Lawless: 100 Q&A

Han Jia: Hello, you two are in good spirits.

Xiao Li: Han Jia?

Qi Xiuyuan: (simultaneously) Why are you here?

Han Jia: Xiao Hei (the author) said that she was very busy and asked me to host this 100 Q&A with the two of you.

Qi Xiuyuan: Really… this author. Why didn’t she ask if we’ll be happy with this or not?

Xiao Li: (frowns at Qi Xiuyuan)

Han Jia: Do you think I’m happy? It’s true that I’m very familiar with Xiao Li, but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t want to know any details about you and him.

Qi Xiuyuan: Then, why don’t we change it to someone else?

Han Jia: I don’t care ah. Anyway, there are still a lot of supporting characters in “Lawless”. Is it better to change the host to Jiang Xiaoning?

Qi Xiuyuan: He still has to prepare for his exams, so no.

Han Jia: Xiao Yang?

Xiao Li: Don’t.

Han Jia: Then, let’s have Qing Ye come. He’ll be quite happy to.

Qi Xiuyuan: Don’t even think about it.

Han Jia: How about Zhang Juanjuan? Being asked by a female killer must certainly put you at ease.

Xiao Li: (laughs and looks at Qi Xiuyuan)

Qi Xiuyuan: … nevermind, let’s just start.



Han Jia: May I ask what your names are?

Xiao Li: Xiao Li.

Qi Xiuyuan: Qi Xiuyuan.

Han Jia: Isn’t your surname Qin1, the beastly teacher?

Qi Xiuyuan: I just know it… Xiao Li, control him.

Xiao Li: (laughs) Don’t call him that.



Han Jia: Your age?

Qi Xiuyuan: 27.

Xiao Li: 27.

Han Jia: I’m 24.

Qi Xiuyuan: No one asked you.



Han Jia: Your gender?

Xiao Li: Male.

Qi Xiuyuan: Male, Xiao Li can prove it.

Han Jia: Is it that difficult to just say “male”? What are you flaunting so enthusiastically for, huh…?



Han Jia: May I ask, how are your characters?

Qi Xiuyuan: Good at understanding others, do my utmost for my goals.

Xiao Li: Not very good.

Qi Xiuyuan/Han Jia: Why would you say that?

Xiao Li: I don’t have a very good character or know how to take good care of people.

Qi Xiuyuan: I think you have an extremely great character.

Han Jia: I think you take care of people very, very well.

Qi Xiuyuan/Han Jia: (glares at each other)



Han Jia: This question needs to be asked individually. Xiao Li, may I ask, what do you think of Qi Xiuyuan’s character?

Xiao Li: He’s very good.

Han Jia: (waits for a moment) After that?

Xiao Li: (thinks) He’s just very good. I like it very much.

Qi Xiuyuan: (both eyes glows) Xiao Li…

Han Jia: Stop, I am still here. First answer, what do you think of Xiao Li’s character?

Qi Xiuyuan: Earnest, resolute, daring, great self-control, gentle, heroic, loyal…

Xiao Li: (has a headache) Qi Xiuyuan, don’t be like that.

Qi Xiuyuan: I’m telling the truth and I still have 20 more positive commentaries I haven’t used yet.

Han Jia: I can also add another 20 more positive commentaries. By the way, there’s also a derogatory one: very bad eyesight in picking a partner.



Han Jia: When did the two of you meet? Where?

Qi Xiuyuan: When he was still a gang leader, he had me kidnapped and brought to his home.

Xiao Li: Sorry, my intention was to talk to you. I didn’t want to kidnap you.

Qi Xiuyuan: (smiles) I don’t mind it at all now. If you want to, you can tie me whichever way you want.

Han Jia: I said that he is a beast, yet you still won’t let me say.

Xiao Li: … next question.



Han Jia: What was your first impression of each other?

Xiao Li: Courageous, wasn’t easy to talk to.

Qi Xiuyuan: It’s a pity that he’s a gangster.



Han Jia: What do you like about each other?

Qi Xiuyuan: I like everything. My favorite thing is… he looks indestructible but is actually very gentle inside.

Han Jia: … is this some sort of metaphor? Why does it sound so beastly to me?

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) You can take it like if you want.

Han Jia: (eyes darken) Xiao Li, I really don’t understand, what do you like about this beast?

Xiao Li: (smiles) He is very persistent.

Qi Xiuyuan: If I cowered even a little, I wouldn’t be able to catch you.



Han Jia: What do you find annoying about each other?

Qi Xiuyuan: He always wants to take responsibility for everything by himself.

Han Jia: That’s definitely Xiao Li’s way of doing things, but why do you think this is annoying?

Qi Xiuyuan: To be exact, it is not annoying. It just makes me worry and feel like an outsider.

Xiao Li: I don’t want to implicate you… in some things.

Qi Xiuyuan: But I want to face it with you. Whether it is a blessing or a misfortune, we need to face it together.

Xiao Li: (sighs) Qi Xiuyuan…

Han Jia: It seems that these 100 questions also has its advantages… alright, the next question.



Han Jia: Do you think that your characters are a good match for each other?

Xiao Li: (whispers) What does that mean?

Qi Xiuyuan: (whispers) just answer “very good.”

Xiao: Very good.

Qi Xiuyuan: I also think it’s very good.

Han Jia: …



Han Jia: What do you call each other?

Qi Xiuyuan: Xiao Li.

Xiao Li: Qi Xiuyuan.

Han Jia: Oh?  Not quite what I had imagined. I thought you guys would be awfully sappy.

Qi Xiuyuan: Being sappy is not in what you call someone, it’s in the tone. (looks at Xiao Li and whispers enticingly) Xiao Li…

Xiao Li: … next question.



Han Jia: What do you want to be called by the other person?

Xiao Li: What we said previously is quite good.

Qi Xiuyuan: (nods) Normally, just that is very good. However, at certain special times, I hope that he can call me something else too, such as “gege” or “good gege”…

Han Jia: You beast!

Qi Xiuyuan: Is whatever I say “beastly”? Xiao Li, you control.

Xiao Li: (sighs) Don’t be like this on purpose. There’s nothing between Han Jia and I, you don’t need to be angry at him…



Han Jia: If you were to use an animal as a comparison, what do you think the other person is?

Xiao Li: Probably a fox, he is very smart.

Qi Xiuyuan: (satisfied)

Han Jia: This is indeed, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I think he is like a hill myna2, so noisy.

Qi Xiuyuan: Xiao Li is like a cheetah, dangerous, alert, doesn’t trust people, but (looks at him intoxicatingly) his muscle lines are beautiful, especially his back…

Han Jia: … Xiao Li, you misread him, he is a wolf, a wolf.3

Xiao Li: (sighs) next question.



Han Jia: If you want to give a gift to the other person, what would you give him?

Qi Xiuyuan: Everything that is mine is his.

Xiao Li: I only hope to be able to give him an even better… stable future.

Qi Xiuyuan: Don’t think too much, aren’t the two of us happy now?

Xiao Li: Your career has been delayed.

Qi Xiuyuan: The greatest career in my life is to make you happy.

Xiao Li: (embarrass) you’re being like this again…

Han Jia: (sighs) Qin Laoshi, this mouth of yours is truly out of this world, I have no choice but admire it.



Han Jia: Then, what kind of gifts do you want for yourself?

Qi Xiuyuan: Xiao Li is already the best gift that life has given me.

Han Jia: Hey, can you stop? Who are you trying to bore to death?

Qi Xiuyuan: Okay, then I’m going to change my statement. The gift I want is— (moves close to whisper in Xiao Li’s ear)

Xiao Li: (embarrass, helpless) It’s better if you don’t change your mind.

Han Jia: I’m sure it some sort of beastly idea. I will not ask in detail. So Xiao Li, what kind of gift do you want?

Xiao Li: Actually, he’s very attentive in all the gifts that he gave me. There’s nothing else that I want.



Han Jia: Is there anything that you are dissatisfied with about each other? Is there any dissatisfaction with the other party? What kind of thing is it normally?

Xiao Li: It would be nice if he can be a bit quiet sometimes.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs softly) Sometimes? When? Do you mean last night or the afternoon of the day before yesterday? Or…

Xiao Li: (sighs) now.



Han Jia: What do you think is your own flaw?

Xiao Li: I’m not romantic enough… I’m a relatively boring person.

Qi Xiuyuan: I like you like this.

Han Jia: Can you not rush in at every chance to put a magical, dream-like touch on things? You should criticize yourself.

Qi Xiuyuan: I am sometimes, maybe, a little, tiny, bit, too clingy.

Xiao Li: Actually, not…

Han Jia: (interrupts) Xiao Li, it wasn’t easy to have this beast reflect upon himself. You shouldn’t spoil him ah!



Han Jia: What do you think is the other person’s flaw?

Qi Xiuyuan: Why does it seem like you asked this question already?

Han Jia: Then look at it from different perspectives and answer.

Qi Xiuyuan: (racks his brain) okay… he has a small flaw: doesn’t eat eggplant. No matter how I make it, he won’t eat it and if I put even just a bit in something, he can taste it.

Xiao Li: He deliberately kisses me after eating the eggplants.

Han Jia: Why do I feel that the two of you are sappier picking each other’s flaws than sweet talking?



Han Jia: What sort of things does the other person do that makes you unhappy?

Qi Xiuyuan: He has not done anything that had made me unhappy. If I have to say something, it is that he keeps things lock up and not talk about it and that makes me worry.

Xiao Li: He has also never done anything that had made me unhappy. If I have to say something…

Han Jia: What is it?

Xiao Li: You two don’t have a good relationship, this matter has always made me very unhappy.

Qi Xiuyuan/Han Jia: (shock, silent, look at each other, sigh)

Han Jia: Xiao Li, as long as he is good to you and does not disappoint you, I will not have any complaints about him.

Qi Xiuyuan: I have a huge complaint about him. But for you, I am willing to live in peace with him.

Xiao Li: (relaxes, smiles)

Han Jia: Humph, next question.



Han Jia: What do you do that makes the other person unhappy?

Qi Xiuyuan: I have already said it in the previous question. I don’t want to repeat it in front of you again.

Xiao Li: (smiles) Actually, he can be very tolerant of me. Basically, I have never seen him unhappy because of me.

Qi Xiuyuan: (holds Xiao Li’s shoulders and looks in his eyes) Xiao Li, this is not called “tolerate”. Also, the reason why you’ve never seen me unhappy is not that I tolerate things, but it’s because I am with you that I am really happy.

Han Jia: (because he had promised to peacefully interact with Qi Xiuyuan, he strenuously tolerated the need to roast him and didn’t say anything for a while) The next question…



Han Jia: To what extent has your relationship reached?

Qi Xiuyuan: We live together.

Xiao Li: We have a home.



Han Jia: Where was your first date?

Qi Xiuyuan: Wangjiang Tea House. I invited him out to eat and gave him a gift.

Xiao Li: … that was a date? I thought you were entrusting me to do something.

Qi Xiuyuan: But I didn’t say anything about entrusting you to do something.

Xiao Li: You’ve also never mentioned that it was a date.

Qi Xiuyuan: If I were to mention it back then, would I have been able to walk out of the door?

Xiao Li: … I also specifically greeted Feng Qiang to let him look out for your friend’s shop.

Qi Xiuyuan: … what about the gift I gave you?

Xiao Li: I don’t remember where I put it…

Han Jia: (laughs continuously)



Han Jia: (hold back his laughter) What was the atmosphere between the two of you like at that time?

Qi Xiuyuan: I was trying to stir up the atmosphere the entire time.

Xiao Li: Our chat was okay, but I wanted him to finish talking so I could leave early.

Han Jia: This is too funny, I have to laugh a while longer.



Han Jia: (finally stops laughing) How far did you guys progress at that time?

Qi Xiuyuan: I liked him one-sidedly.

Han Jia: Oh, you were secretly in love with him.

Xiao Li: I didn’t understand the situation.

Han Jia: I saw it.



Han Jia: Where do you often go to on a date?

Qi Xiuyuan: Later, I often invited him to come out and the place we normally went to should be the river bank.

Xiao Li: Also his home.

Han Jia: Back then, I could never find you in Jin Ting was because you went out with him?

Xiao Li: Yes, that’s right.

Han Jia: Qin Laoshi truly puts in a lot of time and energy into chasing someone ah.



Han Jia: What kind of preparation do you make for each other’s birthday?

Qi Xiuyuan: Prepare a meticulous table of dishes, and then there’s candlelight, wine, gifts, bed…

Han Jia: (interrupts) you can just stop at the gifts, thanks. I haven’t asked the next 50 questions yet.

Xiao Li: I want to celebrate it a bit more special.

Qi Xiuyuan: (anticipates) Really? How “special”?

Xiao Li: (laughs) Wouldn’t you know when the time comes?



Han Jia: Who was the first to confess?

Qi Xiuyuan: Me.

Han Jia: I guessed it.

Qi Xiuyuan: After he beat me up, I confessed.

Han Jia: This, I would have never guessed. What were you thinking?

Qi Xiuyuan: He was really angry, but I was afraid that there wouldn’t be another chance to confess.

Xiao Li: (looks at Qi Xiuyuan while feeling guilty the entire time)

Han Jia: Do you think that I can’t see that you’re deliberately making Xiao Li feel guilty? Xiao Li, just ignore him.



Han Jia: How much do you like each other?

Xiao Li: He gave up his work and a stable life for me.

Qi Xiuyuan: He left the gang for me and didn’t bring even a penny with him.

Han Jia: (sinks into silence)



Han Jia: (returns to his sense) So, do you love each other?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (smiles and faces each other)

Han Jia: (sighs) These 100 questions should not be host by a lonely man like me.



Han Jia: What does the other person do that makes you think you’re at your wits end?

Xiao Li: He can really talk. If he wants to, he can make me at my wit’s end at any time.

Han Jia: (sighs anxiously)

Qi Xiuyuan: Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to talk and only needs to glance at me to put me at my wit’s end.

Han Jia: This is about the same.



Han Jia: What would you do if you suspect that the other person has ceased to be faithful?

Qi Xiuyuan: I will not let go no matter what.

Xiao Li: To be honest, I don’t know.

Qi Xiuyuan: (holds his hand) Don’t think too much, I will never change my mind.

Xiao Li: (grips his hand back) you…

Han Jia: (sighs) I said really, I really shouldn’t be the host.



Han Jia: Can you forgive the other if he ceased to be faithful?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (still holds each other’s hand tightly) I believe him.



Han Jia: What happens if the other person is late for a date for more than an hour?

Xiao Li: He will explain in advance if he is late.

Qi Xiuyuan: He’s the same.

Han Jia: Then, what if the other person doesn’t explain in advance and is late for more than an hour?

Qi Xiuyuan: Go look for him.

Xiao Li: Report to the police.

Han Jia: (stares) Really?

Xiao Li: There aren’t many helpers.

Qi Xiuyuan: And that has also been proven.



Han Jia: Which part of the other’s body do you like?

Xiao Li: Eyes and mouth.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) I just know it that you actually like my mouth.

Xiao Li: Don’t start again…

Qi Xiuyuan: I like his lips, eyes, throat, collarbone, arms, chest, upper…

Han Jia: (eyes darken) Are you ready to list all the way to his feet?

Qi Xiuyuan: Actually, I especially like his tattoo.

Han Jia: (rarely agrees) I also think that that tiger going up the mountain is bold and powerful and wild, especially on the Xiao Li’s shoulder… what are you glaring at me for?



Han Jia: The other person sexy expression?

Xiao Li: When he is quiet and stares at me.

Qi Xiuyuan: He is sexy all the time.

Han Jia: … you should pay attention to that point. If you sweet talk too much, Xiao Li will be immune to them.

Qi Xiuyuan: This is not sweet talk, it’s my true feelings.

Xiao Li: (uneasy) You…

Han Jia: This really makes me gasps in amazement.



Han Jia: When you’re together, what do you think makes your heart beats faster?

Xiao Li: When he intentionally let the gang kidnap him.

Han Jia: … then your heart beat faster because…

Xiao: I was nervous, afraid that he would meet with a mishap.

Qi Xiuyuan: Then when he promised to withdraw from the gang and said “I do”4 to me, my heart was beating like I was having a heart attack.

Han Jia: Then your heart beat faster because…

Qi Xiuyuan: Excitement, overjoyed.



Han Jia: Have you ever lied to each other? Are you good at lying?

Xiao Li: I had said words that contradicted my intentions.

Qi Xiuyuan: I had concealed a lot of things.

Han Jia: (waits a while) Afterwards?

Xiao Li: (looks at Qi Xiuyuan) Absolutely not.

Qi Xiuyuan: (looks at Xiao Li and speaks in a low-affectionate tone) Xiao Li…

Han Jia: … it was unnecessary of me to ask this question.



Han Jia: When you do something, what do you think is the happiest moment?

Qi Xiuyuan: (smiles)

Han Jia: Seeing you smile so pervertedly, I just know that it isn’t a good thing.

Qi Xiuyuan: Every time I finish, I hug him. He’s lazy and his eyes…

Han Jia: Can you not show off? I don’t want to know the details at all…

Xiao Li: Me too.

Han Jia: That’s right, the details should not be said…

Xiao Li: (uneasy, coughs) I mean, I also feel that during those times… the happiest.

Han Jia: … I really want to switch the host to Zhang Juanjuan.



Han Jia: I like this question. Have you ever quarreled?

Qi Xiuyuan: Before the relationship was clarified, we quarreled.

Xiao Li: (feels guilty) Quarreled physically.



Han Jia: What are the quarrels?

Qi Xiuyuan: (sighs) I chased him, he beat me up; I confessed, he refused; I didn’t want to break up, he threw me away; I let him use me, he wanted to drive me away.

Xiao Li: (grips Qi Xiuyuan’s hand, without speaking)

Han Jia: Xiao Li, I am sure he is deliberately making you feel guilty. This guy is not good.



Han Jia: Forget it, the next question, how did you guys reconcile afterward?

Xiao Li: He was always persistent.

Qi Xiuyuan: Then he became softhearted.

Han Jia: I guessed it.



Han Jia: If you were to reincarnate, do you still want to be lovers?

Xiao Li: Yes.

Qi Xiuyuan: I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, I hope that in an infinite world where anything is possible, regardless of the time and place, I want to own Xiao Li.

Han Jia: Own Xiao Li?

Qi Xiuyuan: And also be owned by him.

Han Jia: Humph.



Han Jia: When do you feel that you are being loved?

Xiao Li: I always feel this way because he is extremely good at expressing his feelings.

Qi Xiuyuan: When he looks at me, when he smiles at me, when he gets up early with me, when I eat eggplant and kiss him, he still lets me kiss. Of course, in bed…

Han Jia: You beast!



Han Jia: You guys express your love in what way?

Qi Xiuyuan: Express it directly.

Xiao Li: Be good to him.

Han Jia: So, that is, one uses words, the other uses actions.

Xiao Li: He also does things for me. He has done a lot for me.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) That’s right! I have done a lot, both this and that.

Han Jia: (speechless, looks at Xiao Li)

Xiao Li: (helpless, looks at Qi Xiuyuan) Be a bit more proper.



Han Jia: When do you feel that the other person “no longer loves you”?

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs)

Han Jia: What else are you trying to show off?

Qi Xiuyuan: Didn’t you tell me? A man like Xiao Li, once he falls in love with someone, he will love them until the end. How can he not love me midway?

Han Jia: (stares) Don’t think that just because he’s blind means that he has no qualms about you.

Qi Xiuyuan: Rest assured, I also happen to be blind.

Han Jia: (skeptical) Xiao Li, have you ever thought that this beast “no longer loves you?”

Xiao Li: Only once. When we haven’t lived together for long, I had a misunderstanding with him.

Qi Xiuyuan: That was my fault. (looks at Xiao Li) I will never make you worry again.

Xiao Li: (laughs) Good.

Han Jia: (stares) You better keep your promise.



Han Jia: What flower do you think matches the other person?

Qi Xiuyuan: Are you asking what flower is best to send him?

Han Jia: (holds his laughter) It’s asking, what kind of flower is he like?

Qi Xiuyuan: … rather than say that he is like a flower, I think he is actually more like a tree, aspen or birch, or a pine tree.

Xiao Li: Clivia Miniata.

Han Jia: What? Him?

Xiao Li: (uneasy, looks elsewhere) Correct. I think he is like a Clivia Miniata.

Qi Xiuyuan: (grips Xiao Li’s hand) When we go back, let’s buy a copy of the “Sketch of Turquoise Lily Magnolia” and hang it in the living room.



Han Jia: Are there any hidden matters between the two of you?

Qi Xiuyuan: There was before. Now, as long as he asks, I will tell him all.

Xiao Li: Yes.

Han Jia: (looks at Xiao Li) Even now?

Xiao Li: (nods)

Han Jia: … your past?

Xiao Li: (nods)

Han Jia: (looks at Xiao Li while asking Qi Xiuyuan) You don’t mind?

Qi Xiuyuan: One day, he will be prepared to tell me about those things or completely forget them.



Han Jia: Where do your feelings of inferiority come from?

Xiao Li: My past.

Qi Xiuyuan: I think that makes up part of your charm.

Han Jia: Good thing you know how to talk. Then Qin Laoshi, you also have feelings of inferiority?

Qi Xiuyuan: Yes. I wasn’t able to participate in the most important time of his life, and sometimes, I have no confidence in my words.

Xiao Li: (silence for a moment) The most important time… is when the two of us are together.

Qi Xiuyuan: (excited) Xiao Li… (holds back desire to kiss)

Han Jia: (reaches out to block) The person who is not articulate suddenly has such a strong sentence lethality ah… hey, hey, that’s enough from you., Xiao Li has to answer the question!



Han Jia: Is the relationship between the two of you public or secretive?

Qi Xiuyuan: We are relatively low-key.

Xiao Li: Only close friends know about our relationship.

Han Jia: This shouldn’t be considered low-key, right?



Han Jia: Do you think that the love you have for each other can last forever?

Qi Xiuyuan: Of course.

Xiao Li: If he does not change, I will not change.

Han Jia: Oh… then if he changes?

Qi Xiuyuan: Refer to my answer to question 31.



Han Jia: Are you on the attacking end or the receiving end?

Qi Xiuyuan: Attacking.

Han Jia: (looks at Xiao Li)

Xiao Li: (helpless) Do you want me to say it out?

Han Jia: (laughs)

Xiao Li: … the receiving.



Han Jia: Why was it decided in this way?

Qi Xiuyuan: Xiao Li seems to have a bit of psychological shadow. In fact, I really don’t care for which end, as long as it is Xiao Li…

Han Jia: What do you have to say Xiao Li?

Xiao Li: It’s quite good how it is now, I don’t want to change anything.



Han Jia: Are you both satisfied with the current situation?

Qi Xiuyuan: (looks at Xiao Li)

Xiao Li: Satisfied.

Qi Xiuyuan: Satisfied.



Han Jia: Where was the location of the first H?

Qi Xiuyuan: Do you mean all the way?

Han Jia: (fumes with rage between gritted teeth) You don’t say!

Xiao Li: In D province.

Han Jia: Ah?

Xiao Li: Probably half a year after you left.

Han Jia: (surprise) That long?

Qi Xiuyuan: I am very patient… (looks at Xiao Li and smiles) and we weren’t idle before that.

Han Jia: …



Han Jia: How was it at that time?

Qi Xiuyuan: I am willing to die on him.

Xiao Li: (laughs)

Han Jia: Xiao Li?

Xiao Li: (grips Qi Xiuyuan’s hand) I felt I love him very much.

Qi Xiuyuan: (grips his hand back)

Han Jia: (eyes widen) You beast, are you blushing?



Han Jia: What did the other person look like at the time?

Xiao Li: (uneasy) What else can he look like?

Qi Xiuyuan: I am willing to die on him.

Han Jia: … change your wording.

Qi Xiuyuan: He was lying in bed with his eyes half-closed while looking at me, his lips…

Xiao Li/Han Jia: Shut up.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) I didn’t plan on finishing it.



Han Jia: What was your first sentence in the morning of the first night?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (silent)

Han Jia: Isn’t it too late to be embarrassed now?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (looks at each other and remains silent)

Han Jia: The more exciting questions have already been answered. What’s there to be so shy about this question?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (continue to stay silent)

Qi Xiuyuan: (sighs) I don’t want to answer this question, especially if it’s to tell you.

Xiao Li: (hold back his laughter) I also… don’t want to think about it.

Han Jia: (confuse)… what’s the situation?

Xiao Li: The next question.



Han Jia: How many times does the H happen per week?

Qi Xiuyuan: Do you mean ‘all the way’ again?

Han Jia: Otherwise?

Qi Xiuyuan: If it’s all the way then not often but everything else is every day.

Han Jia: Not often? You two have shattered my prediction once more.

Xiao Li: The reason lies with me.

Qi Xiuyuan: He doesn’t always like to do it all the way to the end.

Han Jia: (looks at Xiao Li) I can understand. (looks at Qi Xiuyuan) You don’t mind that?

Qi Xiuyuan: (doubts) Why should I mind it? His hands and mouth are also very charming. (laughs) At times when he seems to feel a bit sorry for not doing it to the end, he will use his hand and his mouth, it is very…

Xiao Li: (reprimands lowly) Qi Xiuyuan.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs softly) Besides, it’s more savory to eat when you’re starving.

Xiao Li: (embarrass)

Han Jia: (looks at Xiao Li) Actually… this beast is actually pretty… good to you.

Xiao Li: (smiles) I know.



Han Jia: How many times a week do you feel is the most ideal?

Qi Xiuyuan: It is best to do it every day.

Xiao Li: It is good how it is now.



Han Jia: So, what kind of H is it?

Qi Xiuyuan: I am willing to die on him.

Han Jia: … can’t you say anything else… no, it’s better if you don’t.

Qi Xiuyuan: There are no other words.

Han Jia: Xiao Li, what do you think? When you two are together, how is it?

Xiao Li: (extremely calm) Very, very, engrossed.

Han Jia: (grumbles) Seeing that you use this expression to say those three words, I suddenly think how blushing and having your heart race came about…



Han Jia: Where is your most sensitive spot?

Qi Xiuyuan: When he is next to me, I am sensitive all over.

Xiao Li: (whispers) Probably… the chest.

Qi Xiuyuan: (blocks Han Jia’s line of sight) next question.



Han Jia: What is the other person’s most sensitive spot?

Xiao Li: Collarbone.

Qi Xiuyuan: Nipples, waist.

Han Jia: (deliberately) There is a long scar on his waist, is it there?

Qi Xiuyuan: (stares angrily) You!

Han Jia: (laughs)

Qi Xiuyuan: (slaps the table angrily, about to get up)

Xiao Li: (hurries to stop him) He is joking. (glares at Han Jia)

Han Jia: Who told him to show off?



Han Jia: Use a sentence to describe the other person during H moments?

Qi Xiuyuan/Han Jia: I am willing to die on him.

Han Jia: I guessed it.

Qi Xiuyuan: (annoyed) Only I can say this sentence.

Han Jia: Pssh, then don’t let me guess right. Xiao Li, describe him.

Xiao Li: I don’t want anyone to see what he is like then.

Han Jia: Wow…

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (looks at each other, grip hands)

Han Jia: Are you guys forcing me to wear sunglasses?



Han Jia: Frankly, do you like H?

Qi Xiuyuan: Like.

Xiao Li: As long as it is with Qi Xiuyuan, nothing is bad.



Han Jia: Under normal circumstances, where does H happen?

Xiao Li: At home.

Qi Xiuyuan: Just on the bed ah, the sofa ah, the floor ah, the bathroom ah, the desk ah… those kinds of normal places.

Han Jia: That’s enough…



Han Jia: What kind of H things do you guys want to try?

Qi Xiuyuan: Press him to the window, in the back position. This is my latest sexual fantasy.

Han Jia: Sexual fantasy?

Qi Xiuyuan: (looks at Xiao Li and laughs) Since he is quite cautious and reserved, I have to fantasize about it.

Han Jia: Then your imagination is also on the poor side. Xiao Li, what about you?

Xiao Li: (hesitates)

Han Jia: Just say it, no one will laugh at you. What H things do you want to do with this beast?

Qi Xiuyuan: (gently) Let’s hear it.

Xiao Li: Once we settle down and buy a house in the suburbs (would be best) near the waterside… in the bedroom where we can hear the sound of the water.

Han Jia: (silent)

Qi Xiuyuan: Then? (realizes) Oh. (moves close, in a low voice) Xiao Li.

Xiao Li: (lightly kisses Qi Xiuyuan’s lips and looks at him face to face)

Han Jia: (sighs) This scene is too high in sugar. I have to check my blood sugar later.



Han Jia: Do you take a shower before or after the H?

Xiao Li: One or the other or both.

Qi Xiuyuan: At the same time as it happens as well, sometimes.



Han Jia: Is there any agreement during the H?

Qi Xiuyuan: Do you mean when it happens ‘all the way’?

Han Jia: Of course, why are you always held up on that question?

Qi Xiuyuan: Because going all the way and making an agreement to not go all the way is different ah. When we go all the way, we agree not to exceed three times.

Han Jia: I know it’s Xiao Li’s decision from just hearing it.

Xiao Li: Otherwise, he will keep on going.

Qi Xiuyuan: Since it’s with great difficulty that we get to go all the way, of course, I have to eat and drink my fill.

Han Jia: A beast’s logic!



Han Jia: Have you had sexual relations with someone other than your lover?

Qi Xiuyuan: Yes, it had happened.

Xiao Li: Yes, it had happened.

Han Jia: Both were young and frivolous ah.



Han Jia: Do you guys approve or oppose the idea of “if you don’t get their heart, at the least, you have to get their body”?

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li/Han Jia: (silence)

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: Disgusting.

Han Jia: This isn’t my question…



Han Jia: If the other person is raped by a thug, what would you do?

Qi Xiuyuan/ Xiao Li/Han Jia: (silence again)

Han Jia: This, it’s really not me… who came up with these rotten questions?

Qi Xiuyuan: I will do my utmost to protect him. If… I will always be with him.

Xiao Li: I will do the same.

Han Jia: Ah, don’t you want to take revenge?

Qi Xiuyuan: Let’s just say, we know a killer.

Han Jia: You don’t want to take revenge personally?

Xiao Li: If I go into prison, I wouldn’t be able to be with him.

Qi Xiuyuan: I can’t take that risk.



Han Jia: Do you feel embarrassed before H? Or after?

Xiao Li: At the beginning, but not now.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs)

Han Jia: Forget it, you don’t have to answer.



Han Jia: If a good friend says to you, “I am very lonely, so only this evening, please…” and ask to do H things with you, what would you do?

Qi Xiuyuan: I don’t a good friend like that. (faces Xiao Li) But it sounds like what Han Jia would say to you.

Xiao Li: (silence)

Han Jia: (laughs unconstrainedly)

Qi Xiuyuan: (looks back and forth and suddenly understands) No, right? Did he really say that? (stares angrily at Han Jia and pushes up his sleeves) You have balls!

Xiao Li: (quickly pulls him down) Calm down, we didn’t do it.

Han Jia: (rolls his eyes) Xiao Li refused. Tighten the lid on your vinegar jar5 a little, the acidity is leaking out.

Xiao Li: Han Jia is my brother, he’s the same as Xiao Yang to me.

Han Jia: Xiao Li and I have never crossed the boundary of being anything more than friends, brothers yes.

Qi Xiuyuan: Then why you want to seduce him?

Han Jia: Why? Qin Laoshi, it seems that you don’t quite understand the way I expressed friendship back then.

Qi Xiuyuan: Who would be able to understand that!



Han Jia: Do you think you are good at H?

Xiao: Average.

Qi Xiuyuan: (silence)

Han Jia: Oh! That’s weird. Qin Laoshi isn’t so energetic about answering this question?

Qi Xiuyuan: (whispers to Xiao Li) I’m really not being sarcastic, but to let Han Jia who… is an expert in the industry ask such a question, who would dare say they are good at it?

Xiao Li: Don’t be like this… you like this… you must still be angry about that question just now (faces Han Jia) He said that he’s good at it.

Han Jia: (laughs disdainfully) Tsk.

Qi Xiuyuan: See.



Han Jia: Then, what about the other person?

Qi Xiuyuan: He is getting better and better at it and often surprises me.

Xiao Li: It is good enough for me.



Han Jia: What do you hope the other person will say when you are doing H things?

Xiao Li: It is best if he doesn’t speak.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) I hope he can speak more.



Han Jia: What expression does the other person do during H that you like?

Xiao Li: When he looks at me with his very earnest expression.

Qi Xiuyuan: When he goes out of control.

Han Jia: … sex fiend.



Han Jia: Do you think that people other than your lover can do H with you?

Xiao Li: No.

Qi Xiuyuan: Absolutely not.



Han Jia: Are you guys interested in S&M?

Xiao: No.

Qi Xiuyuan: (looks at Xiao Li, hesitantly) …  no…

Han Jia: Tsk!



Han Jia: If the other person no longer asks for your body all of sudden, you would…?

Xiao Li: Probably… I would think he is sick. (laughs) maybe, that place…

Qi Xiuyuan: I am very healthy, rest assured.

Han Jia: Rest assured for what… what about you? Xiao Li suddenly has no physical desire for you, what would you do?

Qi Xiuyuan: (stares at Xiao Li) I will be very anxious, very depressed, very hurt…

Xiao Li: Alright, don’t say any more. I know.

Han Jia: … you’re truly, completely unscrupulous.


Han Jia: What do you think of rape?

Qi Xiuyuan: Must be severely punished.

Xiao Li: There will be no good outcomes.



Han Jia: What is a relatively painful thing during H?

Qi Xiuyuan: He tells me to stop.

Xiao Li: He refuses.



Han Jia: So far, what is the most exciting and anxious place that you guys have done H things?

Xiao Li: They’re all ordinary places.

Qi Xiuyuan: You don’t think that time on the train…

Xiao Li: Shut up.

Han Jia: Speaking halfway can more than likely trigger one’s imagination… was it on the bed in the sleeper train? Bathroom? Dining car? Not in the conductor’s room, right?

Xiao Li: (embarrass) It’s not what you think.

Qi Xiuyuan: (laughs) It was on the lower bunk of the soft sleeper. At the time, I used my hand, someone was sleeping across from us.

Han Jia: Damn! Xiao Li didn’t kick the hell out of you?

Qi Xiuyuan: When he woke up, I had already done it halfway. Even if he wanted to kick me, it was too late.

Han Jia: Beast…



Han Jia: Has the receiver ever took the initiative to tempt you?

Xiao Li: (looks elsewhere embarrassingly) Yes.

Qi Xiuyuan: (shows thorough familiarity with the topic) The first time we did it, Xiao Li was the one who initiated it. Before that, he took off his clothes in the bathroom of my house. In B province, he touched his chest in front of me…

Xiao Li: (looks back) I was looking at the gunshot wound on my chest.

Qi Xiuyuan: (takes the opportunity to kiss him) I know, I want to say that for me, your existence is a type of very active temptation.

Xiao Li: You’re doing it again…

Han Jia: Actually, you’re teaching language and literature, right?



Han Jia: What was the attacking person’s expression at that time?

Xiao Li: (laughs) The changes in his expressions weren’t very big.

Han Jia: What changes were big? (realizes) Really thinking with the lower half of the body here…

Qi Xiuyuan: I am functioning normally.



Han Jia: Has the attacking person acted in a violent manner before?

Qi Xiuyuan: I will never be like that to him.

Xiao Li: He will not do that kind of thing.



Han Jia: What was the receiver’s reaction at that time?

Qi Xiuyuan: I said that there will never be such a thing.

Han Jia: I didn’t come up with these questions!



Han Jia: According to you guys, what would the ideal H partner look like?

Qi Xiuyuan: Short hair, handsome, has a scar on his face, good stature, can fight, is gentle, has been involved in the underworld, has a tattoo of a tiger on his back, a younger brother…

Han Jia: How about just directly saying two characters, “Xiao Li”, huh?

Qi Xiuyuan: That’s no fun.

Han Jia: … Xiao Li, what about you?

Xiao Li: I don’t have an ideal. In fact, I didn’t have any ideals about settling down either.

Han Jia: I know, you had always thought that you were going to die in the gang sooner or later.

Xiao Li: (nods and takes the initiative to hold Qi Xiuyuan’s hand)



Han Jia: Does the current party meet your ideals?

Qi Xiuyuan: Completely in line.

Xiao Li: It is him.



Han Jia: Have you used props in H?

Xiao: No.

Qi Xiuyuan: There are currently no such thing, things need to be taken one step at a time.

Han Jia: …



Han Jia: When was your first time?

Qi Xiuyuan: 19.

Xiao Li: 17.



Han Jia: Was the partner back then your current lover?

Qi Xiuyuan: Obviously not.

Han Jia: Pure curiosity, who were you guys with at that time…

Xiao Li: The woman in the venue.

Qi Xiuyuan: The boys in the bar.



Han Jia: Where do you like to be kissed the most?

Xiao Li: Lips.

Qi Xiuyuan: No way to compare.

Xiao Li: (looks suspiciously)

Qi Xiuyuan: Besides my lips and collarbone, you haven’t seriously kissed me anywhere else.

Han Jia: (helpless) I understand now, this beast’s intention is…

Qi Xiuyuan: (moves close to Xiao Li and whispers) It is better to try it this evening so that I can compare where I like it the most.

Xiao Li: (laughs helplessly) You…

Han Jia: As I see it, you are used to it.



Han Jia: Where do you like to kiss the other person the most?

Xiao: Lips and collarbone.

Han Jia: … it’s easy to guess ah.

Qi Xiuyuan: Since I like every part of his body, I have never compared them. (leans close to Xiao Li and whispers again) It’s better to try it today…

Xiao Li: (helpless) You’re not done with that yet, huh?

Qi Xiuyuan: Then, are we trying it?

Xiao Li: (sighs)

Qi Xiuyuan: Say, today, should we try it with you or with me? How about we try it together?

Xiao Li: (looks at Qi Xiuyuan, hooks his arm around his neck, kisses him for a few seconds and separates)

Qi Xiuyuan: (stares off into another world)

Xiao Li: (laughs) Where do you like to kiss most?

Qi Xiuyuan: Lips.

Xiao Li: (smiles)

Qi Xiuyuan: (moves close and continues the kiss)

Han Jia: (covers his eyes) I can’t stand to look anymore, my blood sugar is definitely over the standard.



Han Jia: What would please your lover the most during H?

Qi Xiuyuan: Say that I love him.

Xiao Li: Call his name.



Han Jia: What do you think about during H?

Qi Xiuyuan: He is very beautiful. He’s mine. I am so lucky. I am willing to die on him…

Xiao Li: Why hasn’t he shut up yet?



Han Jia: What is the number of H(s) a night?

Qi Xiuyuan: Do you mean ‘all the way’?

Han Jia: … yes.

Xiao Li: We have an agreement.

Qi Xiuyuan: (slightly dispirited) Doing it all the way cannot exceed three times.



Han Jia: During H, do you take off your own clothes or does the other person helps to take it off?

Xiao Li: Both.

Qi Xiuyuan: We did it a few times without taking off any of our clothes.

Han Jia: You are truly a beast.



Han Jia: What is H to you guys?

Qi Xiuyuan: That Xiao Li and I belong to each other.

Xiao Li: It is good only when it is with him.

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (faces each other, smiles)

Han Jia: I have to take some medicine to lower my blood sugar level…



Han Jia: I finally got to the last question. Please say a word to your lover.

Qi Xiuyuan/Xiao Li: (still looking at each other)

Qi Xiuyuan: Let’s try it tonight.

Xiao Li: … we’ll… try it.



100 questions: interesting sidelights

Xiao Hei (author)


1/ Han Jia once questioned the questions

Han Jia: What kind of questions are these, huh? They’re not lively at all.

Xiao Hei: These are standardized, I didn’t come up with them.

Han Jia: I have a hunch that it will be extremely sweet.

Xiao Hei: What kind of questions do you think are lively?

Han Jia: At home, who cooks and who washes the dishes? Who washes the clothes and does the cleaning? What happens if the tastes in food are unsuited? Have you ever thought about raising a pet? … and so on.

Xiao Hei: …

Han Jia: Okay… these questions are even sappier.


2/ Excessively sweet

Before starting the event, Han Jia was very demanding and had asked the staff to place candies and refreshments at the venue of the 100 questions. As a result, he did not touch anything except for the two cups of tea and then insisted that he had already ingested an excessive amount of sugar.


3/ Li Shiqing once found out about the 100 question event through some connections

Li Shiqing: I want to do this hosting work… (smiles gloomily) and I want to see Xiao Li.

Xiao Hei: That’s right. Speaking of that, you guys don’t have any opportunities to meet, how about… (considering)

Zhang Juanjuan: (comes over, place one hand on the back of the sofa where Li Shiqing was sitting on the sofa and the other hand on the desk; smiles) Mr. Li, haven’t you been very busy recently? From the way I see it, there’s no need to trouble you. (lifts a hand to touch her hair then lets the cuffs of her sleeves sweep by Li Shiqing which exposes a hidden syringe) It’s better to let the professional do it.

Li Shiqing: (subconsciously touches his neck, hesitates for a long while, endures the raging anger) Humph!


4/ After that, Zhang Juanjuan was appointed the host

Zhang Juanjuan: Of course, I am very happy to host. As an independent killer and urban assassin, I need to do my utmost to collect all the information that can be collected. Some seemingly insignificant details can always be used when necessary, such as…

Xiao Hei: … then let me see how your skill in hosting is. Then, let me hear you ask the first question.

Zhang Juanjuan: (looks and shakes her head disdainfully) “What is your name?” This topic is too general. If I were to ask, I must ask the targets’ real name, pseudonym, online name, previous names, English name, and the title. Their nickname in the family…

Xiao Hei: …I have to look for Han Jia, I’ll head out first.


5/ Jiang Xiaoning had taken the initiative to ask to host

Jiang Xiaoning: I promise to do my best and I don’t want any reward. As long as “Shameless Gangster” quickly starts, it’s all good.

Xiao Hei: … aren’t you trying to take this opportunity to ask the two of them about Han Jia?

Jiang Xiaoning: No, really, I’m not.

Xiao Black: Then, let me hear you ask the second question.

Jiang Xiaoning: May I ask, Han Jia’s age is?

Xiao Hei: … and you still said no…

Jiang Xiaoning: Huh? Did I just say “Han Jia”? It was definitely unintentional… give me another chance…

Xiao Hei: Isn’t it more serious that it was unintentional…

Translator’s Note:

1 Qin – The character ‘秦’ [Qín] is written with the same tonal mark as the character “禽” [qín] from the characters ‘禽兽’ [qínshòu] meaning creature/beast. Subsequently, [Qí] from Qí Xiū Yuǎn’s surname has the same tonal and also sounds really similar to ‘Qín’. Also, the surname ‘Qín’ belonged to Qín Shi Huangdi [First Chinese Emperor]: known as a cruel ruler who readily killed or banished those who opposed him or his ideas. He is notorious for burning virtually all the books that remained from previous regimes. He even banned scholarly discussions of the past. So, in turn, Han Jia is saying that Qi Xiu Yuan, like Qin Shi Huangdi, cause trouble to others.

2 Hill myna – often detected by its loud, shrill, descending whistles followed by other calls.

3 Wolf (色狼 sèláng) also slang for pervert lol

4 I do – I previously translate this as “I’m willing to” but it sounded better as “I do” now that I look at it again.

5  Vinegar jar – (fig.) person of a jealous nature







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