Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 61

His Whereabouts, Completely Exposed

Translate: Sae | Edit: Julieta | Proofread: Nancy

Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah…the sound of someone spitting, continuously mingled with water flowing out of the faucet.

Since he left the interrogation room, Gu Yang had been frantically brushing his teeth to the point that a layer of his teeth enamel might have been taken off. But even then, he still did not feel clean and that atrocious taste refused to fade. The more he thought about it, the more fucking disgusting and nauseating it was. The anger that winged nearly caused the toothbrush in his hand to snap in half.

As he walked out of the bathroom, Gu Yang suddenly heard his cellphone rang and went to pick it up only to see several missed calls showing up on the screen.

‘Gu Zong, it seems our product warehouse has been infiltrated by a thief and a large number of luxury goods have gone missing. All the boxes were perfectly sealed and in great condition but when we opened them for inspection earlier today, there were only piles of bricks stacked inside!’

‘Gu Zong, a large sum of money has disappeared from the company’s main bank account for some unknown reasons.’

‘Gu Zong, the company’s network system has been hacked, resulting in a great number of financial data being leaked.’

‘Xiao Gu! Why are there so many problems with your company lately? Another executive shot and injured someone at a nightclub today. Luckily, he was arrested before he could hurt anyone else. Listen to me, you have to come back as quickly as possible. Don’t let the problems spiral out of control!’

Hearing all those anxious calls, Gu Yang’s facial expression gradually became more and more unsightly. By the time he received the last phone call, he could not help but bellow in rage.

“What the hell were you busy doing? Why are you only informing me now?!!”

The person on the other side hesitated for a moment before he cautiously said, “Hmmm, haven’t you been in the company the entire time? Since you didn’t come in today, I decided to give you a call.”

After he hung up the call, Gu Yang suddenly became aware of something and picked up the phone again to check all the unread messages. It would have been better if he had not checked, since the moment he did, his face transformed into a grimly shade of green. Each of the unread messages was sent from only one number: his anti-theft system. In other words, someone had been frequently attempting to hack into the confidential files on his personal computer back in his office.

Gu Yang’s heart thumped as he immediately dialed Gu Hai’s number.

No one answered…

As he moved the phone away from his ear, Gu Yang’s face abruptly careened into darkness. Before long, all types of suspicions took aim and shot straight into his brain cells, quickly expanding until ultimately reaching its breaking point— and exploded abruptly!

“No matter what happens, you must stop Gu Hai from leaving Hong Kong for me!” Gu Yang said furiously.

“Gu Hai?” His personal bodyguard sounded surprised, “He came to Hong Kong?”

Gu Yang froze, “What? You actually don’t know that?”

“I’m with you all day long with barely any contact with anyone else, how would I know if you don’t tell me?”

With me all day long? … A cold ray of light flitted pass Gu Yang’s eyes. Fucking shit! Why didn’t I think of that? If I can pretend to be him and wreak havoc in his company, why wouldn’t he take my identity and pretend to be me in order to swindle my company as he pleases?

Gu Yang inhaled a few frantic breaths before continuing with the call. “Okay then, let me ask you, where am I now?”

“You don’t know where you are?” The bodyguard was flabbergasted, “I didn’t follow you today and you’re already lost?”

“There’s no need to worry about whether I’m lost or not. I’m asking you, where did I go?”

“Huh?” The bodyguard became even more baffled, “You are asking me where you went?”

Fuck! Gu Yang was being driven into insanity…now was certainly not the time to save face as he bluntly revealed the truth in an exasperated voice. “The person that you have been protecting for the past few days isn’t me, it’s Gu Hai!!”

Hearing that, the bodyguard was completely dumbfounded, and the look on his face was akin to that of a deer struck by headlights.

After his breathing calmed down a bit, Gu Yang coldly ordered: “Gu Hai must be caught and detained immediately! You must not let him return to Beijing at all cost!”

“Uhhhh…” the bodyguard wanted to say something but hesitated instead.

Gu Yang’s blood began to boil, “What the hell are you ‘uhhh’ing’ for? Why haven’t you left to go find him?!”

“…it seems, he might have already flown back. I saw the secretary place a ticket on your office desk earlier this morning.”

With a dingy look, Gu Yang promptly gave the secretary a call.

“What time did you book my flight for?”

The secretary’s disquieting voice transmitted over, “Gu Zong, the plane will be departing in half an hour. You’re still not at the airport?”

Without responding, Gu Yang immediately hung up and called the bodyguard once more.

“He hasn’t boarded the plane yet. Go and grab him right now!”

At that very moment, Gu Hai and Tong Zhe had just entered the airport lobby.

For some inexplicable reason, there was no sense of ease for Tong Zhe while he walked through the lobby since he could not help but to constantly observe their surroundings. As matter of fact, it wasn’t once or twice that he had jumped to another job, so there was no reason for him to be nervous. But when they walked toward the security gate, Tong Zhe’s heart was beating uncontrollably.

Gu Hai was walking with an expressionless face when the person beside him stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Hai turned to ask Tong Zhe.

Tong Zhe’s face was quickly riddled with anxiety, “I suddenly remembered something.”

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you attempt to figure out Gu Yang’s password in order to get into his confidential files but were unsuccessful?”

Gu Hai carelessly nodded his head, “Why? Do you know the password?”

“No!” Tong Zhe’s brows scrunched into a frown. “He enabled a security monitoring service on his personal cellphone. If someone attempts to break the password into his files, the system will automatically send a message to alert him.”

Hearing the last few words, Gu Hai’s complexion changed before he quickly asked, “So?”

Tong Zhe fixed his gaze on Gu Hai, “Therefore, I think Gu Yang probably knows about all the things that you’ve done. If he sent someone to keep a look out at the security gate, then you will be captured the moment you get there. Even if you were to somehow get past the gate, there’s a high possibility that he has someone hiding on the plane. And let’s say, the plane you miraculously got in took off without hindrance, he might have already contacted the pilot to get you or have a group of people waiting for you at the airport in Beijing…”

Gu Hai paused, “And then?”

“And then…”

While Tong Zhe was pondering, two familiar figures suddenly emerged in his line of sight from not too far off; his breaths suddenly sank while his expression instantly froze.

“Why would there be an ‘and then’, hurry up and run!”

With that said, the two immediately separated—Tong Zhe threw all of the luggage to Gu Hai and then turned around before calmly making his way toward those two bodyguards. When one of the bodyguards saw Tong Zhe, he instantly revealed an astonished expression.

“Vice President, you’re also here to catch him?”

Once the bodyguard said that, Tong Zhe comprehended everything.

“I came earlier but I haven’t seen his shadow. How about you? Have you found the target?”

“Not yet.” The bodyguard said, looking around. “We just got here not too long ago.”

“How about you two look around in the waiting lounge?!” Tong Zhe suggested, “Who knows. Perhaps, he went in there already.”

The bodyguard nodded and called out to his companion, “Let’s go. We will take a look in there.”

“Wait a minute!” Tong Zhe stopped the bodyguards again, “Besides the two of you, did Gu Zong send any other manpower? I’m afraid that it’s just me searching here and if he shows up, what’s going to happen if I can’t stop him?”

“Don’t worry,” the bodyguard said, smiling at Tong Zhe. “We came to check out the situation first. There’s a large group of people behind us so he definitely won’t be able to escape!”

A large group of people…Tong Zhe’s scalp was going numb.

“When will they get here? Which side will they come from?”

“They should arrive any time now! The leader called me and said that they will come from that entrance over there.” The bodyguard pointed to show Tong Zhe, “If you see a group of men dressed in black suits and striped neckties coming in together then they’re the ones. It’s best if you greet the leader first. Since he’s someone that Gu Zong recruited outside of the company, he might not know who you are.”

Tong Zhe nodded prudently, “I know. You two should hurry up and go search in there. Any later, the plane is going to take off!”

As the two bodyguards quickly ran inside, one of them asked, “Hey, which entrance did you tell the Vice President?”

“The east entrance!”

“But which way did you point at?”

The bodyguard pointed again, “That one!”

“Bastard!! Are you stupid, that’s the west entrance!”

“Huh?” the bodyguard’s eyes widened, “Crap, I lost my sense of direction again!”

“You good-for-nothing! Hurry up and call the Vice President to tell him that you were wrong, so he can go to the east entrance for support.”

“There’s no need to!” The bodyguard was unconcerned, “The east and west entrances are not that far apart. Even if the Vice President went to the west entrance, he should still be able to see those people come in from the east entrance, right?”

“What if he ran into Gu Hai and wasn’t able to stop him? And those people didn’t get there on time to assist him? If that happens, we will be responsible for it! Do you still not understand what kind of person the Vice President is? Normally, he would argue over the smallest detail. If we really lie to him, he’s definitely going to skin us alive! Is that what you fucking want?!”

“Then what should we do?” The bodyguard’s once calm face immediately faltered. “I didn’t bring my phone, do you have yours?”

That bodyguard touched his pocket, “Shit, shit, I forgot it since we left in a hurry. Fuck it, let’s go find him!”

After Tong Zhe left the two bodyguards, he immediately gave Gu Hai a call.

“Leave through the west entrance.”

Gu Hai’s sunken voice transmitted over, “Where are you now?”

“Don’t worry about me. Just leave from the west and I’ll meet up with you as soon as I can.”

Quickly pushing a cart of luggage to the west, Gu Hai did not get far when he saw a group of men all dressed in black poured into that entrance. He froze in place, knowing full well that they did not come with good intentions. Sure enough, the man at the head of the group sharp eyes swept over and locked in on Gu Hai as the target.

Just as Tong Zhe arrived at the scene, he was immediately frightened by the imminent battle that was to follow.  Before him and Gu Hai stood no less than thirty to forty men, all donning black suits and striped neckties—swaying their head left to right to crack their necks in preparations.

“Run for it!!” Tong Zhe shouted loudly.

The second Gu Hai turned his head, the group of people charged over. However, his first reaction was not to run but to drop the luggage and tear it open to take his son out. Due to that move, he completely lost his chance to escape and inadvertently gave those men the opportunity to close in and surround him at all sides. At this point, aside from risking it all, there were no other means of escaping.

Soon, Tong Zhe also joined the battle.

Gu Hai glanced at the side just in time to see a chain of Tong Zhe’s utterly beautiful and confident high kicks that downed those men one by one. When they finally met back to back, Gu Hai could not help but praise him. “Your skills are pretty good.”

“You still have the time to admire that?” Tong Zhe let slip as his face turned green. “We won’t be able to hold them back much longer!”

Just as his voice faded, a rough fist violently smashed into Tong Zhe’s stomach—causing his body to instantly collapse on Gu Hai.

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  1. whoa i just finished reading your translation in about 1 weeks. giving you a great gratitude for your hard work!, thanks for making all of us happy sae!


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