Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 73

Truly Enraged, This Time

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When Bai Luo Yin finally arrived at Gu Hai’s company, he first made a beeline to the receptionist out of habit. Not a stranger to his appearance, the receptionist immediately dialed to her Gu Zong’s office, but the call was redirected to Yan Ya Jing’s office just like last time. After Yan Ya Jing received the call, she informed the other side that Gu Hai was in the office and will be down soon.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 72

That Kid is a bit Insane!

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In the early morning of each day, Yan Ya Jing would check on Gu Hai’s office when she made the rounds—that had eventually become a habit of her. She always found some sort of information, whether big or small and some were even considered insignificant, to report to Gu Hai. In reality, those were just excuses to see him and nothing else. If she didn’t see him, Yan Ya Jing honestly could not have a peace of mind.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 71

The sound of gunshots; quickly lied down!

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After eating dinner, the two were busy organizing some things when Gu Hai noticed an extra box beneath Bai Luo Yin’s bed. He pulled it out for a look inside only to see that it was packed with books—all related to Business Management. Some were academic books, some were business magazines, but the thing was, many of them were actually limited editions. Looking at them, Gu Hai frankly did not know how Bai Luo Yin managed to acquire them.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 69

Xiao Bai, Publicly Embarrassed

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On a rare weekend when he was free, Gu Hai decided to make dumplings for them to eat.

Sitting at the side, Bai Luo Yin helped by rolling out the dumpling wrapper and passing it over to Gu Hai. But the thing was, the way he rolled out the dough was barely passable. Not only that, he was so slow that he could not match up to Gu Hai’s speed of putting the filling in and wrapping it up. As a result, Gu Hai pushed Bai Luo Yin to the side to watch the excitement instead while he busily rolled the dough and wrapped the fillings all by himself.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 68

What I can do for you

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When they arrived at Bai Luo Yin’s dorm, Gu Hai smelled a gust of strange odor permeating the room the moment he entered.

“How long has it been since the room was ventilated?”

Pointing at the window, Bai Luo Yin spoke as if he was telling the truth. “Hmm, I ventilate it every day around the same time.”

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Shameless: Chapter 2A

See a tiger, pray; see a rabbit, open fire


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Feeling uncomfortable in his dream, Han Jia unconsciously frowned. He opened his eyes only to see that a middle-aged man was lying at the side of his bed. He had a kind appearance, a slightly stout build, sideburns that had already gone gray, and hands that were sliding up and down Han Jia’s thighs.

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