bit of a headache and helplessness. He lowered his voice again, “You should at least look at the situation.”

Qi Xiu Yuan was completely unaware as he greedily and adoringly stared at Xiao Li’s face and reached out to hold his hand.

Once Xiao Li’s hand was in his, did he noticed that his hand was cold and damped, it was cold sweat. Surprised, Qi Xiu Yuan thought of something and whispered, “You said something about moving the plan ahead of time, is it very dangerous?”

Xiao Li wanted to say, ‘it’s no big deal’ or ‘it’s no danger at all so you don’t need to worry’ but Qi Xiu Yuan seemed as though he knew what he was going to say and tightened the grip on his hand. Qi Xiu Yuan lowered a bit more as he pleaded, “Xiao Li.”

Since Xiao Li was an adolescence, he had already managed his personal affair and had gotten into the habit of assuming his own responsibilities. In his dictionary, don’t mention the word, ‘complain’, even the word, ‘discussion’ was not in there. He used these habit as a method to protect him and the people that he cared about. However, this habit was often the cause that made him misunderstood and injured the people he cared for. Han Jia has always accused him of not trusting anyone and Xiao Yang had also drifted apart from him for many years because of it. Although Qi Xiu Yuan had said, ‘even if you don’t say it, wouldn’t I be able to guess it?’ but it seemed now, he doesn’t have the heart to let his imagination run wild.

“A bit,” he answered but then thought about it again and finally said, “If we wait a bit longer, we’ll be able to completely succeed.”

“Then why not wait?” Qi Xiu Yuan asked, “Is it because of me? Are you afraid that I’ll suffer in Li Shi Qing’s hand?”

“No, it’s my own reason.” Xiao Li earnestly answered.

Qi Xiu Yuan was going to ask again but Guo Jin Long no longer able to stand the two—talking about some things that were unrelated to the situation at hand—coughed again and asked, “Li Ge, are we going north to look for Qiang Ge? How about we call for a few more men to come?”

“There’s no need to,” Xiao Li simply put it.

“But didn’t we agree to by-pass Qiang Ge before? Among the four leaders, he’s the old school one and has given up because of Qing Ye. If he’s discontent with us and wants to do something about it, what are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry,” Xiao Li consoled, “Feng Qiang has not given up at all. He spoke to me today and from the look of it, he’s bitterly disappointed at the gang, perhaps no less than Fan Peng.”

Guo Jin Long hesitated a bit, “Only talked? Li Ge, are you certain—”

Xiao Li laughed, “At first, I wanted to wait and sit on the matter before bringing it up again but doing it now is also good as to avoid any more trouble……” he suddenly became startled and his eyes widened, “Stop!”

Guo Jin Long immediately stepped on the brakes then saw what Xiao Li saw and became startled too.

On the opposite side of the wide road, a stream of black car sped by, constantly switching between the lanes with urgency. After carefully looking, it was all Audi A8 models; it was definitely Feng Qiang’s taste.

“Cell phone!” Xiao Li took the phone from Guo Jin Long and opened the car door to go out. But he returned and gripped Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand, ordering yet imploring him, “Wait in the car.”

Then he quickly got out of the car and waved into the distance while on the phone.

Soon, the fleet of cars on the opposite side stopped and about seven to right people came out one by one, completely ignoring traffic rules and regulations and came to the side of the road. Crossing over the rail first was indeed Feng Qiang.

“Why are you here?” He ran over breathless, and asked Xiao Li without hesitation, “I received a call from Qing Ye, saying something happened at the Arc de Triomphe. He was worried something happened to you and told me to go get you but why are you—”

He stopped and looked at Xiao Li’s expression; that expression shocked him speechless, causing him to immediately shiver.

“Qiang Ge?” The subordinate behind him called out.

“Stand far away!” Feng Qiang shouted.

The subordinates were unaware of the situation and hesitantly walked a bit further back.

“Go fucking further!” Feng Qiang shouted even louder. By the time, those subordinates were far enough, he immediately stepped forward and pushed Xiao Li against the car.

Xiao Li frowned, “Take it easy, I have injuries.”

“What the fuck is going on?” The strength in Feng Qiang’s hands did not lessen, “It’s you? It’s you?”

Xiao Li was shoved until he drew in breath from the pain. He gripped his wrist and when Feng Qiang tried to shake him off, Xiao Li took control with all his strength and pushed him away a bit. He held onto his stomach and stood up straight before answering without hesitation, “It was me.”

“Why?” Feng Qiang turned his head around and glance at his subordinates who had withdrawn to a distance. In a low voice, he angrily spoke, “Xiao Li, we took an oath to never betray! Not only that, Qing Ye treated you……even if he did not treat you well, the gang has never treated you unfairly. Without the gang, would you and I be here today?”

Xiao Li did not answer his question, instead, he quietly looked at him for a while. He looked until he suspected that Feng Qiang was about to call his subordinates over before he finally spoke. “Earlier today you asked me, ‘what’s the purpose of us being a leader?’”

“I did, but there was no other meaning to it. I never thought about not being a leader. I was only saying a few fucking things that were on my mind. Don’t tell me because of those few words I said, you’re—how did we become like this? The four of us……” he irritably grabbed his own hair as his voice became even lower, “Xiao Li, go back. I’ll pretend to have not seen you. I’ll pretend not to know these things. Qing Ye will understand, he—”

He was still chattering away when Xiao Li sighed and suddenly reached out to ruffle his hair.

The last time they were this close seemed like a long, long time ago. Xiao Li was already a leader of his own territory but Feng Qiang was still a brother to him. The rim of Feng Qiang’s eyes was hot as he lowered his head.

“Don’t worry,” he heard Xiao Li’s deep and low voice that sounded very convincing, “I have an even better way.”

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5 thoughts on “Lawless: Chapter 74

  1. Thank you for posting so quickly! The closer to the ending we are, the more tension there is! I can’t stand the suspense!


  2. Thanks for the update ^_^
    I feel a bit lost iwth all the internal affairs 😛
    But i wil enjoy rereading the whole book straight once its over !
    Thanks a lot for your hard work


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