Shameless: Chapter 4B

All that comes are guests, it all depends on the legs

Translator: Sae

Jiang Xiao Ning heard Han Jia open the door of the main house that led into the yard. He stood still for a while but couldn’t hear anything except for the vague sound of the water.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know that Han Jia was not willing to, but when he saw his non-violent and uncooperative appearance, he was completely overtaken with anger. The humiliating words that he had deliberately said only received an indifferent response, without a hint of fury or pain. That made Jiang Xiao Ning felt as though he was not strong enough. When he looked down only to see that that ‘thing’ was still flourishing unnecessarily, he shoved it back into his pants in a fit of peeve and ignored it. He only felt gloomy as he held back a sense of indignation that seemed reluctant to burst out. In truth, he not knowing exactly why he felt that way.

He picked up the bedding that had scattered on the ground, patted it down for a while before folding it after he made sure that it was clean. Then, he tidied the bed and put the two pillows together; however, after thinking about it, he placed one pillow at the headboard and one at the foot of the bed.

After staring at the two pillows, he suddenly grabbed the pillow at the end of the bed and threw it at the headboard. The strength he employed was so ruthless, it was as if that pillow was his enemy.

Having suppressed Han Jia earlier, the bite wound on Jian Xiao Ning’s hand had already bled out again. So, when he threw that pillow, he incidentally triggered the pain. Feeling highly irritated, he tore the gauze off his hand in an extremely crude manner.

He returned to the table and found the medicine that Han Jia had applied for him before in the medicine box. The dark yellow powder had a biting sensation to it that made it awfully painful when it was placed on the wound. He re-applied the medicine without a sound and found the gauze to wrap around his hand.

Since the gauze was not the kind that he was used to, he couldn’t tear it apart. He remembered that Han Jia had cut it open with a pair of scissors, so he looked for it on the table, but it was not there. Just then, he remembered again that when he attacked Han Jia, the scissor seemed to have fallen to the ground.

When he crouched down to find the scissors, he had forgotten that not only was the gauze still wrapped around his hand, but the roll itself was still in the medicine box. So, as he crouched, the ball of gauze was yanked, causing it to suddenly bounce out of the medicine box and knocked into the medicine bottle on the table.

The medicine bottle flipped over and fell to the ground but didn’t break. Then it rolled around a few times, discharging a lot of the powder.

Jiang Xiao Ning quickly went to pick up the medicine bottle. However, that movement made the ball of gauze drop from the table and roll out all the way to the door.

That made Jiang Xiao Ning even more irritated. He threw the scissors down and insisted on ripping the gauze with his hand which inadvertently led to his wound bleeding out freely.

“What are you doing?” Han Jia’s voice sounded from the door.

Jiang Xiao Ning glanced at him bitterly, lowered his head and continued to rip the gauze.

He heard Han Jia sighed, put the water basin at the corner of the wall before walking over.

Han Jia crouched in front of him, picked up the scissors and cut the gauze.

Maintaining a half-crouching position on the ground, Jiang Xiao Ning did not speak as he lowered his head. Han Jia also ignored him. He picked up the medicine bottle and gauze off the ground, cut off the dirty part, packed up the medicine box and took it out.

A moment later, he returned.

“Move, I have to sweep the floor.”

However, Jiang Xiao Ning did not move.

“Jiang Xiao Ning?”

He was determined to not move.

Seeing that, Han Jia actually ignored him and walked away to put the broom in the main room.

Jiang Xiao Ning stood up and followed him, and when Han Jia turned back around, he hugged him.

Perhaps, since he had just come back from the yard, Han Jia’s body was very cold. When Jiang Xiao Ning felt a breeze of cold air brush against his chest, he couldn’t help but to tighten his embrace.

“How come you’re not cursing at me?” Jiang Xiao Ning suppressed Han Jia’s struggles and whispered into his ear. “You used to curse me and say I have the temper of a mad dog, and that if I encounter something that makes me unsatisfied, I will rebel.”

Jiang Xiao Ning waited for a moment, but Han Jia did not respond.

“I don’t feel very satisfied today,” he laughed mockingly at himself. “You didn’t ask Yu Xiu Jun about her work. You didn’t ask me what kind of job I have now, or how I’ve been doing. You also didn’t ask whether or not I was helping someone bully you…Han Jia, I’ve searched for you for five years, and ran all the way here. As long as you say a word, I can do anything…but you have changed completely. You don’t care about me at all. Han Jia, I really hate you. You’re heartless. You’ve abandoned me. You’ve forgotten. You’ve never put me in my heart…”

Since there was no light in the main room, Han Jia’s expression could not be seen, and neither could his voice be heard. Jiang Xiao Ning felt as though his own heart did not have a base to limit its misery.

Think what you want, I’m a bastard anyway. He thought, giving up and abandoning himself to despair as he held the back of Han Jia’s neck and kissed his lips.

Han Jia’s lips were also cold which allowed Jiang Xiao Ning to perceive his own passion even more. He used the tip of his tongue to separate the cold, soft lips and dived in to explore the taste. He tried to not to be too intense, but Han Jia did not resist. If even a hint of him responding existed, that kind of feeling was not strange. Just like five years ago, Han Jia was still an expert at retreating in order to seduce him—to make him forget the hatred, the disgust and fall completely without any resistant.

His height, weight, and strength may have increased, but in front of Han Jia, he was still easily controlled.

Jiang Xiao Ning increased the strength of his lips and tongue. He wanted to ignore Han Jia’s subtle seduction and move him into the rhythm of his own kiss. However, he completely surrendered when Han Jia’s hand touched his member. That provoked a frustrated and intoxicated moan from his throat which ultimately stripped him of the dominance role completely.

He allowed Han Jia’s tongue to entangle in his mouth; seemingly cautious, yet curious enough to roam. He allowed his breath to linger in his mouth, carrying a burning and quivering sensation. Both of Jiang Xiao Ning’s hands had already slid down from Han Jia’s shoulder to grasp his ass so that he could stick close to him. When Han Jia unzipped his pant, Jiang Xiao Ning leaned into his hand — just like five year ago…they had not separated, and he was still under the impression that Han Jia truly loves him. Back then, they were intimate and unscrupulous.

That kind of feeling was like floating over the sea, simultaneously drenching you in a spell of dizziness from being seasick while you unwind upon seeing the unrivaled scenery. Jiang Xiao Ning let out a muffled moan and swayed his body lightly against Han Jia’s member. Aside from Han Jia’s holding his hand, the wet and lustrous feeling of their tongues melting together, along with his light and desperate breathing, the whole world seemed to have disappeared.

Han Jia’s movements slowly grew faster before his other hand joined in; his fingers skillfully and enthusiastically fiddled with his balls. That pleasurable sensation quickly washed over Jiang Xiao Ning’s body again and again. The heat was getting more and more concentrated on the thing in Han Jia’s hand before rushing upward.

Han Jia appeared to be aware of his excitement as both his hands controlled the strength and speed dexterously. That made it hard for Jiang Xiao Ning to endure, so he deepened their kiss passionately. Then with the rapid and urgent gasps, he reached his climax and shot in Han Jia’s hands.

He let go of Han Jia’s lips and took several deep breaths. Once the aftermath of the climax passed, he noticed that he was still confined rather energetically to Han Jia’s waist.

He relaxed a bit and wanted to kiss Han Jia again, however, Han Jia pushed him away. His voice was calm without no sign of passion at all.

“Are you satisfied now?”

“What?” Jiang Xiao Ning did not react.

“You really haven’t changed one bit.” Han Jia’s voice was as smooth as if he was not being held in Jiang Xiao Ning’s embrace. Or, that his hand was not stained with Jiang Xiao Ning’s bodily fluid.

Jiang Xiao Ning frowned because of his voice. He held Han Jia’s waist tightly with a tremendous amount of strength that even Jiang Xiao Ning himself could feel the pain. However, Han Jia was indifferent and aloof as he spoke with a cold voice. “I naturally have a way of dealing with Yu Xiu Jun myself. As for what relationship you have with her, what work you are doing now, or how you are doing, I’m really not interested in any of it. Not one bit.” He laughed and continued, “I had never liked you and you also don’t really like me. Didn’t I clearly tell you that five years ago? You like to do it with me, I don’t care. But, don’t say anything else. Don’t say anything that you yourself don’t believe.”

With that said, he reached out to pull Jiang Xiao Ning’s hands off his waist. Jiang Xiao Ning subconsciously loosened his hands and blankly took a step back.

Soon after, Han Jia pushed the door into the yard. Jiang Xiao Ning could clearly hear him washing his hands in the water. Then Han Jia returned, walked by him and entered the room with a gust of cool breeze trailing behind him.

Jiang Xiao Ning’s heart was filled with unwillingness and anger. He could chase him, grab him, question him, accuse him, disregard his willingness and make love to him, and even covertly act spoiled with him just like a moment ago, but what use was it? That would only make everything worse.

Han Jia was right. He has not changed at all. His deep-rooted obsession with Han Jia, his bold and unrestrained behaviors, and his willfulness to harm himself and others when he got infuriated still existed. Perhaps, those can be once called cute and be dismissed by him five years ago. But now, his actions would only make Han Jia avoid him like a plague.

But he himself was wrong, Han Jia’s changes were really there. He no longer spoke encouragingly, no longer smiled because of his obsession, no longer revealed a gentle look because of his rash behaviors, no longer expanded his spoiled action.

The only thing that did not change after five years have passed by was, Han Jia still does not want him.

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