Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 10 – END


“If I knew, I wouldn’t have taken you to that bar.” Qi Xiu Yuan confessed to Xiao Li as they sat next to each other on the cold and hard chair in the lounge. “I thought that after getting away for over a thousand kilometers, we could relax and let our guards down a bit. But, who could have guessed the bartender was actually a former subordinate of yours…”

Xiao Li laughed, “Since Shou Zi[1]stole some money from the gang, it’s only natural for him to escape further away.”

Qi Xiu Yuan sighed, “That kind of person betrayed the gang because of money, perhaps he will sell you out for more. We should go a bit further this time.” He said, flipping through the train schedule. “Isn’t it too cold in E province? How about we go back to C province?”

“Let’s just find the nearest place for now.” Xiao Li said, not in the least bothered.

Qi Xiu Yuan turned to look at him only to see Xiao Li facing him with a bright smile that also made him smile.

In a corner no one could take notice of, their fingers were interlocked—just as their hearts were.

Cold or warm, near or far, none of that mattered.

This place of peace, that is my home.

10 thoughts on “Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

  1. I want to thank you so much for your work and the time you put in to translate this beautiful novel, for the end I would have liked it to stay in a fixed place.

    I’m glad and happy for their love.


  2. Thank you for your beautiful translations. This novel has one of the best couples. So happy for their happy ending!

    (But why does NU say there are 5 extras?? Isn’t this only the 4th extra?)


    1. There are another four extra that are not online so I will email the authors and see if she can give it to me ^^


  3. O_O I’m too shocked!! There’s more?!!?! Well, no matter what the author decides, thank you for all the love you’ve shared with us readers ^^


  4. Thank you so much for translating this novel!!! I really enjoyed this story, the love between these two is so sweet, and their happy ending really leaves my heart satisfied. Thank you for all your hard work!!!!


    1. Thank you as well for enjoying it! I actually just got some additional extras from the author that cannot he found online so you will see then again soon ^^


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