Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 53

The Truth is Finally Out

Translate: Nancy | Edit: Sae | Proofread: Sienna

Seizing the time that Bai Luo Yin was asleep, Gu Hai gave Jiang Yuan a call.

“Hello, Xiao Hai. Is that you?” Jiang Yuan said, her voice sounded rather surprised.

Gu Hai cleared his throat, “Yin Zi had been injured, so he’s been staying at my place.”

“What? He was injured?” Jiang Yuan became anxious. “Where? Was it serious?”

“He recovered already.” Gu Hai lowered his voice to explain, “Since his training missions have been too excessive recently, his body wasn’t able to tolerate it all. He came to my place to rest for a few days, but he wasn’t able to notify his commander beforehand or request a leave of absence. That might cause some troubles when he returns to the base.”

Hearing that, Jiang Yuan immediately understood the implication. “Don’t worry, I’ll speak to his commander and explain that I miss my son and force him to stay home for a few days. Even if he doesn’t respect me, he has to respect your dad.”

Feeling satisfied, Gu Hai simply said, ‘okay’ and added, “Don’t tell Yin Zi about this.”

“I know.”

After hanging up, Jiang Yuan felt rather content that Gu Hai had willingly asked her for assistance. That alone indicated to her that he had acknowledged her as a mother. While she was still in her thoughts, the door suddenly opened, and Gu Wei Ting walked in.

“Hey, weren’t you supposed to attend a meeting?” Jiang Yuan looked at him with surprise.

Gu Wei Ying nodded and unenthusiastically replied, “It was canceled in the last minute.”

“Oh.” Jiang Yuan turned around and continued to look at herself in the mirror.

“I received a call from the Air Force just a moment ago, informing that Bai Luo Yin has been absent for a week without any reason.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Yuan halted and twirled around to look at Gu Wei Ting.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to tell you that I brought Yin Zi home.”

There were hints of suspicion in his gaze, “Are you really the one who brought him home? How come I haven’t seen him?”

“You’ve been working elsewhere for the entire week, how would you have seen him? He left a while ago since I let him go visit his dad. I’ll take him back to the base later.” Jiang Yuan said as if it was the truth.

Gu Wei Ting sneered coldly, “I thought he was involved with Xiao Hai again.”

Jiang Yuan pretended to be annoyed, “Can you think about something else other than that? Even if the two of them lived together, so what? They are brothers. Plus, they are also collaborating on a business transaction. That is certainly a great ordeal! Why do things always become so foul whenever it comes out of your mouth?”

“Are you blaming me?” Gu Wei Ting’s expression appeared somewhat displeased. “Who told you to bring him back without permission? Don’t you know that the military has its own rules? If you keep violating the system like this, how do you expect everyone to look at me?”

“You’re only concern about yourself! When are you going to stop thinking only about how to rise through the ranks?” Jiang Yuan continued with resentment, “Can’t I miss my son? When you miss your son, all you have to do is drive to his company? But when I want to see my son for just a second, I have to be cautious as to not hurt your reputation every time. How is that easy on me?”

Not wanting to hear her nag, Gu Wei Ting walked into the kitchen, grabbed a cucumber, and started to eat it.

“Who allowed you to eat my cucumber?” Jiang Yuan said, deliberately picking a fight.

Gu Wei Ting lowered his head to look at the cucumber in his hand, then at the basket of vegetable to the side. Then he absent-mindedly replied, “Aren’t there more right here?”

“That is the only thick and straight one, the rest are useless.”

Gu Wei Ting suddenly froze on the spot. Is it necessary to be so bold? Even if I haven’t come home for a week, is there a need to ridicule me?

While he was still in the midst of contemplating whether to take another bite or not, Jiang Yuan suddenly walked into the kitchen. She grabbed a cucumber then gave Gu Wei Ting a fierce glare before returning to sit in front of the dressing table.

Gu Wei Ting watched helplessly as Jiang Yuan chopped the cucumber into thin slices and stuck it on her face one at a time while grumbling to herself. “Look, this cucumber is thin and crooked, the slices are so uneven….”

“…” Gu Wei Ting.

Later at noon, Gu Hai received a call from Gu Yang.

“Where are you?”

Gu Hai got up and walked toward the bathroom, “At a restaurant, what’s wrong?”

“Come over immediately. I’m in danger.”

Gu Hai wanted to ask more but Gu Yang had already hung up. Gu Yang had always had that awful habit, every time he, Gu Hai, received a call from him, so as long as he had said what he wanted to, he would not care to hear what the other had to say.

When he returned to the seat, Bai Luo Yin was still eating his meal.

“Come home with me in the afternoon. It must have been ages since you’ve seen my dad and Aunt Zou, right?”

Gu Hai stared blankly for a bit then his head nodded in agreement. “Okay! My father-in-law won’t kick me out, right?”

Bai Luo Yin suddenly stomped on Gu Hai’s foot then looked at him with a nonchalant expression as if nothing had happened. “Don’t you already know your father and mother in-law’s characteristics by now?”

Gu Hai lightly coughed and continued to immerse in eating his food.

When they were almost done, Gu Hai looked at Bai Luo Yin and said, “Yin Zi, I have to go out first for a bit. It’ll be really quick. Wait for me at work and don’t run all over the place!”

“How come you’re not taking me this time?” Bai Luo Yin wondered, “If you’re that afraid I’d run off, then take me with you!!”

“Since it will only be for a short while, I don’t want to trouble you.”

Bai Luo Yin looked at him attentively before he finally spoke, “Okay, you can go!”

As a result of said permission, Gu Hai raced toward the hospital and brought along the scar reducing medicine that Yan Ya Jing had given him. It had certainly been confirmed that the medication was pretty good. Bai Luo Yin had only used it for a few days and the scars on his hands had lightened up significantly.  Fully knowing that Gu Yang was such a vain person, he would definitely hold a grudge against Zhou Ling Yun for the rest of his life for any scars on his body.

“I see that you are perfectly well. It doesn’t look like you’re in any danger!” Gu Hai said.

Gu Yang glanced outside, eyes completely filled with irritation.

“There’s nothing wrong with my body but the crucial point is, I can’t get out of here. There are loads of organizational matters that I need me to attend to in Hong Kong. I’m being restricted even when I’m just making a simple phone call.”

Gu Hai pretended not to know anything, “Why can’t you get out of here?”

“Didn’t you see the soldiers guarding the door?”

“Why are there soldiers guarding your doorway?” Gu Hai continued to pretend.

Gu Yang’s gloomy face emerged with a slightly scowling expression. “I’ve somehow angered a Wing Commander.”

Gu Hai let out a light cough, “Why did you call me over then? They’re all armed while I’m completely defenseless. Are you asking me to confront all those tough soldiers with violence?”

“Who wants you to confront them with violence?” Gu Yang said, hooking his finger.

Seeing that gesture, Gu Hai moved his ear closer.

“I want you to be my substitute!”

Gu Hai looked at Gu Yang with uncertainty, “Substitute?”

“That’s right, a substitute…” Gu Yang continued in a cautious yet serious manner, “Just like the time I saved you from that tunnel. Only now, it’s vice versa. You just have to wear the patient gown and sit here while I wear your clothes to walk out of here. Don’t worry, those soldiers won’t be able to tell.”

Gu Hai secretly sneered coldly, I’ve only just deceived you to replace me as a substitute, yet you want me to become your substitute? What kind of bullshit is that!

“Don’t worry, once he realizes that you’re not really me, he won’t make it difficult for you.” Gu Yang adding, not forgetting to mention that as well.

Gu Hai really wanted to look up at the sky and howl, since he still hasn’t realized that you’re the fake one yet, how can I rely on him to find out that I am the fake one then?

“How about this!” Gu Hai was still kind, “I’ll go to Hong Kong and handle all the matters for you. You can relax and stay here to deal with that Wing Commander. I believe in your ability!”

An icy expression filled Gu Yang’s eyes, “You are going to see me die without helping?”

“My ability is really limited!” Gu Hai patted his shoulder and then took out a small medicine bottle. “Here, this is for reducing the appearance of scars. You have to use it three times a day and right after the stitches are removed, you can use it immediately. Those are the only thing that I can do for you.”

Gu Yang took the medicine bottle, feeling rather moved by that kind act. Just looking at it caused him to completely dismiss the idea of letting Gu Hai taking the risk.

“Okay, you can leave!”

Gu Hai’s expression changed as soon as he turned around. Asshole! Do you actually want to frame me? Have a good look and see who framed you!

Just as Zhou Ling Yun walked out of the elevator, he saw a familiar silhouette.

Although he only caught the side of his face, Gu Hai’s body structure extremely prominent, making it impossible to replicate. For that reason alone, Zhou Ling Yun was naturally able to recognize him with just a single glance.

Thinking that he might have escaped, Zhou Ling Yun twisted his head to the side only to see that all the soldiers were still guarding the door. There were no commotions or anything out of the ordinary at all.

This time around, Zhou Ling Yun was adamant that Gu Hai did walk out of his room, especially when he does not possess the ability or was there a possibility of him suddenly escaping under such tight surveillance. However, when he pushed the door open, Gu Yang was still sitting obediently on the bed in his patient’s gown.

What in the world is going on? Is the place haunted?

Zhou Ling Yun steadily moved his footsteps toward Gu Yang’s bed and once he opened his mouth, the most astonishing words flew out.

“I just saw you walking down the stairs a moment ago but now you’re sitting on the bed. That ‘you’ was dressed in casual clothes but this ‘you’ is still wearing a patient gown….”

Gu Yang took a deep breath, completely defeated by Zhou Ling Yun’s stupidity.

“That was my little brother! We are two different people!”

Zhou Ling Yun’s body trembled immensely, “Your little brother? Are you twins?”

Gu Yang snorted coldly, “We are not twins, but we can pass as twins.”

Zhou Ling Yun suddenly remembered the scene in the bathroom and the constant nonsense that Gu Yang had been spouting for the last few days. From that, he suddenly realized something and grabbed Gu Yang’s arm. “You are not the boss of Beijing Haiyin High-Tech Co. Ltd.?”

Gu Yang threw his hand off, “You caught the wrong person.”

Zhou Ling Yun’s complexion changed from green to pale white, “You’re not Gu Hai?”

Hearing that, Gu Yang’s expression also changed. “Don’t tell me… the person you wanted to catch was Gu Hai?”

Zhou Ling Yun’s face was now completely flaming with anger.

Seeing that expression, Gu Yang instantly understood everything.

“You’re Zhou Ling Yun? I’ll remember you! Please remember me, my name is Gu Yang!”

For some reason, Zhou Ling Yun still refused to give up. “But Bai Luo Yin said you are Gu Hai. What’s more is that I clearly remember the day you maliciously tricked me at your company while wearing that same exact pair of sunglasses.”

With that said, he took out the sunglasses from his pocket and placed it on Gu Yang’s hand.

Gu Yang gritted his teeth with eyes bursting with eyes extreme chilliness.

Bai Luo Yin, I’ve truly underestimated you!

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  1. ROFL…
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  2. OMG Zhou Ling Yung & Gu Yang might join forces to get their revenge on GH & BLY!!!

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  3. Gu yang had found his match when it comes to craziness and being arrogant, meet ZLY. hahaha. i hope they could have their own side story. lol. i am shipping them. though i knew there will be no story for them in this novel. i just hope. lol


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