Shameless: Chapter 8A

Title: A fierce tiger meets a wildflower, restrain its teeth and claw


When Han Jia dragged Jiang Xiaoning into the elevator, he was already tired and panting excessively.

Jiang Xiaoning was in an even more sorry state than him. His clothes had been torn when they fought earlier, exposing skin and he also had a bloody mouth that was cut by pieces of the ornament. The palm print on his cheek was redder and more swollen than before, there was even tear stains that had yet to dry.

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Addicted: Book Two – Epilogue 4

Epilogue: (4) Wedding Night

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The night was naturally colored brightly—the moonlight outside the French-style windows sneakily infiltrated the house and sprinkled sparkling, translucent shadows on the floor of the wedding room.

The lights in the room had all been turned off, leaving only one colored candle to illuminate. In the warm and hazy candlelight, the newlywed was hiding beneath the new blanket with their fingers tapping rapidly on the keyboard.

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Addicted: Book Two – Epilogue 3

(3) A Dead Loss

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Regarding the question of who was to be the first to go, the two still took a traditional approach and that was with a game of—rock, paper, scissors.

Facts have proven that when it came to aspects involving this game, Gu Hai was truly no match for Bai Luo Yin. While others relied on luck, Bai Luo Yin was an expert in utilizing psychological tactics. He essentially needed only to quickly glance at Gu Hai in order to know with certainty what he would choose.

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