Addicted: Book Two – Chapters 59

Is it still love at first sight?

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Having stayed at Gu Yang’s company for almost ten days, Gu Hai practically knew all the ins and outs of its procedures to the tee. Every item in the company, from the largest machine and equipment to the smallest office stationery and handicraft, as long as Gu Hai fancied it, he would order someone to ship it to Beijing without exception. In addition, employing a ‘cost-cutting’ method as a firm and indisputable reason, he easily reduced the company’s original funding by two-thirds. As for where that elusive one-third of the funds had gone, no one knew except for Gu Hai.

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Lawless: Extra – Chapter 81 (pt 2)

Section 06-10



Qi Xiu Yuan was a bit envious.

He loves to go outside together with Xiao Li. When they first came here, they had gone out to purchase a mobile phone together and went into an old and shabby shop that doesn’t require an ID for a sim card; they bought clothes together and also went to the supermarket to buy some necessities together. Since Qi Xiu Yuan walked slowly, Xiao Li also walked slowly and chatted with him nonstop. They seemed like a husband and wife who have lived their entire life together.  Continue reading “Lawless: Extra – Chapter 81 (pt 2)”

Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 58

Temporarily Shifting the Conflict

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When Gu Yang walked back to Bai Luo Yin’s dorm, he saw him leaning against the sofa with half of his face hidden from the lights—his fatigued appearance exposed hints of mysteriousness. Without any particular expression, Gu Yang went to sit next to him. But when he noticed the floor covered with cigarette ashes, he asked faintly, “Have you been smoking here since I left?”

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 57

One more Ruthless than the Other

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Bai Luo Yin thought that after Gu Yang left in a fit of rage, that matter would immediately come to an end. How could he have known that it was only the beginning? The next day, Gu Yang went straight to HaiYin High-Tech Co. without a moment of hesitation, and under the disguise of Gu Hai’s impeccable reputation, he caused all kinds of damage. He even dared to flirt with the division manager in front of all employees, completely shattering Gu Hai’s image.

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