Lawless: Extra – Chapter 81 (pt 2)

Section 06-10



Qi Xiu Yuan was a bit envious.

He loves to go outside together with Xiao Li. When they first came here, they had gone out to purchase a mobile phone together and went into an old and shabby shop that doesn’t require an ID for a sim card; they bought clothes together and also went to the supermarket to buy some necessities together. Since Qi Xiu Yuan walked slowly, Xiao Li also walked slowly and chatted with him nonstop. They seemed like a husband and wife who have lived their entire life together. 

He loves it when Xiao Li asked for his opinion when they bought things. He loves it when Xiao Li protected him from being hit by children who ran around left and right as they shopped. He loves it when Xiao Li was not particular about his clothing choices and whatever he told him to. But now, Xiao Li refused to go out together with him.

“Xiao Li, let’s go buy some grocery tomorrow?”

“Aunt Li has already made an appointment with me.”

“Xiao Li, it’s not really hot anymore. Let’s go buy some long-sleeved shirts?”

“What a coincidence, Aunt Li wanted to take me to a clothing shop tomorrow so I’ll get it for both of us since we wear the same size anyways”

“Xiao Li, take a walk with me.”

“Your swelling just lessened. Just take a few steps around the room. I’ll have to help Aunt Li carry grocery.”


Qi Xiu Yuan was in a sulky mood, but Xiao Li was completely unaware of it. He had gone out for more than an hour only to return with a bag of spare ribs.

Qi Xiu Yuan looked at him with pity in his eyes but Xiao Li did not notice and went straight to the kitchen to stew the ribs. After a while, the aroma spread to the living room and Qi Xiu praised him.

“It tastes so good.” He yelled toward the kitchen. “Didn’t you say you only knew how to make some stir fried?”

Xiao Li let the ribs stew in the pot and leaned against the kitchen door, “I asked Aunt Li.”

“Why?” Qi Xiu Yuan was very hurt. “I’m obviously a close and available chef. Why did you go so far?”

“Come on, I don’t dare to ask you. I’m afraid you’ll charge me for tuition.” Xiao Li doesn’t know what he himself was thinking as his face went red.

Qi Xiu Yuan couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed so he stood up with the intention of getting what he deserved. But, Xiao Li walked over and pushed him back down on the sofa.

“Don’t move around, do you want the injury on your legs to worsen?” He sighed. “Behave and stay here. Eat more spare ribs, soak up some sunlight on the balcony for a while, and wait for your injury to get better. Afterward, if want me to go anywhere with you, I will go no matter what.”

As it turned out, he knew how to please Qi Xiu Yuan while at the same time, reflect on his own childish desire to monopolize him.

“Xiao Li, actually I—”

“Huh? Aunt Li and Uncle Wang are calling me downstairs. I’m going head out first so watch the fire in the kitchen.”

Qi Xiu Yuan wanted to cry but there were no tears left.



After Xiao Li’s wound no longer needed to be treated with medication, new skin started to reemerge at the area where the itch started.

As a former gang leader, Xiao Li has an extraordinary endurance for pain, but having an itch is another concept altogether.

It was as if there were several ants living inside of his wounded area and were crawling around in confusing—incessantly scratching and gnawing inside—leaving a rather uncomfortable sensation that was hard to describe.

The injury would have been better off somewhere else, but it had to be near the pit of his stomach, making anyone unable to sit still as to resist it.

All he could do was to try and gently press the muscles around the wound in order to slightly relieve the itchiness that could drive people crazy.

The first time, Qi Xiu Yuan first saw him doing that, his whole brain became blank.

At that time, he had pushed the bedroom door only to see Xiao Li sitting on the sofa by the window with his shirt wide open and his head slightly hung low while looking at the ground with a face of dissatisfaction. His right hand did not go into his shirt but instead stopped at the left side of his chest, and although the movements could not be seen—it was not hard to guess what he was doing to his chest by just looking at the way his wrist moved up and down.

Qi Xiu Yuan almost felt himself harden immediately.

A few seconds later, Xiao Li was trapped at the corner of the sofa with Qi Xiu Yuan in the middle, hovering over him. There was something warm and hard pressing on his thighs as Xiao Li looked at him with embarrassment and confusion.

“Why are you like this every time…?”

Qi Xiu Yuan made sure not to keep his arm propped as to avoid any further injury before he pressed closer to Xiao Li. When he opened his mouth, his voice was low and hoarse: “Isn’t it because you seduce me?”

“What?” Xiao Li looked at him in bewilderment.

Without answering him, Qi Xiu Yuan leaned over and kissed the pit of Xiao Li’s stomach through the shirt. He trailed lower with light kisses until he found that little bulge and let the tip of his tongue swept around, teasing it.

Xiao Li pushed his face away with one hand and grabbed the back of his shirt collar with the other to pull him away from his own chest.

“Don’t be like that. You made my wound even more uncomfortable.” After saying that—looking as though he was very apologetic—he moved in closer and kissed Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips.

Qi Xiu Yuan froze for a moment, feeling extremely worried: “What happened to your wound?”

“Since there’s new skin growing there, it’s itchy.” Xiao Li replied.

Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him for two seconds then buried his face in Xiao Li’s neck and laughed.

After a while, he said in Xiao Li’s ear: “I have also grown down there and it won’t soften up, what should I do?”

Xiao Li couldn’t help but laugh. This guy is not bad when he doesn’t speak, he thought, but the moment he does, he’s a beast. 



Xiao Li pushed the beast onto the sofa, moved in close and kissed him while his right hand reached down to take out his friend that refused to soften.

Qi Xiu Yuan let out a pleasurable moan, letting his hand shift down with the need to touch Xiao Li’s.

Wearing a small smile, Xiao Li quickly caught his hand and said, “Don’t move around, I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

After saying that, he went silent and simply stared at Qi Xiu Yuan, looking as though he was thinking about a rather embarrassing yet difficult problem. Finally, as if he had made up his mind, he faintly smiled at Qi Xiu Yuan and slowly slid his body down to kneel in front of him.

His movements were slow enough for Qi Xiu Yuan to react to what he wanted to do. Just watching as Xiao Li kneeled between his legs, Qi Xiu Yuan could feel his heart pounding as if a drum was being fiercely attacked. He moaned, and just thinking what could be done, he honestly could release at any second.

Xiao Li had never tried to hold another man’s member in his hand before. It was hard and a little heavy, and he didn’t exactly know how to start. After thinking about it, he decided to moisten his lips with his tongue first.

It was simply intolerable for Qi Xiu Yuan as he hoarsely mumbled, “Oh god, oh god……” while reaching out to gently caress Xiao Li’s hair.

But, Xiao Li had already stretched out the tip of his tongue and carefully tried to lick the front that lecherous thing, causing Qi Xiu Yuan to inhale fiercely.

Then Xiao Li moved his head down and took Qi Xiu Yuan in his mouth.

At that moment, Qi Xiu Yuan felt that he was in heaven. Xiao Li’s mouth was moist, warm and soft while he wore a serious expression of someone who was being immersed. Although his movements were a bit clumsy, Xiao Li really wanted to please him.

For Qi Xiu Yuan, even if his psychological pleasure surpassed his physical one, he still urgently gasped for air and reached out to touch Xiao Li’s face.

“Relax,” he gasped. “Don’t be scared…”

Xiao Li did not look up and slowly relaxed his chin. Qi Xiu Yuan moved forward, causing half of his member entered his mouth.

A faint type of bitterness spread in his mouth while the pulsating veins and muscles on Qi Xiu Yuan’s cock seemed to be traveled from his mouth all the way to his heart. Xiao Li could feel his own heartbeat racing even faster than before.  He really wanted to do more to make Qi Xiu Yuan happy but there was no way he could continue. Doing that was not as simple as it seemed as he began to feel breathless.

Qi Xiu Yuan gently touched his cheek, his voice sounded as though he was forcing himself to endure something. “Breathe through your nose, don’t choke…”

He waited until Xiao Li was able to adapt a bit before he began to slowly move out.

Xiao Li kneeled beneath him, and honestly speaking, he was a bit surprised; he had prepared himself for a deep throat since Qi Xiu Yuan had done so for him last time. Was he worried he himself couldn’t do it? He thought like that as he looked up at Qi Xiu Yuan.

Qi Xiu Yuan was slowly and tenderly thrusting in his mouth while his eyes stared down at him. The moment Xiao Li lifted his eyes to look at him, the light that flashed in his own eyes suddenly deepened, provoking his movements to be wrapped with excitement. His throbbing member rubbed against Xiao Li’s tongue, nearly leaving an aching sensation.

Xiao Li was unable to control himself from issuing a stuffy nasal sound while shifting his gaze at the same time. But no matter where he looked, it all made him felt embarrassed. All he could so was close his eyes.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand moved toward the back of his neck; supporting his head while continuing to move, matching the rhythm of lips and tongue.

“Look at me, Xiao Li,” he said eagerly. “Open your eyes and look at me…”

He called out several times with patience before Xiao Li slowly opened his eyes and looked at him.

Qi Xiu Yuan has been staring at him as if waiting to catch his line of sight; the heat in his eyes caused Xiao Li’s whole body to start to burn hot.

He wanted to turn away from his gaze, but Qi Xiu Yuan’s other hand also moved behind his neck. He placed his head at his own crotch and let out an ambiguous gasped while entering his mouth at a quick speed and deep movement. The intimate and sexual sound made by the friction of skin and flesh was transmitted directly from the nerves to the eardrum. Xiao Li felt that all other sounds have disappeared.

After a couple of minutes of being like that, Qi Xiu Yuan was still very gentle, making it not difficult for Xiao Li to adapt. That made Xiao Li feel cherished and loved, but right now he wanted to be sought after.

Keeping his mouth open made his chin felt like it was about to go numb, but he tried his best to relax his throat before leaning forward, taking Qi Xiu Yuan in deeper.

Qi Xiu Yuan moaned, and the strength of his hands at the back of Xiao Li’s slight increased.

“You, you don’t have to, you, ahhhh…” When his member went deeper into Xiao Li’s throat, Qi Xiu Yuan wanted to withdraw, but Xiao Li made a swallowing movement and pulled him in closer. The narrow and warm tightness wrapped around him, leaving not even a bit of room to budge.

He couldn’t help but move just the slightest further. Xiao Li choked a bit; the intense blockage made it hard for him to breathe while his face retained a soft flushed tone. Even the scar at the side of his face turned red, making it appear unusually erotic. There was a thin layer of steam covering his face, and even the corner of his eyes was moistened with a hint of redness that seemed to beckon Qi Xiu Yuan.

That beautiful scene made it even harder for Qi Xiu Yuan control himself. His eyes could not move away from Xiao Li’s face as he panted violently while the rhythm of his waist quickened.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Li, I’m really happy – ahhhh, Xiao Li – I, I want – I’m going to –”

Qi Xiu Yuan let out deep moans, and held on to Xiao Li’s neck, leaving vivid fingerprints on it. Then, at the moment of his climax, he suddenly realized what he was doing, he practically loosened his hands immediately and pulled away from Xiao Li’s mouth.

But it was still too late, the semen had already shot out, and remained in Xiao Li’s mouth.

“I’m sorry, I—” Qi Xiu Yuan apologized, somewhat in a panic, but the member that he had immediately pulled out (as to avoid any mishap) shot out another load on Xiao Li’s face.

Xiao Li was still kneeling down in the same place, coughing; his line of sight was hazy and slightly parted lips were bright red with a thick translucent substance at the side. The substance led from his face all the way toward his crotch area.

Seeing that, Qi Xiu Yuan was hard again.

Xiao Li took off his own shirt and carelessly wipe his face. Then he noticed that restless friend near his cheek had slowly regained its vigor again, pointing upward in an intense and needy mannerism. Xiao Li looked up at Qi Xiu Yuan.

“I couldn’t help it.” Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice was even more hoarse than before. “You’re so pretty…”

“Nonsense.” Xiao Li replied, standing up, his voice was also hoarse.

“Help me again,” Qi Xiu whispered in a low voice, staring at the place between Xiao Li’s legs that had also bulged. “Let’s come together.”

Xiao Li rolled his shirt into a ball and looked at Qi Xiu Yuan, then looked at the bathroom that was not too far away. Finally, he threw his shirt to the side and sat beside him and whispered: “This time, I can only use my hands. My…my mouth is numb.”

Looking as though he was worried Qi Xiu Yuan would laugh at him, he immediately added, “Wait until next time, I’ll…”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes lit up at the words, ‘next time’. He leaned closer to Xiao Li and enticed him by whispering, “Your mouth is numb, but mine isn’t……”

Soon, all the words disappeared, and the room was once more filled with passionate gasps and moans.



Yes, that’s right. Xiao Li likes kissing best, then followed by gentle caresses. There are no problems using their hands or mouth, but they have not gone to the last step yet.

Xiao Li always said: “It’s also good like this,” or “Do you want to top me, or should I top you? That’s a bit weird.”

Sometimes, Qi Xiu Yuan would ask, “Do you have no desire for me? Since you don’t want to top me or want me to top you?” He often became hard when he looked at Xiao Li, but Xiao Li has never been like that even once. That honestly made him feel a bit frustrated.

During those times, Xiao Li would comfort him with kisses and say: “Let’s talk about that when your injuries are better.”

Qi Xiu Yuan truly looked forward to that day.

One day, he went alone to the nearby hospital to get an x-ray done. When the doctor looked at him, beaming from ear to ear, and told him that his three fractured bones have all healed properly, he wished he could run back all the way home.

However, Xiao Li was not there and there were two people waiting for him at the entrance already.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s heart sank deeply, thinking that their whereabouts had been discovered.

Sighing, he calmly walked over and asked, “Excuse me, who are you looking for?”

The two people who came was a man and a woman, both in their thirties wearing a cautious and solemn expression.  But after looking him up and down for a while, their expression loosened up.

“Hello,” the man reached his hand out and said, “I’m the son of the landlord here. This is my sister.”

Qi Xiu Yuan shook his hand and opened the door to let them into the house. After sitting down, he asked, “Is there something wrong?”

The two looked at each other and explained their intentions. Originally, Auntie Li did not find a real estate agent and rented the house to Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li through ads that she had stuck on telephone poles. They only paid for three months of rent in advance and did not sign a contract. When her children learned of that matter, they also found out that one of the tenants had a scar from a knife wound on his face. To their surprise, that person had even gone to Auntie Li’s new home with her, causing them to worry about her safety even more. Therefore, they especially visited today for observation and requested that Qi Xiu Yuan provide proof of identity and sign a rental contract with them.

Qi Xiu Yuan was very cautious about providing a proof of identity. At the time that they were searching for a place, that situation had also arose. He wanted to negotiate the landlord’s children however, the siblings were more suspicious and refused to yield. They openly said that if the contract was not signed, then they will be evicted.

Just as they had said that, the doorbell rang and Xiao Li returned only to meet the siblings face to face.

At first, the two were worried that their mother had been deceived but now they have seen that Qi Xiu Yuan was a well-educated and refined gentleman. And, although Xiao Li had an injury on his face, he was handsome, gentle and welcoming with an unexpectedly good nature. Feeling a bit relieved, they consequently gave them a day to consider their offer.



After the siblings left, Qi Xiu Yuan and Xiao Li looked at each other with a bitter smile, and without saying anything else, they began to pack their belongings.

There were more to be taken this time compared to last time. Qi Xiu Yuan looked at the clutter of things in the suitcase, not expecting that they have acquired so many things in only a couple of months.

Is it because we lived here longer than the last place or was it because it happened so abruptly? With that thought, he surprisingly felt a sense of sadness.

Xiao Li stood in front of the window, staring at the grape vines that looked like a green mat under the window. After a short while, he whispered: “I’m sorry.”

Qi Xiu Yuan frowned and walked over to hug him from behind. Then he laughed and said, “What’s here? I don’t like grapes anyways.”

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