Shameless: Chapter 2A

See a tiger, pray; see a rabbit, open fire


Translator: Sae || Proofreader: anasofi

Feeling uncomfortable in his dream, Han Jia unconsciously frowned. He opened his eyes only to see that a middle-aged man was lying at the side of his bed. He had a kind appearance, a slightly stout build, sideburns that had already gone gray, and hands that were sliding up and down Han Jia’s thighs.

Seeing that Han Jia had awoken, the man smiled and went to kiss him.

Han Jia cleverly moved closer to receive his kiss while simultaneously lifting his legs and wrapping them around the man’s waist, slowly rubbing it.

Once the kiss came to an end, the man breathlessly lied on top of Han Jia before stretching his hand out to feel Han Jia’s chest. “You knew I was coming today, yet you still hid here to sleep?”

“I was too tired yesterday.” Han Jia laughed lightly and started to slowly twist his waist. “You’re the only one that spoils me and won’t argue with me.”

“You really know how to coax me.” Pretending to be angry, the man stared at him and pressed his hand on Han Jia’s leg. “Okay, okay, don’t stir me up. Today, I can’t mess with you back there…”

Han Jia’s heart dropped, but on the surface, he simply smiled. “Why? Are you no longer good there, Bureau Chief Zhou?”

Hearing that, Zhou Guoshu merely laughed while wearing an expression as if he had just received a desired outcome. “Today, Shijie is back from a business trip. You… prepare well tonight…”

Han Jia hung his eyes down and sighed. “Really.[1] I thought you wanted to do it with me. You actually don’t want me anymore.”

“No, no!” Zhou Guoshu seemed extremely anxious as he raised his fingers and made a vow, then hugged Han Jia. “You know, Shijie only smiles when he sees you. I only have that son…”

“Look at you being all anxious. I didn’t say I wasn’t going.” Han Jia hugged him while his fingers circled his shoulder. “But you have to remember, I’m doing it for you.”

“I know, I know.” Zhou Guoshu nodded repeatedly. After a while, he gripped Han Jia’s hands and lowered his voice. “Since the back can’t be touched, then use the front to serve me.”

Han Jia looked at him, smiled and pushed him down. He licked the corner of his own lips with the tip of his tongue, looked down at Zhou Guoshu and then lowered his head.

Half an hour later, Zhou Guoshu contently turned over and put his clothes on. He leaned over, kissed Han Jia for a moment and walked out of the door without even glancing at Zhang Xueming,[2] who was waiting at the door.

After another ten minutes, Zhang Xueming entered in a slow-going manner.

The bed was in complete disorder and Han Jia was standing in front of a table with untidied clothes—staring at a glass of water, seemingly lost in his thoughts. When he heard Zhang Xueming, Han Jia turned around, raised his hand and swung the glass of water straight at him without hesitation.

Frightened, Zhang Xueming did not dare to make a single move. The glass made a loud ‘clang’ as it slammed on the wall about 30 centimeters away from his face. Zhang Xueming’s shoulder and the side of his face were wet from the splashing water.

He looked at Han Jia and spoke with a somewhat trembling voice, “Han… Han Laoban…”

Contrariwise, Han Jia’s voice was calm yet low with coldness. “What did I tell you?”

“You said… you said not to let anyone go in…”

“How did Zhou Guoshu find this room?”

“He said, I, I…” Being stared at made Zhang Xueming unable to look directly into his eyes.

Han Jia suddenly laughed, “You don’t have the guts to play dumb with him. Instead, you want to please him, and curry favors with him?”

Before his words came to an end, Zhang Xueming’s face had already turned white. Then seeing Han Jia move toward him step by step, he subconsciously retreated until his entire body was plastered against the door.

“That actually doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t want to fucking go up in their positions?” Han Jia stopped in front of him. “But you’re so stupid. Zhou Guoshu will never remember who you are, ever. You’ve even offended me.” He looked at Zhang Xueming for a moment, then sighed and reached his hand out to touch his face before resting his finger on his lips. “You’re not smart nor faithful, and you don’t look good… how did I pick up a footman like you?”

He was standing close to Zhang Xueming—touching his lips gently while stretching his legs out between his legs; soon Zhang Xueming’s pale face turned red as he embarrassingly turned away.

One of Han Jia’s hand covered the area between Zhang Xueming’s legs before rubbing it.

Soon, panting sounds gradually built up and low groans echoed in the room.

A certain someone’s member had already hardened quite considerably. Noting that, Han Jia slightly smiled and viciously gripped it with all his strength. Zhang Xueming suppressed his voice but still issued a blood-curdling scream—it was so painful that it shook his body.

Han Jia let out a low yet chilly laughter as he moved closer to lick the side of Zhang Xueming’s ear. His voice was hoarse and brimming with temptation.

“Useless piece of trash. Fuck off.”

Staring at him cautiously, Zhang Xueming did not have the nerve to turn around. Both his hands moved back and fumbled to find the doorknob. He wanted to pull the door, but Han Jia did not show any sign of making way for him. At that moment, Zhang Xueming’s face was riddled with fear and he no longer wanted to pull the door open or confront Han Jia’s menacing aura.

Han Jia stared at his face and burst into a loud laughter before he finally took one step back. Zhang Xueming took that chance and fled.

It was only after Zhang Xueming had fled off for quite some time that Han Jia slowly stopped laughing. He took a few steps forward and sat at the edge of the bed—regardless of how messy the bed was, he still lied down and stared at the complicated yet beautiful design of the chandelier hanging from the ceiling while slightly frowning.

Zhou Guoshu was just a homosexual bastard, but his son Zhou Shijie was simply a pervert.

When he thought of Zhou Shijie, Han Jia couldn’t help but to shiver. His hands touched the bed a few times until he gradually pulled the corner of the blanket. It didn’t matter that there were still bodily fluids stuck to it as he covered it over his body.

Zhou Shijie was not a homosexual. He was a sadist who did not make a distinction between a man or a woman. In the past, both Man Li and Ah Kai[3] were willing to accompany his masochism. But now, they had been driven out due to taking drugs. If a replacement couldn’t be found soon, did that mean he had to see that devil alone today?

However, the people that he had seen for the past few days were either not good enough or their temperament did not conform with Zhou Shijie’s taste. It was not easy to find that MB called Xiao Ning who was clean, delicate and cute—if he could attract Zhou Shijie’s attention, then his target could shift from now on. Unfortunately, that Xiao Ning did not look like he was willing to come work at Jin Ting, moreover, his conversation with him was interrupted…

Han Jia sat up, somewhat fidgety, then lied back down before sitting back up. Afterwards, he got off the bed and took two steps…

 It actually won’t do…

A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts before Zhang Xueming’s emotionless voice transmitted from the other side of the door.

“Han Laoban, someone called Xiao Ning is downstairs. He said there’s an urgent matter he needs to discuss with you, so he hurried here. Do you want to see him?”

Both of Han Jia’s eyes lit up as he went to pull the door open.

“Of course, I want to see him,” he said, buttoning up his shirt and making his way downstairs.

Just as he got down and turned away from the staircase, he saw Xiao Ning, the boy from yesterday, standing in front of the hostess desk waiting for him. He was looking down, with both his hands in his pockets and feet kicking the ground.

Seeing him, the first impression that Han Jia had of Xiao Ning strengthened once more. That kid’s temperament is truly clean and pure… being an MB is indeed a pity.

Han Jia’s footsteps came to a stop, and he suddenly remembered that when he asked him why he was an MB, that kid had answered:

“It’s fun and you can make money.” That was exactly how he said it, and when he said those words, his eyes were bright and innocent.

Han Jia mentally let out a cold grunt but, on the surface, he wore a bright smile as he walked over.

“Xiao Ning. I was just thinking about you.”

Having heard what he said, Xiao Ning picked up his head and looked at him with a slight smile.

Han Jia stood in front of him and grabbed his arm. “Should I show you around here first?”

Looking at his hand, Xiao Ning couldn’t help but to blush. “No, there’s no need to. I…”

But before he could finish, Han Jia had already pulled him inside of the Jin Ting. Xiao Ning followed after and listened to him briefly introduce the lounge before pulling him through it to go further inside.

“Xiao Ning, I’m very happy that you could come. I have always thought that we are fated to meet…” In between the introduction, Han Jia smiled and turned back to give him a glance.

Xiao Ning looked at him—a strange emotion flitted across his eyes.

“Han Laoban, I…” He took a deep breath, “I don’t want to work here.”

“What?” Han Jia stopped, and his smile changed.

“I came to tell you that I don’t want to work here,” Xiao Ning said with a serious expression.

“You mean,” Han Jia slowly said, “You purposely came to Jin Ting to say you don’t want to work here?”

Xiao Ning nodded.

Han Jia slightly frowned.

Seeing his tightened brows, Xiao Ning quickly explained, “They said that it’s fine to just ignore you, but I think that’s impolite and I… I…”

He stared at Han Jia, as if he wanted to say something else.

But Han Jia was no longer in the mood to listen as his voice became a bit cold. “Xiao meiren,[4] do you know what it looks like when you act like that?”

“Ah?” Xiao Ning seemed like he wanted to refute the way he was called, ‘xiao meiren,’ but he was more confused by Han Jia’s expression. “Like what?”

Han Jia looked at him before a cold and indifferent smile hook the corner of his lips. “Like a provocation.”

“I, I didn’t mean it like that.” Xiao Ning was a bit startled, “I just wanted to meet you, then—”

Before he had a chance to finish his words, Han Jia had already captured his chin.

“If I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know what kind of place Jin Ting is.” Han Jia’s voice was ice-cold and bone-chilling, “It’s easy to come here, but not easy to leave.”

Translator’s Note:

[1] 真的是– Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration)

[2]Zhang Xueming – in Lawless, he is the one that took Han Jia’s position after Han Jia was abandoned by the gang.

[3]Man Li and Ah Kai – based on the characters of their name and Han Jia using the pronouns tāmen (他们), they are guys

[4]小美人xiao měirén – lit. translation ‘Little Beauty’, sounded awkward to say that to me so I’ll keep it like that

**Please note, Shameless is moving between past and present scenes, SIDE A taking place in the past and SIDE B in the future.

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