Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 60

Two Beasts at War

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Having had enough of their banter, Gu Hai suddenly said: “Yin Zi, you’ve gotten thinner.”

“Are you sure you didn’t see wrong?” Bai Luo Yin touched his own face, “Recently, all I’ve been eating is high-fat meat. How is it possible that I’ve become thinner?”

“You’ve lost one pound.” Gu Hai muttered with confidence.

Bai Luo Yin wore a doubtful expression, “You can even tell that it’s one pound? You’re really too amazing.

“Let alone that, I can tell even if it’s half a gram. If you don’t believe me, go weigh yourself.”

As expected, Bai Luo Yin approached a nearby weighing scale and stood on it. When he lowered his head for a glimpse at the number, a disdained look immediately appeared on his face.

That incompetent fool really knows how to be deceptive. Ive obviously gained two pounds.

“That’s because the clothes you’re wearing are too heavy. Last time you weighed yourself, you didn’t wear anything. Take your clothes off, I guarantee that you will lose three pounds. Give it another go if you don’t believe me.”

Just as Bai Luo Yin was about to take his clothes off, he suddenly realized something that caused him to swiftly turn his head around; a certain wolf had his cunning eyes staring at him as if ready to leap through the screen to attack him.

Fuck you! You dared to trick me… Bai Luo Yin could not help but bare his teeth. Luckily, my reaction was quick… otherwise, I wouldve stupidly stripped in front of him.

Bai Luo Yin drilled his body back underneath the quilt while Gu Hai continuously complained. “We’ve been husbands for such a long time, is there still a need to be that shy?”

Bai Luo Yin looked up at the ceiling light and swore to the heavens that he really wasn’t shy at all. But there was a huge red, bloody bruise on his waist—if he let Gu Hai see it, he would definitely be worried and actually make his way out of the screen.

“I’m super tired… I don’t want to mess around with you.” Bai Luo Yin argued and wrapped the even quilt tightly around himself.

Gu Hai looked at Bai Luo Yin with distress, “Then, take Xiao Yin Zi out. I will play with him and you can sleep by yourself.”

“Fuck! Is there any difference?” Bai Luo Yin retorted in anger.

Just as Gu Hai was about to open his mouth, a burst of music suddenly went off; it sounded like a doorbell. Seeing that someone had come, Gu Hai soon got up and left the laptop.

Bai Luo Yin quickly ended the video call. Taking advantage of that short time frame, he got up to weigh himself. It was like having someone say to you, ‘if you eat the eyes of a crow, youll be able to see a ghost. Although you don’t necessarily believe it, in order to prove whether that sentence was true or not, you still want to test it out.

That was precisely Bai Luo Yin’s state of mind.

Without hesitation, Bai Luo Yin stripped himself bare and stood on the scale. As a result, he discovered that he had actually lost three pounds, and not even one ounce short. The second time he weighed himself, the same outcome blinked before him. He put his pajamas and slippers back on and set his foot on the scale again only to see that he had indeed gained three pounds.

Hence, Gu Hai was correct when he said Bai Luo Yin had lost one pound. Was his observation of me really meticulous and down to the smallest details like that? Or was it purely blind luck?

While he was still deep in thoughts, the computer beeped— bringing him out of his stupor. When Bai Luo Yin looked, it was an invitation for a video call from Gu Hai.

“Why did you hang up?” Gu Hai asked.

Bai Luo Yin procured an extremely realistic reason, “There was someone coming into your room. I was afraid they would become suspicious if they caught sight of me, so I hung up on the call first to ensure our safety.”

Gu Hai lightly laughed, “There’s no need. The person that came in just now was Tong Zhe, the assistant I mentioned to you earlier.”

“You’ve only known each other for a day yet you’re already getting along with him without taking any precautions?” A clear tinge of jealousy slipped into Bai Luo Yin’s tone.

Gu Hai wanted nothing more than to bite Bai Luo Yin’s stubborn lips. If it was not because he had noticed Bai Luo Yin’s exhausted expression, he would have definitely seized the chance to tease him some more. In the end, he did not have the heart to continue on with provoking him.

And just like that, Bai Luo Yin fell asleep with the video chat still on right in front of Gu Hai without any precautions. The transmittance of his peaceful and drawn-out breaths sounded utterly intoxicating to Gu Hai’s ears.

Seeing that, Gu Hai lied on his bed and placed the laptop on the pillow beside him and looked at Bai Luo Yin sleep. In the middle of the night, Gu Hai was repeatedly awoken. Each time Bai Luo Yin kicked off his quilt, sat up and talked in his sleep… Gu Hai knew it all.

The last time Gu Hai woke up and saw that Bai Luo Yin’s arms and legs were exposed to the chilly air, he could not help but utter a sentence. “Yin Zi, cover yourself properly.”

Unexpectedly, Bai Luo Yin actually heard his words and pulled his arms and legs back into the warm quilt. Not only that, but he also embraced the laptop in his arms.

Just as Gu Hai was about to praise his obedience, he discovered that the screen has already become pitch-black…

When Gu Yang entered the interrogation room, his eyes darkened because of the scene before him. Zhou Ling Yun was leaning against the wall with one leg bent while the other was stretched out arrogantly. His eyes slightly narrowed as a firm and dignified smile played out on his lips.

Surprisingly, there was a stick of cigarette between his fingers. From the look of it, having been held in confinement for the past few days did not influence his emotion at all. He still wore a carefree yet willful expression as he calmly sat there.

Seeing Zhou Ling Yun like that, the anger in Gu Yang’s heart sky-rocketed.

He must torment Zhou Ling Yun to his heart’s content for the next two days. Once he returns to the military base, the truth will quickly be revealed. By then, even if he wanted to shift the blame to someone else (mainly Zhou Ling Yun—himself), he wouldn’t have the chance to.

“Commander Zhou, how does it feel to stay here?” Gu Yang stared at Zhou Ling Yun with narrowed eyes.

Zhou Ling Yun leisurely exhaled a ring of smoke before lightly replying, “It’s quiet.”

Gu Yang revealed a faint smile, “Quiet? Is it quieter than the low-pressure cabin?”

The implication behind his words was: I, Gu Yang, have come to take revenge today, so you better accept it obediently!

Soon, more than ten strapping men busted into the room, carrying a tank of water. Three to five people charged forward, captured Zhou Ling Yun’s head and shoved it into the tank.

Gu Yang raised his foot and pressed down on the back of Zhou Ling Yun’s head with the sole of his shoe. His drab voice traveled through the icy water and entered Zhou Ling Yun’s ears.

“Since you love environments with no air that much, then I’ll let you enjoy it properly.”

That kind of act was a violation of the body and mind. No one had ever had the nerves to step on Zhou Ling Yun’s head before— Gu Yang was the first.

As time slowly trickled by, Gu Yang calmly waited for Zhou Ling Yun to struggle and convulse. But even after several of the strapping men’s arms began to ache and Gu Yang’s foot went numb, that guy remained indifference in the water.

“It’s already been ten minutes…” A strapping guy to the side couldn’t help but remind.

Gu Yang’s pupils contracted as he thought to himself, its been ten minutes? Theres no sound or movements, dont tell me hes already dead?

He ordered one of the men to pull Zhou Ling Yun’s head from the water only to see a drenched face with a pair of eyes that were still shimmering with determination.

Gu Yang was taken aback. Fuck! Hes actually fine!

“Keep pushing him down!” I dont believe in such evil, Gu Yang’s sinister eyes remained focus on Zhou Ling Yun’s face.

This time, it took about twelve minutes before they pulled Zhou Ling Yun’s head out, but the sheer arrogant and lively expression still remained. Gu Yang once again ordered that his head be shoved in again, and every time, he would prolong the time by two minutes. When he saw that Zhou Ling Yun was fine, they continued to press his head some more, tormenting him repeatedly.

At the sixteen minutes mark, the men that held him down were already sweating bullets. Is he even human? Fuck…if we really irritate this person, would we end up dead with no remaining?

Gu Yang finally touched down on his lethal point. What kind of person is Zhou Ling Yun? Someone that loves to push his body to the very extreme. When he had free time, he likes to go into the micro-g environment with low-pressure room to train his internal strength. He was and is an impeccable air force pilot who has completed the most dangerous mission while also holding the record for the longest safe flight time. Even to this day, his military achievements remain unrivaled.

Gu Yang secretly thought to himself: As expected, his reputation as the ace of the Air Force is no joke. No wonder, he could still remain here safe and sound even after such a huge matter. That kind of outrageously pristine person was truly hard to encounter, even in a hundred years. It seems, he was indeed born to be in the aviation world.

This time, the duration was pushed to twenty minutes. When Zhou Ling Yun was pulled out, he had ‘happily’ passed out. During the entire ordeal, he never struggled or moved at all.

“You are truly a real man.” Gu Yang ordered his men to resuscitate Zhou Ling Yun.

Once Zhou Ling Yun quickly gained his consciousness, there was no sign of fatigue. And worse, the moment his eyes crack open, an intense coldness and unyielding spirit seemed to radiate from it—the kind that would make someone not dare to look straight at him.

When Gu Yang caught a glimpse of the food on the table to the side, he suddenly remembered how Zhou Ling Yun forced Bai Luo Yin to consume only pure meat fat. His expression instantly chilled with anger and austerity as he abruptly grabbed the steamed bun from the bowl and fiddled while scrutinizing Zhou Ling Yun.

After the atmosphere was sufficiently built up, Gu Yang unexpectedly swung around and flung the steamed bun to the ground. By the time the bun had the chance to roll over a couple of times and came to a full stop, it was wrapped with a layer of dirt. Did you think that was the ultimate ending of Gu Yang’s tyranny? Obviously, that alone was not enough. He kicked that bun with his shoe again and spoke in a light tone. “Hmmm…since it’s so dirty, I’m afraid you won’t’ be able to eat it. It’s better if I clean it for you.”

All of a sudden, Gu Yang nonchalantly took his pants off.

After watching with satisfaction as his urine thoroughly soaked the bun, Gu Yang shifted his gaze to the two strapping men beside Zhou Ling Yun, hinting at them to feed him the bun.

Zhou Ling Yun was held down by seven to eight men as the whole stinky bun was shoved into his mouth. Then, those men respectfully stood to either side as Gu Yang approached him.

He crouched down; his face plastered with pride and mockery.

“Commander Zhou, how does it taste?”

Zhou Ling Yun refused to answer.

Gu Yang gripped Zhou Ling Yun’s collar tightly and stared at him with his cold sharp gazes (that honestly could kill anyone on the spot). “Even if I can’t leave any permanent injuries on your body, I can still make you feel that death is better than living.”

At that moment, Zhou Ling Yun’s eyes were serene and held some sort of deep message that concealed his true emotion.

“Commander Zhou, you still haven’t told me. How does that steam bun taste?”

Zhou Ling Yun finally rested his gaze on Gu Yang’s face, “Do you really want to know?”

Before Gu Yang had a chance to reply, Zhou Ling Yun suddenly turned over and pressed him to the ground. Without wasting even a millisecond, his head dropped down—and…an intense French kiss ensued. Gu Yang’s eyes socket widened, nearly ripping as he stared grimly at those strapping men behind Zhou Ling Yun. However, by the time they managed to forcefully haul Zhou Ling Yun off, he had already kissed Gu Yang to breakeven what was done to him.

Having not expected that Zhou Ling Yun would use that kind of trick to retaliate, Gu Yang instantly flew into a fit of rage. But, even if he was utterly furious, he had to unwillingly suspend the torture and in turn the war. He needed to go brush his teeth as soon as possible. Normally, Gu Yang wouldn’t be able to bear it if he smelled any unpleasant scent, let alone that kind of revolting smell and taste combined. It was simply repulsive to the point that he felt as if his liver and gall bladder were about to tear open.

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