Lawless: Extra – Chapter 82

Section 01-05


The 3rd Room: the capital city of C province, near a certain middle school; on the 4th floor of a 37 sq. meters, one bedroom – one living room, apartment.


They just came to the station and took the nearest train.

Before coming to this city, they did not have any high expectations for it.

The train station here was the least elaborate one they have ever seen. They even saw the ugliest sculpture they had never seen in front of the public square that could honestly blind any onlookers.

They have also never seen so many people who loved getting involved with others here than in any other places either. Even just standing there, expressionlessly at the side of the road would beckon a middle age sister—who was merely passing by—to say in a loud voice: “Isn’t it really hot today?”

In the end, the city was able to retain them because of its ‘carefree’ and ‘not prejudice of anyone’ attitude.



The apartment faced the sun and was unobstructed by anything from the north to the south. It was exceptionally hot and stuffy during late summer, but after a sweltering few days, it was comfortable. Moreover, the windows were large enough that the blue and vast sky could be seen clearly.

Qi Xiu Yuan liked to press Xiao Li near the windows and kissed him. He had even fantasized about pressing his face against the window and taking it to the last step with him.

When he said that to Xiao Li, he choked on the water he was drinking, then coughed and cursed at him.

And from then on, he rarely approached the window.



When they passed by an alley near the train station, Xiao Li stared at the door of a printing shop for a while, then pulled Qi Xiu Yuan inside.

After a few words with the shop owner, he smiled tacitly and followed him to a room at the back of the shop to make two fake identification cards.

The dark-skinned and thin shopkeeper was very patient. He quickly took a photo of them then asked for the names that would be printed on the cards. Unsurprisingly, Xiao Li had a fake identity before.

At first, he wanted to use a random name, but Qi Xiu Yuan whispered: “Isn’t it fine to just reverse our names?” With that, he said to the shop owner, “His name is Li Xiao, and mine is Yuan Qi.”

Since he had never been in contact with that industry before, he looked around the room with all the equipment to make the fake documents with interest. Then, he asked the shop owner to make a few more fake certificates before he was willing to leave.

It was only after they walked out of the shop did he looked a bit upset and said, “I should have let you use my surname.” He thought aloud to himself, “Yuan Qi, Yuan Xiao…seems a bit ominous. It’s better if I take your surname, Li Xiao, Li Qi. Yeah, those are good. Xiao Li, let’s go back in and make a new one.”

Xiao Li comfortably walked in front of him.

Qi Xiu Yuan was impressed and said in high spirits: “I think the owner of the shop is really easy to talk to. If we ask him to make a marriage certificate, he would definitely agree, right?”

Seeing that Xiao Li still didn’t look back, Qi Xiu Yuan pulled him back only to see that he had on a complication expression. He looked at him for a moment then said in a low voice, “Don’t you know that I brought you there to do something illegal?”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s brow wrinkled together as he hooked his arm around Xiao Li’s neck and fiercely kissed him.

Xiao Li wanted to continue the topic with him, so he struggled to get out of his grip for a few seconds. But Qi Xiu Yuan was more aggressive and leaned forward to press him against the wall of the alleyway.

Xiao Li sighed in his heart, closed his eyes, and yielded under his lips.

The kiss was rough and lasted for a while; Qi Xiu Yuan seemed as if he was venting some kind of strong negative emotion until the two breathlessly parted. He did not loosen his hook-on Xiao Li’s neck. Instead, he hugged him tight against his chest and whispered in his ear: “Don’t do that to me, Xiao Li.”

He did not explicitly say “like that” to him, but Xiao Li knew what he was talking about.

He wanted to say something or nod his head but, in the end, he just reached his arms out and hugged Qi Xiu Yuan even tighter.



Xiao Li took a box of beer out of the delivery truck and brought it into the store. While taking off his gloves, he said to the shop owner, “Zhang Ge, everything has been moved.”

The shop owner, Zhang Jie was verifying the number of goods with the truck driver but when he heard him, he laughed and said, “It’s my turn to look after the shop today so you can head out first. There’s a new flavor of beer over there, take some to go if you like.”

Xiao Li said ‘okay’ and politely put a couple of beers in a bag, before he said a few more words with him and took his leave.

Since the shop was only two blocks away from Qi Xiu Yuan’s office, Xiao Li estimated the time and decided to go buy some food and vegetables first before heading there half an hour later.

The apartment they rented was near where Qi Xiu Yuan worked, but he did not return home immediately after. Instead, he was sitting at the front gate of the school—with his back toward Xiao Li, unaware—chatting away with an older Uncle that guarded the door.

“…I thought you were a young and inexperienced person but you’re actually pretty good! The students who fought must have made you scared.”

The Uncle chuckled, “Yuan Laoshi, I heard you taught high school before. Were the children there easier to control than here?”

“Every pot has a sweet potato.” Qi Xiu Yuan replied with just that.

“I’m sure they were easier to control than these little brats. Yuan Laoshi, why didn’t you teach high school again? The wages are high than here and there are less to worry about. I also heard that there are many opportunities for further study…”

“Oh, that’s right.” Qi Xiu Yuan laughed. “Uncle, you know quite a lot.”

When the Uncle laughed again, Xiao Li called Qi Xiu Yuan who then said his goodbye to the Uncle then went over to take the bags from Xiao Li’s hand.

“Are the beers free today as well?” He said enviously, “I also want to find such a beneficial job.”

Xiao Li laughed, “If you love beer so much, just carry it then.” He handed him the beer and carried something else instead before heading up the stair into their apartment.

Just as they were about to enter the apartment, Qi Xiu Yuan said with worry, “Does that Zhang Jie always gives you free beer? Is he interested in you?”

“Do you think everyone is like you?” Xiao Li changed his shoes, carried the vegetables into the kitchen while saying, “Besides, Zhang Ge doesn’t always give me free beer. It’s only three times a month.”

“It’s already more than enough.” Qi Xiu Yuan followed in and started to wash the vegetable with him. “Anyways, didn’t you say that Zhang Jie looks like Lin Zi? I sense danger…”

“How could Lin Zi give you a sense of danger?” Xiao Li said incredulously. “He is my brother.”

“My desire for control is very strong.” Qi Xiu Yuan seized the chance that they were washing the vegetables together to grab hold of Xiao Li’s hands, then turn his head to kiss his ear.

Suddenly the phone sounded; Qi Xiu sighed and wiped his hands before going to the living room to answer the call.

Xiao Li vaguely heard him expressed his thanks and also apologized, as if he had rejected something. Once he saw that Qi Xiu Yuan was done, he asked, “Who was it?”

“The Director. He wanted me to participate in some sort of training session.” Qi Xiu Yuan said rather carelessly.

Xiao Li thought for a moment, “Is it because of the problems with your identification papers that made you not want to go?”

If that’s the case…it won’t be just about the training. Wouldn’t any everything that requires identification be treated with caution? That means, Qi Xiu Yuan can’t take on any activities for his career from now on…

When Qi Xiu Yuan saw Xiao Li frowned, seemingly lost in his own thoughts, he embraced him from behind and kissed his neck while saying, “What are you thinking about again, hmmm? In life, you win some, you lose some. With you by my side, I have gained much much more than I have lost.”



Truth be told and as it shall be, Qi Xiu Yuan harbored some evil intentions from start. The fit of jealousy that he felt toward Zhang Jie and Lin Zi was just a joke, a ploy, contrived from his goal of making an issue out of the beer that Xiao Li brought back.

While insisting with an unyielding attitude that Zhang Jie’s beers could never be taken again, he made sure to use a firm gesture to express his dissatisfaction. Then…a bottle of beer spilled on Xiao Li by ‘accident’ because of a certain someone’s ‘carelessness’.

“You…” Xiao Li put down the things in his hands and looked at his soaked clothes.

“Your clothes are dirty, let me help you take it off.” Qi Xiu Yuan slowly walked over and let his hand slipped underneath Xiao Li’s T-shirt, feeling the skin understand all the way up.

Xiao Li looked at him with laughter and simply took the shirt off and threw it to the side.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s sight was suddenly silenced by Xiao Li’s smooth skin to the point that his breathing became coarse. Then he heard Xiao Li said in a low voice, “My pant is also wet, do you want to help me take it off?”

Since Xiao Li rarely used those kinds of enticing words, Qi Xiu Yuan was instantly ignited.

“Yes.” He said hoarsely, then pushed Xiao Li on the sofa, moved in close so that they could stick close to each other.

He fixed his gaze on Xiao Li as his right hand clambered on his belt, deliberately undoing it in a slow manner before his fingers slipped in to intimately caress his waist. When he sensed Xiao Li’s breath become shallow and rapid, Qi Xiu Yuan shifted one of his leg between his legs and moved slowly upward while unceasing keeping close to him.

Xiao Li gasped for air and let his hands start to undo the buttons on his shirt, causing Qi Xiu Yuan leaned closer and licked his lips. He only licked the corner of his lips with the tip of his tongue enticingly before sweeping it across then teased him by nibbling his lower lip from time to time. That ultimately provoked Xiao Li to willingly lift his head up in order to kiss him. As their hot breaths mingled with a hint of alcohol, Qi Xiu Yuan could sense Xiao Li slightly tremble and moan into his lips while the lower half of their bodies—that stuck close—slowly hardened.

He held on to Xiao Li’s waist and slowly rubbed his body against his before repeatedly grinding it. Sweats slowly formed on Xiao Li’s body, and the hands that were only Qi Xiu Yuan’s shirt started to impatiently tear away the fabric. leaned on Xiao Li’s body and repeatedly stabbed him.

Once he realized that, Qi Xiu Yuan laughed in between their kisses, causing Xiao Li to push him away with a bit of annoyance. But as Qi Xiu Yuan lifted his head, a thin line of translucent saliva kept them connected.

As the connection was wiped away, he stuck his tongue out to quickly lick Xiao Li’s lips once more. Then he looked closely at him and captured every detailed on his face; all the while, his hand reached down to take hold of his member.

Xiao Li inhaled, clenching tightly on to his shoulder as if holding onto him for support.  as if to hold him up.

Qi Xiu Yuan stared at him and smiled then slowly slid his body down a bit then lowered his head to take Xiao Li’s left nipple in his mouth.

Xiao Li was startled, and the hand that held onto Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder began to push him off. “Don’t do that, I don’t like…”

“You like it.” Qi Xiu Yuan said as the nipple in his mouth hardened. He had already discovered that Xiao Li does not like it when his nipples were caressed since it was rather sensitive.

“Qi Xiu Yuan…” Xiao Li’s voice, that was of warmth and calmness was now even more deep and hoarse, and the softness that was ordinarily hard to find increased with the assistance of liquor.

Qi Xiu Yuan was even more excited. He moved away a bit and looked at the erect nipple that seemed to sparkle due to the saliva. As he moved his head back down to lick the surface again, he instead let the tip of his tongue constantly flick against it. He muttered, “There’s the taste of skin…the smell of sweat, the smell of liquor, soap… Xiao Li, your taste…”

“Shut up.” Xiao Li said in a between breaths. He was very uncomfortable as the feeling of being played and controlled made him felt insecure. Not only had he let out an embarrassed moan but his whole body was shrouded in a layer of redness, making it appear rather erotic.

Qi Xiu Yuan did not say anything and simply took his nipple into his mouth again before sucking at it even harder.

“Don’t…” Xiao Li arched his body and placed his hands on Qi Xiu Yuan’s head with the intention of pushing him away but his energy had instead been diminished. As the dreadful pleasure spread from his nipple and took over his senses, he felt harder than a moment ago and his member must had already started to pre-cum. Because Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand was wrapped around his member, it also became wet with a creamy substance, and the sound produced from his hand moving up and down could be clearly heard.

As Qi Xiu Yuan played with his erection, his mouth moved away from his left nipple toward the right one, sucking, licking all the way. He even bit the skin on his chest, leaving behind vague hints of hickeys and bite marks.

Xiao Li felt utterly embarrassed; he turned his head away and withdraw the hand that had intended to push him Qi Xiu Yuan away. Then, he placed his arms over his own face instead.

At that moment, Qi Xiu Yuan lifted his head and let go of his chest while his right hand sped up its movements rather vigorously. And with his right hand, he went to remove Xiao Li’s arms that were covering his face.

Xiao Li’s chest moved up and down rapidly, his breath was tangled with moans, and the faster the movement on his member was the more urgent he felt, which in turn caused the arm covering his face to be unable to loosen up. Even his voice revealed a sense of pleading.

“Don’t look, Qi Xiu Yuan… don’t look…”

Looking at his body tense up with redness, his lips trembling beneath his body and his blushing face, Qi Xiu Yuan instantly wanted to bully and cherish him even more. He couldn’t help but kiss him from his chin all the way to the side of his cheek.

At the same time, his left hand released his arm and made its way down to play with the two friends beneath his member.

“Qi Xiu Yuan.” Xiao Li whispered his name while the rhythm of his hand ran wild.

“I’m here.” Qi Xiu Yuan softly replied, then used the same tone to whisper some words of endearment. Xiao Li’s whole body trembled as sweat slid along the curves of his flexible waist. His voice revealed a helpless tone ravaged with desire and the tenseness exposed a sense of weakness that was rarely seen.

Qi Xiu Yuan loosened his left hand while his right hand focused on stroking Xiao Li’s member. At the moment the muscles in Xiao Li’s thighs tightened, Qi Xiu Yuan caught the arm that was obstructing his expression. Xiao Li instinctively opened his eyes; his quivering lashes looked as if it had been soaked in water and left in disarray. It was an expression that was hard to come, that was, the charming and sweetness that appeared as he became hard.

Seeing that, Qi Xiu Yuan almost exclaimed in admiration and continued to stare at Xiao Li who was unable to shift his gaze away. Xiao Li seemed to have been pulled in by him to display that kind of craving, that kind of extreme passion that brought with it a wave of excitement which provoked trembles, accompanied by low moans. Xiao Li looked up, and his neck in that moment of pulling back, created an elegant curve as he reached his climax and released n Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand.

Then he softened back onto the sofa in a mess as he panted and immersed in the pleasure he had just had.

Qi Xiu leaned over and gently kissed him, his fingers swerved around his softened member before groping it. Xiao Li was unaware of that so without any resistance, he allowed Qi Xiu Yuan’s fingers to sweep pass the friends beneath his member all the way toward the place he had always desired.

“Ah.” Xiao Li cried out in surprise as he attempted to escape from the finger that Qi Xiu Yan had pressed near his back area.

“Don’t move,” Qi Xiu Yuan’s member that was near Xiao Li’s lower body was nearly broken from his twist and turns. He lowered his voice and coaxed him, “Relax, it won’t…”

“Don’t be like that, Qi Xiu Yuan. I really don’t like it.” Xiao Li struggled even more.

Qi Xiu Yuan was not strong enough to keep Xiao Li from moving, so as a result he captured Xiao Li’s lips with his own and carefully pushed his finger directly into that warm place.

But immediately after, Qi Xiu Yuan was turned over and knocked to the floor by Xiao Li before hitting the table at the side.

“Why—” His back was in pain, but he did not check it out. He simply sat up from the floor and looked at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li had already stood up, gasping for breath with a flushed complexion. He looked at Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes that held within it an abundance of emotions, hesitation, embarrassment, love, regret, shame, and self-blame…

Qi Xiu Yuan suddenly felt flustered. He reached out to Xiao Li’s legs before he slowly got up and said, “Actually, it’ll be the same if you are on top, Xiao Li. It’ll be the same as long as it is you, I—”

Xiao Li pushed him away, causing him to fall to the sofa.

The two looked at each other for a long time until Qi Xiu Yuan doesn’t know what to do or say. Eventually, he tried to say, “It’ll be the same next time…”

Xiao Li glanced at his still swelled member before he gazed at his face as if he wanted to smile or laugh then as if he wanted to kiss him. But Qi Xiu Yuan could only look at Xiao Li and wait for his choice.

Suddenly, Xiao Li got up, walked by Qi Xiu Yuan, and returned to the bedroom. He quickly changed his clothes and walked out of the house without even looking at Qi Xiu Yuan.

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