Shameless – Chapter 3B

Mouth like a Lotus Flower, Heart like a Sword

Translator: Sae | Proofreader: anasofi

When Han Jia came back with the medicine box, Jiang Xiao Ning was standing at the same spot, with his hand touching his lips as if thinking about something. He then looked up, watched Han Jia walking in, and slowly said, “You had bitten me once before.”

Han Jia placed the medicine box on the table and opened the drawer in search of something, completely ignoring him.

Jiang Xiao Ning’s low voice came from behind him, but he could not make out his mood.

“You don’t remember? The wound is still there, do you want to see it?”

Once Han Jia found what he wanted to use, he turned around only to see that Jiang Xiao Ning was in the process of unbuttoning his shirt.

“I don’t want to see it,” Han Jia said with a frown then reached for Jiang Xiao Ning’s right hand.

This time around, Jiang Xiao Ning obediently stretched his hand out. Under the light, he saw the hideous teeth marks and bloodstains, before Han Jian grabbed the sterilized cotton ball and alcohol and cleaned the wound for him first. Then, he picked up a dark porcelain bottle and poured out some deep yellow powder substance.

That substance was a kind of local medicine that was rather effective in stopping bleedings. The only thing was, the pain that followed was surely not little. Han Jia carefully applied the medicine for him in a seemingly slow manner. However, Jiang Xiao Ning looked as though he did not feel any pain at all and simply kept quiet.

Even when Han Jia was bandaging his hand, he still did not speak. His head was lowered as he silently stared at their hands, lost in thoughts.

Once Han Jia was done and turned around to clean things up, Jiang Xiao Ning finally took a step forward. He propped both his hands on either side of the table and hugged Han Jia in his arms.

The light in the room was very bright, and their reflections on the glass door were also pretty clear. Their posture simply made it look as though they were a pair of lovers. Han Jia looked up at him and tightened his brows just the slightest.

Jiang Xiao Ning laughed and whispered in his ear. “I can definitely fuck you once tonight. If you don’t believe me, do you want to give it try?”

“Sorry, there’s class tomorrow,” Han Jia replied coldly, slamming the scissor and gauze, that had yet to leave his hand, onto the table.

Jiang Xiao Ning’s voice nearly filled with disdain, “As long as you don’t stab me to death, I will want to fuck you.”

Han Jia felt that it was truly unbelievable, as he faced Jiang Xiao Ning’s reflection and laughed coldly. “Jiang Xiao Ning, you bastard, you haven’t changed at all.”

The Jiang Xiao Ning reflected in the glass window stared into his eyes. Han Jia did not have a chance to clearly see the emotions in those eyes when the scene in front of him suddenly rotated. Using only one hand, Jiang Xiao Ning had firmly held onto his waist and dragged him directly off the floor.

Han Jia’s hand flew out to grab the scissor that was on the table, but Jiang Xiao Ning’s skillfully caught his wrist, stopping him. It seemed like the palm that was practically bit off by the tiger’s fang still had an unimaginable amount of strength. Under that kind of force, Han Jia’s fingers did not listen to his order as the scissors dropped to the floor.

He struggled and twisted his body around, ruthlessly kicking his foot backward. Jiang Xiao Ning snorted and crouched down to his knees, before immediately slipping his hand under Han Jia’s legs to lift him up and throwing him on the bed.

Before Han Jia could turn over, Jiang Xiao Ning had already pressed down on him. A close contact combat ensued once again. The bed was already in a shamble from before, but now, it was even worse, to the point no words could describe it. The new bedding, which Jiang Xiao Ning had just purchased, was all scattered, with half of the sheets having been dragged under the bed. Even the sleeves on Jiang Xiao Ning’s obviously high-quality shirt were ripped off.

At the end, when Han Jia was pressed firmly beneath Jiang Xiao Ning, he felt that his whole body was in pain. His neck, back, hands and feet were aching, but he still tried his hardest to suppress the painful groans.

He could only gasp for air and look angrily at the Jiang Xiao Ning lying on top of him.

Jiang Xiao Ning was also gasping, but his expression was a lot more relaxed than his. He lifted both of Han Jia’s hands up and placed them over his head with one hand and used his other hand to gently caress Han Jia’s face.

“The one that hasn’t changed at all is you,” he said with a cold smile. “Donating all your money, concealing your identity and hiding out in this kind of destitute mountain town…do you think that you’ve actually changed? Pei!”

Hearing that ‘pei’ sound full of contempt and anger, Han Jia almost thought that he would spit on his face to express his disdain.

His chest rose up and down rapidly, half because of the fight, and half because of the accusation. Not knowing how to answer, he could only continue looking at Jiang Xiao Ning.

“Do you think that this can erase your past? Redeem for all your sins?” The strength in Jiang Xiao Ning’s hand increased to the point that Han Jia felt as though his wrist was going to break. “You think that helping these people build a school and teach makes you a good person? Don’t forget the biggest mistake you made. Don’t forget the one you are most sorry toward! Look at me, you look at me!” His voice was becoming more and more emotionally stirred. “How can you not remember to atone for your crime with me? How are you planning to redeem yourself for everything that you have done to me? How come you’re not thinking of getting my forgiveness?!”

Han Jia looked at him and wanted to simply laugh out loud. “Jiang Xiao Ning, you’re still using the same tactic in trying to make me feel bad? Aren’t you sick of using the same crap after five years?”

Seeing the expression on his face, Jiang Xiao Ning collapsed for a moment, and at that moment, Han Jia caught sight of a face full of fear and grievance, as if he was going to cry… just like five years ago. But that expression quickly disappeared, and Jiang Xiao Ning’s eyes became gloomier and more ruthless.

Those words succeeded in angering the person on top of his body. A second later, Jiang Xiao Ning’s finger pierced into his body mercilessly.

Han Jia tried to relax his body in order to relieve this long-lost pain. A seductive gasp rushed out of his mouth as he squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Jiang Xiao Ning.

Five years ago, Jiang Xiao Ning liked the expression in his eyes the most. It was clear that in the past five years, his interest had not changed at all. His breathing became heavy and his movements became more intense.

Shifting his eyes from Jiang Xiao Ning’s face to the ceiling, the bright light bulb made a halo in Han Jia’s field of vision, causing him to become dizzy.

That was not Jiang Xiao Ning’s finger from his memory. It was no longer smooth and slender, and… it was no longer gentle. That was a man’s finger, with a thin layer of callus, firm and powerful, with no hesitation, with no pity.

Han Jia allowed himself to let out an enjoyable nasal sound—both his hands were held firmly above his head, and his nails were digging into the palm of his hands.

It was not because of the passion that made it difficult for him to restrain himself nor was it even to divert the pain, he just had to clench his fists to cover up the involuntary trembles that were taking over his body.

The last person on top of him was not Jiang Xiao Ning, but the leader of an underworld faction that he had betrayed, Luo Dong.

Beautiful memories always fade away so easily, while nightmares last forever.

Han Jia hurriedly gasped for air and endured Jiang Xiao Ning’s second and third finger.

You can’t close your eyes, Han Jia, you can’t avoid it. He said to himself while staring at the light above his head. Even when his eyes ache from the dryness and irritation, he still refused to close it.

When the fingers withdrew, he breathed in deeply until a scalding hot sensation pressed against his lower body. He slowly exhaled… even after five years, his body still knew what to do to minimize the physiological burden.

As the thick and hard thing rushed in, it was unexpectedly blocked. Han Jia stretched his legs out and wrapped them around Jiang Xiao Ning’s waist, trying to adjust his own posture.

A pillow was stuffed under his waist as Jiang Xiao Ning released both of Han Jia’s hands and held his waist firmly instead.

This time, he successfully entered—his breaths were filled with delight and enjoyment.

Han Jia corresponded by letting out a titillating moan and forced his own waist to move.

Jiang Xiao Ning started to move. The thrusts were fast and rough as if he was venting some kind of emotion. Han Jia was being taken by him until he swayed incessantly, causing the halo in his field of vision to start drifting constantly—changing into seven colors, casting beautiful light and shadow on his retina.

Don’t think, don’t think about it anymore. He tried to say to himself. He is Jiang Xiao Ning, he is just Jiang Xiao Ning.

But he couldn’t help it. The man on top of him now was not the Jiang Xiao Ning from five years ago. No matter the gentle touches or the intensity of the impact… neither was familiar anymore.

No, it’s familiar, Han Jia controlled another wave of disgusting trembles. This scene was too familiar, familiar enough to make even his organs tighten—

The man who came for the sake of revenge vented on him. He did not cherish his actions and attitudes at all. He refused to kiss his lips and said vulgar and malicious sentences in his ears…

It would make one frightened and humiliated, death is so sweet…

Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, Han Jia finally closed his eyes tightly, but the darkness made him even more scared. He gasped and opened his eyes again. Tears finally flowed down the corner of his eyes and mixed into the cold sweat from his forehead.

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One thought on “Shameless – Chapter 3B

  1. oh my god, I always end up feeling so much pain for Han Jia. I just started reading this book (I read Lawless gangster before), and he has suffered so much being exploited and abused. He compartmentalizes all the pain he has endured and acts whole and happy, I feel so bad for him 😦


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