Lawless: Chapter 79


Three police cars parted ways at a fork in the road, and the car carrying Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li made a turn toward the other direction. The driver looked back and said, “You two really are……that something, huh?”

Li Shi Qing has never felt so miserable. With Xiao Li’s departure, it was like a large portion of his vitality was taken away, making it seem as if he has aged ten years because of this.

Qi Xiu Yuan held Xiao Li’s hand and slowly said, “What is there to ask about such an obvious matter?” He turned to give Xiao Li a glance then continued to speak, “Back then, Sun Ze Yu came to know my parents when he was investigating my grandfather. He gave up on my grandfather because he discovered that there were greater advantages that could be gained. At that time, he controlled my parents and the other gangs just like how he controlled Li Shi Qing and Lu Wu. But when my parents were determined to break away from his control, he murdered them. Because he had once said……” he gripped Xiao Li’s hand tighter, to seek some warmth before he went on. “He had once coveted my mother. The belongings left behind by my mother had some of his personal letters that contained records of the things he had done at the beginning of his career. Fraudulent, bribery, embezzlement along with his participation in illegal narcotics trade and so on. Commander Wu[1], you should use it well.”

Li Shi Qing recalled the past and tried to figure out where he had gone wrong. Ultimately, he thought…if only he had killed Chen Wu as his first step, if only he did not underestimate Qi Xiu Yuan, if only he was a bit more patient with Xiao Li back then, if only he had disregarded all the consequences and possessed him. if only……he thought about it some more…but everything was too late now.  Back then, when he was nearly forced to desperation with nowhere out by Ma Que Zi, Liu Zi Cheng was not able to make it over here, two of his most trust subordinates had died and Xiao Li was seriously injured because of him, wasn’t he still able to turn defeat into victory?  Therefore, today’s situation cannot be said to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Only if he could rise again, he will……

When the police car finally stopped, Wu Qing Hua looked back and laughed at them, “I’ll have to drop you off here. Sun Tingzhang’s relationship with the bureaucracy has very complicated problems so it’s very hard to tackle it. I’m afraid, I’ll have to work even harder but these letters have definitely increased my hand power in this game. If you guys have some spare time, burn some incenses and pray to Buddha for me. Bless me that if I do not die, Sun Ze Yu’s downfall will be printed in the newspaper one day.”

What would have happened to him? Li Shi Qing thought, where would Xiao Li be as he leaned back into the seat. Would he be together with Qi Xiu Yuan or perhaps he had already dated many others? None of it matters anymore, he thought, he was betrayed by the person that he had great expectations of…he will not let him off easily. He will find him and make him understand how dreadful it is to betray Li Shi Qing. No. Perhaps, he should treat Xiao Li gently, lock him up, then treat him with tender care……

Once Xiao Li caught sight of Qi Xiu Yuan’s slow movements, he reached out to support him while saying, “We should have let Wu Qing Hua drive us further.”

Qi Xiu Yuan seized the opportunity to place his hand on Xiao Li’s shoulder then wind around a corner into an alleyway. “I don’t want him to see the people who are coming to our aid. Besides…” he looked around the area for a second before moving in to kiss Xiao Li’s ear then whispered, “I like walking with you.”

Xiao Li’s ears immediately burned to redness, but he glued even closer to him. The two mutually supported each other and made their way down the mountain road until they saw a Jeep covered in dust waiting for them. Standing beside it was Susu, wearing an extremely worried expression.

Li Shi Qing doesn’t know how long he was lost in his own thoughts. But after noticing an ordinary looking car parked at the side, he saw a thin figure wearing a black outfit emerged in the rear-view mirror.

As that person opened the back car door and sat on the backseat, a cool breeze along with a faint metallic scent sailed in.

Li Shi Qing frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

“The person that’s going to help you,” the woman faintly smiled, holding a syringe in her hand. “What a pity that it’s not poison. If you knew me when I hadn’t retired yet, I was known as the angel of poison.”

“Did you bring everything I wanted you to bring?” Qi Xiu Yuan asked.

“I brought it, I brought it. That student of yours gave me a long list of items. I was so tired looking for it all.”

Susu leaned on the seat. She turned her head slightly and nodded while staring at Xiao Li—who was sitting beside Qi Xiu Yuan—before she finally said, “Xiao Da Ge, it turns out that Xiao Yang wasn’t actually joking around. You and my brother are really together.”

Qi Xiu Yuan looked nervously at Xiao Li. Having both siblings staring so intently at him with their set of black eyes, Xiao Li realized that it was only during a time like this did they resembled each other. Looking at them, he couldn’t help but smile, “Yes, we are.”

Just as Xiao Li’s voice sounded, a firm kiss immediately landed on his cheek from Qi Xiu Yuan.

Susu covered her mouth and gasped in surprise. The driver beside her glanced at the rearview mirror in disdain. “I told you long ago that he’s a beastly teacher. Humph!”

Li Shi Qing weakly leaned back into the seat; the drug has made it impossible for him to move a single finger. All he could do was watch the woman as she untied the rope around his hand. With a pair of gloves on, she squeezed a gun into his right hand then lifted that hand to aim the muzzle at his temple.

“Don’t worry,” the woman’s soft voice traveled in his ear, “You won’t feel any pain.”

Li Shi Qing looked at the rear-view mirror in silence only to see a pair of large goggles and behind it, a set of cold and emotionless eyes.

He did not want the killer’s face to be the last thing he saw in his life. So, he shifted his gaze toward the direction where Xiao Li had left.

He never closed his eyes.

Xiao Li sat in silence then turned around to look at the direction they had come from. There was a hint of darkness in his eyes as if there was something invisible binding and troubling him.

Seeing that, Qi Xiu Yuan scooted closer, rested his chin on his shoulder and asked in a low tone, “What are you thinking about?”

Without moving, Xiao Li simply replied in a low voice as well, “The past.”

Qi Xiu Yuan laughed lightly. “That’s all in the past now. It’s better to help me think about the future.”

Xiao Li simply said ‘okay’ and turned back to look at him. Their eyes locked for a moment before they carefully kissed, and after their lips parted, a faint smile remained on their faces as they leaned against each other.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Susu was in the midst of texting Xiao Yang so she didn’t see the scene. However, Han Jia’s widened eyes repeatedly as he watched the scene in the rear-view mirror, then gradually a faint smile emerged on his lips too.

Zhang Juan Juan coldly and cautiously glanced around the car then pushed the door open to get out. She took off her black trench coat and the goggles that had a few droplets of blood on it. After placing it all in a bag, she threw it the trunk of her car.

Then she got into the car, made a phone call and started the engine. The car started smoothly, made a turn in front of Li Shi Qing’s car, bypassed the bloodstain on the ground and calmly made its way back to the city.

Zhang Juan Juan had on an indifferent expression as she looked ahead. Soon, the resplendent lights, the chaos, the excitement and the allure of the city came into her field of view.

Yes, that is her home but also her battlefield…and a lot of other people’s battlefield.

Susu slowly fell asleep.

Han Jia concentrated on driving.

Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li did not speak.

His hand was in his hand, his shoulder was beside his shoulder, their eyes did not meet but their smile betrayed their heart.

Even though there were two wounded people in the car—a guy that was previously wounded and a girl without an ounce of a scheming heart—the atmosphere was of peace and joy.

It was as if the dark and gloomy sky was not ahead of them, but rather a journey painted with the colors of spring.

It was as if they were not abandoning something, but rather gaining something.

It was as if they were not leaving their hometown, but rather speeding toward their hometown.

‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) These are tears of happiness! This novel is finally completed. I can’t believe I actually finished translating a whole novel. Special thanks for my dear Nancy ❤

I personally enjoy the simple ending; it’s nothing grandeur or over the top not with just the two main. Their happiness is shared with the people they cared for the most. While Zhang Juan Juan chose to remain in the underworld (cause she freaking badass), Xiao Li made peace with it and chose to walk a path better suited for him, not only for himself but for Qi Xiu Yuan, Xiao Yang, Han Jia, and even Susu.

Please do remember that the simplest, most enjoyable part of life is being with the people you love. Although at the time you may not know or feel their love for you, it is there, more than you can ever know!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this novel as much as I enjoyed translating it. It is my greatest joy to share it with each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time to read and get to know the characters and their struggles with me. I truly appreciated it all.

See everyone soon for the epilogue!

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ  Sae

Translator’s Note:

[1] Commander Wu (Wu Qing Hua) – he first appeared in chapter 18 as the person that gave Xiao Li the traffic cam image of Qi Xiu Yuan piggybacking him. He then got some action in chapter 71 when he busted open the door to Xiao Li’s room when he was held captive at the Arc de Triomphe.

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  1. Yes it’s finally over, thanks for this long work.
    I really enjoyed this novel and I attached myself to the 2 characters
    The end is just perfect, simple but perfect.


  2. T_T it’s over.. Thankyou for ur hardwork Saehan-nim. Loved da ending.. Thankyou for providing us wid delightful journey 😍❤️❤️❤️


  3. thank you for translating the novel. from the beginning to end. i love the 2 charcters. they are adorable. and for the translator, thank you very much. i’ll be waiting for the epilogue.


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    Thank you very much 💕


  5. Amazing work and really quite selfless of you to do this all this work so others can enjoy. I hope you know we all appreciate what you do and that you have an incredible talent! Hope one day to read your own original novel.


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