Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 8 – Part 1


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Rated: You. know. what.

At first, Qi Xiu Yuan did not understand what Xiao Li meant. In fact, he didn’t even have the time to think about it.

He just thought that Xiao Li’s unprecedented sexiness, the touch of his hand behind his shoulder, the warmth of their skin as it connected, and the hot breath that blew on his face when he leaned down, all made his own body felt extremely feverish and uncontrollable.

Xiao Li’s eyes were different from usual. It was like the sunshine illuminating on the surface of the sea with the undulating waves that turned from dark to pure blue, stretching out as far as the eyes can see while preserving its brightness. There was no hint of hesitation or cautiousness now—the Xiao Li that looked at him in such manner seemed to have given him all the things that lied at the very depth of his heart.

Having Xiao Li look at him with those pair of eyes felt truly amazing. Qi Xiu Yuan thought he was about to lose control any second now. He wanted to turn his eyes away, otherwise, if he were to be looked like that again…he would throw Xiao Li on the floor and press him down beneath him just, so he could do something that would make him completely mad.

But, the more Xiao Li moved, the closer he was to him. Qi Xiu Yuan could clearly see the boundary between his pupil and iris within his already dark eyes. He could clearly see how long his eyelashes were as it lined up together, and each time he blinked, it would fan out—making his eyes appear even more blurry.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s soul seemed to have been absorbed—completely seduced if that’s what might be said. He snorted and gave up on his own rationality before stretching his hand out toward Xiao Li’s neck and kissing him.

That kiss was intense and earnest, a rare fervent displayed by Xiao Li. As for Qi Xiu Yuan, who had been bewitched by him, desperately revealed an overbearing aura. Both of them transmitted the tactility of their lips as they pressed and ground together—the tip of their tongues delineated one another precisely as they invaded inside of each other’s mouth, their breaths became more and more urgent and scorching hot; the vague and subtle sound of water was then followed by several low moans that came from one of them, but neither knew who. Soon, their body temperature soared by at least ten degrees Celsius between the two of them.

They kissed like that for a long while. Xiao Li had already attempted to end the kiss twice, but each time, his face was firmly held by Qi Xiu Yuan’s hands—dragging him in an even deeper entanglement until Xiao Li could no longer breathe properly. It only then did Qi Xiu Yuan finally release him, but even then, his line of sight continued to revolve around the lips that appeared swollen and red because of excitement.

Xiao Li placed one hand on Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulder to hold his own body up while his chest moved rapidly up and down. He suddenly laughed in a low tone as he watched Qi Xiu Yuan’s expression and then he spoke in a husky voice as he panted. “Why are you always so fast?”

Qi Xiu Yuan did not speak, but he did not move away from the line of sight that rested on him either. That line of sight was heavy yet warm—it was as if he was using his eyes to kiss Xiao Li. Then that sly gaze shifted from Xiao Li’s lips to his eyes before sweeping along the scar on his cheeks and finally falling back to his lips.

All the while, Xiao Li seemed helpless but then again, there was also an indulgent smile gracing his lips. Feeling hotly bothered, his hands stretched out to cover Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes before he lowered his body and spoke softly. “I said let’s do it, did you hear it?”

Qi Xiu Yuan silently nodded his head.

Xiao Li lowered his voice even more. It was as if he didn’t want to hear himself say the words he was going to say. “This is my first time. You…you have to be careful.”

Hearing that, Qi Xiu Yuan’s entire body suddenly shook as his breaths became heavy.

He reached out to touch Xiao Li, but Xiao Li had already let go of his hand. He got off of him and walked toward the bedroom.

Qi Xiu Yuan immediately followed after and captured him at the bedroom doorway. He hugged him from behind and nibbled on the bare skin that was exposed between his neck and the T-shirt. The member that became hot and hard from their kissing session a moment ago conveniently pressed against Xiao Li’s waistline as his unsteady breaths brushed behind Xiao Li’s ears, his voice was hoarse, low and deep as if attempting to maintain self-control with all his might.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was vague, practically impossible to distinguish, “How come, all of a sudden….”

Xiao Li broke away from his embrace and turned around to grab Qi Xiu Yuan’s belt, then his lips softly landed on his lips before he moved away again.

That action alone caused Qi Xiu Yuan to tremble and completely lose all self-control. His kiss feverishly fell onto Xiao Li’s lips while one of his hand slipped inside his T-shirt from below, carelessly touching and feeling the smooth skin around his waistline. His other hand eagerly met with Xiao Li’s hand that had stopped at his belt as he clumsily attempted to unbuckle it.

The two hastily and frantically pulled on each other’s clothes, exerted all their strength to touch and feel the others’ body as they stumbled into the bedroom. There seemed to be an infinite distance between the door and the bed where they could not reach it no matter what.

Feeling frustrated, Qi Xiu Yuan practically cursed in low a voice. Suddenly, his hand stretched out to give Xiao Li a push, causing him to stagger as he fell backward. However, before he found his balance, Qi Xiu Yuan had already straddled forward, pressing his whole body on top of Xiao Li—firmly keeping him there between his own body and the mattress.

In that instant, Xiao Li’s basic instinct was to react, that inadvertently caused his body to immediately tense up as his arm harshly reached out. Qi Xiu Yuan caught his wrist, that was subsequently trying to pull back at the same time as a retaliation. Then breathing heavily, he moved in close to Xiao Li.

“I will be careful.” His voice was nearly saturated with desires, “I will.”

Using that type of voice to ensure he will be gentle, even Qi Xiu Yuan himself appeared unconvinced as those words floated near his own ears. Let alone using it to appease Xiao Li.

Slightly widening his eyes, Xiao Li stared at Qi Xiu Yuan looking as though he wanted to smile. Just as the corners of his lips curved up while thinking of something, a bashful expression flashed by his eyes out of nowhere—causing him to no longer be able to look directly at Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes. He quickly turned away to look out the window instead.

For Qi Xiu Yuan, that expression was simply an act of pouring oil on fire. He gasped and couldn’t help but to slightly move away from Xiao Li’s body then he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down, even if it just a bit.

But the scene of Xiao Li being underneath him was too erotic with the ability to beckon the soul into a frenzy. In fact, that scene vividly materialized in his mind more than ever—under the lustrous and bright moonlight, Xiao Li laid on the dark bed sheets in his disheveled clothes. That was the courageous, determined, strong and yet gentle Xiao Li. His Xiao Li. However, beneath him, he became delicate and obedient. More importantly, he was wholeheartedly willing to be his.

Those thoughts created two completely opposite effects on Qi Xiu Yuan’s body. On one hand, it made him harder—his cock was practically throbbing with pain. Regardless of everything, he wanted to desperately enter this person’s body, to possess him, to pillage him, to utterly and completely conquer him. But on the other hand, it made Qi Xiu Yuan become more patient than ever. He wanted to crawl under Xiao Li’s feet, he wanted to make all his desires come true and he wanted to use all his gentleness to make the person beneath him happy.

Qi Xiu Yuan took several deep breaths then suddenly opened his eyes and lowered his body to softly kissed Xiao Li’s lips—only their lips were touching, he did not insert his tongue. When he spoke again, his voice was still hoarse, but gentle and steady.

“I will be careful….” He promised in a soft voice.

Those words seemed so overly cautious that Xiao Li couldn’t help but to laugh again. He turned his head to looked at Qi Xiu Yuan then flipped over and pressed him beneath his body instead. In seconds, he kissed Qi Xiu Yuan again and again before lightly and slowly rubbing his lips against his.  “As long as you don’t speak then it will be fine….mmm…”

It was obvious that Qi Xiu Yuan was not satisfied with his suggestion. To express his protest, he bit Xiao Li’s lips before making use of the moment to deepen the kiss. Both his hands wrapped around Xiao Li’s shoulders as he exerted some strength to turn him over in order to press him beneath him again.

That intense kiss slowly became riddled with tenderness as their lips repeatedly met and parted. The sound of their lips softly touching mingled with their breaths that were ravaged with pleasure.

Qi Xiu Yuan stuck the tip of his tongue out to softly comfort the teeth mark he left on Xiao Li’s lips. Then, he moved down along Xiao Li’s lower jaw and neck, leaving a trail of clear salacious saliva before finally stopping at a spot between Xiao Li’s collar bones and the edges of his T-shirt. He opened his mouth and sucked that spot, licking for a moment only to start biting and nibbling until, soon after, a hickey appeared.

Afterward, he lifted his head just a bit and glanced at his masterpiece in satisfaction. He stared attentively at Xiao Li’s eyes and deliberately licked his own lips. “Okay, I won’t talk….”

He picked up his upper body and kneeled near Xiao Li’s crotch, then lowering his eyes, he gazed at him. Both of his hands reached into Xiao Li’s T-shirt, moving upward as he caressed his smooth skin while simultaneously pulling his shirt up.

Xiao Li reached out, intending to take off his own T-shirt, but Qi Xiu Yuan quickly took notice and stopped him. He caught both of Xiao Li’s wrists with is left hand and moved them close to the side of his own lips. All the while, his right hand continued to wander bit by bit in the slowest motion.

Xiao Li’s skin was smooth and tight as if it could emit lambent lights under the moonlight. As it displayed in front of him inch by inch, Qi Xiu Yuan could hear his breaths quickening again. He kissed Xiao Li’s wrists then leaned forward and pressed them above Xiao Li’s own head. At the same time, he grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and raised it toward Xiao Li’s head to take it off.

When the T-shirt was around his shoulders, Xiao Li cooperatively lifted his body until it successfully slipped off his shoulders. But when the shirt reached his face and covered it, Qi Xiu Yuan lowered his head and firmly sucked on his right nipple.

Caught off guard, Xiao Li’s body suddenly bounced and let out a low stuffy moan from beneath the cloth over his face. That made Qi Xiu Yuan even more excited and he, in turn, sucked harder.

Xiao Li flounced for a moment before freeing his hands from Qi Xiu Yuan’s hold. He swiftly took off his T-shirt from over his head, then breathed heavily as he looked at the head of black hair buried against his chest—he cursed in a low voice that sounded like a moan, “Pervert”.

Hearing that, Qi Xiu Yuan started to laugh and softly bit his nipple with his teeth. The vibration of his laughter transmitted on Xiao Li’s body. It made him felt as though there was a gust of warm air entering his blood vessels through his nipple before rapidly spreading throughout his chest and abdominal. Then it immediate flowed all the way to his backbone and legs until it came back up and centralized at the spot between his legs.

Once he clearly felt the member between Xiao Li’s legs started to harden Qi Xiu Yuan let out a low moan that seemed to be filled with a sense of pride. It didn’t take long for him to realize that his own member was burning hot and becoming hard.

He lifted his head in search of Xiao Li’s lips, and once he found it, he licked a couple of times before using an invasive manner to push his tongue deep in. While doing that, he simultaneously rocked his bottom half, that was riding on top of Xiao Li’s crotch area, back and forth. Separated by only a few layers of clothes, he intentionally rubbed and ground their members against each other.

The words that could always make Xiao Li feel embarrassed no longer appeared as Qi Xiu Yuan remained silent. However, that caused every other sound in the room seem especially clear and crisp.

The frantic sound of wetness between their lips and tongues, the most minute sound of their skin touching, the rubbing sound of cloths and zippers and then the sound of suppressed breaths and lustful moans seemed to completely permeate the entire room, generating a confusing atmosphere.

Xiao Li’s moans appeared to have come from his chest, and as he wrapped his arms securely around Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulders, his member slowly swelled up. When Qi Xiu Yuan’s right hand touched his left nipple then started to caress it that provoked him to slightly tremble while his member on the other hand practically stood erect immediately.

Kissing and sucking hard on Xiao Li’s lips, Qi Xiu Yuan then picked up his own body again and gasped for air. Just like how he eliminated Xiao Li’s T-shirt, he employed the same slow pace method to treat his belt.

That was simply a kind of agonizing torment. When Qi Xiu Yuan removed his pants in an exasperatingly slow manner bit by bit, Xiao Li felt he himself was harder than before. He gasped and reached down to touch his own member, but Qi Xiu Yuan’s swiftly pushed his hand away.

With a deliberately indolent smile, Qi Xiu Yuan took off Xiao Li’s pants while his sneaky scalding palm caressed his thighs all the way down to his knees, ankles until it reached the sole of his foot.

Xiao Li had always known his own appearance was pretty good and his body was also quite impressive—even his bed partners always spare no effort to tell him those points and as for him, he had never felt embarrassed about his own body. But right now, being below Qi Xiu Yuan, a feeling of wanting to hide, to cover his body promptly rushed forth. His body disobediently trembled while every inch of his skin emitted heat.

Qi Xiu Yuan had already tossed his clothes on the floor and was now starting to gently caress and stroke the sole of his foot while lifting up his left leg.

Xiao Li did not dare to imagine what Qi Xiu Yuan saw from that angle; being watched and emotionally stirred made him nervous and anxious. Some unpleasant scenes started to flash before his eyes causing him to feel the chills and trembles that crept all over his body. Those trembles were not of passion—it was more like conflict and refusal.

Immediately noticing that Qi Xiu Yuan put Xiao Li’s long leg down and began to caress the top of his foot as a way of comfort until Xiao Li slowly calmed down again.

Every part of this person’s body was enticing. Qi Xiu Yuan stared attentively at both of Xiao Li’s barefoot while his mouth and tongue became parched—the perfect arch of the foot, the curve of the ankle, the light colored vein beneath the skin and every single toe…. he held Xiao Li’s calf and pressed his lips against the skin on top of his foot as if to worship it. With every light peck, he would immediately move a bit higher every time, and then he would move along the opposite direction from before. His lips employed a teasing and provoking method as it slowly passed Xiao Li’s calf, knee, then the hallow areas near the knee, thighs, until he arrived at the very end of his inner thighs.

By now, Xiao Li’s member have completely become erected with a large amount of clear, translucent liquid emerging from the tip. After Qi Xiu Yuan carelessly glanced at that area, he pressed his lips against Xiao Li’s supple yet strong skin. Then like taking a pleasant stroll in the courtyard, he wandered through his inner thighs, his lower abdominal, the side of his waist, and even the scar there, making sure to leave love bites from time to time. All the while, he purposely avoided his member.

When Qi Xiu Yuan sucked on the skin near his belly button then started to nibble with his teeth, Xiao Li’s breaths began to shake. He picked up his upper body just the slightest and reached down to grab Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair, forcing him to lift his head up.

“Lick me.” Xiao Li had already tried his best to control himself, but his voice deceived him and revealed the unbearable desire.

Hearing that, Qi Xiu Yuan immediately stared at him and laughed—the corners of his lips could be said to have practically risen upward into a devilish curve while two balls raging flame burned in the depth of his eyes.

Then, he moved away just a bit and reached out to hold Xiao Li’s member. Keeping his eyes on him, he kissed the very tip lightly before licking his own lips. With a devilishly hot expression, he lowered his head and took Xiao Li’s member in his mouth.

Letting out deep moans, Xiao Li fell back down on the mattress. His fingers forcefully dug into Qi Xiu Yuan’s black hair as he gripped it lightly, allowing them to rise and fall along with the movement of his head.

When they were intimate before, Xiao Li would always be engrossed in Qi Xiu Yuan’s oral sex skills. He doesn’t know whether he should give credit to his abundant experiences or interpret it as they were just naturally in sync and perfectly compatible. Qi Xiu Yuan always knew the appropriate strength and angle to exercise. His warm and moist mouth, his finesse and gentle tongue, even the hand that unconsciously caressed his thighs, all of which could make Xiao Li even more sensitive and to the point where he would lose all of his senses.

Qi Xiu Yuan let long sounds of pleasure rush out of his throat while he buried his head even deeper—Xiao Li felt his own member enter into a narrow and warm place. When a gust of warm heat rapidly swept across his body, he adjusted his posture, clutched onto Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair and started to thrust faster into his mouth.

The hand that pressed against Xiao Li’s thighs exerted more strength and the inside of his mouth appeared to have been blasted with an incomparable wave of heat that transmitted and spread uncontrollably. Xiao Li felt the depth of his own bones being infected as if they have been ignited with fire—even his blood streams seemed to have been caught on fire and was carrying an endless amount of flame as it rushed to his eardrums and charged magnificently through his entire body.

Qi Xiu Yuan practically initiated an inferno on his body.

Xiao Li’s moans became unbearably heavy and hoarse, the flames and heat coursing his entire body beckoned him to lose his patience. Qi Xiu Yuan’s lips, tongue, and throat forced him to a breaking point—following along with the urgent moans, Xiao Li was on the verge of reaching his climax.

The fingers that were in Qi Xiu Yuan’s hair unconsciously bent, his eyes were tightly closed, the muscles of his lower abdominal and thighs tensed up. Qi Xiu Yuan was nearly unable to contain Xiao Li as he speedily rammed his member in his mouth several more time before releasing the warm cum in his mouth.

Immediately after, he lied on the bed while his chest undulated to the thumping rhythm of his own heartbeat. The euphoric sensation that unfurled was like a gentle sea current, rippling within his body one wave after another.

Slowly, Xiao Li’s breathing started to stabilize as his thoughts gradually returned to reality.

At that moment, he could feel Qi Xiu Yuan attentively licking his member that had soften. He could feel him straightening up his body from between his own legs. Then he heard some rustling noises as Qi Xiu Yuan got rid of his own clothes; the mattress shook before the bedside table lightly sounded—Qi Xiu Yuan got off the bed to get something out from there. Soon, a soft snapping sound could be heard; something had opened, allowing a faint bitterness smell to rush out. The warm heat emitting from Qi Xiu Yuan’s body approached Xiao Li again as both of his legs were parted. Finally, a finger with something cool on it entered his passage.

Xiao Li suddenly opened his eyes only to see one of Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand holding the side of his face—he had lowered his head to pay close attention to his expression—while the other hand continued to move slowly.

The finger that carried the satiny liquid explored and wandered inside for a moment. Feeling a faint sense of unpleasantness, Xiao Li moved his body. Seeing that, Qi Xiu Yuan lowered his body and softly licked and kissed his ear, whispering, “Don’t worry, leave it all to me.”

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Li hooked his arms around Qi Xiu Yuan’s shoulders and tried his best to relax his own body. Unfortunately, he was breathing faster than before from nervousness.

One of Qi Xiu Yuan’s fingers slowly turned near his passage but not in an anxious manner to rush in. As the cool lubricant gradually warmed up, the sticky feeling made Xiao Li felt a bit uneasy. He could not control the force of his hands on Qi Xiu Yuan’s back and ended up leaving deep marks.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Li.” Qi Xiu Yuan whispered in his ear with a soft and affectionate tone. “Take deep breaths and relax…”


Qi Xiu Yuan only stretched the tip of one finger in—and with the help of the lubricant, the process of entering was very fast. What caused Xiao Li’s voice to sound horrified was not the pain or even the feeling of having a foreign object enter him.

The scenes that made him chilly just now were of the past that came crawling back. Xiao Li could not restrain himself from remembering those treacherous things. Those scenes that contained no sense of honor made him start to tremble again. He closed his eyes tightly and asked for him. “Qi Xiu Yuan, I…”

Immediately hearing him, Qi Xiu Yuan’s finger retreated, but Xiao Li did not have the time to relax yet when the finger returned. With more lubricant and more determination, it penetrated deeper into the second joint of his finger. Xiao Li could feel his own physical instinct to resist as he jerked, almost as if to push Qi Xiu Yuan’s finger out.

“… Xiao Li, Xiao Li.” When his ears could pick up sounds again, he heard Qi Xiu Yuan calling his name. He slowly opened his eyes only to see that Qi Xiu Yuan had stopped—there was patience and gentleness as he looked at him. The expression that settled in the deepest part of his eyes was strange and held a hint of desire for conquest that Xiao Li had never taken notice of before.

That desire for conquest made Xiao Li even more nervous. He could hear his own resistance in his voice and moved his body to escape from his finger.

“Don’t be afraid… don’t be afraid…” Qi Xiu Yuan’s finger firmly explored deeper, and every millimeter provoked Xiao Li’s heart to tremble with fear. Without warning, Li Shi Qing’s face floated into his mind—Xiao Li’s body became rigid as the thought of rebellion rapidly generated. In less than a second, he wanted to turn the person above him away.

But this time, Qi Xiu Yuan kissed him lightly, softly, lovingly and carefully. It was like that kiss they shared in Han Jia’s sickroom, their second kiss and every other kiss they shared, all of which he could never forget.

Xiao Li’s brows pulled in tightly together as he tried to relax his tight shoulders.

Qi Xiu Yuan gently kissed him along his chin all the way to his shoulder while maintaining a tender and enticing tone of voice.

“Xiao Li, think about me. Don’t think about anything else, just think of me…” His lips stopped at the hollow of Xiao Li shoulders before the tip of his tongue sneaked a lick. Then he continued to say, “Have I told you or not that I fell in love with you at first sight…”


The moment Xiao Li was distracted, Qi Xiu Yuan’s finger completely entered and began to turn slowly.

“What about you? Do you remember when we first met? Do you remember…” Just as his fingers enacted such play, his voice on the other hand completely lacked lust, coming out almost as a sigh.

Xiao Li panted and tried his hardest to recall that time.

“I remember you were very angry…didn’t agree about Xiao Yang and Susu…or liked that long Lincoln…” As he said that intermittently, those unpleasant scenes slowly disappeared, and his mind started to conjure a clear image of the Qi Xiu Yuan from back then.

“You were so beautiful at that time…” Qi Xiu Yuan exclaimed in admiration as he raised his head and moved close to Xiao Li’s ear while simultaneously moving his finger and occasionally bending the joint which caused Xiao Li to be startled. “When you took off your sunglasses…and the way you sat down on the sofa with a worried appearance…at that time, I thought, ‘why is he mixed up in the underworld and if he wasn’t a gang member, I would have held him and pressed him down on the sofa’, just like now…”

“Nonsense,” Xiao Li gasped for breath, sensing that Qi Xiu Yuan had pushed in the second finger. But, Qi Xiu Yuan continued to say those words in his ear, making him turn his attention back to him. He retorted, “You dare…?”

“That’s why I said I fell in love at first…” Qi Xiu Yuan’s breath slowly became unstable as well as he took out his fingers and got even more lubricant. This time, he inserted three fingers.

Xiao Li immediately swung his head back—the muscles of his passage that had just relaxed, tightened up once more, wrapping around Qi Xiu Yuan’s fingers in protest.

Qi Xiu Yuan let out a low groan and coaxed Xiao Li by lightly licking and kissing his earlobe. He whispered, “Then, do you remember…do you remember when I called you outside of Jin Ting?”

As Xiao Li’s thoughts sank into confusion, he tried his utmost to resist those filthy images from reappearing since the hardest to deal with now was Qi Xiu Yuan. Now, his enticing words were at his ear, his skin was glued to his—it was like his entire being was being surrounded by his breath. At the same time, his body has taken in his fingers. Qi Xiu Yuan has besieged his mind and expelled every other thought.

“The call…?” His breathing was a mess as he repeated that word in a low voice. His attention shifted again to his tight passage as he eased himself, allowing Qi Xiu Yuan’s three fingers to reach in deeper.

Xiao Li raised his head and gasped while Qi Xiu Yuan pressed a bit at a time. “Yes, remember?”

Xiao Li felt his mind going blank for a moment before he finally retrieved his memory. “Jiang Xiao Ning. You were looking for your student…”

“Yes, you’re so smart…” Qi Xiu Yuan licked his ears, praised him and whispered. “You helped me with such a huge matter that day…”

His unbridled fingers started to move even more inside of Xiao Li as the soft and warm muscle tightly wrapped around him. He tried his best to restrain himself from using his already outrageously hard member to replace it. His voice was so hoarse as if he had just completed teaching four lessons.

“Do you remember when we ate together at the edge of the Yangtze River…” He slowly looked back at Xiao Li’s ear to remember the past. His fingers flexed and stretched—deliberately moving in the same slow rhythm of the language he used while constantly thrusting and exploring the soft inner wall. “When we looked at the street scenery together…buy clothes together…don’t you remember…?

Xiao Li let out a small whimper; the arms that encircled Qi Xiu Yuan slowly lost its strength and hung loosely on his shoulder. When Qi Xiu Yuan’s fingers explored a particular spot, his head suddenly rose high as his body went into a spell of trembles.

“You’re hard.” Qi Xiu Yuan said hoarsely with that kind of hot, yet sinister tone mixed in with the desire to conquer. He has never heard Qi Xiu Yuan talk like that before and…now he was shuddering because of that voice.

Qi Xiu Yuan began to attack that particular spot, pressing then rubbing it occasionally while using that voice—which made him tremble—to intentionally ask him: “Is it here?…does it feel good?… again?…” Xiao Li wanted to curse and call him a scoundrel but when he opened his mouth, he only heard his own rough moans.

Noting that, Qi Xiu Yuan laughed in between gasps. He nibbled on Xiao Li’s ear and stretched his other hand down to grasp Xiao Li’s erected member.

Xiao Li’s breath fiercely came to a halt. He reached for Qi Xiu Yuan’s wrist but was unable to have any influence on his movements. In the end, he could only lay slightly to the side and unconsciously grip the bed sheets.

As the panting sounded louder and louder, it wasn’t clear who it belonged to. Xiao Li felt that any small sound or movement became larger in scale. Qi Xiu Yuan must have done it deliberately since the actions that he had at both his front and back side were creating a clammy sound. That kind of sound, passed through his skin and blood and transmitted straight into his ears—to simply put it, it was ear-splitting.

“You’re beautiful…” He vaguely heard Qi Xiu Yuan said in admiration as all the fingers in his body abruptly pressed at that strange spot. It seemed as if an electric current has been immediately constructed there, enticing a burst of trembling numbness around the area that made it impossible for Xiao Li to endure.

He doesn’t know whether he had moaned or not—perhaps, he simply couldn’t make any sounds, but the arrival of his climax caused Xiao Li’s body to stretch into a bow in front of Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes. He closed his eyes as both his hands clung to the bed sheets. All the while, his waistline displayed a perfect arc.

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