Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 8 Part 2


Gasping for a long time, Xiao Li’s chest no longer rose up and down intensely. He slowly opened his eyes only to be captured red-handed by Qi Xiu Yuan’s own eyes.

He had already shot twice and was exhausted and soft but more so, he was unwilling to move even a finger and instead lied on the sheets without any resistance. There was a thin splay of erotic sticky substance sitting between his chest and stomach.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s fingers have already been taken out of him and placed near Xiao Li’s passage now was his own utterly hot and hard member.

“Xiao Li.” Seeing Xiao Li open his eyes, Qi Xiu Yuan lowered his head slightly. His expression was of having reached his limit while his voice sounded like an order and a plead. “Let me in.”

Xiao Li looked at Qi Xiu Yuan and saw his forehead, covered in sweat from enduring—his slightly raised brow, his focused and direct eyes, and the shallow and impatient breathing of his fluctuating chest, all of which made his heart warm. That was the warmth of security.

Although Qi Xiu Yuan’s member stopped at the base of his thigh, every inch of skin there had already felt the hard and scorching hotness of it. But at that moment, he was not completely confident. As long as he refused, Qi Xiu Yuan would respect his wish without saying anything. Not only would he not complain, but also gently appease his emotions.

Xiao Li did not do it on purpose. By the time he realized it, he was already smiling. It was the kind of smile that came from knowing the significance of your partner. He was ten percent perfectly pleased and ninety percent ready to respond. Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes became darker, almost revealing something dangerous.

“Xiao Li, don’t smile like that,” he hissed, “Or else, I won’t be able to stop…”

Maintaining his smile as he looked at Qi Xiu Yuan, Xiao Li then hooked his arm around his neck—pulled him down to let his lips fall on his own lips and whispered two words.

“Come in.”

Qi Xiu Yuan immediately obeyed him. With an unbearable gasp, his member moved forward and attempted to enter Xiao Li.

Even though it was sufficiently lubricated, it was still too much for the erected member as their position—with Xiao Li lying on his back—was not a prime one. Qi Xiu Yuan’s breathing staggered for a moment before he kissed Xiao Li and straightened his upper body, then he held down Xiao Li’s knees with both hands and tried to press them against his chest.

That vulnerable and direct position was absolutely not comfortable. For Xiao Li, he was completely exposed with his legs spread apart to welcome Qi Xiu Yuan. Honestly, he would rather lie on his stomach…that way, he could hide his expression in the bed.

Slightly struggling, his suggestive voice revealed a bit of panic. “Qi Xiu Yuan, don’t be like that. I can— ah!”

Just as the words came to an abrupt end, he stared at Qi Xiu Yuan with open eyes as his own knees came close to his face. Qi Xiu Yuan was above him, looking down at Xiao Li whose calves were resting on his shoulder; it was as if, he was concealing Xiao Li’s vision from everything else but him as they maintained none other than a rock and roll position.

Both their bodies tensed up as they looked at each other while panting heavily. Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes can almost be said to be fierce.

“It’s too late.” That kind of deep and rough tone was intense as Qi Xiu Yuan stiffly said one word at a time. “You’re already holding me tightly…”

Shut up! Shut up!

Xiao Li ruthlessly lashed out to himself but outwardly he merely gasped, unable to say a single word. The front end of Qi Xiu Yuan’s member has already entered his body. That feeling was honestly…strange and made it hard to get used to…

For the sake of letting him get used to it but also to enjoy the moment of entering him for the first time—Qi Xiu Yuan stopped above Xiao Li and slightly moved his waist, causing his member to rub inside of Xiao Li’s delicate passage as he used an extremely slow pace to push in.

“You’re truly beautiful, Xiao Li…so seductive…” Qi Xiu Yuan murmured as if to say that compliment only for himself to hear while his eyes move back and forth over his body. The pair of slightly widened eyes—blurred from the mist, the alluring plump lips that slightly parted, the erection caused by the passionate kisses, and the softness of his beautiful contoured muscles that trembled due to desire… were all his……he continued to look down between Xiao Li’s slender thighs and the center of his butt cheeks, that soft and warm area was now obediently taking in his member… that area also belonged to him.

The visual enjoyment deepened the pleasure of his member. At the same time, Qi Xiu Yuan was dazzled and stunned, and could no longer hold back from pushing in even more.

Xiao Li let out a stuffy moan, embarrassed at being watched, and the feeling of pain inside his body forced him to be at his wit’s end.

He lost control and the power to think of his own accord. He was being controlled by Qi Xiu Yuan— he was completely in Qi Xiu Yuan’s hands.

However, Qi Xiu Yuan was in his body. Qi Xiu Yuan was being held in place by him. He could even feel the muscles and veins on his member rise. Qi Xiu Yuan was being stimulated by him to increase his strength, but it was slow enough to make himself suffer.

How wonderful—being mutually affected, controlled, and occupied by each other.

So, as it turns out, it could actually be like that.

It could actually be that beautiful.

Making love.

Xiao Li moaned only to discovered that he was erected again.

In one hour, he had experience two climaxes; his inside was being invaded by a large object, and while there was almost no pleasure there, for the time being, he actually had another erection.

He panted and stretched out his right hand to hold Qi Xiu Yuan’s left wrist, urging him: “Don’t grind… come do me.”

Qi Xiu Yuan’s moans were almost painful. He pressed down on Xiao Li’s thighs and exerted more strength in moving his waist forward, then along with the sounds created from the friction that would cause anyone to blush, he completely and thoroughly entered Xiao Li’s body.

Although Xiao Li was mentally prepared this time, the excitement from the pain that engulfed him was still able to incite a low moan. He was ashamed and embarrassed. He has never lost his voice because of pain before.

Qi Xiu Yuan also moaned, feeling extremely delighted. The soft and smooth lining of the passage enveloped him, seeming as though it was resisting the tightness while luring in the heat. He felt his own rationality being squeezed by the tightness until it disappeared without a trace—scalded by the hotness until it scattered into ashes.

He wanted to make a breakthrough, to strike, to have a taste—Qi Xiu Yuan was barely able to control himself and had a moment of pity. His mind was filled with the desire for pleasure, and the patience and endurance that rode him, nearly made his wisdom blur. But he still controlled himself, then using a voice that he himself could not recognize, he said in between gasps: “Can I—let me move. Xiao Li, I have to—”

Xiao Li couldn’t help but giggle in the pain while his hand that was on Qi Xiu Yuan’s wrist, shifted to his waist and his fingers started to move provocatively in circles. Qi Xiu Yuan did not need any more hints. He leaned over, pressed down, and started to pull his member in and out as his waist moved wildly in a rhythmical manner.

“It’s so tight…” His rough words were mixed in with the sound of their bodies meeting repeatedly. “Xiao Li, you’re really tight, really hot, really… ah, really comfortable…”

Contrariwise, Xiao Li was not comfortable at all. It was like a scorching rod was entering his most intimate spot and the tearing pain was like torture.

He attempted to inhale deeply to ease the discomfort, but each time, his breaths were tossed into chaos by Qi Xiu Yuan’s thrusts.

Qi Xiu Yuan pressed down a bit more and sucked on Xiao Li’s left nipple while simultaneously spreading his legs apart a bit more. Xiao Li’s perception was unprecedentedly keen. He could feel the most delicate beads of sweat splitting into smaller droplets, the curvature of Qi Xiu Yuan’s tongue as it rolled over his nipple, the hard and hot member that charged in his body and moving in and out of that narrow space—all created a huge sense of aggression and oppression.

As the sound of Qi Xiu Yuan’s pleasurable pants flowed through his chest, Xiao Li clenched his teeth and endured the rhythm of the thrusts. He forced his body to loosen up, but just as he diverted his attention for a moment, Qi Xiu Yuan advanced once more. The tip of Qi Xiu Yuan’s member rubbed against the same spot from a moment ago, provoking a cry of alarm to rush out of Xiao Li’s quivering lips. His passage tightened, squeezing Qi Xiu Yuan even more intensely.

“There, ah …” Qi Xiu Yuan’s rough pants built up. He licked the scar at the side of Xiao Li’s face while deliberately rubbing that spot. The sweet and tingling sensation of numbness once again occupied Xiao Li’s entire body—and the body that had been invaded with pain once before, easily accepted the pleasure this time. Soon, the sounds of Xiao Li’s moans became saturated with seduction. 

That is simply not like me, that is not me.

Xiao Li’s mind actually had such a stubborn thought, but the euphoria that spread within his body made him weak— he could not automatically go along with Qi Xiu Yuan’s fierce collisions, but still, one by one several moan escaped from his lips. By now, he already does not have the energy to lift his arm, and the hand that had been on Qi Xiu Yuan’s waist fell back to his side. The member that had softened a bit due to the pain was once again erected and was pushing against Qi Xiu Yuan’s firm abdomen.

In his ear, Qi Xiu Yuan’s gasps were even heavier and packed with elation.

“That’s it, that’s it…” He whispered, his voice became vague, making it easier for him to charge in more energetically.

Xiao Li’s conscious seemed to have also been infected into obscurity by Qi Xiu Yuan’s voice. And following the rhythm of his movements, he drifted deeper into an unfamiliar lust.

For an unknown amount of time, Xiao Li felt his legs being suddenly pulled and Qi Xiu Yuan was opening them even further apart. The pleasant spot that was being rubbed against brought him an insurmountable bliss that he could not resist. He could no longer think at all— his waist disobeyed his order and instead moved along with Qi Xiu Yuan’s movements, almost as if welcoming his invasion.

Soon, not only did Qi Xiu Yuan’s member swelled more, his movements became even more fanatic—each time he entered to the deepest, he would then withdraw, leaving only the tip of his member to keep them connected.

The vigorous thrusts made Xiao Li felt completely occupied…he felt utterly more naked than before as he lied exposed to Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes. That kind of shameful feeling provoked a strange effect on him. He was even more embarrassed, more riddled with excitement as his waist started to unconsciously sway to cater to the person above him while the sound of their bodies colliding mixed with their pants and moans pervaded the room.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s eyes became sharper, and the thrusting motion was even more unbridled and salacious. In a split second, only one adjective was left in his mind. Beautiful, so beautiful…

The member was being contained and squeezed by the hot and tight inner wall of the passage—it was already an extremely enjoyable experience and with the additional beautiful scenery before his eyes, the pleasurable sensation soared to another level. Xiao Li’s eyes were half closed, half opened while his long lashes were overflowing with water vapor. His slackened eyes clearly displayed how engaged and captivated he was; his hairlines were soaked by sweat droplets of passion; the palm of his own hand was burning hot; his moans were utterly low and broken, revealing a helpless expression of being completely incapable of controlling his own reaction. Qi Xiu Yuan’s sweat dripped down, entwining with the thin layer of sweat on Xiao Li’s body. Under the moonlight, those droplets outlined and contoured their supple textured skin. Every time Xiao Li twisted and indulged to his movements, it caused the light and shadow to change simultaneously, tempting him to thrust again and again…

That was the Xiao Li who could not be controlled by other—the valiant Xiao Li’s bare appearance…Qi Xiu Yuan had one by one stripped him of his armor and defense mechanism to expose his charm and deepest obedience.

As he greedily swept his eyes over the scenery in front of him, Qi Xiu Yuan’s movements became increasingly aggressive, domineering, faster and deeper. Xiao Li was almost out of breath as his moans and gasps became chaotic—the sound was between that of a sob and vague grunt as his body twisted about in an astonishingly delicate and gentle form.

When Qi Xiu Yuan struck hard on that stimulating spot once more, Xiao Li let out a low shout as he came. His muscles tightened at the same time, and the inner wall of his passage began to contract in madness. Qi Xiu Yuan moaned in satisfaction and as he pressed down Xiao Li’s thighs firmly, he indulgently continued to thrust with great force while deep in his pinnacle of pleasure…until he finally reached the edge of his desire and erupted in Xiao Li’s body.

At the end of his climax, Xiao Li felt the insides of his intestines burning. He sobbed lightly with his eyes closed—and when his passage tightly contracted again, he could feel Qi Xiu Yuan’s throbbing member clearly as it shot another wave of fluid in him. All he could do was lie there powerlessly and bear it—his mind seemed to have become a blanket sheet of paper.

Qi Xiu Yuan finally issued a satisfying moan and released his hold on Xiao Li’s legs before letting his body press right on top of his. Xiao Li wasn’t able to avoid it and only a minute voice of rebellion came crawling out his throat. Qi Xiu Yuan looked like he was smiling as he slightly turned to the side which shifted his weight—he muttered Xiao Li’s name while kissing his lips and lower jaw with warmth and adoration.

Xiao Li was exhausted. He felt that he has certainly overindulged in his desires today…honestly, even when he was about 17-18 years old, he had never splurged like that. The tiredness that came from having continuously orgasmed plus the warmth of Qi Xu Yuan’s embrace made him unwilling to think about anything else as he gradually dozed off.

…then he felt Qi Xiu Yuan’s member, that was still in his body, unexpectedly began to harden again.

“That won’t do,” he said intuitively. His voice wasn’t that of a complaint but rather a mumble.

Qi Xiu Yuan moved closer and started to kiss his lips and used his exceptionally soft voice to speak. “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

It was too comfortable to the point of exhaustion…that’s why I can’t play anymore. Xiao Li thought, still reluctant to open his eyes so instead he simply turned his head to the side to express his refusal.

“But, I haven’t released it yet.” Qi Xiu Yuan embraced his shoulder. That kind of grievance and affectionate tone almost made Xiao Li surrender.

But, I’ve released many times… Xiao Li thought helplessly. Finally, he didn’t have the heart to refuse anymore. He opened his eyes, turned to look at him and whispered, “I’m really tired but I’ll use my mouth to help you—”

Qi Xiu Yuan swallowed his words with a kiss and tenderly caressed Xiao Li’s chin as his lips and tongue traced over his lips in a soothing manner. Then he gently shifted to the side and lick the scar on his cheek.

“I won’t do anything,” Qi Xiu Yuan promised in a low voice. “Let me count the scars on your body.”

“What are you counting them for?” Xiao Li mumbled, somewhat confused since he was still under the control of sleepiness.

“I want to make it clear.” In theory, Qi Xiu Yuan replied with an irrelevant answer, but Xiao Li did not think about it seriously. He just said ‘okay’ in a low voice and closed his eyes to continue to sleep.

Qi Xiu Yuan let out a muffled laugh, kissed Xiao Li’s lips and said clearly, “I’ll use my tongue.”

Once Xiao Li understood what he meant after struggling to piece everything together in the midst of his drowsiness, he completely sobered up immediately. However, Qi Xiu Yuan had already flipped him over and was hovering over him with both his legs kneeling at either side of his body. He dipped his head slightly and let the tip of his tongue stretch out to lick along the scar at the side of his face all the way down.

“One.” He said, his voice was relaxed and full of content.

“Don’t do that.” Xiao Li said, somehow in a good mood and laughing. “Later, we can…”

“Two.” Qi Xiu Yuan said as a soft and moist sensation swept by an area on Xiao Li’s left shoulder.

“Qi Xiu Yuan.” Xiao Li’s hands reached out to push his face way, but his wrist was captured before Qi Xiu Yuan turned his head to the side and gave a lick—the hot and wet sensation touched the side of his right arm.

“Three.” Qi Xiu Yuan announced.

Xiao Li helplessly exhaled and decided to ignore it as he closed his eyes and tried to rest.

“Four.” The tip of his tongue touched the side of his left arm.

“Five.” Right wrist.

“Six.” Right shoulder—the scar there have yet to disappear.

“Seven.” Left shoulder. Haven’t you count that already? Xiao Li thought but refusing to be fooled, he did not remind him.

“Eight.” Qi Xiu Yuan said, but Xiao Li did not feel his tongue anywhere on his body.

Feeling suspicious, Xiao Li opened his eyes only to see Qi Xiu Yuan looking at him with a smile—and the mischievous look in his eyes was as clear as day. Before Xiao Li had a chance to react, Qi Xiu Yuan had already lowered his head and sucked the scar from the gunshot wound at the pit of his stomach.

The wound there had already healed but when Qi Xiu Yuan did that, Xiao Li felt an itch that he had not sensed for a long time.

Qi Xiu Yuan’s mouth was moist and warm, and the tip of his tongue was flexible and irritating. Xiao Li reached out to push him away again, but this time Qi Xiu Yuan confined his arms with his hand, then he opened his mouth and firmly took a bite of his wounded area—that caused Xiao Li to let out a low gasp. He could only feel his heartbeat start to accelerate again.

Qi Xiu Yuan licked and sucked there while his other hand slid down along Xiao Li’s body, caressing his chest and abdomen. He stroked the area around there for a moment and then held Xiao Li’s already over-sensitive member again.

“Qi Xiu Yuan…” Xiao Li felt his own voice come out almost like he was pleading. “Let me rest for a while…”

He had shot three consecutive times without interruption already if he came again, he would be dead for sure.

Remaining silent for a moment, Qi Xiu Yuan’s hand then left Xiao Li’s member and propped at the side of his body. His lips moved from the gunshot wound all the way to the knife wound scar at his waist—along the way he had even sucked Xiao Li’s nipple on purpose.

“This is the ninth one.” He whispered then started to kiss that spot.

That knife wound was very long, extending from under the ribs to the hip bones. While using his lips, tongue, and teeth all at the same time, Qi Xiu Yuan would repeatedly gnaw at times, then soft licks at other times, or he would nibble, then suck and grind. Xiao Li was teased to the point his entire body trembled due to the extreme sensitivity of his waist.

However, before Xiao Li could protest, Qi Xiu Yuan had slid down again—this time, he found the scar on Xiao Li’s knee.

“Ten.” He said, his warm breath encircled Xiao Li’s knee.

“Eleven”, left leg.

“Twelve”, left ankle.

Qi Xiu Yuan then straightened up and crawled beside Xiao Li before he held him by the shoulder and turned him over to lie on his stomach.

Being in a state of having no strength at all, Xiao Li allowed Qi Xiu Yuan to take and demand as he pleased.

The two climaxes just a moment ago left satiny substance on his chest and abdomen, now that he was facing the bed sheets, he thought that area was sticky and cool. Xiao Li moved just a bit but then he heard Qi Xiu Yuan inhale.

“You’re beautiful.” Xiao Li heard him mutter. Then, with one hand caressing his shoulder, he slowly followed the curve of his spine and slid down one joint at a time—passed his waist all the way toward his buttocks again.

“Your body is beautiful.” Qi Xiu Yuan emphasized. This time, his voice was hoarse as his hand lingered on his buttocks. After a moment there, he started to gently caress and stroke his thighs. “I really want to hide you, and no matter what is given to me in exchange, I will never let you go…”

Xiao Li has already made up his mind to act as if he was dumb as he buried his face in the bed sheets, completely ignoring Qi Xiu Yuan’s words. However, the two remained entangled together for a long time. An erotic atmosphere filled the entire room long ago, and the fabric of the bed sheet was completely full of sweats and the smell of bodily fluids from just now.

There was simply nowhere to escape.

Turning his face to the side, Xiao Li gasped faintly. Qi Xiu Yuan had already leaned down and slightly parted both his legs before biting the skin at his inner thigh.

“Thirteen.” He said.

“Nonsense, there’s none there, to begin with—ah …” Xiao Li retorted, but Qi Xiu Yuan bit the sensitive skin there—the slight pain and inexplicable excitement made him breathless.

Qi Xiu Yuan looked as though he was not going to let him go as he bit harder instead of caressing gently. After a long time, he finally let go. He licked and kissed that newly made scar while speaking with a hoarse voice, “You have it now.”

His voice sounded at Xiao Li’s private area, the warm breath that fanned against his skin made it hard for Xiao Li to control himself. Both his member and balls ached with pain and tiredness from waiting for a chance for more action.

“Get off me,” he ordered in between gasps.

Qi Xiu Yuan obediently looked up from between his thighs, however, he did not “get off” but instead, gently “climbed up” and sucked the scar on the back of his shoulder.

When Xiao Li was shot, the special bullet penetrated his chest and left a slightly larger wound on his back than his chest. As Qi Xiu Yuan used the tip of his tongue to outline the edge of the wound, his voice became erratic.

“Fourteen. It’s the shape of a star…six, seven, eight—an eight-point star…at the side is a tiger’s tail…” He sucked and kissed there then began to shift to the right side, “The first time I saw your tattoo, I almost got hard—”

“Shut up.” Xiao Li interrupted him and tried to use a harsh voice. “Didn’t you promise me you won’t talk?”

Qi Xiu Yuan laughed and moved in close to kiss him then he deliberately blew a breath of warm air in his ear before he spoke in a very low voice. “I’m wrong. How do you want to punish me?”

Without waiting for Xiao Li to answer, he replied to himself, “Stand up?” He asked and lowered his body to cover Xiao Li’s body. His crotch then pressed against Xiao Li’s buttocks, rubbing there for a while as he huskily said, “It has been standing for quite some time…”

“Get off.” Xiao Li was at the end of his patience as he helplessly reprimanded him and moved his body at the same time in an attempt to evade that shameless member.

Contrary to his expectation, his movements made the member that was pressing between his buttock even more hard and hot. Qi Xiu Yuan gasped in low sounds, his waist moved nimbly as he pressed against Xiao Li’s buttock, grinding back and forth.

“Qi…you…” Xiao Li was pressed down by him—his body rubbed against the sheets, and the damp, soft cotton sheets seemed to have suddenly become rough. Whether it be his nipples or member, both have already become extremely sensitive and being stimulated by the friction, gradually made them swell.

Xiao Li couldn’t stop a small squeaking sound from escaping his throat. The fierce contradiction lied in his entire body. He was utterly exhausted, but Qi Xiu Yuan’s seduction was far too powerful as it had already provoked his excitement to reemerge.

The erection this time brought pain, reluctance, and confusion. But the rise of that pleasurable sensation was inevitable as it radiated from the tip of his nipples and member, causing his entire body to feel a strange sensation as if it was floating on air.

Qi Xiu Yuan pressed against Xiao Li’s back, his lips were in a favorable position that allowed him to be able to plant kisses on his tattoo. Both his hands had already slid down to press on either side of Xiao Li’s rising hip so that his member could enter and exit with ease.

His unscrupulousness made Xiao Li’s body rub against the sheets even more intensely. That kind of delightful pain or perhaps painful delight struck Xiao Li as he, himself began to move his waist—he doesn’t know whether it was for the sake of escaping Qi Xiu Yuan’s indecent actions or for relieving his own erection.

Xiao Li tightened his muscles in a defensive manner, arousing the skin on his back. Qi Xiu Yuan was unable to look away as he stared intently. Due to their previous sexual intercourse, Xiao Li’s inner wall was more docile to lubricant and semen, but the natural tightness still hindered Qi Xiu Yuan from advancing forward. He spread Xiao Li’s butt cheeks and carefully thrust in—while Xiao Li let out low and stuffy moans, he occupied him once more.

So wet, so tight, so hot, Qi Xiu Yuan revelled in Xiao Li’s body as he vigorously moved in and out while reaching his hands out to gently caress Xiao Li’s back.

The curve of Xiao Li’s back was absolutely beautiful, and the arc created from between his shoulder and neck was particularly seductive—both firm and flexible. Just under that sexy arc was the tattoo of a mighty tiger on the mountain that slightly moved along with Xiao Li’s muscles. As if defending Xiao Li, it roared and expressed his braveness and unshakeable nature.

Such a body, such a man, was willing to lie down beneath him. With that thought in mind, an upsurge of electric current rushed all over Qi Xiu Yuan’s body. He could not free himself from increasing the intensity of his thrusts as he incessantly whispered, “Xiao Li, I love you…”

Xiao Li hid his face in the bed sheets, but his body was incapable of lying. With that sentence, he became even more intense and hot causing his passage to practically tremble as it wrapped tightly around Qi Xiu Yuan. Qi Xiu Yuan became more excited and the rhythm of his thrusts became chaotic. Regardless of his passion and enthusiasm in Xiao Li’s body, after a long time of excitement, he leaned over and recklessly kissed Xiao Li’s ear since he was unable to hide it. The hot air that blew out of Qi Xiu Yuan’s mouth was the culprit that made the root of Xiao Li’s ears shyly blush.

“I love you, Xiao Li. I love you.” Unlike his actions, Qi Xiu Yuan’s tone was very soft and gentle, filled with adoration.

One of his hand reached up to pull Xiao Li’s shoulder as the thrusting gradually became slower but stronger. His other hand snaked down and move in between the bed sheet and Xiao Li’s body in order to take hold of his member.

Xiao Li was completely soft under his body. When Qi Xiu Yuan gripped his member tightly, he merely let out a satisfying moan.

His entire body was practically trembling, his ear that was being sucked on, his private area that was being occupied, both his slender legs and even his hands that were covering his eyes were all trembling with ecstasy. All of those, satisfied Qi Xiu Yuan’s lust of conquest immensely, while simultaneously evoking the existing tenderness and compassion within him.

With extreme gentleness, Qi Xiu Yuan stroked Xiao Li and used the same rhythm to thrust behind him. Every time he went in and out, he deliberately dragged the tip of his cock past that particular spot until Xiao Li shook with a demanding sound and his waist would start to twist and tremble with need. Qi Xiu Yuan gasped for air and sped up the movement of his hands on Xiao Li’s cock and the thrusting at his behind. He kissed every inch of Xiao Li’s body that he could kiss while encouraging him with a burning hot and affectionate voice. “Come for me, Xiao Li, come…”

Xiao Li had long been confused by the warmth of desire. In the wake of Qi Xiu Yuan’s whispers, he reached the fourth climax of the day—an incomparable delight, paired with an incomparable ache, both made him lose the ability to think.

With a blank mind, his legs weakened and spread out on the bed. He was faintly aware of something quickly going in and out of his body, causing another wave of spasm to overtake him. Someone’s hot, passionate and urgent breaths teased his ear before a delightful voice from someone, perhaps himself, sounded…but he could not understand the connection between those things. He was too tired. Even the cruelest gang fight back in the days did not make him exhausted like now.

He drowsily fell asleep without knowing how long it has been. His body seemed to have been moved by someone. He was conscious for a moment, the sheets beneath his body were no longer clammy, a warm towel carefully wiped his body—everything was soft and comfortable. His limbs were still numb, and when he unconsciously let out a light moan, a gentle touch immediately appeared on his forehead. A very low voice said softly, ‘I love you’, then ‘forever’ and ‘sleep well’.

The corner of Xiao Li’s lips slightly curved before he obediently fell asleep.

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