SAYE – Chapter 2

SAYE – Chapter 2

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According to his mother’s words… Jiang Cheng suddenly felt like this title was a bit strange. His train of thought was bizarrely abrupted, and whatever words were forgotten in a flash.

In the past ten years or so of his life, having parents and a family was all he knew. Whether the relationship was good or bad, mother was always a woman named Shen Yi Qing, father was a man named Jiang Wei, and his younger brother who had always been unaffectionate… now all of a sudden, there was another addition to the set, Li Baoguo and… a few other names he had already forgotten.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 106

Hand in Hand, Accompanying Each Other for a Lifetime

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At seven in the evening, all the invited guests started to enter the venue one after another. This was a pillarless crystal banquet hall that was close to 2,000 square meters with over a dozen meters in height; it could accommodate more than a thousand people. Apart from the two massive groups comprised of the bridesmaids and groomsmen—along with the grooms’ respective friends and relatives— there were also some uninvited public figures of society who had most likely engaged in business collaborations with Gu Hai at one point or another, and some representatives from different charity organizations that had received donations of lights a few days ago. With that as a pretext, they came in order to express their gratitude and blessings.

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