SAYE – Chapter 6

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Jiang Cheng had his arms crossed, legs stretched out far, and was feeling a bit unpleasant.

The skill level of the ones who were previously on the court was so-so. If he was wearing basketball shoes, he and Pan Zhi could probably take them on 2 to 5 with no problem. But looking at them play was actually quite interesting—there was a sense of superiority from watching above, as well as pride in the lofty ambitious spirit that got him there.1

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SAYE – Chapter 5

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When Pan Zhi’s phone call came, Jiang Cheng was still sleeping as if he was in hibernation, and it continued to sound for nearly half a day before he bewilderedly answered. “… hmm?”

“Fuck, I just knew this would happen,” Pan Zhi said. “Open your snobby eyes and look at what time it is.”

“Four o’clock?” Jiang Cheng woke up, put the phone in front of his face to see the time but his eyes had yet to clear up—a blur, it was.

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