Lawless: Extra – Chapter 80

Section 01-05


爱屋及乌Extra:  Love for a person extends even to the crows on his roof

Meaning: if you love anyone, you will love all that belongs to him


Location: A certain province, near the city’s train station, 2nd line— in a room that faced southward, measuring 25 square meters of an unknown small hotel.


A long time later, Qi Xiu Yuan would always mention how the first time they lived together was in a rather small and broken down place.

To say it precisely, that honestly could not be considered living together since the unwanted guest, Han Jia hovered over them incessantly like a bulb illuminating the room.



The room was very small; the walls were covered with paint that was peeling off, the roof had water stains from leakage that were deep and shallow, and on the cracked cement floor stood only a single bed with sheets that has stains on it—which honestly—could easily lead anyone to question its harmfulness.

The bathroom was in the room, and if the door is not close tightly, the sewer-like smell would mix in with the humidity and pervade the whole place. That was indeed the worst condition Qi Xiu Yuan has ever lived in his entire life.

However, there are many advantages to the room. It was situated in Province A, near the train station in an unknown small hotel: lodging did not require any legal documentation; transportation was easily accessible, which was convenience if they needed to escape right away; there were supermarkets and restaurants with everything needed available and also, adjacent was a pharmacy, making it convenient for Xiao Li to change out his medication.



At that time, they had just escaped from Sun Ze Yu and Li Shi Qing’s grasp. Han Jia drove a broken down Jeep and with Susu took the two of them on an overnight journey all the way to the North. On the afternoon of the next day, they arrived at the northern side of Province A where they met up with Xiao Yang.

When a friend that Xiao Yang knew form the time he had studied abroad invited him to go work oversea, he quietly resigned his current job with the intention of taking Susu with him to a faraway country. Xiao Li has always thought he was hurting and implicating Xiao Yang, so after seeing his brother’s expression for the last time, he couldn’t help but felt somewhat guilty.

But contrariwise, Xiao Yang was in an extremely great mood: after all, his own brother has left the underworld. And, although the future may be hard to predict, he was nonetheless able to cast aside that huge piece of stone from his mind; then added on how Qi Xiu Yuan was reluctant to part with his sister before, worried even when he took Susu to the neighboring province—this time, because of the difficultly of their situation, he finally agreed to let Susu go abroad for the first time.

With such good deeds descending on him repeatedly, Xiao Yang only felt content as he patiently and gracefully made a promise to Qi Xiu Yuan before taking a tearful Susu on the road toward the airport in the end.



Han Jia had gone out to purchase some necessary items while Xiao Li was tidying the bed and Qi Xiu Yuan was slowly sorting—what little belongings the three had brought—with just one hand.

When Qi Xiu Yuan seemed to be daydreaming yet again for the third time, Xiao Li asked, “Are you worried about Susu?” while rolling up the sheets with suspicious stains.

“No, she has a good plan already.” Qi Xiu Yuan shook his head. “You see, she has experienced so many things yet still never refused to break up with Xiao Yang. That I know well…I’m worried—”

“Are you afraid Xiao Yang can’t take care of her?”

Qi Xiu Yuan thought for a moment, “Susu has never faced any hardships or had it troubled her for days on end. I’m afraid, if Xiao Yang always takes care of her and picking up her mess for her. Overtime, he will abandon her……”

Xiao Li lowered his head and put out a new sheet on the bed before he stopped for a moment, and consoled: “You are also picking up the mess for me. Overtime, will you also abandon me?”

Qi Xiu Yuan froze a second then look up at him.

Keeping his head lowered, Xiao Li spread out the creases on the sheet—and even though his lashes covered his eyes, but the faint redness of his ears could still be seen. It was as if he felt he had said something very explicit.

Qi Xiu Yuan felt as though he was struck by a raging electric current. He was stunned for a moment then stood up and limped toward Xiao Li.

“Where are you going?” Xiao Li thought he wanted to go to the bathroom, so he went around the bed to help him but he was suddenly pushed down on the bed instead.

“Don’t move. I have three fractures on my body.” Qi Xiu Yuan rest his body over Xiao Li’s while being careful not to press down on his wounds; then he stuck his touch out and licked the red skin of Xiao Li’s ear that made him dazzle…when he exhaled and his hot breath blew into Xiao Li’s ears, he could feel Xiao Li shivering slightly.

Worrying about the wounds on his body, Xiao Li let Qi Xiu Yuan kiss him for a while until his own body slowly relaxed. He gradually felt excited and gently pulled Qi Xiu Yuan’s face even closer as they continued to kiss each other.

By the end of the kiss, Qi Xiu Yuan’s friend down there has already bulged up rather unbearable and was pressing between Xiao Li’s legs. Feeling it, Xiao Li was helplessly stunned before he sighed and said, “How come that there isn’t fractured?”

“There are no bones there,” Qi Xiu Yuan kissed him softly while teasing him in a hoarse tone. “If you don’t want ‘it’ to press on you, I’ll teach you a way to make it smaller. Do you want to learn?”

Having said that, he straightened his body up a bit on Xiao Li’s and started to rub up and down. Xiao Li remained unmoved; he softly reached out and slid his arms around Qi Xiu Yuan’s neck and said: “Say that again when your injuries are better.”

“Now…” Qi Xiu Yuan refused to get up and was about to say something else when he suddenly heard a loud noise.

“You beast! Aren’t you dead yet?” Han Jia stood at the door of his room with both hands carrying full bags and something tucked under his arm; his posture was rather funny yet his manner was astonishing. He looked coldly at Xi Xiu Yuan, and he cried violently.

“Fuck off, don’t you know that Xiao Li is injured?!”



Qi Xiu Yuan and Han Jia have always disliked each other. Qi Xiu Yuan’s resentment toward Han Jia started when he put his hand on his student, and Han Jia despised Qi Xiu Yuan because he saw him as a beast with no moral. More importantly, Qi Xiu Yuan couldn’t help but feel irritated when he thought of how Han Jia and Xiao Li had more than ten years of friendship. And the moment Han Jia thought of Xiao Li—his friend of more than ten years actually fallen crazy about Qi Xiu Yuan who he did not know for too long, a subtle feeling of wanting to kill someone would rise in his brain.

Since the relationship between the two was always tense, Xiao Li was a little upset. Although he had always tried his best to relieve the relationship between the two people, he apparently did not anticipate that his own existence was a negative booster toward their hostility for each other.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s words were sharp, and Han Jia refused to be at a disadvantage. The two had already quarreled when they first chose the location of where to temporarily stay then as they discussed sleeping on the bed and floor arrangement, a war nearly broke out again.

“I want to sleep on the floor with Xiao Li.” Qi Xiu Yuan said stubbornly.

“Disabled people need to sleep on the bed by themselves, otherwise, what’s going to happen if I need to go to the bathroom and step on you?” Han Jia was childish.

Listening to the two of them, Xiao Li felt a headache coming and placed his hand on Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand. “I’ll be worried about hitting your wounds so I definitely won’t sleep well.”

Qi Xiu Yuan had no other option but to agree.

Han Jia’s pursuit of victory over Qi Xiu Yuan made it impossible for him to have any alone time with Xiao Li.

Han Jia is always around Xiao Li. Since one of Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand and leg were wounded and Xiao Li could not do any significant movement, Han Jia was responsible for many things. Such as, tidying the room, washing the clothes, buying food, change Xiao Li’s medication and other tasks that required going out. Soon, he because rather conceited and even have Xiao Li accompany him when he went for a walk outside.

Qi Xi Yuan wanted to kiss Xiao Li for a long time but he never had a chance to.

He has always disliked Han Jia, but now, he simply hated Han Jia.

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