Lawless: Extra – Chapter 80 (pt 2)

Section 06-10



Sleeping in a room with his sweetheart, but having to be separated by just an altitude of 50cm was truly a kind of torture.

The lights from the public square of the train station were on all night long; and when Qi Xiu Yuan was unable to sleep, he would often look at Xiao Li through those rays of fuzzy light.

Sometimes, he simply felt like a pervert since the gaze he used to scan Xiao Li’s body almost seemed like he was defiling him. Xiao Li was injured on the left side of his chest. In order to reduce the pressure on the wound, he always lay flat or to the right.

If he lied flat on his back, Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes tend to move back and forth on his beautiful lips, his slightly undulating chests, from his hips to his thighs, and then back up. If he moved to the right, his eyes would sweep along Xiao Li’s soft curve and he would stop and concentrate on his waist and butt.

It was like a sweet and secretive crime.

Qi Xiu Yuan was unable to free himself from those indulges until his breath quickened and his body relaxed; then he would shift his gaze.

However, sometimes that has nothing to do with desire. Qi Xiu Yuan just quietly looked at the Xiao Li sleeping; in that way, he was able to receive peace from the worries swimming in his mind.

Merely looking at the shadows of his eyelashes, the outline of his cheeks or even just listening to his shallow breathing, he would have a sense of happiness. That sense of happiness made him unable to take his eyes away. It was as if the second he closed his eyes, Xiao Li will disappear.

His eyes slowly caressed the scars on Xiao Li’s face and the wounds on his left chest, thinking how fortunate he was to be able to see the man sleeping on his side. And slowly, a kind of warmth would fill his chest—causing him to slowly fall asleep in that small and simple room—having a good dream throughout the night.



Qi Xiu Yuan sat in a chair with his head comfortably looking upward and his eyes closed.

The warm hot water flowed through Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair as Xiao Li’s slender fingers gently massaged his scalp. After he thorough dampened his hair and put the kettle down, and began to rub the shampoo into his hair.

The cheap shampoo that was provided by the small hotel had a pungent scent which for some reason made Qi Xiu Yuan feel intoxicated.

However, Xiao Li said, “It doesn’t smell good. What brand do you like? I’ll get a bottle from the supermarket next time.”

“There’s no need to, it’s fine as long as it can be used. We won’t be staying here for long anyway.”

“You actually don’t care about the quality?” Xiao Li seemed to have a small smile on. Then there was the sound of clothes rustling as if Xiao Li had gotten up; his breath closed in on Qi Xiu Yuan’s face as if he had leaned over.

Thinking that he was going to be rewarded with a kiss, Qi Xiu Yuan waited and waited until he opened his eyes only to see Xiao Li had gone to get the kettle again to help him flush the foam out of his hair.

From that upside-down point of view, Xiao Li’s expression—as he looked down on him—was full of sincerity and tenderness.

“Close your eyes.” Xiao Li said concisely.

“Kiss me and I’ll close it.” Qi Xiu Yuan said, dragging out those words.

“It’s up to you,” Xiao replied dismissively then leaned over and kissed his lips.

Qi Xiu Yuan received his wish and obediently closed his eyes. But, after thinking for a moment, he said: “It’s better to go to the supermarket to get a bottle of shampoo.”

“Didn’t you just say there was no need since we’re not staying long?”

“That’s true, but I plan to wash my hair every day.” Qi Xiu Yuan answered.



Xiao Li occasionally went out to the Internet cafe with Han Jia and contacted Xiao Yang via a chatting room.

When he was a gang leader, he rarely touched the keyboard and was very slow when he does chat with people. When Han Jia played games, listened to music, or watched movies, he was always anxious for him. He actually wanted to personally join the battle in typing just to assist him.

Xiao Li always said: “Just play with what you want, Xiao Yang can wait it.”

Han Jia really wanted to ask him about Xiao Yang’s situation—however, he always thought that Xiao Li would not be very detailed and since that would just make their conversation sound stereotypical, he never asked anything.

But, when they returned to the small hotel and Qi Xiu Yuan asked, Xiao Li would always answer. No matter what Qi Xiu Yuan asked, he would answer each and every time.

During those times, Han Jia would become very angry at their easy interactions and conversations. In turn, he would constantly interrupt them until he brought Xiao Li’s attention back to himself.

Once, Xiao Li did not know what to chat with Xiao Yang about so when he and Han Jia came out of the café, he was rather quiet. When they arrived back at the hotel, he also did not answer Qi Xiu Yuan’s question.

Han Jia thought, ‘maybe he needs a cigarette’, and left to go buy some.

He returned fifteen minutes later. Since he didn’t plan on staying out long when he had gone out, he didn’t close the door all the way; and a rather unexpected event (on his part) displayed before him when he gently pushed the door open and looked inside.

Qi Xiu Yuan was still lying on the bed with Xiao Li lying beside him; both were looking up at the ceiling. Since the bed was small, the two were very close to each other with their shoulders and arms simply attached together. Qi Xiu Yuan was talking about something while Xiao Li laughed occasionally, all the while, wearing a relaxed expression.

Han Jia has never thought that Xiao Li could have such an expression.

He also does not know who else could make Xiao Li look that way.

He gently closed the door and walked around outside for a moment before throwing away the pack of cigarettes.

He felt that he could truly rest assured.


After staying in that small room for nearly a month, Han Jia gathered his belonging with the intention of leaving.

“I donated some money to a school in the west and Jiang Laoshi[1]helped me contact the school.” He said privately to Xiao Li during one of their walks. “I want to go there and have a look. If they accept me, I would like to stay there and work in one of their programs. I’ve forgotten a lot of the things that I learned back then but teaching primary school should be fine. ”

“You can also study while you teach. Weren’t you really studious back then? You’ll definitely be able to learn quickly.” Xiao Li hesitated for a moment, “I don’t quite understand those things. Do you want me to ask you Qi Xiu Yuan?”

Han Jia snorted with disdain then pulled out a card from beneath his jacket.

“You don’t even have a dime left, right?” He ridiculed Xiao Li. “How can you not leave yourself something? Did you have to be so honest? Li Shi Qing won’t actually check the account anyways so take this.” Seeing that Xiao Li was about to refuse, he rolled his eyes. “I know Qi Xiu Yuan has money but would you rather let him support you than take mine? In the end, who is closer to you, hmmm?”

Xiao Li couldn’t help but laugh, “Why are you being just like Xiao Yang and insisting on giving me money? Han Jia, I can help keep this card safe for you, but I can’t take it.”

Han Jia stared at him, “Are you saying he’s closer to you than me? Are you really planning to spend a lifetime with him?”

Xiao Li walked down the street for a while with his hands in his pants pockets before he turned around and said, “If he doesn’t change, then I won’t change either.”

Han Jia was stunned as he let his eyes remain on Xiao Li.

Finally, he did not say anything else.



Han Jia thought things through from different angles and concluded that he really doesn’t want to talk to Qi Xiu Yuan. It was as if he was not a procurer before—who like to guide other people romance.

However, Xiao Li is very important to him. When his own feelings failed, he only hopes that Xiao Li could show a relaxed expression more often.”

“Xiao Li is a very stubborn and single-minded person. Since he firmly believes in you, he will always be good to you.” He finally couldn’t help but to run over and chat with Qi Xiu Yuan.

“Don’t let him down.”

Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him with a frown: “You don’t have to worry. Since I’m being like this, it’s clear that my feelings for him won’t waver.”

“What exactly do you like about him?” Han Jia asked bluntly.

“I like everything about him. Isn’t it obvious?” Qi Xiu Yuan looked very confused. “Why are you asking me this question?”

“Then let him know.” Han Jia finally said.

After Han Jia left, and the doctor came over three or four days later to tell Xiao Li that he did not need to apply medication on his wounds anymore, he and Qi Xiu Yuan also prepared to leave.

They didn’t have much to pack; probably three to four sets of clothes and some documents.

The injuries on Qi Xiu Yuan’s leg have also recovered quite a bit. When he was walking out with his crutch, he looked at Xiao Li and deliberately said, “Did I become a bit fat?”

Xiao Li’s eyes swept over him with mockery and a hint of the need to laugh, but he still honestly replied: “No, you look almost exactly like the first time I met you. Since you lost some weight before, you feel fat now.”

“Xiao Li, you always refused me before, that’s why I was so thin. But after staying in this small and broken down place for nearly a month, I regained all the weight back.” Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him and slowly said, “It’s only when I’m together with you that I feel at peace. I really like you.”

Xiao Li helplessly covered his eyes, “Qi Xiu Yuan, can you not always say those words? Everything about you is good except for sometimes, you’re too corny.”

The sweet words that Qi Xiu Yuan meticulously prepared were met with cold shoulders, but he did not mind at all and smiled instead.

Since he had to walk slowly, Xiao Li also slowed down his pace to meet his. As the two cheerfully walked toward the nearby train station, Qi Xiu Yuan thought, Han Jia was indeed thinking too much. 

Translator’s Note: 

[1] Jiang Laoshi – Jiang Xiao Ning’s father (Xiao  is Qi Xiu Yuan’s student who is currently dating Han Jia)

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