Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2

The Beginning – Dusk: Hunting

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At that time, Yan Ming’s eighteenth birthday had just passed, and he had already learned to cover his ambitions with playboy’s clothes and mannerism. However, he failed due to impatience a lot of the time.

“… after that, I followed that foreigner to his garage for a look and it was packed with marijuana that he had planted himself. He has an older male cousin who had just been released from prison and had set up a personal laboratory in the basement. He also produces some narcotics. I have some photos, Uncle, you can take a look.” Continue reading “Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2”

Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 92

Lao Gu Suffered a Setback

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After meeting with Bai Han Qi and Jiang Yuan, Gu Hai returned to the company first.

“You’re finally back.”

A pile of documents that were in Tong Zhe’s hand flew toward Gu Hai— as the paper floated down, they made a beautiful parabola in the air, producing a clear and sweet-sounding noise as they turned.

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