Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 63

His Pitiful Son, the Donkey

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Soon, the soldiers on Bai Luo Yin’s side could no longer withstand their opponents. Meanwhile, Bai Luo Yin himself had nearly reached the door of the fighter jet when two soldiers grabbed hold of his foot. He aggressively swept his foot to the side and struck a few of the pea-brained soldiers in the head causing them to tumble down before he quickly rushed to open the cockpit door.

What…thirty people can’t actually catch one person? Gu Yang’s face completely darkened before he swiftly charged toward the fighter jet and practically leaped onto the step that led to the cockpit door. Since you are all useless, then I will do the fucking job myself!

Bai Luo Yin was able to get half of his body into the cockpit when he was suddenly pulled ruthlessly by an immense force. As he lowered his head for a look, he was met with Gu Yang’s sinister face, holding his leg down in a bent position. Since it came to that, Bai Luo Yin did not hold back and fiercely kicked him. However, when Gu Yang released Bai Luo Yin’s leg, not only did his hand that was gripping Bai Luo Yin’s pants tightened but it actually dragged them down more than a dozen centimeters.

Both of Bai Luo Yin’s hands, that was firmly grasping the bottom notch of the cockpit door, were almost bleeding from the edge of where his nails met the skin.

Gu Yang was utterly heartless this time around, not caring in the least when his eyes swept passed his hands. You deceived, used, and played with my feelings…Bai Luo Yin, when you fall into my hands today, don’t expect me to relent or be merciful towards you again!

“Aaahhh!…” Bai Luo Yin howled resulted in Gu Yang’s hand pausing due to a conditioned reflex. Taking that to his advantage, Bai Luo Yin quickly leaped into the cockpit and Gu Yang’s hands strongly pulled back.

In seconds, the sound of fabric ripping could be heard.

A certain Major’s pants have been ripped.

For a more accurate description, it ripped from below the buttocks—with just one glance up, Gu Yang could clearly see Bai Luo Yin’s black underpants. Due to that momentary stare, Bai Luo Yin swiftly got into the fighter jet which caused Gu Yang’s hands to not have time to reach forward as the cockpit door closed right in front of him.

Hearing the roar of the engines, the soldiers at the foot of the steps were also startled.

“It’s dangerous! Quickly pull him down!” Someone yelled, and all the soldiers raced forward to grab Gu Yang from the steps.

Gu Yang’s face remained as dark and sinister as before as he looked down and spoke to them with a murderous tone. “Aren’t you all Air Force soldiers? That’s good then, send two fighter jets out to intercept him at once!”

The soldiers all looked at each other awkwardly, finding that things have gotten out of hand.

Noticing their slow movements, Gu Yang quickly assured them. “You don’t dare to do that without explicit approval? Fine, I’ll give Regiment Commander Zhang a call and have him immediately issue the mission to you!”

“No, it’s not because of that.” A bold man said, “It’s not that we don’t want to help you…it’s just that we are honestly unable to. When it comes to in-flight combat, Major Bai is the most outstanding and is second to none. He is practically unbeatable. Even if we were to pursue him, we would certainly come back down before Major Bai.”

Gu Yang’s face became increasingly ugly, “Wouldn’t it work out if you were provided with the best performance fighter jet?”

“Uh…the best performance jet is the one Major Bai just took off with.”

Gu Yang, “…”

After a while, a soldier cautiously walked toward Gu Yang. “But there’s someone whose skill exceeds that of Bai Luo Yin. The only thing is, I don’t know if he would be willing to help you…”

“Who?” Gu Yang narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Wing Commander Zhou.”

Honestly, one can imagine Gu Yang’s conflicting emotions at that moment.

After Bai Luo Yin piloted the fighter jet to a high altitude—reaching the maximum velocity, in less than an hour, he flew directly into Hong Kong’s airspace and rapidly pierced through the clouds before slowly descending.

At that moment, Tong Zhe said to Gu Hai that: “The car is going to run out of gas soon.”

Gu Hai turned around for a glimpse, the cars behind them were no longer in sight but that did not mean they had thrown them off. As long as they followed their trail, it was inevitable that they would locate their exact position.

Just as he was thinking, his phone sounded.

Bai Luo Yin’s distinctive voice transmitted over from the other side, “Where are you now? I arrived in Hong Kong already.”

“I…” Gu Hai looked around, where is this? He glanced at Tong Zhe, who was also confused.

“We should be in the suburbs.” Gu Hai said with difficulty.

Bai Luo Yin, “Then you can just stay there and don’t move. I’ll use satellite positioning.”

Before Gu Hai could say ‘okay’, he saw a familiar car emerge in the rearview mirror. He looked at Tong Zhe who tapped on the steering wheel and said, “There’s no gas!”

As a result, the two leaped out of the car and fled toward a village not too far away. Quickening their movements, the group of people behind them also flew out of their cars and chased them. They poured into the village from every direction and intentionally blocked every road entering and exiting.

Gu Hai and Tong Zhe climbed over a random wall and jumped down into a widow’s small yard, unbeknownst to them that is. But just as they were about to let out a sigh of relieve, the sudden sound of a dog barking scared them half to death. Not wanting to be discovered, Gu Hai pulled the dog into his arms and forcefully covered its mouth. In doing that, the dog ended up clawing him all over his body.

To the side, Tong Zhe suddenly heard a burst of thundering sounds come from the sky. He looked up and saw a fighter jet flying toward their direction. He quickly pushed Gu Hai who peered upward as well. His feelings then… indescribable grief his hands unsteadily gripped his phone.

“Yin Zi, I see you.”

“That’s good, you can direct me, and I’ll fly over to you.”

No doubt, Bai Luo Yin’s fighter jet provided those ‘soldiers pursuing’ them a powerful clue of their location. As the fighter jet descended, those men started to rush over in all direction and converged in the small yard—encircling the entire area in a grand gesture.

Those useless bastards have the guts to play with me?

Bai Luo Yin casually shot two small harmless grenades, frightening those men over ten meters back. He wanted to find a proper area to land but discovered instead that there was no suitable spot. While he was studying the surrounding, Gu Hai and Tong Zhe also ran out. Bai Luo Yin quickly took aim and shot an endless amount of dense fog bombs to clear the way for them.

When those men realized that the grenades did not have any destructive power and was merely used to scare them, they advanced forward and drew closer to Gu Hai and Tong Zhe. That meant, in order to ensure Gu Hai’s safety, Bai Luo Yin could not rashly release the grenades again.

Shit, there’s no time left. Bai Luo Yin took a huge risk and lowered the aircraft close enough to the ground. He quickly opened the cockpit door, allowing Gu Hai to practically fly in. Once he was safe, he immediately hugged Bai Luo Yin tightly.

Da Hai…

Bai Luo Yin wanted more than anything to hug him back, but his hands were occupied at the moment. Nonetheless, he was able to maintain a rational mindset— although he was emotionally moved and excited, he still remembered to close the cockpit door first.

“Don’t close it yet!” Gu Hai suddenly shouted before he turned and pulled Tong Zhe up.

Since Tong Zhe was a step behind Gu Hai, a few of those people grabbed hold of him, making it impossible for him to smoothly climb up. He could only depend on Gu Hai to help him.

Bai Luo Yin took a glance down and his expression quickly changed.

“Yin Zi, quick, help me out!” Gu Hai said as the veins on his hands rose.

Bai Luo Yin hesitated for a moment, but he still went over to help.

Once Tong Zhe’s foot slid in, Bai Luo Yin went to close the door.

“Don’t close it yet!” Gu Hai shouted again, even more worried, “My son is still down there!”

When Gu Hai pulled Tong Zhe up a moment ago, he wasn’t careful, and it accidentally fell down. Now it was beneath those people’s feet, Gu Hai became anxious and a twinge of pain ran up his heart. “Wait a moment. I’ll go down and get it!”

“There’s no need to.” Bai Luo Yin faintly replied, “It’s enough that you got in.”

As the cockpit door was closed, Gu Hai looked on helplessly as the donkey got trampled on beneath those people’s feet. The only thing in his mind was the way the donkey shook its head.

“Why didn’t you let me go down to get it?” Gu Hai calmly turned to ask Bai Luo Yin.

Truthfully, Bai Luo Yin wanted to confute him, how did it fell down? Wasn’t it obvious you abandon it first…however, he actually said: “That’s nothing more than a stuffed animal. Just get another one when we get back!”

Gu Hai could not say anything else.

Once again, Gu Yang entered the interrogation room only to see Zhou Ling Yun shadowboxing in front of a wall. It did not take Gu Yang long to notice the small cracks that appeared one by one on the wall, each was the size of a man’s fist.

Even after he saw Gu Yang walk in, Zhou Ling Yun’s expression did not change at all.

However, just one glimpse of that hateful man, Gu Yang wished he could leave.

But compared to how Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai joined forces to hurt him, being a bit humiliated by Zhou Ling Yun did not surmount to anything.

“I have a mission. As long as you can complete it, I can get you out of here right now.”

Zhou Ling Yun stopped his movements for a moment and turned to look at Gu Yang.

“What mission?”

Gu Yang paused in between each word, “To Intercept a fighter jet.”

“Intercept a fighter jet?” Zhou Ling Yun faintly smiled, “When did you start handling affairs in the Air Force?”

Resisting the need to explode with what little trace of patience he had left, Gu Yang tried to explain everything. “Do you want to know how you ended up in here? Let me tell you, it was Bai Luo Yin who used my hands to trap you. Since he is lazy in nature and can’t stand your imperious policy, he thought of a method to shift the conflict over to the two of us instead.”

Zhou Ling Yun punched the wall again, but this time, the area surrounding the countless cracks spread out.

“Let’s just say, you and I are, at the least, considered allies and our common enemy is Bai Luo Yin. He has fled in a fighter jet and the only person in this unit that can intercept and bring him down is you.”

“Allies…” Zhou Ling Yun mulled over that word, “Would an ally force me to eat a bun that he had pissed on?”

Gu Yang’s expression changed as he uncomfortably said, “I will give you a valid explanation regarding that later!”

“Let me think it through.” Zhou Ling Yun sternly said while continuing to punch the wall.

The color on Gu Yang’s face sank, “From Beijing to Hong Kong takes about three hours back and forth. By the time you’re done thinking, the fighter jet would have landed already!”

“Back and forth?” Zhou Ling Yun’s thick eyebrows twisted, “Since he’s coming back anyway, why do you need to send another jet to intercept him? Do you see us pilots with a lot of free time with nothing better to do?”

Trying not to lash out, Gu Yang forced himself to ask, “Will you do it or not?”

Zhou Ling Yun firmly declared his position, “The nation’s machinery are not yours to casually use for the sake of resolving your personal conflicts.”

After saying a few ruthless words, Gu Yang turned and took his leave.

“Regiment Commander Zhang, I need two extremely competent pilots who can contend with Bai Luo Yin right now.”

“You’ve actually called at the perfect time. It just so happens I have one readily available! He’s an elite soldier that I brought over from another military district. He’s in Beijing for a meeting at the time, but I can help you get in contact with him.”

Putting down his phone, Gu Yang let out a bitter comment. God has finally opened his eyes.

If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered to come here… Gu Yang glanced at the door to the interrogation room with eyes completely full of hate, Zhou Ling Yun, just wait and see!

12 thoughts on “Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 63

  1. So sweet when Gu Hai hugged Zin Yi and Yin Zi wanted nothing to hugged him back. This ep was hilarious. Thanks!


  2. I think it’s highly unrealistic Gu Yang would have this much power. Some things are getting way to far fetched here.


  3. Yup… let me not forget that this is a novel… writer is getting carried away….
    There was a shooting at an airport in Hong Kong….
    but thats not all…. let me get a jet to pick up my husband and our son. LOL!
    If this ever becomes a seson I’ve no idea how they’re going to do it. Lol!


  4. I sort of regret reading the novel. I should have just been happy with the series. The events are absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable.


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